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Issue 0008, November 2017 DIRECTOR'S CUT

Sovryn Tech Newsletter

DIRECTOR'S CUT?!?! What kind of horseshit is this? Well, I'll tell you what kind of "horseshit" this is...when you start any new venture, it usually takes a bit to work out the kinks and the snags. When I originally released this issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter, there was a screw-up with numbers, some formatting issues, and I think because of the issue number confusion, a lot of people didn't realize it was a new issue! All of that has been fixed, and some added stories and videos have been added! Also, the little Sovryn Universe story at the end (I know this is why you read this, usually) has been brought to conclusion! This was also mainly done because in short order, there is a specific story I want to release at a specific time. SO MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FULL SHORT FICTION HERE! And now...the "Director's Cut" of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter, Issue 0008...     -BBS
Greetings, programs! (You've watched Tron by now, haven't you? Of course you have.) Today is Halloween, and it is one of the rare...conventional...holidays that I actually care to celebrate and mark the date on the Official Sovryn Tech Calendar (something I need to fully create and share with all who are's quite fun, really). And while I don't have my usual Halloween fictional Sovryn Tech episode to share with you, there may be a special Halloween story included in this latest issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter!

But I have something else I'd like to talk to you about for a moment. You've heard me recently--okay, really it's been years--complain about using Facebook and how I've had enough blah blah blah. Well, I do think it's high time (not that kind of high, but go ahead if you like) that Sovryn Tech really tries to take a solid stand on this. And I've gotten permission from "The Powers That Be" in my life. So, after some inspiration from other amazing people in my life, I have created an official Sovryn Tech subreddit on...well...Reddit, obviously. WOO! I soft launched it yesterday, and have already had quite a few people sign up.

I know much of my audience is very privacy-minded, and maybe you never wanted to join the Sovryn Tech UNCENSORED Facebook group in the first place, so maybe a good private (yes, it's private) subreddit will do the trick for you. Feel free to join. But because it's private, you'll have to message me on Reddit and I'll get you added, or you can try requesting to join the group. Either option is available to you at the buttons below.

Keep in mind, this is definitely an NSFW subreddit, so prepare your eyes for some sexy, baby! WOO! And if you're wondering about the fate of the Facebook group, I won't be taking it down...yet. Perhaps ever. We'll see, but there's really no reason to shut it down. If anything I'd just hand over admin duties to a Sovryn Tech listener. Anyway, come join us on Reddit! It's a Hell of a time.
CLICK HERE for Brian Sovryn's Profile on Reddit
CLICK HERE for The Official Sovryn Tech Subreddit

Did you know that there is a secret, official Sovryn Tech Facebook Group?! It's called Sovryn Tech UNCENSORED, and it is a wild, intellectual, and naughty place...just like Sovryn Tech! If you want to come hang with the cool kids, just "friend" Brian Sovryn on Facebook at the link below, and then Private Message him asking to join the group! It's that simple! See you there!
Brian Sovryn on Facebook


It took 90 years to complete. But, in 2011, scholars at the University of Chicago finally published a 21-volume dictionary of Akkadian, the language used in ancient Mesopotamia. Unspoken for 2,000 years, Akkadian was preserved on clay tablets and in stone inscriptions until scholars deciphered it during the last two centuries. Now, should you wish (and why the Hell wouldn't you?), you can download download PDFs of U. Chicago's Akkadian dictionary for free. All 21 volumes would cost well over $1,000 if purchased in hard copy. But the PDFs won't cost you a penny.

Slap this stuff in an e-reader and with enough time and imagination, who knows what secrets of history you could unlock? This is remarkable that anyone can access this resource. Download link is at the button below.


It was pure happenstance that I was buying some MusclePharm "Wreckage" pre-workout drink at and I came upon this interesting link to a "workout finder." As I'll describe later in this issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter, I've had to start creating my own workouts since most of the beginner guides are too tame for me, but I also don't go to a full-on gym at the moment and generally only use dumbbells as my workout weapon of choice, so the advanced guides that want me on a Smith Machine or something won't fly either.

Amazingly at the website, this totally free interactive guide allows you to click checkboxes for what body part you want to work (shoulders, glutes, biceps, etc.), and then what kind of equipment you have (dumbbells-only, barbell-only, bands, etc.). It then gives you a breakdown of all the exercises you can do for and with that, and for most of them it even gives you full video of the exercise in motion! This is a goddamned workout treasure trove, and again, it's totally free!

Make sure you're using this at the link below. It's totally changed my game.


I think, 10 years after the release of the iPhone, we as a species are approaching a crossroads. I think we're releazing that having this constant interconnectedness with our mobile devices may not be the mental and lifestyle utopia that it has been billed as (and is still billed as) for so long. In fact, it may be downright antithetical to the human condition and human growth, to say nothing of happiness (the point of living).
While Google CEO's have tried to push technologies like Google GLASS that keeps us from having to look down at our phones, or Apple with the Apple Watch, none of these developments are really doing anything to address what may be the real problem: the notifications themselves. And the screens. Constant, constant screens in our faces. Or that we are seeing "beautiful, curated" versions of everyone else's life that some of us look at our own lives and wonder why we can't live like that.

Look, no one is really living like that. Yes, some of us have a lot of fun, but most of the time that fun isn't showing up in Instagram and Facebook feeds.

And all of these differing factors are becoming a matter of serious research into why so many people are...depressed. There was a fantastic write-up about it in the WSJ that I've linked to here. Here's a sample, with the button below to read the full story (and yes, the full story does have some solutions for all of this):

"At first blush, it seems as if our smartphones should keep us better connected than ever through an endless stream of texts, instant messages, voice calls and social-media interactions. But as smartphones have become ubiquitous over the past decade, the proportion of Americans who report feelings of chronic loneliness has surged to 40%, from 15% 30 years ago. The psychological burden is particularly pronounced for those who don’t balance screen time with in-person interactions. Face-to-face conversations immerse us in a continuous multichannel sensory experience—only a fraction of which can be transferred via text or video message. Communicating solely through technology robs us of the richer neurological effects of in-person interactions and their potential to alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression."


On Sovryn Tech, I often bring up the idea of getting away from relying so much on your phone and even limiting to some degree the amount of time you spend in front of a screen, much like the above story discussed. Once you get away from mobile, ironically, a whole plethora of seriously security-based and privacy-minded apps and software becomes available to you, especially when it comes to communications.

One such piece of software is Tor Messenger. While still in beta (the latest beta released in September 2017) Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat program that aims to be secure by default and sends all of its traffic over Tor. It supports a wide variety of transport networks, including Jabber (XMPP), IRC, Google Talk, Twitter (yes, you can use your Twitter account through it), and others; enables Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging automatically; and has an easy-to-use graphical user interface localized into multiple languages. And it genuinely is easy to setup. Even if you don't have a Jabber account, it will walk you through that process. Or you could even use it to connect to the official Sovryn Tech IRC chat room: #SovNet on Freenode!

This is the kind of software that needs way more use and support, so don't hesitate to jump on this. But again, keep in mind that it is in beta, so don't bet your life on it. Click the button below to get started! WOO! Encryption is sexy, baby!


I love creating and telling stories (in case the creation of the short fiction at the end of this newsletter--and other fictional aspects of the Sovryn Universe--didn't already give you the hint). And I'm guessing that many of you may like to do the same, but maybe you want to hone your craft a bit? I know I always have room for improvement.

The absolutely wonderful Khan Academy--which offers thousands of world-class free course--has teamed up with Pixar to create a fun, information dense course on storytelling, and it's completely free! While more geared at children, I think there is a lot here for adults, too, especially if you're just starting out into the realm of the storyteller creator. Pixar has such an amazing body of work, much of which I personally really, really enjoy, and can speak across many demographics. That's why I think learning their storytelling techniques can be such a powerful addition to your creativity.

I can't recommend checking this out enough. Totally worth your time. Just click the button below.
The leading guide to privacy and security on your Android device! In this guide you will learn:
  • The best apps to use for privacy and security.
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  • How to properly use encrypted communications like Signal and PGP-encrypted emails.
  • Encrypting your entire Android device.
  • How to use VPNs.
  • And more!
This is your no-nonsense guide to reclaiming your privacy and to begin using best practices for security. Written for beginners and experts alike!
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Neanderthal Bone Flute Music
Music, in my opinion, is a core aspect of the human condition. it makes up so much of who were are, and has--for lack of a better term--"powers" that I think we often don't consider, or are just beginning to learn about (or re-learn about ). Long before the advent of systems of writing (like Akkadian mentioned earlier in this newsletter), we don't have a whole lot of information as to what music may have been like. But we do know that music was a part of the everyday lives of these ancient hominids, as it is to ours, and we have some sound evidence for the kinds of instruments they played.

In 2008, archeologists discovered fragments of flutes carved from vulture and mammoth bones at a Stone Age cave site in southern Germany called Hohle Fels. These instruments date back 42,000 to 43,000 years and may supplant earlier findings of flutes at a nearby site dating back 35,000 years.

The flutes are meticulously crafted, reports National Geographic, particularly the mammoth bone flute, which would have been “especially challenging to make.” At the time of their discovery, researchers speculated that the flutes “may have been one of the cultural accomplishments that gave the first European modern-human (Homo sapiens) settlers an advantage over their now extinct Neanderthal-human (Homo neanderthalis) cousins.” But as with so much of our knowledge about Neanderthals, including new evidence of interbreeding with Homo Sapiens, these conclusions may have to be revised.

It is perhaps possible that the much-underestimated Neanderthals made their own flutes. Or so a 1995 discovery of a flute made from a cave bear femur might suggest. Found by archeologist Ivan Turk in a Neanderthal campsite at Divje Babe in northwestern Slovenia, this instrument (above) is estimated to be over 43,000 years old and perhaps as much as 80,000 years old. According to musicologist Bob Fink, the flute’s four finger holes match four notes of a diatonic (Do, Re, Mi…) scale. “Unless we deny it is a flute at all,” Fink argues, the notes of the flute “are inescapably diatonic and will sound like a near-perfect fit within ANY kind of standard diatonic scale, modern or antique.” To demonstrate the point, the curator of the Slovenian National Museum had a clay replica of the flute made. You can hear it played in the video above by Slovenian musician Ljuben Dimkaroski.

One thing should be very clear, we need to stop thinking of Neanderthals as stupid or inferior. Art is the height of brilliance, and the music alone they could have potentially produced is stunning.
I am a huge...HUGE Stargate fan. It's blend of science fiction and ancient history is second-to-none, and before anyone complains about it being about the military, let's be clear, Star Trek is effectively all aobu tthe military, too (Starfleet is a socialist dictatorship, after all), Stargate just happens to be more honest about it. When Stargate: Origins was first announced at Comic-Con this past summer of 2017, I'll admit, I was a little shocked. A prequel series? Ten minute episodes? Exclusive to a new proprietary streaming platform? Now we can at least get a look at what’s coming.

It’s still, honestly, a bit underwhelming, but at least it’s there. The teaser, posted by the YouTube channel associated with Stargate Command, MGM’s all-Stargate streaming platform, is largely behind-the-scenes footage, showing Catherine Langford and various other cast members on a set that appears to be Abydos, the Egypt-styled planet from the original film, in a location the crew refers to as a "tent city."

It does have a nice "Indiana Jones in Space" vibe that I’m certainly not opposed to. And I'm curious where this fits in with the entire canon. Considering that the Stargate-specific streaming service this will air on (obviously you could just torrent it, too) gives you access to watch the entirety of the Stargate franchise (I don't see the awesome 2002 animated series Stargate Infinity, however), I would assume this is meant to take place within the canon of SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. Which would be great, in my opinion, and not out of place at all. The SG-1 first season episode, "The Torment of Tantalus," deals with the stargate being activated by the US military in the 1940's, so there's precedent for adventures in the Stargate franchise that could happen in the past. But we'll see.
Judge for yourself on all of this, of course. Stargate: Origins was originally slated to come out this year, though that might not happen. If you sign up for the Stargate Command streaming service now (, and yes, I did), it will set you back $20, but that's $20 that buys you approximately a year of the streaming service, it's not $20 per month. And as I said earlier, you end up with access to one of the largest and most impressive franchises ever made. We're literally talking hundreds of hours here, folks. And frankly, I applaud the move. I want a Stargate-only network that charges about $20 a year. I want a Star Trek-only network that charges the same. A Star Wars network that does the same, and so on. Give superfans the opportunity to have their little gardens where they can interact with people and enjoy the content with those that were willing to pay the price of admission. No posers. And before you complain about the price at all, you don't want to know how I spent on the DVD's and Blu-ray's in the past for the tens of seasons for Stargate alone. $20 is in many ways a steal.
Admittedly, the look of the Stargate-only streaming service has the air of something not super professional and made by someone that's just ridiculous passionate about the source material. I'm okay with that. And I look forward to more experiments in streaming of this nature. And also, I'm just happy to get more Stargate.
How to Run OpenBazaar with Tor on Windows

What?!?! You didn't know that OpenBazaar 2.0 is out? Ohhh, yes you did. I talked about it on a Sovryn Tech Prime episode, after all. But if you don't know, OpenBazaar is a fully decentralized marketplace that--in my opinion--is going to become more and more important in the future as Amazon continues its "World Domination Tour." The people like us that want to escape into the cracks of this fucked-up culture and oppressive economy will need just these very tools.

And now you can even use it through Tor, just to up the ante! The video above is a guide on how to use OpenBazaar 2.0 through Tor that way you can jump on even more anonymity and security when using one of the more exciting technologies developed in recent memory. Get to it, fellow rebels!

Not too long ago, we featured for you 4 hours of ambient music created by Moby, all of which you can download for free, and use to sleep, meditate, do yoga and generally not panic. Sound timely? Then download away.

Perhaps taking a cue from Moby, the Relax Sleep ASMR YouTube channel has also assembled a "video" offering 10 hours of Arctic ambient music, featuring the sounds of the frozen ocean, ice cracking, snow falling, [an] icebreaker idling and [a] distant howling wind sound."

Click play above and you can enjoy "white noise sounds generated by the wind and snow falling, combined with deep low frequencies with delta waves from the powerful ... idling engines" of a Polar Icebreaker. Very chill. And if you're cryophilic like me, this will help you feel right at home. Personally, I love to listen to this sort of stuff while I'm working on things like the Sovryn Tech Newsletter. It really does keep me focused. Give it a shot.

Cinema history now looks back to Georges Méliès, creator of 1902's A Trip to the Moon and other early motion pictures previously featured here, as the medium's first master of the fantastical. An absolutely pioneer in my beloved genre of science fiction. Visual effects, imagined worlds, and the seemingly impossible made seemingly real remain reliable draws for modern-day filmgoers, but so does something far simpler to produce: skin. But Méliès knew that, and he even demonstrated the extent of his knowledge in 1897's After the Ball, viewable in all of its 19th-century titillation, and for its entire 1:06 length, here. While not the very first "adult" film--that historical honor goes to Eugène Pirou’s Bedtime for the Bride in France, and Esmé Collings’ A Victorian Lady in Her Boudoir in Britain--it must count as the earliest one by such a distinguished filmmaker. And it's the only one of the three mentioned here you can watch online.
Michael Brooke's Georges Méliès blog describes the action, shall we say, as follows: “A woman enters her boudoir, and her maid helps her to undress, peeling off her outer garments until she is clad in a shift and stockings. She sits down, and the maid helps remove the latter. Almost naked aside from skimpy underwear, the woman gets into a tub and the maid pours the contents of a large jug over her, drying her off with a towel afterwards. They leave the room together." While modern-day adult filmmakers can and do continue to dine out on such premises, After the Ball's rendition of the circumstances now looks tame enough to play freely on YouTube. Brooke adds that this film, along with Collings’ and probably Pirou’s, was "marketed as being suitable for private screenings to broad-minded bachelors." Méliès' contribution to this innovation must have made for a few worthwhile fin de siècle bachelor parties.

Granted, by anything remotely of today's standards this wouldn't be classified as "adult" or "erotic," but it is a daring production for its day by one of the greatest film innovators of all time. And it even makes one wonder...what great works of film (made at home or for private collections, not so much theaters) have been made that the world will never see because of society's condemnation of the sex and eroticism? We'll probably sadly never know. But works like After the Ball were trailblazers for all of it.
Audio of the Ancients: "Return of Asherah" [Unreleased Track]
I think a lot of people forget that I'm also a musician (admittedly, in a looser definition of the term), and that I've released an album (with more to come) and other music over the years, some of which you've heard on Sovryn Tech, and some of which you can get through my personal music project: Audio of the Ancients. With the coming release of a new album, there were a few music tracks that I decided not to use in the end. Another one of them (I previously released this one in a past Sovryn Tech Newsletter), I've decided to release on YouTube, and here it is!
Titled "Return of Asherah," it's an ambient track (that's pretty much all I compose these days) with a bit of a brighter tone than I usually perform, with a little it of synth chorus, and no words, but since I know many Sovryn Tech listeners have wanted music-only versions of my Audio of the Ancients music, I thought I would release another (technically) unreleased track!
On the Official Sovryn Tech Calendar, July 4th is not some ludicrous holiday celebrating the notion of nations. Ohhh no, July 4th is "MK Lords Day"! Celebrating the inimitable and sassy MK Lords, who unlike the USA actually does things to make life better! WOO!

MK created and hosts one of my favorite podcasts out there (seriously, it's in my Top 3)--
Iconosass--and she is one of the most fierce voices on the interwebz. Now you can financially support her work by becoming a Patron of hers on Patreon!

I love MK's work. Support this sassy gal on Patreon today! You won't be disappointed!


So normally I wouldn't do this, but I am so excited about this project that I couldn't not tell you about it, and ask you to be a part of it! The lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy and I--the Golden Stallion--are making an erotic short stories anthology! But this is no ordinary short story compilation, this one has a theme. While any genre can be represented, from horror, to mystery, to action-adventure, to science fiction, LGBTQ, you name it...but, it has to be centered around the Paleolithic Era of the Earth's history. This is beyond just "caveman sex", but it's also obviously very much about that, or things close to it. This is about celebrating ancient humanity and its brilliance, even when in what many would consider a "primitive" state of existence...and how even then sex was a central aspect of the human condition, just as it is today. There will even be a Sovryn Universe story in this anthology!

And the anthology is called: Paleo Erotica.

While Stephanie and I will be writing many of the stories for the erotic anthology, we want to give you--the Sovryn Tech community--a chance to be a part of it! If you would like your story featured, you can send it to and we will review it! While there is no pay involved for submitted stories or published stories, you will have the opportunity to pimp/advertise your work on your "About the Author" section of the book and likely get some nice exposure. Information and guidelines for Paleo Erotica are below.
  • All submissions must be emailed to by November 1st, 2017. Not all submissions will be guaranteed to be in the anthology. You are free to use your work in any other way. We do not claim control or copyright of your stories.
  • Short stories and short fiction must be anywhere between 1,000 to 17,000 words.
  • Paleo Erotica is set to be published in December 2017.
  • There is no monetary compensation for submissions or published stories.
  • Further details on what is needed from authors will be asked for and collected after a story has been chosen to be published.
  • Make this as sexy and explicit as you like!
  • Any genre of fiction can be written. We are looking for stories that are something different. Something new. Things unlike anything read before.
I think this is going to be a fun anthology, and there's really nothing else out there quite like it. Concentrating on ancient humans is ripe for all manner of incredible and sexy stories! I hope to hear from many of you! Thanks!


Who the Hell are those guys above this text...and what is this secret workout all about? Well, they're related, I assure. Here's an admission I'm going to make to you: I hate cardio. I love working out, don't get me wrong. I mean, I fucking love it. It's one of two or three things I look forward to ever day--I'm sure you can easily guess what one of the other ones is ;) --but when it comes to doing cardio...ugh. I like the slow, power-building workouts where you're going after size instead of lean and cardio fitness.

But I get it, cardio is important. I don't think it's as important as some fitness experts would sell you, but sure, it has its place. Well, because I despise it so much, there is a bit of a mental trick I had to play to on myself to get motivated to do it, and it turned out to double as a fantastic workout routine in its own right. And I'm going to share it with you.
Yes, you can laugh. But then you can get your ass in gear doing it.

Let me explain. As I already said, cardio is important. But there's another, more experimental form of workout that has been becoming slowly popular over the past few years, largely in concert with the Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle. It's called "MovNat," which is short for "move naturally." The concept is simple: Humans don't move, live, or get in physical activity the way that it had evolved to thousands of years ago anymore. And this is seen as a problem. With MovNat, people do excercises to try and simulate the physical activities or our ancestors, and hope that this leads to greater health, a great workout, and (obviously) greater longevity. Personally, I'm a fan. Aside from how good it feels (even though you'll be crazy sore at the end of the day if you do it "right"), it's lots of fun, and even lends itself to a bit of mental role-playing.

And that's the rub. That's where MovNat and cardio together for me. Role-playing. So, those ugly fucks in the pic above? Some of you might recognize them from yours and my youth. They're "Puddys" from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. And for my cardio/MovNat workout, I pretend that I'm in a fight for my life against them for anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour.

Like I said, you can laugh. But then you can try it and see how badass and phsycially tortorous it feels, and see the results on you.

Punches, kicks, swinging off of pull-up bars with attacks, little flips on the rings, Supermn punches...whatever you can think of. Just use your imagination and physically react to a bunch of imiginary Puddys fighting you, and let it rip. It's fucking awesome.

Three things:

1.) I know this is crazy, and it will make you look crazy, so doing it at a full-on gym might not be the best idea. But if you have a home gym or just a large enough room in your house/apartment, or if you have a quiet spot out in the woods, you can make this happen. Trust me, it's great.

2.) This works for men, women, and Z's. Hell, if you're lucky enough and you have a friend or partner that will imagine this with you, all the better. Maybe afterwards you can have the "victory sex" once you defeat all of the Puddys and save each other's lives. ;)

3.) It doesn't have to be Puddys and Power Rangers. You could be Klingons vs. Starfleet. Doesn't matter, take your pick. Whatever works for your imagination works for you.

Again, trust me, if you get in the mindsight of fighting for your life with this and keep going for 25 minutes to an hour (or more, if you're that saucy), you're going to feel a cardio burn like no other. Running is great, but it's nothing compared to the Puddy Patrol Workout. And if it helps, imagine that you get to schtupp the Pink Ranger in the end. WOO!

P.S. Bonus points if you do this workout listening to this album:


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"The Vorvon"
by Brian Sovryn

  Dr. Stephanie Murphy switched the Hypercronius' viewscreen to the aft to watch as the small shuttle left cargo bay of the ship. The shuttle had a blocky, rather "Russian" design to it since it was based off of plans that Agent Brian Sovryn had claimed to remember from his adventures in the future with an alter-ego version of himself named Commander Brian Soviet--a person he had once talked about often but for the past year had barely mentioned, oddly, she realized in her analysis of the shuttle before her.

  Stephanie's attention quickly hightened as the shuttle on screen made a sharp dip and thruster burst away from the larger Hypercronius. Normally she would have been worried for the health of the person flying like that, but then she remembered that the pilot of the shuttle could barely be called human.

  "Are you even using the controls of the shuttle, Pixel, or are you just embedded in its systems? That was some pretty fancy flying," she said with a nervous chide.

  Pixel's slightly digitized voice came over the Hyperconius' comm system, "Let's just say I'm swimming in Russian engineering like a white horse in mud."

  "That's dirty, Pixel."

  A slightly electronic-sounding laugh came over, "Not as dirty as what we did last night, Dr. Murphy."

  Stephanie grinned at the thought of Pixel's dreadlocks whipping between her thighs the night before, "Well, just bring the Buran back in one piece even if you don't need to be, otherwise we'll never have the chance to be that...dirty...again."

  "I'll be back in a few days, and I'll be sure to be in physical form for you when I do. I love you, Stephanie," Pixel said as the shuttle Buran became a smaller and smaller spec on the viewscreen.

  "I love you, too, Pixel. Good luck," Stephane replied, blowing a kiss at the viewscreen, even though she knew Pixel would have no idea she did it. As she switched the viewscreen back to forward and cut off the transmission, Stephanie suddenly jumped, startled at the feeling of a hand running down her back from below. She quickly turned to and looked down to see Valeria standing there with a more-lustful-than-usual look on her face.

  Stephanie ran a hand through her own curly hair to fix it from the moment of shock, and then laughed, "Valeria, what are you doing on the Bridge?"

  Valeria began walking in a circle around Stephanie, with one fingertip of hers running along whatever part of Stephanie she could touch as she pranced. Stephanie returned the look of desire at first, but then noticed some things weren't right.

  "I was looking for you, Stephanie," Valeria said with a slightly deeper tone to her voice that seemed to reverberate around the Bridge. "And I need to change this ship's course," she said as she began entering commands into the navigation systems.

  "Change course? But," Stephanie stammered, not even realizing Valeria knew how to fly the Hypercronius, "did Agent Sovryn have new orders? Pixel is expecting us to be right..."

  Valeria turned and gazed into Stephanie's eyes. Stephanie noticed a soft, red glow to Valeria's own eyes, but before she could say anything, Stephanie suddenly felt frozen.

  Valeria finished inputing commands into the navigation system, and then walked until she was behind Stephanie, pressing her body against the taller woman's back. Valeria reached her hands up to the front of Stephanie, sliding them under the doctor's romper, until she was cupping Stephanie's large breasts, squeezing them gently while she kissed down her back.

  Stephanie's eyelids fluttered as she moaned from Valeria's touch. While their bodies had been more sensitive to touch and easily stimulated since the incident with the Transmogrifier, the sensations from Valeria's groping felt different. More intense and pleasurable, but colder at the same time.

  "Stephanie, Stephanie, my greatest love. We're not going to worry about Pixel or Agent Sovryn just yet. But I do need you," Valeria said as she brushed her small fingertips against Stephanie's nipples, causing Stephanie's whole body to shudder as she stood there. "I have a new mission for us," she whispered as she slid a hand down to the doctor's pussy, rubbing the whole of it aggressively, "and both you, and the other doctor onboard are going to help me."

  Stephanie let out a series of loud moans from Valeria's rough but pleasureable touch, the shorter woman's voice having a hypnotic effect, her thoughts melting away and barely able to say, "Anything...ohhhh wish...Valeria..."


   Dr. Miriam Goldblossom looked up from her microscope, quickly putting her glasses back on as she heard the door to her makeshift lab aboard the Hypercronius open. She smiled as she recognized both Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Valeria walking in, but her smile took on a hint of nervousness, sensing something different about the two women, noticing something odd in the slow, extra sultry way they were walking.

  "Hello, Doctor," Valeria said, her grin extra wide as she stared at Dr. Goldblossom.

  "Valeria...Dr. Murphy...hi," she said slowly, alarm bells going off in her mind. She stared at Stephanie, noticing her cold, almost mindless, but still very sexy demeanor. "Are you two feeling alright?"

  Valeria whipped the significantly longer, right-side of her otherwise blonde, short hair, running a hand through it, still smiling at Miriam, "Of course, Doctor. We couldn't be better. But I think perhaps you could be better."

  Dr. Goldblossom braced herself against the side of one of her lab tables, nervously asking, "What do you mean?" She was suddenly frighteningly aware of how uneventful life was oboard the Hypercronius the past few months as far as traumatic or dramatic events went, which made the odd behavior of the other two women all the more disconcerting. Something was very wrong here, she felt. "I feel perfectly fine. You know me, physician heal thyself. I healed myself," she laughed at her own joke shakily.

  Both Valeria and Stephanie began walking towards her, the looks on their faces one's of total purpose and focus, and cold. As Valeria came closer, Dr. Goldblossom noticed the small woman's eyes glow a bright red, and before she could study the effect further, she turned away and darted for the corner of the lab.

  "Computer," Miriam said in a tone the opposite of calm, "where is Pixel?"

  The Hypercronius computer replied with perfect composure, "Pixel is not onboard. She is on the shuttle Buran en route to the asteroid Eros for..."

  Dr. Goldblossom interrupted the computer as the two women continued to encroach upon her, "Computer! How many life forms are in this lab."

  The computer again replied with perfect calmness, "There are four life forms in the lab at this time."

  But it was only the three women that Dr. Goldblossom could see. At the confirmation of her fears, the doctor ran between and past the the two women, barelling out of the door of the lab and into the ship's main corridor.

  "Computer! Locate Agent Sovryn," she yelled as she ran down the corridor, looking behind to see Valeria and Stephanie in a brisk, but still seductive walk in pursuit of her.

  "Query denied. Ship's privacy settings do not allow for tracking of..."

  "Oh goddamnit, nevermind," she exclaimed as she started running faster until she stopped at a door to her left, entering the room, hoping to find Agent Sovryn laying in the giant bed in the center of the Captain's Quarters.

  But it was empty.

  The sound of the door closing behind her made her scream, which made her feel ridiculous for a moment as it was just a door, but she then noticed that both of the other women were now in the room, as well.

  And the door was closed.

  Stephanie stood between Miriam and the door like a bouncer, her athletic and powerful body seemingly at the ready to stop Dr. Goldblossom from going anywhere.

  Valeria walked towards her, and Dr. Goldblossom only stared at her as she did, the red glow in Valeria's eyes returning.

  Dr. Goldblossom felt almost paralyzed from that red glow. Her head feeling light at the same time, and even lighter as Valeria continued to stare her red-eyed stare. But the fear remained. She had never feared the little, always friendly with a hint of sassiness woman now continuing closer. But now Valeria was the scariest thing in Dr. Goldblossom's universe.

  "Don't be afraid, Doctor. No one is going to hurt you. Quite the opposite," Valeria said, the reverberating effect of her lower tone now filling the Captain's Quarters, causing Dr. Goldblossom's thoughts to melt away, coherence slowly leaving her mind.

  Valeria was now gently pushing the doctor, causing her to walk backwards until Miriam fell back onto the bed, her arms above her head. Dr. Goldblossom didn't know how or when Stephanie had came over to the bed, but both her and Valeria now laid to each side of her on the bed, their hands softly caressing the length of her body.

  Dr. Goldblossom couldn't believe how pleasurable such simple touches felt, causing more of her conscious thought to float away. She felt her lab coat get removed, and then the romper underneath was opened, exposing her far from small mounds of flesh to the other two women, who were now also topless, and completely nude with their rompers tossed across the room.

  Valeria grinned, then leaned over Dr. Goldblossom, kissing her lips deeply, Miriam only moaning at the pleasing, though cold embrace of their mouths. Valeria then lowered her head to Dr. Goldblossom's right breast, cupping it, and licking around the nipple. In perfect unison as if Valeria and Stephanie were two parts of the same mind, Stephanie brought her mouth down to Miriam's left breast, engaging in the same act as Valeria, until both of them ended up sucking on the doctor's nipples, causing her to shudder and practically scream in lust. The Transmogrifier had made their entire bodies more sensitive, but erogenous zones became all the more so.

  "Ohhhhhhh...fucckkkkkk," Dr. Goldblossom burst out, the sensations taking over will just as she said, "Why does this always seem to happen to meeeeeee...?"

  And with that, Dr. Goldblossom caved, giving into the even stronger levels of sensitivity she was experiencing from the debauched acts of the two women atop of her. Miriam put a hand on each of the women's heads, holding them tighter to her bosom, encouraging them to continue, and even be more vigorous as they continued to suck on her hardened nipples, caressing the flesh of her breasts as they did so.

  Valeria lifted her head for a moment, her eyes glowing an even brighter red, grinning at the enraptured young woman, saying, "We told you we weren't going to hurt you, Doctor. We only want you to be a part of us."

  Dr. Goldblossom pushed Valeria's head back down onto her breast, not wanting the feelings to stop for even a second, " you"

  Stephanie slid her hand down to between the doctor's thighs, finding her incredibly wet entrance, and slowly slid two fingers in, finding her g-spot and rubbing it as both her and Valeria continued their attentions on Miriam's engorged breasts.

  Just as Dr. Goldblossom was about to orgasm, her mind suddenly felt linked with other two women's. She could feel their perceptions of what they were doing to her, and also feel what her own body was experiencing. And paradoxically she knew they felt the same vise versa.

  All three of them cried out in profound pleasure, orgasming at the same time, shuddering in each other's arms as they passed out.


  Valeria was unconscious, her head buried in Dr. Goldblossom's chest as a red glow emanated from the small of her back. The glowing form began to rise away from her body, becoming a ball of flickering red light.

  The ball of light floated above the three women on the bed beneath it, and whisked around to each one as if inspecting them. Studying their breath and their bodies.

  It felt energized. The sampling of the powerful life force it had drained from the three women allowing it to take its present shape. A shape it hadn't taken since it was floating through space in the electromagnetic storm that had come in contact with this ship.

  A place it would try to soon return to. Home. With the others.

  But for now it needed more energy. More life force. And the three women below, it knew, had much more to give.

  It was a simple program running in the virtual reality realm of Unimatrix Zero. An octagonal, matted platform enclosed in equally octagonal chainlink fencing. Spotlights shined down onto the white mat, giving it an almost glowing quality that matched the hot pink neon bars of lights that traced the outline of this cell of a ring and ran up the posts that held the chainlink in place.

  Chainlink that Agent Sovryn just found himself getting thrown against. The chainlink had some give, but the poles holding it didn't as his right shin crashed against one, causing the first grunt to escape him from the past two hours of being inside this virtual octagon arena against virtual competitors. He had been successful against any human that the Hyperconius' computer had created so far in Unimatrix Zero, so he decided to let the computer get creative.

  The 8-foot tall lizard man now before him was proving to be a bit more than he had planned on. It was green, massive, bipedal, with two arms that looked like they could crush his bones with little effort. Fortunately, so far it had only seen fit to throw him around the ring. Brian knew he could have predicted those moves merely by watching the focus of an opponent's eyes, but the computer predicted that strategy and gave this large lizard man of an opponent pupil-less, diamond-studded eyes that gave away nothing of its intentions in the fight. And beneath those eyes was something far more ominous: an elongated snout lined with rows of what was sure to be razor-sharp teeth.

  The creature before Agent Brian Sovryn reminded him of something he had seen on television in his youth, but even though this was just as fake as that monster on TV, the bruises and beating in Unimatrix Zero were excruciatingly real, causing Brian to get up cautiously, and far too slowly for his taste. Luckily, the giant lizard also moved rather lumberingly.

  Once Brian was standing again, he positioned his feet in a strong foundation stance to brace against the strength of his competitor. He brought his hands up in a boxing pose, but with his hands open and muscles loose, ready to grip his opponent and attack with the force and sturdiness of his elbows, compared to the more fragile bones of his hands.

  The green monster thrusted towards him, reaching out with both arms to get Agent Sovryn in another hold and throw, but this time he got hold of one of its forearms and controlled the attempted hold with all of his strength, sending his right elbow directly into the neck of the giant attacker. The forceful connection made a cracking sound at the monster's jugular, and it stumbled backward, a hiss-filled wheezing sound escaping from the lizard. If his past encounter with the genetics-altering Transmogrifier hadn't given him increased strength, he wasn't sure that he would have been able to damage this thing's throat, but all signs showed that his attack had worked. Brian then spun and connected with the creature's neck again, this time with his left elbow, causing his competitor to grasp at its neck in obvious pain.

  Such was Krav Maga, the preferred martial arts style that Brian Sovryn had been training in since his unfortunate days in the US Army. Developed by Israelis--an ethnicity he held in common--it wasn't an ancient defensive art like karate, but in Brian's mind that was its strength: It was designed for the modern world of guns, knives, buses, airplanes, unlike other martial arts that had been developed for a world hundreds of years in the past. And now it seemed Krav Maga was even useful against not only the modern world, but perhaps even a future, alien world, with 8-foot tall lizard bipeds like the creature before him.

  That creature was now beginning to regain its composure, but Brian recognized it was still dazed. Though its diamond eyes didn't give away where it was looking, the lizard man did blink, and its eyelids were half-covering its eyes. Agent Sovryn took the opportunity of its confusion and ran to the chainlink fence, climbing it quickly to get more height for his next move on the green fighter.

  You only have one shot at this, Man of Tomorrow, he thought to himself as he turned over his shoulder to see his competitors position. He then launched himself off of the octagon's wall, in what would have seemed to an onlooker as a "Superman punch," but instead turned it into a flying elbow which landed squarely on the creature's snout. The lizard let out a hissed scream of pain and fell to its knees, and then finally flat onto the mat, unconscious. His guess was right, the snout had a large nerve bundle in it that when traumatized would disable the green thing.

  Brian breathed heavily and wiped sweat from his brow with his forearm after realizing he was only wearing shorts and didn't have a shirt to wipe with. In seconds the lizard creature disappeared in a swirl of pixels. Before bringing on another competitor, Brian wondered how Pixel herself would have faired against such an inhuman competitor, her fighting skills he generally considered to be far superior to his own.

  "Computer," Brian called out with a bit of breathlessness, "how long until Pixel returns from her mission to Eros?"

  The computer promptly replied, "Due to a change in course, Pixel will not return until..."

  Brian cut the computer off, "Wait...what change in course?"

  The computer quickly responded again, "We are presently heading back towards Phobos and Mars orbit, towards the position where the Hypercronius last encountered an electromagnetic storm that caused systems to..."

  "On whose authority...?"

  Before he could finish his question, the door to the main room for Unimatrix Zero opened, with the three figures walking in, one of them saying in a commanding yet sultry tone, "On my authority, Agent Sovryn."

  Brian quickly recognized from her shorter stature and sound that it was Valeria speaking, then noticed the other two figures were Stephanie and Dr. Goldblossom, all of them walking towards the octagon ring with what Brian thought was a strange demeanor, and completely naked. And before they fully entered the purview of the spotlights he was under, he noticed in the neon-tinged darkness that all three of the women's eyes were glowing a bright red, and it wasn't because of the surrounding neon lights.

  "Valeria...Stephanie...Dr. Goldblossom...what's going on? What's wrong? Why are we heading back towards that electromagnetic storm," Brian asked, cutting to what he was sure was the chase of the matter. The electromagnetic storm the crew had encountered while most of them were asleep--save himself and Pixel--had been causing many issues on the Hyperconius since then.

  The three women were now at the gate of the octagonal ring, and they each entered it through the chainlink door, Valeria still the only one responding to anything Brian was saying. "Agent Sovryn, you of all people should know that sometimes something 'wrong' is actually very, very right," Valeria said as she walked up to him, looked up at him, and ran her hand down his hard, wide chest, then traced her fingers through the crevices of his muscular abs until they were lightly pulling at his shorts.

  Stephanie and Dr. Goldblossom were already against the chainlink fence kissing and groping each other as they looked on at Brian and Valeria with their red eyes. Dr. Goldblossom licked her lips as she watched Valeria start to pull down Agent Sovryn's shorts.

  Before Valeria could get far in pulling them down, though, he grasped her hand, "What are you doing? What is wrong with your eyes? What's happened to the three of you?"

  Valeria pulled her hand away from him and then pushed it forward in his direction, red energy swirling around that hand as she let out a guttural scream, suddenly sending Brian flying against the chainlink fence of the ring once again without even touching him.

  Brian looked up in shock and confusion, the other two women still playing with each other and laughing at his somehow being launched in midair by the small woman. Whatever just happened to him, he knew, it wasn't virtual reality. Unimatrix Zero could do a lot of things, but that wasn't one of them. Whatever force she had used against him, it came from within her. And his confusion only intensified as he now saw Dr. Goldblossom getting on her knees in front of Stephanie and licking her pussy, none of them caring at all what had just happened to him, or where this new display of powers came from.

  Valeria walked towards him again, looking at down at him with those red eyes, putting one knee to the mat, running a hand along his bald scalp. "Brian, Brian, why did you make me do that? No one here wants to hurt you. We want you to feel all of the pleasure that we are feeling."

  He shook slightly, her touch strangely cold, yet also intoxicating. He then looked past her to see Stephanie holding Dr. Goldblossom's head hard to her pussy, pulling at the doctor's hair. Valeria's hands then went down along his neck, to his shoulders, the size of them eclipsing her hands as she dug into them.  He shuddered in pleasure as she did so. Her touch felt incredible, and as he looked into her deep, red eyes, he felt his thoughts start to disappear.

  Brian tried to snap out of it. None of this makes sense, he thought, his every attempt at logical explanation not able to explain what was happening aboard the Hypercronius with his crew at that moment. He looked again into Valeria's red eyes, and the same calm and lack of thought started to overtake him. Every part of him began fighting against it. He tapped into his anger, tried playing entire Metal songs in his head, anything to keep from losing his grip. And as hard as it was, it was working against Valeria's hypnotic gaze.

  And she knew it. Valeria stood up, turned to look at the two women on the other side of the octagon, then looked back at him. "A valiant try, but you are going to join us sooner or later, Agent Sovryn, and I know just how to make you." As he laid there, she walked over to Stephanie and Dr. Goldblossom, running her hands through their hair. She petted Dr. Goldblossom and leaned down to kiss her, tasting Stephanie's juices on her lips. "My dear, Dr. Goldblossom. Be a jewel and help Agent Sovryn understand why he needs to join us. I'll finish up with our Stephanie here."

  With that, Valeria began eating Stephanie's pussy, causing her to moan all the louder because of her particularly skilled tongue, and Dr. Goldblossom grinned lustfully and stayed on her knees, going to all fours and crawling over to Agent Sovryn. When she finally reached him, his eyes meeting hers the entire way, she lowered her lips to his, kissing him deeply as her hand reached down into his shorts and to his cock. She pressed her breasts down against his bare, broad chest. The softness and the size of them excited him, causing his member to harden along with the gentle touch of her fingers.

  Brian tried to fend her off, but after the attack from Valeria and his matches throughout the day in Unimatrix Zero, he was still too weak. "Dr. Goldblossom...Miriam...snap out of it!"

  She smiled wickedly at him, "Ohhh, poor Brian, I can see your hurt. Don't worry, soon you'll feel like us. You'll feel better. Let me help you." Dr. Miriam Goldblossom then stood up and put a leg to each side of him and began crouching down. She pulled his shorts away completely now, and then lowered herself onto him as he laid there, her mouth opening and eyes closing as he entered her, letting out little gasps.

  It wasn't long before Brian felt the intensified sensations that he could only deduce came from the same source that was making all of the women's eyes red and seemed to have taken over their minds. Not that all of them engaging in an impromptu orgy was out of the ordinary, but to Brian, this felt different. Darker. And more intense. And even in his weakened state that he was slowly recovering from still, his urge to cum was building quickly.

  Dr. Goldblossom wasn't taking it slow, either. Her thin, toned legs were lifting her up and down and his cock and at an impressive speed. She played with her own tits as she rode him, but at points, she would let go of them and run her hands through her hair, and the site of her breasts bouncing was as hypnotizing to Brian as the red eyes of Valeria. Between her moans she gasped out, "Yesssss...we need you to join us...Agent Sovryn...your cock..."

  Agent Sovryn came suddenly and groaned loudly. He looked down to see some of his blue cum leaking from Miriam's pussy. And as her moans reached new heights, she suddenly collapsed on him, motionless. After he finished unloading into her, he tried to wake her, worried that she had collapsed so suddenly. In moments she was moving slightly, opening her eyes.

  Brian noticed they were no longer red. He quickly looked to his side to see if Valeria and Stephanie were paying attention, but they were both in the sixty-nine position eating each other out, far too busy to notice. Brian cleared some of Dr. Goldblossom's hair from his chest to see her face, "Dr. Goldblossom. Dr. Goldblossom!"

  She stirred and looked up at him fully, "Agent Sovryn? What...what happened to me? Where am I?"

  He explained everything he could to her in a brief moment, and her now normal eyes showed understanding on her part, and a realization.

  "Your blue cum," she said.

  "What?" Brian didn't understand. His cum had been blue ever since the incident in Antarctica with the Transmogrifier, and while it did have unique effects, he didn't see how it mattered now.

  Dr. Goldblossom went on, "Your blue cum. Every time you cum in or on us it creates that weird mental connection for a few hours between you and whoever it touches. It must have severed my connection with the Vorvon once my neural pathways started connecting to you."

  Brian still didn't understand. "Uhh...what's a Vorvon?"

  Dr. Goldblossom stared at the scene of the two other women on the mat going to town on each other, but then realized the question asked, "Oh, well, that's a long story. Short version: It's a space vampire."

  "A space vampire," Brian asked, never even considering such a thing.

  "Yeah," she continued as if it were perfectly normal, "they live off of electromagnetic fields, but they can also live off of other energy types and they...anyway...that's not important right now. What is important is that you fuck me. Hard."

  Just when Brian thought he couldn't be anymore surprised, "Umm...I need to do what?"

  She quietly said in his ear so the moaning women nearby were more guaranteed not to hear, "You need to fuck me so you can cum again, but you need to shoot your cum over all three of us, just to be sure that the Vorvon can't re-enter one of us once it's gone."

  Brian still didn't get it, "Okayyyy...but what if this Vorvon tries to enter me?"

   Dr. Goldblossom shook her head, "It can't. Certain parts of the male anatomy are still too primitive. You don't have what it needs."

  He didn't know whether to be insulted or not, "So I need to cum on all of you, and then hope this thing doesn't come back?"

  "It won't be able to exist without a raw electromagnetic field or host for more than a minute, and the effects of your cum lasts significantly longer than that. It should head back out into space once it realizes it can't use any of us anymore."

  Agent Sovryn started to get the picture, "So why do you want me to fuck you hard?"

  "We need to act fast before Valeria or Stephanie tries to re-connect me with the Vorvon, so whatever it takes to get you to cum the fastest is what we need to do, she grinned, "plus, it feels really good."

  He now understood the stakes, and even in his weakened state, he got to his knees on the mat, lifted Dr. Goldblossom up and set her on all fours on it in front of him, then, as she requested, entered her doggy-style, and wasted no time in thrusting with everything he had left, grunting and moaning at the same time.

  Dr. Goldblossom returned the sounds of pleasure and exertion. He isn't messing around, she thought, as she heard the sound of their skin smacking against each other loudly. Then another smacking sound came, this one from him gently spanking her ass, causing her pussy to tighten on him for a moment, but also causing her to yell out from the pleasure of it. Quickly she closed her eyes, though, as the sound had caught the attention of Valeria and Stephanie, and didn't want them to realize that her eyes were no longer red. And she worried that they would soon realize she was no longer connected to the Vorvon as they were.

  Thinking quickly as Brian continued to pound into her from behind, she tried to tell him they had to hurry. "Ohhhh...faster...go faster...I need that cock...I need that cum now...."

  Brian didn't recognize that her words doubled as being literal and that he needed to hurry up, but they finally put him over the edge, "I'm going to cum...get them..."

  Dr. Goldblossom quickly pulled away and got to her knees, and said in mock excitement to the other women, "He's turning! He's joining us! Come here quick!"

  As Brian stood up, eyes closed, the two women followed suit, joining Dr. Goldblossom in kneeling in front of Agent Sovryn. With a grunt, his blue cum began shooting all over them, and he did his best to ensure that touched all three of the women. Loud moans from all of them were heard, and then Stephanie was the first to go unconscious. Valeria began to convulse as if she were in an exorcism until she too finally collapsed on the mat.

  The red ball of light once again emanated from Valeria's spine, floating around the octagon, darting towards each woman there, but unable to stay inside any of them. It then hovered in front of Agent Sovryn's face as if staring at him for a few moments, and then rocketed towards the doorway that led out of Unimatrix Zero.

  Dr. Goldblossom checked on the two women passed out next to her, and after confirming they were okay, stood up and put her arms around Brian's arm.

  "No really," he said, "what in the goddamned Hell was that?"

  She lifted herself up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek, "Like I said, it's a long story, Brian. It's a big universe out there."
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