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Issue 0009, November 2017

Sovryn Tech Newsletter

Greetings, programs! See that picture above? That's a picture of a sunrise on Mars. On fucking Mars, you understand? Taken by the remarkable Curiosity rover. I'm not even going to say anything further. That's a fucking sunrise on another planet. Stop and contemplate. Feel the awe.


Okay, now you can read the rest of the latest Sovryn Tech Newsletter.

P.S. Oh, and in this issue's short fiction, a whole new character (with a soon to be introduced new voice actress) is brought into the wolfpack! WOO!


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When you want a vision of the future, I very much doubt you turn to Reader's Digest for it (c'mon, that's or grandma!). But Arthur C. Clarke did once appear in its small-format pages to provide just that. And when the late and always great Arthur C. Clarke talks about the future, you fucking listen. Below are his Reader's Digest predictions from the comparatively recent year of 2001--a year in which, for obvious reasons, Clarke made the media rounds. Some highlights of his speculative timeline from 2001 to 2100:
  •   By 2010, commercial nuclear devices, household quantum generators, and fully re-engineered automobile engines will have ended the Fossil Fuel Age. We'll have seen the first acknowledged human clone and seen off the last human criminal.
  •   By 2020, we'll have discovered a 76-meter octopus, fly on "aerospace-planes" (one of which will carry Prince Harry), and trade in "mega-watt-hours" instead of any now-known currencies, and tsunamis caused by a meteor will wreck the coasts of Greenland and Canada (prompting the development of new meteor-detecting technologies).
  •   By 2030, artificial intelligence will have reached human level, we'll have landed on Mars, computer-generated DNA will make possible a real-life Jurassic Park, and the neurological "braincap" will allow us the direct sensory experience of anything at all.
  •   By 2040, the "universal replicator" will allow us to create any object at all in the comfort of our own homes, resulting in the phase-out of work and a boom in arts, entertainment, and education.
  •   By 2050, Buckminster Fuller-style self-contained mobile homes become a reality, and humans scattered as far as "Earth, the Moon, Mars, Europa, Ganymede and Titan, and in orbit around Venus, Neptune and Pluto" celebrate the centenary of Sputnik 1.
  •   By 2090, Halley's comet will have returned, and on it we'll have found life forms that vindicate "Wickramasinghe and Hoyle's century-old hypothesis that life exists through space." We'll also start burning fossil fuels again, both as a replacement for the carbon dioxide we've "mined" from the air and to forestall the next Ice Age by warming the globe back up a bit.
  •   By 2100, we'll have replaced rockets with a "space drive" that lets us travel close to the speed of light. And so, Clarke writes, "history begins..."
You'll notice, of course, that we're already behind Clarke's vision, according to which many a still-improbable development also lies ahead in the near future. In any case, though, the end of crime, the beginning of private space travel, and the era of the Dymaxion home must come sooner or later, mustn't they? And as Clarke himself admits, one plays a mug's game when one predicts, even when one does it with uncommon astuteness. "In 1971 I predicted the first Mars Landing in 1994," he remembers in the preamble to his list. "On the other hand, I thought I was being wildly optimistic in 1951 by suggesting a mission to the moon in 1978. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin beat me by almost a decade."

But to this day, Clarke's scorecard looks better than most of ours (as hard as I, the Golde Stallion, may try): "I take pride in the fact that communications satellites are placed exactly where I suggested in 1945, and the name 'Clarke Orbit' is often used (if only because it's easier to say than 'geostationary orbit')." Who knows what he could tell us to watch out for now if, as he predicted in 2001, he'd lived to see his hundredth birthday aboard the Hilton Orbiter Hotel?


So let me tell you about a particularly wild story. It might not be crazy (so I didn't call it crazy), but it is certainly. There's a guy in Bogota, Columbia that claims he has 130 million year old fossils. So what, you say? Well, these fossils are dated at 130 million years old, but apparently they are of...drumroll, please...human hands.

The problem? Humans as we in any way remotely know them in the genus Homo have only been around a few hundred thousand years. Saying humans were around 130 million years ago is obviously an issue. Professor Jamie Gutierrez-Lega's "human hand fossil" falls under the oddities of time much like the London Hammer, the Methuselah Star, and many others that just don't fit our accepted timelines very well.

Unfortuantely, what is genuinely a curiousity that likely has a simple explanation (SEE: Mount St. Helens and tree nurseries covered by millions-years-old lava causing modern baby trees to date in the millions of years old) is being used by idiots...err...Young Earth Creationists (sorry), and morons...err...Ancient Alien Theorists (sorry, again), to try and prove that the accepted scientific theory of evolution is bullshit instead of diving into serious scientific inquiry.

Hey, I'll be the first to say that the theory of evolution has its holes, but that doesn't mean I throw the baby out with the bathwater (as if I'd ever
have a baby...). I find this story fascinating, but I also don't use it to try and prove a bias and baseless alternative views of history.

But it does make you wonder about those ancient advanced human civilizations I keep talking about on Sovryn Tech...


Houston we have a cigar.

Well, at least that's the story. In October of this year, the very first interstellar object we've (yes, this involves humanity as a whole, thank you) ever detected in our solar system was encountered, and it is literally a giant cigar-shaped rock. Not so exciting? Fuck you, yes it is.

‘Oumuamua  (I know, I know, apostrophe and all), it was on October 19, 2017 that the Hawaiian Pan-STARRS1 telescope system spotted it. Scientists named it A/2017 U1, but immediately realized that they were looking at something strange, since its orbit’s shape was extremely hyperbolic. That means rather than orbiting the Sun, this thing came and went with enough speed to “clearly” imply it was from outside the solar system.

Observations of the wildly-varying light from ‘Oumuamua showed scientists it wasn’t spherical, but probably had a cigar shape measuring 800 meters by 80 meters by 80 meters—that’s something almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty, but half a mile long (and way more meaningful). It’s
red, and likely made from metal and carbon-rich matter like some comets. Scientists also observed that it didn’t have a fuzzy, comet-like appearance, which is surprising given the fact that most observed rocks originating from the distant Oort cloud are comets.

As far as where it came from—no one knows yet. The paper from Nature suggests a nearby debris disk, or that its trajectory was changed by some planet or
other comet (or maybe Zecharia Sitchin's Nibiru!).  All that is informed speculation, of course. Wild stuff. Read more about it at the link below.

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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Alike short film

Alike, a short animated film by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez is a mini-masterpiece, in my opinion. Made with Blender, an open-source 3D rendering program, Alike has won a heap of awards and clocked an impressive 10 million views on YouTube and Vimeo. A labor of love made over four years, the film revolves around this question: "In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But ... What is the correct path?" To find the answer, they have to let a drama play out. Which will prevail? Creativity? Or conformity? It's an internal conflict we're all familiar with.

Personally, creativity is everything to me. Conformity can suck a bag of dicks. Beautiful little film.
We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci

We're building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says technosociologist Zeynep Tufecki. In an eye-opening talk (on that has a lot of parellels with thing we talk about on Sovryn Tech), she details how the same algorithms companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon use to get you to click on ads are also used to organize your access to political and social information. And the machines aren't even the real threat. What we need to understand is how the powerful might use AI to control us--and what we can do in response.

STARSHIP TROOPERS PT.1 Creating Warrior ADI BTS 20th Anniversary
Sovryn Tech listeners know one of my favorite franchises of all time is Starship Troopers (yes, it's a franchise, not just a singular film). I'm also a bit of a movie historian, and I often bring up that as unimportant as special effects can be in a film, the fact that everything is done with CGI today cheapens the story around the making of the film, makes many finished elements within a film still look fake, and just overall eliminates an entire field of human ingenuity (just watch the making documentary from the 1979 Superman to understand what I mean by that).

Understand, I think CGI is fine and wonderful (even when it doesn't look its best, as in Babylon 5), but there is a certain magic to seeing physical effects. And the pure brilliance and power of this "bug" from behind-the-scenes of the first Starship Troopers film...well, the video speaks for itself. This is a technique that new films like those in the present Star Wars
releases still take on, but in many ways has become a lost art.

I watch this video in awe. And then I go and watch all of the Starship Troopers films again (especially the completely CGI animated ones later on...ironically.)
On the Official Sovryn Tech Calendar, July 4th is not some ludicrous holiday celebrating the notion of nations. Ohhh no, July 4th is "MK Lords Day"! Celebrating the inimitable and sassy MK Lords, who unlike the USA actually does things to make life better! WOO!

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Ready to dive into a nostalgic rabbit hole? Or rather, a labyrinth...

Remember Windows 95? At the time, the OS was a pretty huge step forward for Windows as a software platform; merging MS-DOS with Windows, introducing support for the 32-bit architecture, introducing key Windows GUI features that we know and love today such as the start menu, the taskbar, Windows Explorer and much more.

However, what wasn't as noteworthy but somehow ended up being particularly memorable was Windows 95's iconic screensaver. The screensaver of a simple rat navigating its way around a never-ending maze is ingrained into many of our memories and remains an iconic part of Windows history. Everyone who was around at the time can remember wasting at least an afternoon or two just watching it go.

And now you can do it again. But better. The maze is back, but in a new form; this time as a pseudo-easter egg game called Screensaver Subterfuge. If watching AI-controlled rat mindlessly pursue the smiley face at the end of the labyrinth was enough to distract your minuscule brain, prepare to have your mind blown;

Now you get to become the rat.

Yes, you read that correctly.

While Screensaver Subterfuge is far from an AAA gaming experience (it ends up being little more than a maze game with bad voiceovers and choppy graphics), it makes up for it in pure nostalgic value. Who cares if it's smooth or runs at 60FPS--you get to play the role of the rat you've been having nightmares about for the last 22 years!

Authenticity was the main goal when developing this game, according to developer Cahoots Malone. In order to really get the authentic Windows 95 atmosphere, attention to detail was paid; textures for the bricks, carpet, and stones are the same standard Microsoft bitmaps found in the original screensaver, according to the game's readme file. Tile patterns for the game's menu screens were excavated from old system files. You get the point; this is the real deal or as real as you can realistically expect it to get. Now go on, mash the download button. I know you want to, really.

You can grab it for Windows, macOS or Linux at the link below if you're inclined to waste an afternoon clicking around a maze from your childhood.



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"New Recruit"
by Brian Sovryn

  The past 24 hours had been a blur for Dr. Elektra Lesbos. Not that life had been in any way slow or tedious before then, not since all of the power went out across every continent on Earth. While many businesses and institutions had kept electricity and other utilities going for a little while, including the hospital where she worked as the head of the psychology department, without any internet for computers to connect to--and nearly everything was an interconnected computer these days--there was little point to anything being powered. It was apocalyptic. No other word fit. And with the rioting in the streets and gangs quickly forming, the best a person could do--especially a woman--was to keep her head down and try and acquire some food where it was possible. But even as careful as Dr. Lesbos was, eventually the gangs brought an eye upon her, and she feared only the worst for herself.

  And that's when an old friend appeared. Like an angel, Dr. Stephanie Murphy swooped in, wielding what looked like a katana that with the simple, confident swing of it was enough to send the gangs on their now fearful way. Then Stephanie reached out her hand.

  Though Elektra hadn't seen Stephanie in years, the look in her eyes was the same that engendered so much trust...and much more...all those years ago.

  Stephanie's words were simple, "Come with me if you want to live."

  And Dr. Elektra Lesbos wanted to live. But that's when the whirlwind began as she took Stephanie's hand, feeling a strange power from it, and then virtually dragged into a full sprint for what felt like a kilometer until they reached a helicopter. Redwolf II, Stephanie had called it. And before long--at incredible speeds for a helicopter, Elektra assumed by the uncanny roar of its engines--she looked out the window of the helicopter to discover snow and ice as far as the I could see.

  "Where are we," Elektra asked, for the first time able to say anything coherent.

  Stephanie turned to face her from the front of the cockpit, lifting up the helmet's shield covering her eyes. Eyes that alone said everything was going to be okay, and even had a hint of excitement matched in her voice, "Welcome to Antarctica, Elektra. Your whole world is about to change."


  After the helicopter had entered a massive door hidden within a mountain range of Antarctica, and Stephanie gently landed it on a landing pad within a large interior cavity of the mountain, Dr. Elektra Lesbos, running on more of an autopilot herself, stepped out of the helicopter. She lifted the helmet's visor, taking off her glasses before she removed the helmet, and then let her long, dark hair down as she pulled the helmet off, putting her glasses back on, then straightening her ragged clothing with her free hand, but quickly discovered just how poorly dressed she really was as the cold of the Antarctic base she was in came over her. The jeans and tank top she was wearing did practically nothing to help, the cold air blasting the exposed skin at the top of her chest.

  She was about to ask Stephanie if she had a coat of some kind but was interrupted by another woman's voice coming from further in the base, "Stephanie! You made it!"

  "Valeria!" Stephanie yelled out in return, running towards the other woman as she appeared around the corner. The two met, instantly hugging each other, and then--somewhat to Elektra's surprise--the two women had a long, passionate kiss. It didn't entirely surprise Elektra since herself and Stephanie had done the same many times, and even were much more intimate, but it seemed an odd celebration considering what she knew of what was going on around the world.

  "Looks like you were successful," the woman that Elektra now knew as Valeria said, and then looked past Stephanie to see Elektra shivering. "Oh no! You must be so cold, Dr. Lesbos!"

  Elektra didn't know how exactly this woman knew her name, but she welcomed the gloves and coat that she brought to her. Elektra quickly put them on. "Thank you...Valeria," she said, her voice shuddering.

  Valeria looked at her with an empathy that seemed almost inhuman. A look so caring that it seemed to warm Elektra as much as the jacket. Valeria's voice was just as soothing, "Can I call you 'Elektra," Dr. Lesbos?"

  Elektra nodded, "Yes. Of course. Any friend of Stephanie is a friend of mine," her voice still shuddering from the cold.

  Valeria gave her an almost devilish grin, "Oh, Stephanie and I and our other comrades are much more than friends, Elektra. But you'll learn about that soon enough." Valeria, who was fairly shorter and had a much thinner frame than Stephanie and Elektra and topped with short-cropped hair, put a hand on Elektra's elbow and motioned her forward, "C'mon, let's get you something to eat and we'll tell you all about it."


  Stephanie and Valeria did their best to explain everything, but Dr. Lesbos found much of it hard to believe. If Stephanie hadn't rescued her from that gang in such a dramatic way with what was obviously advanced technology or had taken her to some base in Antarctica, her professional opinion as a psychologist would have been grim, and even things as barbaric as straight jackets for them would likely have come to mind.

  But they were able to provide convincing evidence for all of it. The origin of the Antarctic base they were in. What they were doing there. Some device within the base called the "Transmogrifier." A starship called the Hypercronius even. Wild stuff to her mind, and if perhaps Elektra hadn't gone through so much in the recent past with the entire planet falling into chaos, she might have been more skeptical, especially when the two women said they needed her help. But she wanted something to believe in so badly at that moment and after everything she had gone through...Elektra was willing to believe and was willing to help.

  Stephanie explained that this "Transmogrifier" had somehow genetically and mentally altered herself, Valeria, and two others: A man they called Agent Brian Sovryn, and a Dr. Miriam Goldblossom. There was another woman named Pixel that they briefly discussed, but somehow this Transmogrifier didn't affect her. The effect the Transmogrifier had on them, however, was what they needed Elektra for, mainly when it came to the psychological. While Stephanie was a biochemist, and the Dr. Goldblossom they mentioned seemed to have a million degrees but was more of an engineer--she realized all of that did not a psychologist make between the two other brilliant

  And even though the entire day and everything Elektra had just learned had been a whirlwind, she found herself quickly trusting the two women before her, and was practically invigorated to get to work.

  Something deep inside her knew this is where she needed to be.


  It had been over a week, and none of her psychological tests were coming up with anything conclusive. Fortunately, the labs in the base were significantly warmer than the main hangar, and she was able to get away with not wearing the thick coat and gloves. Instead, she could wear a "uniform" she found more familiar: Her rectangular glasses over her dark eyes, her raven hair tied back, a white lab coat over a blouse that was a little too tight across her--she realized--much more substantial chest than either of the other women at the base. The only part of it all that felt unfamiliar was the also slightly too tight black skirt which she chalked up to her generous hips, and the boots that came up to her thighs, the jet black of the skirt and boots setting off the white skin of her legs. Regardless of that bit of oddity, she enjoyed being back in a lab, doing semi-normal things, with semi-normal clothes on.

  But as the days went on she felt her work was anything but normal. The human subjects she was studying were baffling. There were obvious things that the two women Dr. Lesbos was studying--Valeria and Dr. Stephanie Murphy--seemed to have different from the averages of humanity, certainly. Most notably, the nearly uncontrollable libido of the two women was staggering, and Elektra would have been lying to herself if she didn't feel almost intoxicatingly wrapped up in it, though she had yet to act on it. In the middle of the night while she tried to sleep in the cold of the Antarctic base, loud moans, other sounds of pleasure, and flesh-clapping sounds could be heard even through the thick walls of her room. Some nights it seemed to go on for hours between the two other women.

  But as to the origin of it all, she couldn't begin to figure it out. And when she asked to see the Transmogrifier device, Stephanie and Valeria made it very clear that wasn't a good idea or even allowed. Elektra was confident that if she could at least study the device up close, she could at least get some clue to work from as to what was happening psychologically with these women.

  Not that what she could see was anything "bad." Dr. Lesbos found it all to be quite the opposite. It was like meeting humans from the future. Like hyper-intelligent hippies, she thought, and to say nothing of the physical prowess they displayed. Even Valeria, who didn't have the same powerful-looking legs and upper body as Stephanie, seemed to have effortless athleticism and stamina.

  And then there was the hypersensitivity of their skin. Elektra had tried a massaging technique to test for mental effects of specific stimuli, and Elektra found just brushing her hand on their skin would cause gasps or even a moan, at one point causing Valeria to quickly excuse herself and ran to find Stephanie, the sounds of lust filling the base again in a matter of minutes.

  Thinking about it, Elektra felt she had no choice. As a psychologist--as her scientific duty--she would have to study the Transmogrifier itself. In person.

  In the morning.


  Dr. Lesbos was once again amazed at how long the two women must have been going throughout the night. The next thing she would have to study was how long they slept, she thought. The sounds emanated throughout the base for hours. Again. It caused a few restless nights for herself as she thought back to many long nights of love she had with Stephanie in the past, and a few times she even caught herself imagining Valeria in the mix, picturing that young woman's lithe body as a part of a lesbian threeway embrace in her middle-of-the-night fantasies did little to help her sleep.  

  Elektra didn't sleep this night, anyway. When the sounds of the two other women finally came to a halt, she quickly gathered some diagnostic equipment she had put in a pack, never having even changed from her lab outfit from the day, and exited her room, heading towards the main hangar of the Antarctic base.

  After arriving successfully at the hangar, she walked beyond the computer and control systems that laced the cavernous room. There was a series of rock-lined hallways, and she imagined the Transmogrifier--which was described to her as an immovable, massive device built into the base--was somewhere down one of them. Looking back to see and hear if anyone else was awake or around, she carefully walked down the largest of them.

  It didn't take long before Elektra found what she was certain she was looking for: The Transmogrifier. Though at first, she didn't think it was anything impressive--just a huge door made of metal with a strange silverish-gold hue she couldn't identify. But something about even the door pulled at her.

  An old memory came back to her suddenly. She was young, and her family was telling her stories of her ancestors, the Ancient Greeks. Something about a mystical metal called "
orichalcum," she remembered, having that same odd hue Elektra saw before her now. The thought inspired her to move in closer and gently touch the metal door with curious trepidation. It was as if a fairy tale had come to life before her.

  And then the loud creaking sound began.

  The circular, metal door was opening, light shining from behind its edges. She stepped back as the door continued to open on its own. An almost choral sound came from behind the door for a moment, and then a steady hum that made a vibrational force in the air she could feel surrounding her.

  Once the door wholly opened, she felt a strange warmth in what was formerly a frigid area of the base. She could see the swirling pool of red light that was behind the door it in its entirety, and all she could do was stare at it, entranced. "It''s so beautiful...I've never," and before Elektra could finish her sentence, a wave of pleasure came over her, causing her to drop the pack of diagnostic equipment she had been carrying, and instantly falling to her knees.

  Her hands rose to her face, massaging the softness of her cheeks, the sensation of touching her skin driving herself wild with feelings so intense she thought she should have passed out. But she didn't. She only wanted to feel those sensations more, and she had no idea how her body was now able to handle them.

   On her knees, before the red pool of light of the Transmogrifier, Elektra brought her hands down to her breasts, kneading them, practically crushing them with her hands and then pulling at the hardened nipples through her blouse, her breath sharp as her moans became louder each second she kneeled before the device.

  The doctor stopped groping herself for just a moment to remove her lab coat, then ripped open her already tight blouse with a strength she didn't know she had, pulling down her bra to expose her large breasts, wanting nothing between her touch and her skin. As she continued to fondle herself, her moans began to drown out the droning hum coming from the Transmogrifier. She then let one hand drop down to her thighs, caressing them, then pulling up her skirt and letting her hand find its way to her pussy, wasting no time in rubbing it vigorously.

  Elektra didn't even try to explain any of it. She could barely even think. All she could do was take in every sensation her own touch and body were creating. She felt more than just pleasure. She felt tingles, tiny changes, all occurring within her. It was as if every molecule of her existence was vibrating and shifting into something...else. All the while exploring her newfound sensitivity.

  And then a small, female voice came from behind her, "Oh no!"

  Elektra, barely able to open her eyes and pry her attention away from her self-pleasuring, arched her head back, looking behind her to see the origin of the voice, the small frame instantly recognizable. It was Valeria. And the woman was yelling out something else.

  "Stephanie! Come quick! Dr. Lesbos found the Transmogrifier! I think it's altering her like us!"

  When Elektra saw Dr. Murphy's familiar face run up to and stand next to Valeria, for a moment, she broke out of her reverie and was able to gasp out, ""

  Stephanie had the look of concern for a moment and then shook her head. "Oh, weren't supposed to experience the Transmogrifier...not like us. But don't worry," Stephanie said, a devious smirk no crossing her face, "we will definitely help you."

  Both Valeria and Stephanie glanced at each other, both of their faces now painted with grins, then looked down at Elektra as they walked towards her, pure lust in their eyes. The women slowly removed their clothes, then both dropped to their knees, one to each side of Dr. Lesbos. Stephanie put her fingertips under Elektra's chin, causing her to shudder, then bringing their lips together in a deep, passionate embrace, causing Elektra to convulse gently. Valeria was on the other side, running her small hands through Elektra's dark hair.

  Those sensations, along with her continued masturbating, brought Elektra to orgasm, Stephanie muffling the lost-in-lust woman's scream with her intense kisses.

  Once Elektra came down from her orgasm, clarity returned to her mind, the wanton lust running through it waning slightly. She looked side to side at the two women with her, confused but feeling better than she ever had in her life, asking them, "What...what happened to me? I feel...I can't describe how I feel..."

  Dr. Stephanie Murphy left her professional tone aside and responded in her softest voice, "You're one of us now, Elektra. The Transmogrifier...what you were studying about's happened to you now, too." Stephanie's face took on a look of worry as she continued in the same caring voice, "We still don't know much about the Transmogrifier, but we do know that it doesn't...enhance...everyone. And those it doesn't change...
die. That's why we didn't let you near it. If anything were to happen to you, Elektra..."

  Valeria cut Stephanie off in an equally soft voice, "But we're so glad nothing did. And we're so glad you're one of us now." Valeria smiled her usual wide grin of raw joy, then held up her left hand to Elektra and simply said in empathetic salutation, "Love."

  Stephanie smiled, too, and then held up her left hand as well in a similar salute, repeating, "Love."

  Elektra looked puzzled, but mimicked the two women, holding up her own left hand and repeated the same, simple, powerful word, "Love."

  Valeria laughed at Elektra's quizzical expression. "It's how we greet and so good-bye to each other. And it's what we feel for each other. All of us." And with that, Valeria's hand went between Elektra's thighs, quickly finding its way to Elektra's pussy caressing it lightly, even the lightest touch causing Elektra to cry out with intense pleasure instantly.

  Stephanie took Valeria's lead, kissing Elektra again. Stephanie raised her hand to one of Elektra's bare breasts, cupping it, then lowering her head down to it and licking the nipple gently before fully engulfing the nipple with her lips. Valeria then took Stephanie's lead and brought her head down to Elektra's other breast, giving it the same attention as she continued to rub Elektra's pussy.

  Elektra's back arched, pressing more to the women's mouths and touches, and moments later her cries of ecstasy filled the area of the Transmogrifier, her eyes rolling back as she came again for what felt like hours but was only a matter of minutes, collapsing to the cavern floor as she finished.

  Elektra grinned herself now as she came back to her senses, looking up at the two women who were currently kissing each other and still caressing parts of Elektra's body. She sighed in pleasure, "Is it really like this all the time?"

  Stephanie giggled, "All the time. And there's usually more of us. And wait until you go aboard the Hypercronius with us..."

  Dr. Lesbos looked up pensively, "Orgies on a starship..."

  All three of them giggled at that, falling onto each other and cuddling in front of the warmth of the Transmogrifier.
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