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Issue 0011, December 2017

Sovryn Tech Newsletter

If you hadn't guessed it already, as an atheist (and even as being originally raised Jewish), Christmas isn't exactly my thing. But hey, people can celebrate whatever they like in my book. So who am I to stop you?

But that said, who are you to stop me from celebrating what I would like to celebrate? Exactly. Thus, I celebrate the ancient winter solstice festival of "Kalenda."

The Mishna and Talmud (too ancient Jewish texts) describe a pagan festival called "Saturna" (where we get the idea of the more well known "Saturnalia") which occurs for eight days before the winter solstice. It is followed for eight days after the solstice with a festival called Kalenda. The Talmud ascribes the origins of this festival to Adam (yes, that Adam), who saw that the days were getting shorter and thought it was punishment for his sin. He was afraid that the world was returning to the chaos and emptiness that existed before creation. He sat and fasted for eight days. Once he saw that the days were getting longer again he realized that this was the natural cycle of the world, so made eight days of celebration. The Talmud states that this festival was later turned into a pagan festival...and you know what happens when the pagans take over things.

Orgies. Lots and lots of orgies.

Sex of all stripes, really. And of course all 
other manner of events and activities, some of which I'll pass on (I'm not much of a one for wine, but by all means you enjoy it, and of course I'll join you for the orgy later). But bottom line being, this is stuff that existed long before anything remotely like Christmas. There seems to be an almost "natural" inclination in our biology (maybe even a "biological universal") that reacts to Spaceship Earth's travels around the sun and its adjoining seasons. I think Kalenda plays into those, and celebrating with all of the joys life has to offer is...well...the thing to do, and leads all the way right up to New Year's Day.

How fitting. So go enjoy yourselves (after you read this latest issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter). I know I will. WOOO!


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That's a bold claim. But it's becoming more and more common. I think the term "love affair" is appropriate. How we engage with the digital world is a relationship, and we may be so blinded to its whiles that we don't see its all-encompassiong embrace (not the digital world entirely, of course) is particularly unhealthy and detrimentally addicting. From the story:
"Like most relationships we plunge into with hearts aflutter, our love affair with digital technology promised us the world: more friends, money and democracy! Free music, news and same-day shipping of paper towels! A laugh a minute, and a constant party at our fingertips.

Many of us bought into the fantasy that digital made everything better. We surrendered to this idea, and mistook our dependence
romance, until it was too late.

Today, when my phone is on, I feel anxious and count down the hours to when I am able to turn it off and truly relax. The love affair I once enjoyed with digital technology is over — and I know I’m not alone."

I think this all has a point, and it's one I'll be exploring indepth for the long haul on Sovryn Tech. Again, no one is saying to dump the digital world and leave it entirely, but re-assessing how we engage with it and what it does for us might not be a bad idea. Read more at the link below.


Okay, stop. I'm not "Apple bashing." And I'm not telling you what to do. But, if you just so happen to want to get away from Apple (especially after that crazy performance-slowing scheme we talked about in Episode 257 of Sovryn Tech that Apple has been engaging in with their iPhones), a fairly basic guide has been written up on how to do that. And if you switch to Android (or do the right thing and throw our your mobile devices entirely), you can get my book on how to secure it: Dark Android!

While in a "perfect world" (okay, maybe *my* perfect world) smartphones would barely exist and people would rely more (and actually use less) on their laptops/desktops for communication and content creation, and the argument could be made that no mobile platform is any better than the other...sure, fine, I could hear that argument...but getting away from Apple to be able to use more "platform agnostic" services and software is still a great idea, especially switching to open source options, at that.

Find out more at the link below.


Becoming a theme, isn't it? To me, creativity and imagination are everything. Well, almost everything. Hedonism, exploration, scholarship, and art are really everything, but creativity and imagination generally lead to those four things being possible and fulfilling.

If you are or want to be a "creator/creative," you're going to want all of the tools you can get at your disposal. Old school and new school.

The below linked article shows that I think we have a lot to learn from those creators that perfected their craft long before the internet and are incessant distractions (yes, we had distractions before, but they weren't so goddamned persistent and addictive as they are now). From the article:

"Now, social media and the internet offer the introvert a poisonous compromise: you can be alone in your room and at the same time connected to others, if more or less on your own terms. Alone, yet not alone. But for an artist, this paradox is problematic because there can be no compromises in creative solitude."

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This is your no-nonsense guide to reclaiming your privacy and to begin using best practices for security. Written for beginners and experts alike!
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!

It sadly seems like when many people just see the word "Left" as it applies to ideology or politics, they just freak the fuck out. It'sunfortunate, because when it comes to anarchism, it's not really a concept in opposition. Even when discussing Market Anarchism it's not in opposition. And Charles Johnson--all around brilliant guy (though I'm sure he and I would quibble on some things)--is here to drive the point home in this brilliant and succint breakdown of what Left Wing Market Anarchism is, and touches on some of its common criticisms. Worth every second of this 30 minute conversation.
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection – Announcement Trailer

You have no idea how big a fan I am of the Street Fighter series. Who is my favorite fighter? Zangief, obviously. But there are so many great characters over such a prestigious and prolific game series. And now, unlike any other time before (except for a couple of interesting releases for the Playstation 2), you can get the bulk of the games in the series: Alpha and the numbered entries.

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection contains 12 iconic titles in the series that each
have their place in Street Fighter history:

    Street Fighter
    Street Fighter II
    Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
    Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
    Super Street Fighter II
    Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
    Street Fighter Alpha
    Street Fighter Alpha 2
    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Street Fighter III
    Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

This is a fantastic collection, and astonishingly even includes the rarely played but often wondered about original Street Fighter! Granted, it doesn't include Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter V, and it's technically missing the NES game Street Fighter 2010 (which most people don't realize is actually part of the franchise), but none of this is surprising as they are all still hot sellers and fairly modern.

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will be available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in May 2018. I can't fucking wait.

STAR WARS: Battlefront II – The Movie (2017)

Did my review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi excite you on the recent prime episode of Sovryn Tech (Episode 256)? It should have, though maybe you let your rage over certain aspects of the film consume you more than it did me (as I said, despite my issues with it, I still recognize its brilliance and am looking forward to what comes next...though I sure as fuck am not going to try and predict what comes next).

Something else that certainly enraged many a Star Wars fan (myself to a small degree included, and to say nothing of the loot crate debacle) was the single-player campaign storyline from the latest greedy-ass cash-in from Electronic Arts: 2017's Star Wars Battlefront II. It was too short a story, wrongly advertised in its perspective, delivered with too fast a pacing, but overall I thought it was enjoyable, funny, and gorgeous in its stylistic presentation.

To spare you the pain of playing it (though I thought the gameplay itself was solid) or from hashing out $50-$80, you can enjoy it in a "game movie" format above. Personally, I love "game movies" for a variety of reasons, and
undertand that Battlefront II is technically part of Disney's Star Wars canon, so this matters (as much as tie-in material can matter compared to the films). And linked below is the December 15th released Battlefront II: Resurrection, which puts a bow on the storyline from the main game.
Star Wars Battlefront II: Resurrection Game Movie:


Hentai has become a bit more blasé since the early days of dial-up. If you have a fetish, there's a manga with a lesson about tentacles waiting for you. Or maybe a low-budget homespun anime where the Jetsons really meet the Flintstones somewhere in the damp halls of Pornhub. If you prefer something a bit more interactive, erotic visual novels are sprouting up on Steam every week, though maybe you'd prefer to keep that particular part of your play history to yourself. That's where Nutaku, an online portal built for hentai games, comes in.

Nutaku is home to a library of dozens of hentai and erotica games, with a userbase that outgrew Kongregate's audience of 12 years in a quarter of the time. It's no surprise that the internet is sex-crazed (as much--not all--of humanity naturally is, IMHO), but how does widespread groin heat account for 50 million users a month when porn is already free and limitless elsewhere? Playing a clicker or match-three puzzler with the occasional splash of fairy genitals is a hard sell against free porn streaming sites with near limitless libraries.

According to Nutaku President Mark Antoon, their success isn't solely riding on the potency of said fairy genitals. Their success rides on reaching out to struggling game studios and investing in them under the condition that they add erotic elements to their games and sell them on Nutaku. Sex is selling, the sky is blue, and anime boobs are keeping some small studios afloat in a highly competitive
videogame market. It's a differentiator, and it appeals to (for some of us) parts of our mind that mainstream society doesn't really let us engage. Remember, the bulk of society--digital and physical--appeals to the average and reinforces the average.

Enjoying hentai and the "freakier" aspects of sexuality are not the average.
On a personal note, I'm a huge fan of hentai (and the "freakier aspects of sexuality"), and even the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy has come to enjoy it as late. Portals like Nutaku are very exciting and important, in my opinion, and in the future, games from my game company Zomia Offline Games may just find their way there as it continues to grow.

I'm just glad the platform already exists and I don't have to build it. I already have my fingers in a lot of pies.

Get your (freaky) game on here:


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“Mysteries of the Transmogrifier”
By Brian Sovryn
  As the G-9155 Defender launched itself out of the Antarctic Ocean and onto the not-so-firm terrain of the continent of Antarctica, itself, switching from its Aquatic Mode back into resembling a car, with its four tires now protruding spikes to grip into the dangerous, snowy landscape.

  Agent Brian Sovryn turned to look at Dr. Miriam Goldblossom, whose straight, dark hair was still in mid-air from the maneuver out of the water onto land, grinning at her and the brilliance of the vehicle of her creation that they were in. Dr. Goldblossom’s—to Brian’s ears—beautiful laugh made the moment all the more enjoyable. And he was fairly certain that no one else had ever driven in Antarctica in the triple-digits of kilometers-per-hour, but the G-9155 did so with relative ease.

  Dr. Goldblossom, from her position in the passenger seat, placed her hand on Agent Sovryn’s thigh, her fingertips lightly brushing the edges of the large member between those thighs that had been inside her, filling her, only moments before. It caused him to grin at her again, taking in her pale skin and natural beauty that matched (and to his mind, superseded) the pale snow and natural beauty of the Antarctic tundra visible from the car window to her side.

  The revelry came to a halt as alerts went off in the car, letting Brian and Miriam know they were approaching the “Big Door,” as they affectionately called the main, ancient entrance to their Antarctic base.
  “Shall we ‘meet’ the newest member of Homo futurum,” Dr. Goldblossom asked with a hint of deviousness as the loud creaking of the massive door could be heard as it opened for the G-9155 to enter.

  “Now, Dr. Goldblossom, why doesn’t that sound like professional interest from you,” Brian chided, grinning at her again.

  “Agent Sovryn, you know our…particular species…could
n’t be professional with each other if we tried,” she said, matching his grin. “Besides, Valeria said that Dr. Lesbos is already…well acquainted…with her new biology. And it’s exciting! I didn’t know if there would ever be more of us. If we even knew why we…are what we are now.”

  Brian laughed, “I know, I know. Well, that’s why Dr. Lesbos was originally brought here, to help you figure out what all of this is about. The Transmogrifier, what Pixel is doing, everything…”

  A hint of sadness came over Miriam’s face as Brian drove the G-9155 into the base, her words slightly choked, “I hope Pixel comes back to us soon. She touches me like,” she said, pausing as she ran a hand over her chest, ”…like no one else can.”

  Agent Sovryn reached his arm around her after he stopped the vehicle, hugged her and giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead, rubbing her shoulders, reassuring her, “I know, Miriam. Pixel will be back to us soon enough, I’m sure. I miss her, too.” She sunk her head into his arms deeper, his hand going to her chin immediately and lifting it up, “Hey, why don’t we go meet our newest recruit, as you said?”

  Dr. Goldblossom’s smile returned slowly, and she kissed Brian on the lips as a thank you for his caring, “Yeah. Let’s go meet…Elektra!”


  Dr. Elektra Lesbos had her long, black hair pulled back in a ponytail. It was the first time in hours that her hair had been put up that way, and she put it in a ponytail to try and remind herself that she had work to do and to have an almost unconscious signal to herself to think about something other than…Stephanie and Valeria. The three had been inseparable—literally—for hours on end over the past few days, ever since the device before her had altered her in ways she was still discovering: the Transmogrifier, they called it.

  Even just thinking about it caused a pleasurable tingle throughout her newly ultra-sensitive body. But for now, she thought, thankfully it was behind the large silver-hued door that she had opened just days previous; its penetrating light and warmth not able to affect her while it was sealed. Though the device had already changed her behind the door—as had everyone at the Antarctica Base—whenever the door was open and the Transmogrifier shined its light, a complete loss of control occurred that wasn’t without its fun, but it also kept them from getting anything done.

  And right now Elektra wanted to get something done. Particularly, find out what all of the inscriptions on the seal covering the Transmogrifier meant. When she had first seen it, her guess that its silvery and somewhat gold hybrid coloration meant that it was the ancient rumored metal known as orichalcum was correct. It wasn’t the only orichalcum discovered on Earth, but thanks to the equipment that a woman named Dr. Miriam Goldblossom had brought to the base—a woman she had yet to meet—this was one of the first times that it could be proven that orichalcum was used to fashion things.

  The door to the Transmogrifier was beautiful with the sheen of the orichalcum and the intricate designs upon it. There were also various writings on it, a mixture of languages that she had been spending most of her time trying to decipher. To her, it looked like a combination alphabet of Hebrew and cuneiform, and she was only now starting to make sense of it.

  “I thought I might find you here,” a young woman’s voice said, coming from behind Elektra. Dr. Lesbos turned to see a striking, lithe, slightly shorter woman with glasses on that looked remarkably similar to her own spectacles, but a paler skin and hair a few tones lighter, with brown eyes that were piercing, knowledgeable, and empathetic at the same time. “I’m Dr. Miriam Goldblossom, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Homo futurum, Dr. Lesbos,” Miriam said as she extended her arm for a cordial handshake.

  Elektra smiled, pulled up her classes to rest in her hair, and raised her left hand instead of outreaching her arm and said, “Love.”

  Dr. Goldblossom giggled, and then put her right arm down and raised her own left hand and repeated, “Love.” They both giggled then. “I see you’ve already learned a lot about us in a short period of time. I didn’t think our traditional greeting would be high on Dr. Murphy’s list.”

  “It was Valeria who taught it to me, actually,” Elektra corrected. “And love seems to be very high on that little firecracker’s list.”

  Miriam giggled again, “Oh it is. She’s a spunky one, that’s for sure.” Dr. Goldblossom moved to stand next to Elektra, coyly looking up and down the Greek woman’s body, smiling, then facing the orichalcum door to the Transmogrifier. “So speaking of learning new things, what have you learned about this?”

  Elektra began pointing at the odd languages on the door, “Those are words in a kind of proto-Hebrew. I was just in the process of translating them.”

  Dr. Goldblossom turned to her with a touch of surprise, “My understanding was that you are a psychologist, not a cunning linguist, Doctor.”

  Dr. Lesbos made a faux bow before Dr. Goldblossom, “I am a woman of many talents.” The two laughed, and Elektra responded, “I studied multiple languages growing up. Even taught other languages for a while. Not that ancient texts are my specialty, but…”

  She was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps picked up behind the two women. Dr. Lesbos didn’t recognize the large man in front of her, but he acted as if he recognized her, or at least knew everything he needed to know about her. Her eye level was square at his chest which was broad, framed out by massive, muscular arms that offset the rest of his fit body. Thick-framed glasses accented his clean-shaven head and goatee. Did everyone here wear glasses, she wondered? Why would the Transmogrifier make such dramatic changes to their genetics but not fix their eyesight?

  His simple question resonating from a deep voice disrupted her train of thought, “Ancient texts, Dr. Lesbos? Fascinating.”

  “Uhh…yes...” Elektra found herself stammering as she continued to stare at the Mack truck of a man now beside her. “This one…this text…on the door…I haven’t translated all of it yet, but…are you…are you Agent Sovryn?”

  Brian smiled at her, “I don’t think these ladies would let any other man in here.”

  Elektra stuttered, “I…I…umm…love,” she exclaimed as she lifted her left hand again in the traditional salute she had learned, unsure what to say. After everything that Stephanie and Valeria had told her, Brian was behind all of this. The Foundation, the base, the missions, the adventures, the exploration…all of it. And now he stood next to her.

  He raised his left hand and repeated, “Love,” with a gentleness in his voice that she didn’t expect from his appearance. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Lesbos. And it’s an honor to have a woman of such beauty and intelligence as a part of…what we are.”

  Dr. Goldblossom moved in next to Brian and ran her hands along his bicep and shoulder, leaning her head against his arm. Elektra started to understand. While she was mainly attracted to women and knew that the other women here were the same way, there was something different about this Agent Sovryn. Something primal, but ascendant at the same time.

  Dr. Lesbos collected her thoughts and finally responded, “Thank you…Agent Sovryn. As I was saying, the translation…” She pointed at four sets of characters that looked like daggers with waves going through them. “I’m fairly certain these are singular words. The way they are showcased on the door, it’s almost like they’re edicts or principles. Important, in any case.”

  “What do they say,” Brian asked, intrigued by the almost poetic display of intellect by Elektra.

  She continued, Dr. Goldblossom watching her, transfixed, “It’s a rough translation, but this first one says ‘art.’ The next says ‘exploration,’ which might explain any connection with this starship I keep hearing about.”

  Brian raised an eyebrow, clearly intrigued.

  Elektra went on, “This one I’m fairly certain stands for ‘empathy.’ And the one over here I think is ‘scholarship’ or ‘study.’ Maybe not so much a surprise that there are so many scientists here. I hear you’re quite the physicist yourself, Agent Sovryn.”

  He stared at the door, pensive, responding, “I know my way around the Planck Scale, if that’s what you mean, Doctor. What about that one there?” Brian pointed at the word in the middle of the other four.

  “This one is the hardest,” Elektra said as she held the tablet in her hands close to her chest. “The best I can come up with is “merry,’ but I think it’s more than that. And since it’s in the center I think that provides some context. Maybe the best way to translate it is as ‘hedonism.’”

  Agent Sovryn noticeably reacted to that, as did Dr. Goldblossom. “Hedonism,” the younger woman said with a hint of awe.

  “Does that hold some kind of special meaning to either of you,” Elektra asked, surprised at their reactions at such a simple term.

  Brian was the first to respond, “It might, Doctor. It might. Can you translate anything else on the door?”

  “I can’t perfectly translate the rest yet, but honestly what I can translate reads like some occult or alchemist work. I don’t think we have correlative words for some of this in English.” Elektra moved closer to the door and knelt down by one of the odd glyphs, pointing at it, explaining, “This, for example, would roughly translate out to ‘art of chaos,’ but it doesn’t exactly mean any of that. If I were to make up a word for it, it would probably be ‘anarchomancy,’ or something to that effect.”

  “Anarchomancy,” Brian repeated under his breath.

  Elektra moved back towards Dr. Goldblossom and Agent Sovryn but continued to point at various glyphs, “Other than that it’s pretty much standard fare. ‘As above, so below,’ and phrases like that.”

  As she quoted those four words, suddenly the cavernous room they stood in shock, and the orichalcum door covering the Transmogrifier began opening on its own, the light of the Transmogrifier beginning to shine through the cracks.

  Dr. Goldblossom stared in shock, her eyes drawing to the red light coming from behind the door, “It’s never done this before! We’ve always had to open it ourselves and modify the door, so we could even do it individually…how did you do that, Elektra?”

  Dr. Lesbos tried covering her eyes from the red light, “All I read was part of the glyphs that said, “As above, so below,’ and it just…”

  The light of the Transmogrifier shifted from a red to a deep green after Elektra said those words again, the door
continuing to open wide. Though the light shifted from a tone they weren’t used to, the warmth and the sensations emanating and caused by the light of the Transmogrifier were still taking effect on them. Dr. Lesbos felt wetness dripping her down thighs. Dr. Goldblossom’s hands were caressing her own breasts. And Agent Sovryn was already slowly dry humping Dr. Goldblossom against her ass from behind, his member hard through his pants.

  Elektra’s hands went between her own thighs, rubbing, then brought another hand up her body, pulling her out of its ponytail and shook her head to let it flow freely. For an instant, she felt the grip of the
Tranmogrifier loosen on her mind, “Does this…oh…oh fuck…does this happen all the time?”

  Dr. Goldblossom, breathing heavily at the
attentions of Brian’s large hands running all over her body, his lips sucking deeply on her neck, was barely able to respond, “Not…mmm…not like this. This is…something is…different.” For a moment she wanted to run, try and get away to figure out what was going on, but the strength of Agent Sovryn’s arms around her kept her from moving, and she enjoyed the sensations too much even to try. “Oh fuck…but I don’t even care!”

  With that, Dr. Goldblossom raised her hand to Brian’s face, egging him on, and then outstretched her other hand, grasping the crook of Elektra’s arm and pulling her close with a strength that belied the look of Miriam’s body. The two women locked their lips in a deep, passionate embrace, Elektra’s hands stroking Miriam’s soft face. Dr. Goldblossom then moved her lips down Elektra’s face, pulling her own neck away from Agent Sovryn’s lips, then bringing the taller woman’s face to meet Brian’s as she kissed down Elektra’s neck while her hand massaged the voluptuous thigh of the raven-haired goddess before her.

  Dr. Lesbos and Agent Sovryn’s mouths joined lustfully, moaning in short order to their surprise, only to find that Dr. Goldblossom had pulled out Brian’s cock and was stroking it now, while at the same time rubbing the other doctor’s pussy. Still intensely kissing the full lips of Elektra, Brian, in turn, put an arm around Miriam’s chest, his large hand groping her breasts, pinching and gently pulling at her nipples. Dr. Goldblossom’s moans added to their’s making a hedonic symphony as she lost herself sandwiched between Brian’s massive figure and Elektra’s curvaceous body.

  Lost in the all-consuming pleasure, the three didn’t remember how all of their clothes came off, or how many time the two women came, but finally Dr. Goldblossom fell to her knees, taking Brian’s cock into her mouth, both hands wrapped around it as she sucked on it in a way that was both fierce and loving at once. Brian and Elektra continued kissing, his hands grasping her thighs, caressing them, moving to her buttocks in intervals, enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh, until he couldn’t hold back anymore.

  Miriam felt the pulsing of his cock, ready to unload its now signature, altered blue cum. She pulled her head away from it, stroking it until his load began covering her face. The sensations caused by the blue cum washed over her in an instant, causing her to cum again, her mind swirling now in an almost telepathic connection with Agent Sovryn. She smiled, euphoric, enjoying the uniquely deep connection every time it occurred. And then she felt another mind connect with her own. She turned to see that some of Brian’s altered cum had landed on Elektra’s thigh, and was now having the same effect on the other woman.

  Elektra’s knees shook slightly, and her breathing was intense, causing her impressive breasts to heave, little moans coming out of her mouth as she closed her eyes. Elektra had never felt anything like it. She felt as if she were inside the minds of both Brian and Miriam, and was feeling the same things they were feeling. She felt Brian ejaculating. She felt Dr. Goldblossom orgasming, and then she felt both of them feeling herself cumming now. And she felt love. To her, an indescribable, body-quaking love. As all of them fell to the floor of the Transmogrifier’s cavern, the green light filling the room, all of them in each other’s arms, Dr. Lesbos finally understood. She thought she had understood the changes and connection she had felt after her first experience with Stephanie and Valeria, but now she felt the real connection that these women and this one man shared. She thought she now had at least a small understanding—a part of it—as to why Dr. Goldblossom had called them “Homo futurum.” This is what humanity needed to evolve. This is what humanity needed to be.

  To be the future.
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"I worry about intelligence, as being an artifact of the ability to focus for extended periods of time, and the modern internet is a distraction engine. And it's the biggest threat to human intelligence. It both gives and takes away."

-John Markoff
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