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Issue 0007, October 2017

Sovryn Tech Newsletter


Greetings, programs! You're probably wondering where the latest Sovryn Tech Newsletter has been all this time? Well, let me tell you about life.

Just kidding. Sorta. But in all honesty, recently I've been working pretty knee deep with some really exciting projects in the crypto and blockchain space, and I can't wait to talk about it all with you soon. Said projects have kept my schedule way more loaded than I originally thought they would, and I love the work, but it has put some various Sovryn Tech based projects on hold over the past month. That changes now, however.

Fear not, the Sovryn Tech Newsletter that you know and love is back in full stride, with all of the wild stories, interesting tidbits, history, and short fiction (sometimes erotic...okay...pretty much always erotic in some way) ready for you to digest! And you may get Issue 0008 before you know it just to make up for some lost time.

Also, thanks to my recent appearance on the wildly popular Grimerica podcast, I know there are a whole lot of you that are new to the whole Sovryn Universe. Welcome! You're in for a very depraved, reason-based, informative ride.

Listen to Brian Sovryn on the Grimerica podcast:

Did you know that there is a secret, official Sovryn Tech Facebook Group?! It's called Sovryn Tech UNCENSORED, and it is a wild, intellectual, and naughty place...just like Sovryn Tech! If you want to come hang with the cool kids, just "friend" Brian Sovryn on Facebook at the link below, and then Private Message him asking to join the group! It's that simple! See you there!
Brian Sovryn on Facebook


"In one respect novels go beyond simulating reality to give readers an experience unavailable off the page: the opportunity to enter fully into other people’s thoughts and feelings."

Powerful words right there, and I agree with them. I talk about this on Sovryn Tech all the time, but reading books--entire books--is one of the best things you can do for your mental (and as a byproduct physical) health. It's ability to stimulate your imagination and creativity, and to enhance one of the key biological universals that is a part of being human--empathy--makes it a powerful and dare I say rebellious act in a world today of constant distraction and abhorrent authoritarian institutions and structures.

The article linked to below describes how it enhances your intelligence well, right down to the grey matter and white matter of your brain. The benefits of reading books--fiction and non-fiction--are a matter of irrefutable science now. Get a book out and read. And I mean a fucking book, you understand? Something with a few hundred pages. Something that has a point from page one to the end. Not a magazine or some blog post. Get to it. 



...and you should be worried. I recently talked about this on Episode 0247 of Sovryn Tech. when discussing the "refuseniks" that developed a lot of the social technology we have, and they are walking away from it. The article I've linked to, in my opinion, is one of the most important reads I think anyone could take in. It's a long read, describing the troubled history of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, algorithms, social engineering, behavioral experiments and more. Here's an excerpt:

"Facebook is a carefully managed top-down system, not a robust public square. It mimics some of the patterns of conversation, but that’s a surface trait.

In reality, Facebook is a tangle of rules and procedures for sorting information, rules devised by the corporation for the ultimate benefit of the corporation. Facebook is always surveilling users, always auditing them, using them as lab rats in its behavioural experiments. While it creates the impression that it offers choice, in truth Facebook paternalistically nudges users in the direction it deems best for them, which also happens to be the direction that gets them thoroughly addicted.

Facebook would never put it this way, but algorithms are meant to erode free will, to relieve humans of the burden of choosing, to nudge them in the right direction. Algorithms fuel a sense of omnipotence, the condescending belief that our behaviour can be altered, without our even being aware of the hand guiding us, in a superior direction. That’s always been a danger of the engineering mindset, as it moves beyond its roots in building inanimate stuff and begins to design a more perfect social world. We are the screws and rivets in the grand design."

 Intrigued yet? Read the rest of it. I gaurantee it's worth your time.



Wow, a whole lot of talk about Facebook and the "Attention Economy" on Sovryn Tech as late, huh? Well, it's not over yet. Talked about on the show based on some full-on investigative journalism that I did about a year back on the show, you probably have already heard me talk about the fact that Facebook is trying to develop a brain-computer interface (BCI). But don't just take my word for it, take someone's from Facebook:

“It sounds impossible,” Building 8 head Regina Dugan said at the time. “But it’s closer than you may realize.” Within “a few years,” she said, her researchers aimed to create a system that lets people type with their thoughts three times faster than you can type with a smartphone.

Building 8 is Facebook's "skunkworks," similiar to Google's X or Amazon's Lab126 where experimental technologies are developed and sometimes unleashed upon the public. If you read the story I discussed just about this one in this newsletter, you can imagine why I company like Facebook creating a BCI is such a horrendous idea. And, again, they say they're close.

While there is a part of me that loves the idea of humans developing something akin to telepathy (seriously, how great would sex be if we could really feel each other's sensations?), it being controlled and sold by some global corporation that plays ball with governments at the drop of a hat isn't what I have in mind. And don't for a second think that this development is just about allowing you to type faster. Oh no, as I stated on Sovryn Tech, this is a two-way street Facebook is trying to develop into your brain.

Imagine how distracted you'll be then...
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Wanderers - a short film by Erik Wernquist [Official Version]
I worship at the altar of Carl Sagan. #HailSagan! This mini-movie is a masterpiece of inspiration and futurism, with the immortal words of Carl Sagan set to stunning music. This is a video that is about exploration: that ancient human compulsion that Sagan--and myself--felt should always be fostered and nourished. It's who we are. It's what we do. least some of us. In my personal experience, the indescribable and insatiable drive I feel to explore outward and inward is too rarely shared by others, it seems. I find a few people here and there, and I do my best to quickly make friends of them if they are willing, because they desire to explore, I find, goes hand in hand with a person of wild proclivities and a zest for life that is contagious and magical to enjoy the world with.

Maybe this masterful video will inspire and awaken the explorer inside of you.
Destino - Walt Disney & Salvador Dalí [1945 - 2003]

In 2003, Disney released a six minute animated short called Destino, finally bringing closure to a project that began 57 years earlier. The story of Destino goes way back to 1946 when two very different cultural icons, Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí, decided to work together on a cartoon. The film was storyboarded by Dalí and John Hench (a Disney studio artist) over the course of eight months. But then, rather abruptly, the project was tabled when The Walt Disney Company ran into financial problems.

Now fast forward 53 years, to 1999. While working on Fantasia 2000, Walt Disney's nephew rediscovered the project and 17 seconds of original animation. Using this clip and the original storyboards, 25 animators brought the film to completion and premiered it at The New York Film Festival in 2003. Destino would receive an Oscar nomination for the Best Animated Short Film, among other plaudits from critics.

The clip runs 6+ minutes and features music written by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz. It's a fascinating piece of work, and I can't help but be enamored by projects so long in the making, and even after the death of the original creators, finally coming to completion.

Admittedly, there is some pretty wild symbolism in this, and the meaning of it all could be taken in quite a few different ways. But the stunning artistry all the way around is a sight to behold that I won't soon forget.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Newest Recruit | Disney
What?! Another Star Wars video in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter?!

Uhh...fuck yeah. I love Star Wars. Even when I'm enraged at Star Wars (and I have been with a couple of recent novels) I still love Star Wars. And one of the more enjoyable facets of the new all-canon Star Wars universe that Disney has been creating since 2014 is the Forces of Destiny animated shorts series.

These scenes, generally around 3 minutes long, delve primarily into lost moments with the characters at the head of them that Star Wars had ignored for far too long under the reign of George Lucas: the women.

Forces of Destiny acts as bridges between scenes you've seen in film, or on Star Wars Rebels (which is starting back up for it's final season with season 4), or even Clone Wars. It's not high drama, but it's fun, and it gives us just a little more of our favorite characters to enjoy and experience.

The above video is part of what could be called "Season 2" of the series, and you can find that rest of new episodes on the Star Wars YouTube Channel.
On the Official Sovryn Tech Calendar, July 4th is not some ludicrous holiday celebrating the notion of nations. Ohhh no, July 4th is "MK Lords Day"! Celebrating the inimitable and sassy MK Lords, who unlike the USA actually does things to make life better! WOO!

MK created and hosts one of my favorite podcasts out there (seriously, it's in my Top 3)--
Iconosass--and she is one of the most fierce voices on the interwebz. Now you can financially support her work by becoming a Patron of hers on Patreon!

I love MK's work. Support this sassy gal on Patreon today! You won't be disappointed!


So normally I wouldn't do this, but I am so excited about this project that I couldn't not tell you about it, and ask you to be a part of it! The lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy and I--the Golden Stallion--are making an erotic short stories anthology! But this is no ordinary short story compilation, this one has a theme. While any genre can be represented, from horror, to mystery, to action-adventure, to science fiction, LGBTQ, you name it...but, it has to be centered around the Paleolithic Era of the Earth's history. This is beyond just "caveman sex", but it's also obviously very much about that, or things close to it. This is about celebrating ancient humanity and its brilliance, even when in what many would consider a "primitive" state of existence...and how even then sex was a central aspect of the human condition, just as it is today. There will even be a Sovryn Universe story in this anthology!

And the anthology is called: Paleo Erotica.

While Stephanie and I will be writing many of the stories for the erotic anthology, we want to give you--the Sovryn Tech community--a chance to be a part of it! If you would like your story featured, you can send it to and we will review it! While there is no pay involved for submitted stories or published stories, you will have the opportunity to pimp/advertise your work on your "About the Author" section of the book and likely get some nice exposure. Information and guidelines for Paleo Erotica are below.
  • All submissions must be emailed to by November 1st, 2017. Not all submissions will be guaranteed to be in the anthology. You are free to use your work in any other way. We do not claim control or copyright of your stories.
  • Short stories and short fiction must be anywhere between 1,000 to 17,000 words.
  • Paleo Erotica is set to be published in December 2017.
  • There is no monetary compensation for submissions or published stories.
  • Further details on what is needed from authors will be asked for and collected after a story has been chosen to be published.
  • Make this as sexy and explicit as you like!
  • Any genre of fiction can be written. We are looking for stories that are something different. Something new. Things unlike anything read before.
I think this is going to be a fun anthology, and there's really nothing else out there quite like it. Concentrating on ancient humans is ripe for all manner of incredible and sexy stories! I hope to hear from many of you! Thanks!


The year is 1995, the first PlayStation just launched, the DVD just got announced, and the internet became more of a public thing.

But what about Windows? Windows 95 took the computing world by storm with its improved graphical user interface (GUI), and the earliest versions of Internet Explorer (who remembers MS Chat? Anyone?)

Anyways, have you ever wondered what life would be like if Windows 95 also coincided with the launch of a crazy, primordial smartphone? That's what Behance designer Henrique Perticarati did when he created this fun, retro-style WinPhone 95 concept, available to browse on Behance.

The WinPhone 95 is a chunky phone, rocking a badass 90's Sony Mavica camera lens and some epic ports, including a dedicate parallel port for printing, full VGA and high-speed ethernet. With support for Windows 95 staples like Notepad, Briefcase, and Phone Dialler, you'd be able to be productive like a boss, a 90's boss, rocking full Microsoft Office squashed into a svelte, almost-pocketable device. And hey, it even comes with a trackball.

The WinPhone 95 is a bit of fun (and probably quite impossible with the technology available at the time) but it's interesting to ponder what could have been had Microsoft positioned its mobile hand a little better, all those years ago.

While personally I'm ready to chuck my smartphone into the fiery depths these days, as are many others after spending 10 years with these devices...who knows, maybe if we had smarthpones in the 90's we would already be over them and would have Mixed Reality headsets or we'd be deeper into the smartwatch phase right now (which "smartwatches" were quite the thing back in the 90's mind you...we're coming full circle).

In fact, a dropped ball in Hollywood recently: I loved the Independence Day sequel--Independence Day: Resurgence (shut up, I liked it, goddamnit). What was crazy is that the original came out decades before smartphones were really a thing, and it would have been intriguing to see an alternative future where smartphones didn't exist, but humanity was highly advanced. Oh well, lost opportunities. Just like the WinPhone 95.

Be sure to check out the full project on Behance, and share with us your favorite memories of Windows 95.



It's true! You can now get Sovryn Tech t-shirts! With one of the retro Sovryn Tech logos on it, and the Sovryn Tech mantra "Be the Future" emblazoned along the back, people are going to stare in wonder at how you have become a part of the evolution!

Available in sizes S-5XL, as well as in unisex t-shirt and women's shirt styles, you only get one color choice: triple-black, baby! But then, what other colors are there, really?

Also available are Sovryn Tech mugs with the same design, a unisex hoodie, and even stickers! Don't miss out on getting some of the coolest swag in the universe!
The Sovryn Tech Merchandise Store Page:



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“Pixel's Night”
by Brian Sovryn

  Pixel ran a system-wide diagnostics test on the Hypercronius once the ship had cleared the odd electromagnetic field that appeared out of nowhere and in the middle of nowhere. If there was such a thing as “nowhere” in outer space, this is it, Pixel thought to herself, since everyone else aboard was asleep. While the Hypercronius could largely fly itself, she enjoyed existing in her non-corporeal state within the ship’s systems, sometimes flying the ship through—in her ethereal state—electron-based force of will. She had been flying the ship when it came upon the electromagnetic field, which had then affected the power systems and flight pattern of the Hypercronius briefly. Why she didn’t notice the field beforehand through the ship’s sensors is what was bothering her most now, more so than whether the ship’s systems were nominal.

  As she traveled around as electrons through the starship’s systems, the report came back in from the main computer: the Hypercronius was functioning normally with no damage. But then what is wrong with me, she wondered, still bothered by the fact that she had missed something that could have been devastating to the ship and crew. The thought of anything happening to Stephanie, Valeria, Dr. Goldblossom, or…Priority One…Agent Sovryn, caused a gut-wrenching feeling inside her—in whatever she had that passed for a “gut.” She had worked so hard for this moment, she knew, for this opportunity for humanity, for so many centuries…

  Pixel blasted through the ship’s circuitry, setting the confirmed fully functioning systems of the starship to autopilot, until she arrived at the crew quarters where the rest of the Hypercronius crew was sleeping. Agent Sovryn had taken what was originally the ship’s Captain’s Quarters, and while the vessel had multiple individual quarters for the rest of the crew members, all of them had desired to sleep together, in the Captain’s quarters, in one giant bed, just as they were now.

  A need came over Pixel in that moment, and she began the process of materializing into her corporeal, mostly human form. The electrons of her present state began to rain down from the ship’s circuits, quickly taking on the shape of legs, feet, a waist. The sensations she felt whenever she went from her physical to electron state, and vice versa, was not an entirely pleasant one. The amount of concentration and processes it took for her to cause her electronic make-up to take on a symmetrical, human, solid form was daunting and almost painful. There were so many details to looking human, to keeping up the disguise for others that didn’t know the other aspects of her existence. She supposed that she could take the shape of some blob if she needed to be physical—and even considered how interesting that form could be when having some fun with the ladies—and it wouldn’t take nearly half the willpower and resources it took for her to take on a human form, but there were advantages to the physical persona she had created. She enjoyed the attentions from Agent Sovryn and the other agents of the Wilde Foundation gave her, partly due to her lithe body and unique stylings.

  She concentrated now on her hips forming, her arms, her breasts, carefully paying attention to each microscopic part of her connecting to the other. Her head began to take shape, her signature dreadlocks beginning to materialize, and as her lips formed—even through the uncomfortableness—she smiled her equally signature devious, cat-like grin. The uncomfortable feelings were temporary, she knew, and acceptable as long as she stayed in her physical form for a while.

  And Pixel had every intention of staying in this form. All night long.

  As she finished morphing into her human state, she looked at the four of her crewmates sleeping together peacefully, having had no idea of the danger the ship was in just a few minutes before from that electromagnetic field. They all laid there, nude, with Agent Sovryn in the center, his left arm around Dr. Goldblossom who had her body curled up to his, her full breasts pressing into his broad, toned chest, and her legs crooked over his own. His right arm held Dr. Stephanie Murphy, with her curly locks splayed along his muscular arm. Valeria and her tiny body was wrapped around the back of Stephanie, holding her lovingly.
  Pixel’s grin turned to a look of compassion and love at the sight of her beloved comrades. She almost changed her mind about what she felt a desire to do now, and the reason that she took on her physical form, but she had done this very thing many times before, with no complaints expressed by anyone.

  Pixel crawled at the edge of the massive bed everyone was laying on, almost prancing upon it, her movements like a cat, her breasts swaying gently as she moved in for what she wanted, not having bothered to put on the usual romper “uniform” that they all wore onboard. Her eyes couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous women before her, her gaze trailing up Dr. Goldblossom’s athletic, smooth legs, then looking to the other side and seeing the contrast with Stephanie’s own gorgeous legs, but legs that had a thickness and power to them that were equally enticing. She ran her hands up each of the other women’s legs, caressing them, and then gently brushing them off of the massive legs of Agent Brian Sovryn. Pixel then ran her hands up his legs until she got to the center where they joined, and grinned at his flaccid member. She put both hands around it and kissed the head of it, then lightly brushed it against her cheeks until she started stroking it with both hands.

  Brian made a soft grunt but didn’t awaken, his cock doing the opposite, however. As Pixel continued to stroke it, it grew and hardened before her eyes. In moments it was, she recognized, at full hardness, and she cupped one side of it with a hand and then kissed and licked the other side, almost as a thank you for always being ready when wanted.

  She then kneeled at the base of his manhood, her legs spread to the sides of his waist, and lowered herself onto his throbbing member while he still lay asleep. It had been so long since Pixel had taken physical form that she had forgotten how to control her physical vocal systems, and let out a loud moan of pleasure that had a digitized flair to it she hoped no one had heard. No one appeared to have noticed, and with Brian still asleep, she continued to slowly ride him, one hand now going to her clit and rubbing it, another groping her own breasts.

  They were sensations she desperately needed.

  While Pixel technically didn’t “need” to have sex, she learned over time the unique and almost indescribable value of the act. There was a connection one felt, and it almost served as a “system reset” for her, and analogously for everyone else it seemed, too. While she had yet to quantify why human sex felt so amazing, or why it had so many other benefits, she recognized that they were there, and that they were very real. She’d often theorize that the entire reason humanity had evolved as far as it did was because of the unquantifiable benefits and effects of sexual intercourse on the individual. The effect of the Transmogrifier on humans seemed to also point at an important role for sex when it came to humans achieving new levels of evolution.

  Pixel suddenly felt two large hands grasp her waist. She looked down from her revelry and saw that Agent Sovryn was awake with a slightly sleepy look on his face. But it was also a look of approval, lust, and love. His hands now aided in her actions, lifting her significantly smaller body by comparison up and down on his shaft as she continued to rub her clit and pull on her own nipples. She looked briefly to see if any of the other women had woken up, but they all seemed fast asleep as Brian began thrusting upward as he lifted her up and down on his cock.

  In moments she could feel every part of her begin to phase. Unless Pixel was in Unimatrix Zero, anytime she would begin to orgasm, she’d temporarily lose physical density and phase in and out like static in a hologram. It was an uncontrollable effect, one that her crewmates had quickly gotten used to and even enjoyed, knowing that Pixel was feeling something so intense she literally couldn’t contain herself.
  Pixel de-activated her vocal subsystems so that her cries of pleasure could not be heard and potentially wake up everyone. But the look on her face of raw lust and hedonistic abandon spoke volumes. Brian did his best to hold her down onto his shaft tightly as parts of her phased in and out.
  Once she returned to full density, she collapsed onto his chest, panting slowly. She hadn’t realized it, but it had been a long time since she had taken physical form and had love with anyone onboard. It made the present sensations all the stronger She squeezed her form around Brian’s large, still very hard and ready cock inside of her, then reached a hand over to Dr. Goldblossom’s face, caressing the doctor’s cheek gently, enjoying its softness compared to the thick bulk of muscle the rest of her body was laying on.
  Agent Sovryn continued to slowly and lightly thrust into her as she laid there. Pixel lifted her heard from his chest, her dreads glazing across his upper body, and kissed him, fully connecting as their tongues intertwined. She slid off of him to his side, squeezing in between Brian and Stephanie, their lips still locked. Brian gasped as he felt his member leaving the warmth of being inside her.
  Pixel ran a hand down his body until her hand reached his hardness, and stroked it again just as she began when she first came into the bed. Intentionally this time, she phased her hand to where it rubbed his cock just a little deeper, in a way that no human hand ever could. She grinned up at him as sharp breaths escaped from the rare level of pleasure he was feeling. Pixel knew that she could make others feel things they could never feel with anyone else, and it always brought a grin to her face, just as it was now. But with Priority One—Agent Sovryn—the feelings and connection were unique. Something that could only be described as ancient, or even primal. He looks so much like…
  Before she could finish the thought, Brian shuddered and did his best to keep his grunts of pleasure from being too loud. Pixel’s Cheshire cat grin was even wider now as she watched his cock erupt like a volcano, his cum—the newly blue, thick cum he’d unload ever since encountering the Transmogrifier—shooting to the left and the right, some of it landing on Pixel, some on Dr. Goldblossom, and even some on Stephanie and Valeria. It glowed blue on their bodies, and even in their sleep, the other women in the bed made light moans once it had started to dry on their skin. Pixel wiped some of it that landed on her buttocks and licked it off of her hand, looking at Brian devilishly. Agent Sovryn’s “new cum” didn’t have the effect on her that it did with the others, but she enjoyed it regardless, and now felt completely at peace after the night’s love session.
  Pixel felt a sensation that could only be described as "tired." Though she didn't need sleep, when in physical form her systems would often need to slow down and rest, akin to relaxing. It was a sensation she had learned to enjoy, and she thought it might help with her recent error earlier that night. And though a part of her wished a couple of the other women had woken up to continue the hedonic moment for a while longer, she decided instead to rest her head on Agent Sovryn, curl up more with the everyone else, enjoy the warmth of human touch, and "rest" blissfully with her comrades.
Click the albums below to get my Audio of the Ancients series! Hear history truly come alive!

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own... Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy."

~Robert A. Heinlein
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