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Issue 0020, August 2018

Sovryn Tech Newsletter

Content by Brian Sovryn
Edited by Ellen Stallone
Additional Content by Dr. Stephanie Murphy
Greetings programs! It is your August edition of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter, and it is jam-packed, baby! In fact, it introduces two new segments to the Newsletter, one of them coming from “The Boss” Dr. Stephanie Murphy herself! You’ll discover those as you read on.
Speaking of reading, I want to talk about that abstract subject. I’ve got the need...the read! WOOO! I love to read. I read all the time, any time, and not just audiobooks. Hell, I was in a hot tub just the other day with my handy-dandy waterproof Kindle Oasis and was reading a book from 60 years ago (Rogue Roman by Lance Horner) that was so hot and so sexy...oh man...anyway, maybe I shouldn’t have been in the hot tub with that. But my point is that I read a shit ton, and all different genres (thanks to inspiration from a certain someone, otherwise I just read science fiction and non-fiction...nonstop). Over the past year on Sovryn Tech, I’ve brought up many times the importance of reading actual books--not blog posts, website, or Facebook nonsense. And I stand by that. There was a
great article in the Wall Street Journal bolstering that point recently (and they’re not the only ones as late). I’d like to quote it here for you:
“Books remain one of the strongest bulwarks we have against tyranny—but only as long as people are free to read all different kinds of books, and only as long as they actually do so. The right to read whatever you want whenever you want is one of the fundamental rights that helps preserve all the other rights. It’s a right we need to guard with unwavering diligence. But it’s also a right we can guard with pleasure. Reading isn’t just a strike against narrowness, mind control and domination: It’s one of the world’s great joys.”
Did you catch that? A bulwark against tyranny. I couldn’t agree more.
There are a lot of theories as to why people don’t read--much of which just hits spincycle on the fact that a lot of people are pretty fucking stupid--but I think sadly not enough attention is paid to why people DO read. What’s their inspiration? What makes them thirst for the written word? Personally, I think high school destroys the young mind’s desire to read, because schools generally make you read (or present material as) incredibly boring shit. I was spared this fate of hatred for reading for a few reasons, but I’ll tell you the most fun one (and it might be key to keeping people reading).
So set the Way Back Machine for 1998. Damned fine year if you ask me (I know you didn’t). I’m still in high school. An 18 year old piece of gold. Now in ‘98, something pretty major is going on as far as science fiction goes: the TV show Babylon 5 is getting a tremendous run and resurgence on the cable network TNT. For those that don’t know, Babylon 5 is the only thing in the world greater than Star Trek. Enough said. This resurgence brings with it books and all other kinds of merchandise that young Brian Sovryn can’t get enough of, and I really wanted some Babylon 5 books. Where I was living in Upstate New York didn’t have a major bookstore at the time--in fact for years we didn’t have any bookstore--but it just so happened that a little mom-and-pop shop bookstore opened up near me (within walking distance, actually). Except this place wasn’t run by an older couple or was actually run by a young woman (30-ish?) who we will call Amanda. She literally was the owner and only person that ran the place. Not sure if anyone else owned it, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is, I quickly became her favorite customer. Because I didn’t just buy Babylon 5 books...oh no...I caught the bug, I started buying tons of books. Huge stacks of them whenever I’d go in there. It didn’t hurt that in a wonderfully nerdy way--glasses and all--I found Amanda to be pretty attractive. The feeling was mutual, as I would find out.
One day I’m going to the bookstore, it’s almost closing time (8pm Eastern), and I just make it in time to pick up a stack of books that Amanda ordered for me. The usual questions start. Amanda asks, “What are you up to tonight, Brian?” I know what this means, I tell myself. I tell a little joke, she covers her mouth as she giggles. I get what’s happening. Long story short, next thing I know we’re behind the “History” section of the bookstore and I’m literally lifting her up and down on me against the rack. Books fall down, laughter is had (an interesting thing during sex), she cums a few times (not kidding), I cum a couple of times. We finish around 11. I take my books. I forget to pay for them. I have to return the next day to pay for them out of guilt. Sex starts again. She's loving it. Rinse and repeat.
Amanda was pretty awesome. And for me, she combined reading with sex, and that’s the rub (no pun intended). My lust for reading (and other things) wasn’t beaten out of me because I associated the act of reading and learning with the sensual and the erotic. Formative stuff for me. Now, I’m not saying that we need to combine sex and reading for everyone, but maybe keeping reading sexy in some way is a powerful tactic for keeping the desire to read alive in people.   
Now this might sound kind of salesy, but if you feel the need to read something sexy, ho boy, have I got a book for you! And it’s by me!
The Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1. Loaded with erotic science fiction short stories, some of which have been in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter in the past (though edited and enhanced now by Sovryn Tech Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Ellen Stallone), and some that have not, nor ever will be, part of the Newsletter. When you get to “The Boss’s Office” segment of this issue, you’ll get to actually read the entire Foreword that Dr. Stephanie Murphy wrote for the book! How can you go wrong with that? And as she is wont to do, I think she will entice you to get your hands on this over 100 pages of erotic literary action that brings back all of the characters you know and love from Sovryn Tech’s fictional Sovryn Universe. Pixel, Dr. Lesbos, Dr. Murphy, Valeria, Dr. Goldblossom, Agent Sovryn...all of them! And it is hot as Hell, baby! Get your copy now by clicking the link below...and enjoy the rest of the August Sovryn Tech Newsletter!


Buy the “Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1” Link:



Mannnn...mannnnnn…if there’s one thing that I’ve been begging for Sovryn Tech listeners to do for a while, it’s to setup their own NAS (Network Area Storage). A NAS is like having your own little server, your own private cloud. Granted, if you don’t have a “homebase” as it were to setup a device like that, it’s tough to run one unless a friend lets you plug it in their house, but if you have an apartment or home, and you have a good consistent internet connection, these are essential.
See we really want to get away from the centralized server infrastructure that the tech giants (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.) have setup, because at the end of the day we really don’t control our data. When you setup your own “private cloud” with a NAS, you are in complete control (more-or-less) of your data.
Now unless you’re more experienced tech wise (in which case you want to build your own using FreeNAS or the like), the NAS hardware I recommend buying is Synology. This is for a couple of reasons. First, they are dead easy to setup, which the article linked to below explains how to do step-by-step. So I think anyone can use a Synology NAS.
The second reason I recommend Synology is because they have awesome mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow you access all of your NAS data (music, photos, videos, documents, notes, etc….everything you’d normally do in “the cloud”) from your mobile device. The music app alone is a lifesaver for me since most music services (besides Pandora) have failed me as late, so I’ve had to take the matter into my own hands.
Again, you want to have control of your data, but I also understand people want to be able to access it from anywhere with any device. A good NAS solution will give you the best of both worlds. Just use the guide below!




This is an interesting story that you have to really click on and read to understand, but I want to share it with you. The gist here is that in the 60’s, airlines were vibrant, future-looking, comfortable, swanky affairs that looked like something out 2001: A Space Odyssey. And they were sexy. To be clear, I consider myself (and have been called by women) a feminist ally of the sex-positive persuasion, and while many a feminist would probably turn their noses up at the sight of the outfits and services that stewardesses in the 60’s offered on planes, I think some historical context is needed to understand just how wild--and socially freeing--airlines were in the 60’s, as compared to being degrading (as is usually thought).
First off, the miniskirt. Just a cursory glance into the history of the miniskirt (much like the bikini) and you find that this was clothing that was a symbol of women’s liberation socially, of breaking out and away from puritanical poppycock. Women having the opportunity to show (a lot of) skin in the 60’s was a big fucking deal, and was a biting of the thumb at conservatism. I think it still is (hooray for nudism, I say).
Secondly, airlines--and being a stewardess giving you free air travel--literally gave women the world. They could travel anywhere, almost any time, and do so in high class. In fact, lesbianism ran rampant on airlines in the 60’s because these women felt so empowered (and probably sexually charged article).
And women’s liberation aside (which is the most important thing in any situation), it’s just sad to see airlines today and just how stale it all is. I mean fucking stale. No colors. No futuristic outfits. No sexy (seriously). Where’s Austin Powers when you need him?
No, you know what, quick side note from the Stallion here. Do you know how hard it is to have sex on a plane today? It’s practically impossible, even if you go Business Class. It’s bullshit. Especially if you’re a guy my size. I’ve joined the Mile High Club, sure, but it was some serious effort. I mean what in the goddamned Hell. I see the airplanes in this article and I’m just dying to have that kind of space again to fuck inside one of these flying aluminum cans on my way to some other part of the world. I’ve got a few hours, you know, why not? And trying to have a threeway? Please.
Anyway, read more about it by clicking the button below.



As a proud member of the Dozenal Society, and as someone who has advocated for switching to dozenal math (Base 12) for years on Sovryn Tech, I have a special appreciation for alternative number systems. Of course, my appreciation also comes from being a historian, and when you find out the Sumerians used Base 60 math (or “sexagesimal”...mmm…what a great word)...well...that leads to interesting places.
The article linked below covers 12 (buh-dum-pssh!) alternative numbering systems to our “Western” (yuck) Base 10 number system, and they’re really fascinating. Of particular interest to me is how the French use Base 10 until they get to the number 70, and then they switch to Base 20! Those French, huh? Gens drole!
But there’s a lot to learn about here, and I genuinely do think we’d do well to get away from Base 10 math and switch it up to Base 12. The advantages (to say nothing of the spurring of creativity from thinking numbers in a whole new way) are infinite! Maybe some enterprising intentional community could make that a thing, hmm?
Read all about it by clicking the button below!

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This is your no-nonsense guide to reclaiming your privacy and to begin using best practices for security. Written for beginners and experts alike!
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Star Trek Mega Suite 7: To Boldly Go by Tyrannicus

WOOO...I say it almost every Sovryn Tech Newsletter, but I’ll say it again: I love Star Trek. Like, I want to have sex with it (well...I suppose I kinda do with Star Trek: Forbidden Frontiers...err...okay...this is getting weird). Ahem. Anyways. One of the not-overlooked but often not talked about aspects of Star Trek that makes it so endearing, enduring, and just all-around great is the music. Believe it or not, I listen to Star Trek soundtracks perhaps as much as I listen to just about any genre of music as a whole. It’s that good.

And in case you needed convincing or reminder of that fact, I want you to listen to the amazing one hour and thirty minutes “mega suite” of Star Trek music compiled by YouTuber Tyrannicus. It’s a stunning collection, and Tyrannicus has also made many more (and even other beautiful compilations/remixes beyond Star Trek). As stirring as the music of Star Trek is, I often find it helpful to have it play in the background when I’m trying to get the creative juices flowing or just trying to blast out some work. These suites by Tyrannicus are my go to every time.

Live Video of Sea Creatures Around Microsoft’s Project Natick Underwater Servers

A few years ago on an episode of Sovryn Tech we talked about Microsoft’s “Project Natick” which was attempting to answer a simple question: since 50% of us live near the coast, why doesn’t our data? Well, to some degree much of it does if you count Manhattan, but Microsoft took the idea to the next level...They put literal server farms into the oceans of the world. I was, and am, very supportive of the idea. For me--as I stated on Sovryn Tech--showing that interconnected computer systems could exist and function in the Earth’s oceans was one of the steps to finally building one of my real dreams: underwater, human-inhabited colonies.
Microsoft has finally brought Project Natick to fruition, and the video from a couple of months ago in 2018 drives it all home. But the REAL VIDEO I want to share you isn’t the video above. Oh no, I want to show you something really cool that Microsoft ATTACHED to their servers: cameras, providing a live stream of all the fish and sea life that happen to find their way to these underwater servers. Check out the two live cameras
here (and make sure you click the “LIVE” button on the videos). I’m leaving them on full-time on one of my monitors because I think it’s just so damned cute...and beautiful.
I’ll grant you that one of my concerns around the project when I first talked about it was how much would these servers artificially heat the ocean and cause problems for the sea life, which when you watch the live video feed you’ll see the sea life has taken quite the liking to Project Natick. This is something that will have to be monitored and considered depending upon the scale Microsoft decides to go forward with this project. Regardless, I am very interested to see where Project Natick goes, and I’ll be watching the live fish feed. Everything good comes from the sea, you know.

Mac and Me (1988) Cinemassacre Rental Reviews
First off, yes, I’m a huge fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd. I think he and I have a lot in common. Actually, maybe a little too much in common (is that Bias stated, I have to admit that the recent movie reviews he has been doing have been something extra special. James (the Angry Video Game Nerd) effectively films himself and a few of his buddies off the cuff talking about whatever movie of the week they happen to be talking about, and does so as a “half-skit” imagining that they are all hanging around in a video rental store. It’s basic, but damned clever.

I share this video with you on a very personal level, not because I want you to watch Mac and Me (trust me, it’s horrible), but because I love this kind of thing. Dare I say I live for this kind of thing. I remember doing this very thing with my friends (back when I had that many), sitting around in the local Video-To-Rol store, and just talking up the films there, shooting the shit, and sharing other thoughts, and even wild fantasies believe it or not (and we didn’t even have to go to the back of the rental store to do it! ;) ). It was a brilliant time, and a time that I miss. While I love “no screen time” more than most, and I’m always down for a good hike or workout, there are few joys greater than sitting down with people you have a connection with and watching a movie. The classics, the big stuff, the cheesy films, and the opulent (I remember a particular conversation between me and my very first girlfriend at 18 about Gladiator when it first came out...wooo...boy...did *that* go places). Maybe one day I can do this sort of content for Sovryn Tech. But for now, enjoy AVGN’s take on it.



Content from the desk of Dr. Stephanie Murphy



So, it looks like the Golden Stallion has given me my own section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter. Not a surprise, because as the Boss, I always get whatever I want, whenever I want it. What I plan on doing in this segment is sharing with you one interesting story or piece of media that I find while I peruse the Internet...and I guarantee you, I find some very...very...interesting things on the Internet.
For this issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter, I’m going to share with you the Foreword that I wrote for Brian’s new book:
The Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1. I loved getting to be a part of the book in so many ways, and writing the Foreword was fun! You get to read my Foreword for free because you subscribe to this newsletter. But of course, in order to access the exclusive content that's only available in the Kindle version of the book, you'll have to pick up a copy. Do so here:
It wasn't too long ago that Brian was sitting in the very seat you're in now, being interviewed by the Boss herself about his book - in my new companion podcast to The Boss’s Office, which you can listen to here:
Enjoy the Foreword! You are dismissed. I’ll see you next issue!
by The Lovely and Hyper-Intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy
Within the pages of this book is a world with which you may not yet be familiar, but that once you experience it, you won’t want to leave.

Of course, I’m speaking of the Sovryn Universe!

This world was created over the last six years by my real-life life partner, Brian Sovryn. You’ll meet him in the introduction to this book, and you’ll also get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the fantasy world he’s created and published in this book.

If I had to put this book into a genre, I’d call it erotic sci-fi. The stories and characters weave together inspiration from real life, other works of art, and a lot of fantasy and imagination. One of the things I have always loved about Brian is his active imagination – especially when it comes to sexy adventures. He is someone who loves to dream and fantasize, and the things he comes up with can often be quite elaborate. I think he has been doing this since way before I knew him. In fact, I imagine he’s been creating stories for his entire life! I’m glad he’s finally written a few of them down, in a format that he can share with you. I have a feeling this book is just the beginning for these characters and these worlds.

Writing within the context of science fiction opens up a lot of new possibilities for interesting storylines and new types of eroticism. “The Ally Within” sets the stage for what has been happening in the Sovryn Universe, and what is to come. “Blossoming” proves that technology and the possibilities it opens up can be sexy and empowering. “Triple Black Mars” explores what happens when a rogue blockchain combined with AI grows out of control and creates a formidable enemy. “Anoesis” explores themes of techno sex work, and what happens when a relationship with a client becomes a more permanent partnership.

Plenty of stories explore group sex scenarios (“Return to Unimatrix Zero,”) sometimes with assistance from a digital reality or techno-sex toys. And speaking of assistance from a digital reality, “Pixel’s Night” shows that AI’s and extracorporeal beings need love, too.

“The Vorvon” and “New Recruit” both explore themes of technological mind control (a favorite of the author’s…)

“Symphony for the G-9155” includes a sexy action scene with the cast fighting Nazis – and having fun while doing it!

“Mysteries of the Transmogrifier” explores occult themes – and maybe weaves a little bit of real life into an interesting story… but that’s up to you to decide.

“All That We Leave Behind” brings back an old friend, while “The Villa” shows that even superheroes need some down time.

And the stunning finale of this book, “One Knight in Unimatrix Zero” leaves us wondering if maybe women are meant to rule the world, because they will stop at nothing to save it.

Enjoy this fun, sexy, fantastical collection – and make sure to connect with Brian on his podcast,
Sovryn Tech, and through his email newsletter ( for more chances to visit the Sovryn Universe, and play with the characters therein…
You’re gonna love it!
—Dr. Stephanie Murphy


Hey everybody, another new segment to the Sovryn Tech Newsletter here for you! Since Sovryn Tech is first and foremost a podcast (as it stands right now, anyway), you would think that I, the Man of Tomorrow, probably listens to other podcasts.
And you’d be right.
Of course, I remember just a few years ago I used to listen to tons of podcasts. It was actually kind of crazy. I mean I listened to A LOT of podcasts. I’d just wake up and instantly put on my headphones (not a good idea now, in my opinion) and start listening away nearly all day. Now I’m to the point where I really only listen to two or three podcasts regularly, with other podcasts listening to certain episodes depending upon their guest or topic.
But just because I don’t listen to as many podcasts as I used to, that doesn’t mean I don’t run into absolute audio dynamite now and again...and that’s what this new segment of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter is all about: One great episode of one podcast per newsletter.
And the inaugural podcast episode that I’m going to share with you is from one of three-or-so podcasts that I make sure I listen to every single week, in this case: The Eddie Trunk Show. Eddie Trunk has been in the music business--and particularly Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music--for decades, and to me he’s one of the most trusted and genuine voices on the radio/podcast circuit ever. And I love his style. And apparently I’m not the only one. Want to know who else does?
Steve mutherfuckin’ Perry.
Yeah, that Steve Perry. Best known as the lead singer for one of the greatest bands of all-time (and one that I listen to almost as much as I listen to KISS or Halestorm, if you didn’t know), and also known as one of the single greatest voices in music ever (a title well-deserved), this is a guy that has pretty much been “in hiding” since 1998 (that last time he released a song). 20 years! And he’s now releasing a solo album in October--and a
single is already out from it--that I can’t wait to fucking tear into.
To promote that album, Steve Perry ASKED TO BE ON (!) The Eddie Trunk Show to get interviewed, and of course Eddie obliged to do the first interview in 20 years with the legend. It’s a brilliant interview, and Steve is still just as brilliant at age 69 as he ever was. They talk about Journey, the new album, why Steve effectively disappeared for decades, and why he came back (pretty heart wrenching stuff, honestly), and who knew he was friends with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins? You’ve got to hear this, and make sure you pick up the man’s album. We are sorely lacking in musicians that put their “soul” on the line. Link is below!

“The Eddie Trunk Show w/guest Steve Perry” LINK:


It's the Sovryn Tech First University Book Club! Wait...doesn't everybody have a fucking book club? Yeah, it seems like it. I find most of them annoying, but since so many Sovryn Tech Patrons asked for this, you're getting one from me too (by demand of the listeners), as a new feature in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter!
But understand, I don't expect you to follow along and read (or listen to) all of this at the same speed I do. I and the other members of the Sovryn Tech Cabal (my lovely co-hosts) may never talk about these books on air, but if you want to see what we're taking in on our leisure (or not-so-leisure) time, below, every month, will be the books that myself, Stephanie, and Ellen had read for that month, or are in the middle of reading. Most likely though, we'll have completely gone through it if we're going to even mention a book here.
So enjoy, turn your screens off, and flex your mental muscles for a journey in the literary world!
And don't forget you can download wild and free out-of-print eBooks from!

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain
Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 7: Tempest by Yoshiki Tanaka

 More Than Two by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert
The Million-Dollar One-Person Business by Elaine Pofeldt
The Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy by George James
The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Lévi



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"Another Side of Paradise, Part VI"
by Brian Sovryn

Admiral’s Log, Stardate 2269.70
USS Atlantis, NX-2012, Sydney-class prototype, assigned to Section 31 Science Division, Admiral Theresa Shelby commanding. The experiment that Section 31 began with the Omicron pod plants on planet Sappho III is now in its third month.
The test subjects--Captain Damien Ivanov, Commander Varese Jenn, and Lt. T'Lana--are still completely unaware that they are part of the experiment to discover the long term effects of Omicron pod plant and spore exposure on Federation member species--in this case: Human, Betazoid, and Vulcan. Even after the use of a sonic wave disruptor to lessen the effects of the Omicron spores, they appear to have no clue that the Atlantis has been in orbit of Sappho III this entire time, still believing they are stranded on the planet.
I always thought Ivanov and his team were bunch of idiot degenerates. This just proves the point.
Computer...erase that last part of the log entry.
During the experiment, the effects of the spores from the Omicron pod plants have become far more physically pronounced. All three infected test subjects have developed a green skin tone and what appear to be branch-like protrusions running along parts of their bodies. Beyond the psychological “sense of peace” and hypersexuality that the spores have produced in the subjects, physiologically their erogenous zones have a marked increase in size and sensitivity. This has lead to further degenerate, anti-Federation, liberal behavior that is unacceptable in any civilized…
Computer...erase that last part of the log entry again, please.
The latter physical changes to their bodies has, in my opinion, made this experiment worthless. The Federation cannot suddenly become a civilization of well-endowed, peace-loving, sex-crazed maniacs. But Section 31 has requested that I bring the subjects back aboard Atlantis to see if some aspects of the Omicron spore effects can be reversed to tolerable levels to prevent this experiment from being a total loss.
“Transporter room,” Admiral Theresa Shelby barked into the comm unit on her Bridge command chair. “Beam the three degen...err...agents...back aboard the Atlantis. The party is over for them.” As she waited for confirmation from the transporter chief that the three Section 31 agents were beamed up from the planet Sappho III, she straightened her all-black uniform, pulling at the pants that stood in stark contrast to the mini skirts worn by the rest of the female members of the crew.
Instead the transporter chief’s voice came back over with the comm with, “Admiral, the agents on the surface are too close to the rock formation of the waterfall near their basecamp, I can’t get a transporter lock on them.”
Admiral Shelby slammed her fist on the arm of her command chair, causing the Bridge crew to jump from the sudden outburst; emotional outbursts that were frequent from the admiral, but the crew could never figure out when to expect them or even what could possibly cause them. Those nearby would jump every time, and the admiral enjoyed the attention that it brought upon her, even if it was fear.
“Lt. L’ressa,” Shelby said in a calmer tone, calling upon the Caitan officer aboard the Bridge whom had become the admiral’s impromptu First Officer since she secretly took command of the Atlantis. “As soon as Captain Ivanov and his team are in transporter range, get them beamed aboard and sent to Sickbay immediately. I’ll be in my quarters.”
The cat-like lieutenant purred with relief that the admiral was leaving the Bridge, and responded quickly with a soft, “Aye, Admiral. I’ll let you know as soon as they are clear of that waterfall and back aboard.”
“Excellent, Lieutenant,” Admiral Shelby said as she got up from the command chair and headed towards the turbolift. With any luck those three agents will be stuck on the planet forever, or they’ll die in Sickbay...Ivanov and his team don’t deserve to be a part of the glorious Federation that we are making great again, she thought to herself, grinning as the turbolift doors closed around her.
The changes that Lt. T’Lana and Cmdr. Varese Jenn had gone through in the past month on the planet Sappho III while infected by the Omicron spores had started to take a different, disproportionate, physical turn.
As the two women kissed and played with each other just underneath the waterfall, they allowed their bodies to rest in the wading pool just behind it to relax their new physical “features.” What first started with a shift to green skin and an overall sense of amazing health, had slowly over the past month led to much more. What began with a feeling of fullness in their chest soon led to the same green fluid that would ooze out of the spore-vines from the Omicron pod plants to eject from their nipples, and the buildup of fluid caused and coincided with a massive enlargement of their breasts, an enlargement and weight that was relieved when the two women were assisted by being in the water, as they were now.
T’Lana suddenly felt the desire to have their other spore-altered partner around at that moment, Captain Damien Ivanov, and began to think about the green juice that had also start to eject from him in place of his usual very human, white ejaculate. Her best guess as to why all three of them were now capable of spreading the green liquid was a simple and logical one, not that she was as concerned with logic as she once was as a Vulcan.
The Vulcan woman’s theory, which both Varese and Damien supported, was that the nature of the Omicron spores caused whatever host they inhabited—the pod plants or a humanoid—to propagate the spores in whatever way was viable for the host body. The pod plants had evolved with the spores to be the quickest and most efficient carrier and transmitter of the spores, but most humanoid species wouldn’t be able to launch spores, so it used whatever parts of a humanoid body that could transmit the spores—albeit it in a more liquid state—and that meant mammary glands and the penis. Unlike the pod plants which could endlessly and instantly blast out more spores—but could also eject the “green juice” or “spore-liquid”—humanoids were slower in the transmission process. At least human males were. Transmitting the spore-liquid via what equated to breastfeeding was a more instantaneous process.
And one that felt very, very good, T’Lana thought as Varese’s lips began suckling on her breasts, causing that release of spore-liquid from her. Over time it seemed that the spores caused all of their bodies to become more sensitive, even to the lightest touches, sending them into a frenzy of arousal. T’Lana put her hands on Varese’s wet, curly hair as the Betazoid woman hefted a large breast up from the water, continuing to suck on her nipple. The pleasure centers of T’Lana’s brain went wild with the simple act, causing her to breath heavily and moan.
T’Lana briefly pulled away, but only to get to the smooth rock near the cave entrance underneath the waterfall, laying her back upon it, the soft flesh of her now larger breasts heaving to her sides slightly. She motioned for Varese to come to her, and the look of lust in the Betazoid’s eyes and the grin on her face told the Vulcan she knew what she wanted.
Varese got on all fours above T’Lana, resting her knees on some of the moss that was at the edge of the rock, its softness keeping her from hurting her knees on the albeit very smooth but still hard stone that T’Lana was laying on. In a near sixty-nine position, Varese lowered her equally large breasts down onto T’Lana face as she continued to suckle caress T’Lana’s own from above her. Both women let out muffled moans, reassuring each other of the intense sensations they were feeling from it. Though both accepted that the spore-liquid and the pleasurable sensations from its transmission were primarily meant to make the host desire to spread the loving authority of the spores, it changed nothing in their minds as they had fallen deeply in love with the pod plants and their spores, and the peaceful mind, healthy body, and paradise that the pod plants had given the three of them compared to their lives in service of Section 31.
Varese remembered how T’Lana had said on their first night there that she never wanted to leave the planet, and she wondered if at their present rate of physical change, whether they’d physically be able to, it was hard enough for the two women to walk recently.
And that’s when they heard the footfalls of Damien Ivanov coming towards them, Varese looking towards him with a devilish smile, seeing the noticeable changes that the spores had caused for him.
It had been hours since Admiral Shelby had left the Bridge of the Atlantis after the failed attempt to beam Lt. T’Lana, Cmdr. Varese Jenn, and Capt. Damien Ivanov back aboard the ship. Lt. L’Ressa had no way of knowing what the three Section 31 agents were doing for so long by the rock formation of the waterfall the three of them were nearby that kept them from being extracted and beamed up. But based upon what data the Atlantis had collected about the three agent’s activities over the past three months, she imagined it was something to do with mating rituals of a type, something Admiral Shelby seemed to frown upon greatly.
Admiral Shelby, the Caitan, cat-like Section 31 officer in charge of the Bridge at the moment thought. “Admiral Shelby, it’s been hours and the…subjects of the experiment…on Sappho III haven’t budged from that waterfall. Your orders?”
The gravelly, female voice of the admiral came through the Bridge comms, “Ivanov and his degenerates! They’re probably,” there was a brief pause from the admiral before she shifted gears in conversation. “They need to be extracted from the surface now according to Section 31 headquarters. Send a full away team down for extraction.”
While Lt. L’Ressa was too afraid to question the trigger happy Admiral about anything, she recalled her previous commanding officer—Captain Ivanov, now on the surface—stating the dire importance of as few people beaming down to Sappho III as possible. A full away team could be dangerous, the cat-like woman thought. She decided to bring up the point, not wanting to risk any more of her fellow Section 31 agents aboard the Atlantis as possible. She replied, “Admiral, the three agents on the surface appear completely peaceful and harmlessssss,” her purring voice went on, “and we only need to get them way from the rock formation of the waterfall. A large away team would be unnecessary and putting more agents at risk. Could I recommend a smaller party beam down?”
“Fine. You can beam down to the planet alone, Lt. L’Ressa, if you’re so concerned,” the admiral shot back over the comm.
A tinge of fear came over the lieutenant, causing her body-covering fur to stand on end. She gulped, thinking quickly how to get out of the situation where she might have to encounter a pod plant, “Admiral…perhapsssss one person should be enoughfffff, but perhaps we should send someone down more qualified? Like Doctor Mylia? If things get hairy down there,” a funny way for her to say that, she realized, considering that Dr. Mylia had no body hair whatsoever besides her eyebrows, “her medical expertise could be invaluable.”
There was a pause on the comm, causing L’Ressa to wiggle her whiskers. Then the admiral’s voice returned, “Good thinking, Lieutenant. Send Dr. Mylia down with full medical equipment, but inform her she only has to get the subjects on the surface within transporter range.”
L’Ressa let out a purr of relief that she didn’t have to beam down. “Undersssstood, Admiral. I’ll brief the Doctor now and we’ll beam her down.”
“Keep me posted,” the admiral said sharply just as L’Ressa turned off the comm channel.
The less of her we have to hear, the better, the bipedal cat thought.
Dr. Mylia materialized just above the waterfall and its edge, the rushing sound of water going over the precipice filling her ears. With a calm intensity she looked around to make sure there were none of the pod plants she had been briefed about, and the coast seemed clear.
Pulling the strap of her tricorder over her bald head and away from the shoulder of her black-miniskirted uniform, she began scanning the area for her three compatriots she had been sent to retrieve. At the same time, she used her low-level empathic abilities as a Deltan to try and detect the three agents nearby. Both her empathy and her tricorder quickly detected them. Digging her knee-high boots into the ground at the side of the waterfall that steeply led down to the waterfall’s drainage pool, she began her descent to where the tricorder and her abilities said her fellow Section 31 agents were.
Once at the bottom, she yelled out to them in her angelic voice which somehow stayed angelic even at loud volumes, “Capt. Ivanov! Lt. T’Lana! Cmdr. Varese! It’s Dr. Mylia! Where are you?”
No response. But she could still feel them nearby.
That’s when she heard the screams.
Loud sounds of who Mylia was sure was Lt. T’Lana screaming could be heard from the direction of the waterfall. The Doctor quickly pulled off her uniform and her boots, the black color of them covering skin that was almost as dark as they were, and she dove in, swimming towards the waterfall. “I’m coming, T’Lana!”
Once Mylia got to the waterfall, she held her breath and swam underneath it to avoid the pressure of the water. When she came back up, her eyes went wide at what she saw. There, at the entrance of a cave behind the waterfall, was a Vulcan woman being held up by a large, bald, muscular man, being lifted up and down on his member. An abnormally large member, the doctor noted. The Vulcan woman was screaming, and it was Lt. T’Lana, but Mylia now realized they were screams of anoesis, not of pain or injury. The man causing them was Captain Damien Ivanov, she recognized instantly, and sitting against a smooth stone was the Betazoid Commander Varese Jenn who was masturbating to the sight of the Vulcan woman being taken for all she was worth, it seemed.
Not that these kinds of displays of sexuality were strange to the doctor. As a Deltan, sex was seen as commonplace as a hug or a handshake when compared to other species. Deltan sexuality and its combination with their empathic abilities were so powerful that when a Deltan decided to join Starfleet—and not just be a member species of the Federation—they were required to take an oath of celibacy to not use their sexual abilities on the crew. One Deltan could take over an entire ship if they wanted with their sexuality, no violence required. In fact the kind of sex act she was witnessing at that moment was tame compared to much of what she saw on her homeworld of Delta IV.
But what really made Dr. Mylia wide-eyed was the smile and look of pure lust on T’Lana’s face as she continued to be filled with Capt. Ivanov’s massive cock. Vulcan’s don’t react that way, she knew. And also she took quick notice of the enlarged body parts on the Section 31 agents, having given all of them a physical before the mission and none of them were that “physical” at the time. Damien’s penis was already of an extraordinary size for a human male she knew, but this was something almost alien, like that of a Gorn or the double-penis of the Klingons. And the breasts of both T’Lana and Cmdr. Jenn were…she was almost mesmerized by watching Cmdr. Jenn play with her own soft flesh, but then stared in wonderment at how Capt. Ivanov was able to lift the large-breasted Vulcan up and down on him because of it, regardless of his normal abnormal strength and musculature for a 23rd century human male. Though Deltans had no shame around body types or genders, she couldn’t help but look down at her own naked chest which was particularly flatter, but also noticed her larger nipples hardened from both the coolness of the water, and the sexual escape on display before her. Mylia would have been lying to herself if she said she wasn’t turned on by it all.
The three of them were so lost in lust, she realized they didn’t even notice she was there, and she didn’t know which one to call out to so that she could interrupt them and finish her mission of getting them all back aboard the Atlantis.
“Capt. Ivanov!” she decided to call upon, and his head quickly turned to see her. He smiled, pausing, but still holding up T’Lana while he was inside her, her legs crooked over the insides of elbows.
“Dr. Mylia!” Damien responded, and then finally lifted T’Lana one last time and set her down on her feet gently.
Before he went into the water to greet her, she couldn’t help but notice his extremely large, still throbbing member. But then he jumped in, and went over to hug her. As his massive arms embraced her, she felt his hardness against her thigh, the feeling sending a tingle throughout the black Delta woman.
He held her nude shoulders and looked her up and down approvingly, then continued, “We thought…we thought the Atlantis was destroyed! How did you survive the Romulan attack…and what took you so long to come back to Sappho III?” The other two women had now both come into the water, as well, going to each side of her, touching her.
“We…” Mylia paused, remembering that she was told not to let the three agents know that the Romulan attack was a fake, or that Atlantis had been in orbit of the planet the whole time, and obviously not tell the three of them that they were part of an experiment by the very organization they worked for. “Captain, we were able to warp out before the Romulans could get off another plasma torpedo. HQ didn’t want us to re-enter the sector until the presence or purpose of the Romulan incursion could be ascertained. Admiral Shelby herself took command of this rescue mission to ensure your safety and return. We weren’t sure if we’d even find any of you alive due to the extreme berthold radiation of Sappho III. We tried to beam you aboard, but the rock formation where we’re standing prevented transporters from getting you. If we just head for the shoreline, we’ll get you back aboard the Atlantis immediately.
“We’re not going back, Mylia,” the Vulcan woman now finally said something other than a moan of pleasure.
The Doctor was stunned by the Vulcan’s seeming desire to stay nude, in a love triad, on a backwater planet like Sappho III. The spores must be more powerful than we realized, Mylia thought to herself, ever the studying doctor. Even when being offered freedom and a return to civilization, the hosts have no desire to return to the comforts of Federation life.
“We’re not leaving, Doctor,” Damien’s captain-esque, commanding tone returning for a moment. “The three of us are happy here. Together. Without Section 31. Without the Federation and its technology. We have everything we need here.”
“Captain, I must protest,” the doctor cut in. “You don’t understand what’s happening here. You don’t understand what’s being done to you.”
“What is being done to us?” Varese asked, with a hint of serious concern in her voice.
The black woman looked at the Betazoid, admiring her as she always had, they were such close colleagues in the Section 31 Science Division over the years. Seeing her this way, so…nude…and open, so vulnerable, she couldn’t help but respond with compassion, “Cmdr. Jenn…Varese…I can’t…I can’t tell you. But we have to leave. Now. You’ll die here. I’ll die here.”
“You don’t have to die here, Mylia,” T’Lana said in an empathetic, sultry tone. “You can stay here with us. We’re happy here. You can be happy with us, too. You were always so kind to me, Mylia, even though I was Vulcan, and you’re Deltan. Even though we’re so different. Please let me return that kindness…” With that, T’Lana brushed her hand against the dark skin of the doctor, tracing a finger atop her eyes, lightly along the baldness of her head, then brushing her broad but trimmed eyebrows, tracing the finger down along her exotic eyes, then down to the sharpness of her chin, crooking her finger to bring the doctor in closer, the Vulcan and the Deltan locking lips deeply.
The Deltan woman had never felt anything like the touch that T’Lana had done to her. It was literally electric, and she was certain the Vulcan used some of her psionic abilities to enhance it, abilities that only enticed her own alien heritage’s psionic empathy. And from behind her, caressing her scalp, and tracing down the nakedness of her back, was another electric psionic touch. She turned to the see the wet, dark, curly hair and green skin of her Betazoid cohort, Varese, touching her. The sensations were unlike anything she had ever experienced from such simple touch, and that was saying a lot considering her open sexual experiences as a Deltan. Thoughts of the last time a woman had touched her in this way flooded her mind, with images of her one-time female Deltan lover, Ilia, who followed her to Starfleet, now piercing her every thought. She wanted Ilia again, and now she found herself wanting the two women surrounding her for reasons far beyond her Deltan predilections.
T'Lana pulled Dr. Mylia’s head back towards her, and hefted a breast from the water, with her superior Vulcan strength bringing the Deltan woman down to it, pressing her nipple to her mouth. Nearly instinctively, Mylia began to suck on the nipple, and was quickly met with a sweet nectar flowing from it, swallowing it down.
For a moment, the Deltan woman felt lost. She raised her hands to T’Lana’s breast and held it up herself now, and barely noticed as the Vulcan woman raised the other breast to her own mouth, sucking on herself. Mylia’s medical mind remained through the wild act, and she began to feel the other voices, and the mental tentacles of the Omicron spores taking hold of her thoughts. She could feel the love, the peace, and the harmony, and she let down the walls that Starfleet and Section 31 forced Deltans to put up, to keep those very same feelings from brimming over and effecting everyone else around.
After just seconds of having ingested the spore-liquid from T’Lana’s breast, and after feeling the initial wave of sensations from it, she paused.
Nothing had changed.
She had been fully aware and briefed on what the Omicron pod plants and their spores would do to a host body, but none of that was happening to her. The doctor thought about it, and could only come to one conclusion: Deltans already have the ideology and genetics that the spores infect other hosts with.
But she didn’t think the other three here would know that, and she understood what they were trying to do to her.
Having already let down her Section 31 reserve of celibacy, she began using her Deltan talents to the hilt. Pulling away from T’Lana’s breast, she turned to Varese and passionately kissed her, then put her hand to the back of T’Lana’s head and pulled all three of their heads together, making a slightly awkward, but enticing triangle of a kiss between them. She then looked at the two women, acting as if in pure lust, saying, “Why don’t you show me more of that lean-to you’ve built on the shore, and I’ll show you more of what it means to be Deltan.” Both women grinned at her, and she then stuck out a finger and ran it down Damien’s hard chest, “You come, too…Damien,” she said, having to remember to not address him as “captain” to keep up the charade of being infected by the spores. “I want to feel how much you’ve changed.” The captain met her with his own devilish grin, and the three of them followed Mylia out from underneath the waterfall towards the land.
Even in the water, the way that Dr. Mylia swayed was hypnotic, even to spore-infected humanoids. Deltans grew up with the art of sexuality, and knew how to paint the most alluring canvases for almost any species (except the Gorn).
As they all reached the shore, Mylia stepped over to her uniform that she had pulled off before entering the water, the man and two other women just staring at her in a lustful stupor. Reaching to the miniskirt part of her black uniform, she quickly pulled out her communicator, opened it, and said sexily, “Atlantis…four to beam up.”
The look of confusion and then concern from Capt. Ivanov, Lt. T’Lana, and Cmdr. Jenn as they realized their time on this planet was over as the transporter beams began to envelop all of them brought a moment of sadness to the doctor. She knew that Section 31 used any measures necessary to achieve their goals, even if it meant breaking her oath of celibacy to them. And the doctor knew the three of them would thank her later if she could remove the spores from them and return them to their normal selves.  
Lt. T’Lana adjusted her black miniskirted Section 31 uniform in the mirror. It was agreeable, she thought, to be back in clothing so familiar, and to have her tanned Vulcan skin tone and normal body composition back after the spores had left her body completely. And as much as the uniform contoured and wrapped perfectly around her body, metaphorically she saw the uniform as a protective covering around her thoughts, as well. Thinking back to the moment that the Omicron pod plants infected her on Sappho III, as soon as her uniform was gone, so was her grasp on Vulcan logic. The uniform now felt like a symbol of her re-dedication to that logic, disregarding and mentally disposing of all of the emotions she felt while under the effects of the Omicron spores.
The Vulcan woman’s door chimed. “Come,” she responded.
Entering her quarters was a woman also wearing a miniskirted black uniform with her dark curly hair pulled back in a ponytail. T’Lana noticed the woman also had completely returned to normal physical condition. The Betazoid spoke softly, “T’Lana…”
T’Lana felt a hint of annoyance at the lack of use of rank by the other woman, but didn’t miss her opportunity for the formal protocol, “Cmdr. Jenn. How can I be of service?”
Varese grinned at the statement for a moment, blushing at the thought of all the ways the Vulcan woman--altered by the spores--had “serviced” her in the past three months, but then tried to be respectful of her Vulcan reserve, “T’ do you feel?”
“I do not understand the question,” T’Lana replied.
“You know what I mean, T’Lana,” Varese realized instantly that she failed at being respectful of the Vulcan’s heritage with a question about feelings, but ran with it anyway. “How are you doing? We’ve just been through...a lot. I don’t know that anything will ever be the same again between us.”
“I am well, Commander,” the Vulcan responded, not giving the Betazoid woman before her an inch.
“T’Lana, the spores are…” Varese began saying before being interrupted by the Vulcan woman.
“The spores are gone. From all three of us, and the doctor. We are fit to return to Section 31 duty. I am fascinated by our next assignment…” T’Lana was then interrupted.
“T’Lana, stop!  This happened. You can’t ignore it or avoid it. You Vulcans are experts at ignoring and avoiding whatever makes your logic uncomfortable. We talked about this, you can’t get away with that with me anymore. You have to take this head on, logic be damned!”
T’Lana looked at Cmdr. Jenn as her face turned red from her outburst, calmly stating, “Commander, what happened over the past three months was...not me. I was under the effects of the spores. I accept it as such.”
Varese walked closer to the Vulcan, holding the woman’s shoulders in her hands in a pleading motion, “It was you, T’Lana! All of those feelings inside you were real! The feelings that I showed you were real! All of them! Forget this uniform and your logic. I love you, T’Lana!”
T’Lana paused, arching her head to the left, looking towards the planet Sappho III that they were still in orbit of sitting just outside of the windows in her quarters. The memories of what she felt on the planet’s surface began to wash over her. She remembered the joy of loving Varese and Captain Ivanov, of the pleasure they all experienced together, and the security they felt in each other’s arms, and the peace. She then looked back at Varese, “Commander, your feelings are your feelings. They are not shared.” At this time, T’Lana’s lips wanted to expel, but she kept herself from verbalizing it. The Vulcan saw the look of hope fleeing from the Betazoid woman’s eyes, and continued, “Things can never be as they were on Sappho III, Varese.”
Cmdr. Jenn turned away from Lt. T’Lana and headed towards the door. If her face hadn’t turned away from the lieutenant’s, the Vulcan might have seen the hope return to the Betazoid’s eyes as she realized what she had just been called. She called me Varese, the commander thought. As the door automatically opened, she turned before walking through it, and saw that T’Lana was staring back after her. “You’re right, T’Lana,” she started, causing the Vulcan to raise one of her eyebrows. “Things can never be as they were on Sappho III.” Varese thought she saw the Vulcan equivalent of relief on T’Lana’s face, and then finished her point, “They can be better, T’Lana.” She walked out of the quarters, but saw the look of relief on the Vulcan disappear, causing the Betazoid to smile.
As the doors to her quarters closed and she was alone, T’Lana turned to look back at the planet. After a few moments, she then turned to look in the mirror again, staring at herself and pressing down her uniform again as she had been before her Section 31 team member had interrupted her. She then pulled at the fasteners of the uniform and removed it completely. The Vulcan stared at her lithe body in the mirror, raising her hands to her face and slowly ran her hands down the rest of her, the thought of other people’s hands caressing her returning. She then turned and walked towards the bookshelf in her quarters, pulling down a book and then laying out upon the sofa in her quarters. Before starting a single word in the book, she stared at the uniform now crumpled on the floor, then looked back at her book, resting it just below her exposed, naked chest.
The words of the book began simply as she read, “The two women kissed each other passionately…
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