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Issue 0006, September 2017

Sovryn Tech Newsletter


Greetings, programs! You know, it's only ever happened a couple of times in the past, but every time it does I just want to curl into a ball and cry. And you know what I'm talking about: Sovryn Tech listener art! The above art was done by none other Jacob Ramirez, and it's remarkable work. I'm at a loss for words really, but a newsletter would be pretty ridiculous without words, so I'll think of something...

Depicting the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy and "Agent Brian Sovryn," you may be wondering about the rompers we're wearing in the art. As two characters in the Sovryn Universe canon, I had made it a "canon rule" on social media that all characters in the Sovryn Universe (the fictional part of Sovryn Tech) wear rompers in space. And that might be the part of this that honors me the most: that level of attention to detail by the artist, and the respect to fictional canon (though really, I would have loved it either way).

Fictional canon is a huge deal to me, and my own life-long attention to it for the fictional universes I love is, I think, what makes my podcasts, newsletters, and more just that extra ounce of interesting when I talk about this stuff. You see, no matter what I'm talking about (Star Trek, Star Wars, Terminator, Rick & Morty, etc.), I study it from stem to stern, memorize it, and integrate it, and that's what gives me much of my perspectives on it all. But most people just watch a show or movie and then file it away in long-term memory storage. No, no, I've always wanted to be the walking encyclopedia. And you better believe I've been keeping an eye on the canon of the Sovryn Universe since Day 1.

So I love it when other people get it. And I can't say it enough, I am so honored by this artwork. Total thanks to Jacob Ramirez for this, and thank you to all of the Sovryn Tech fans that have helped take the show and everything around it to this and the next level! Carpe lucem!


Did you know that there is a secret, official Sovryn Tech Facebook Group?! It's called Sovryn Tech UNCENSORED, and it is a wild, intellectual, and naughty place...just like Sovryn Tech! If you want to come hang with the cool kids, just "friend" Brian Sovryn on Facebook at the link below, and then Private Message him asking to join the group! It's that simple! See you there!
Brian Sovryn on Facebook


I'm pretty sure everyone that listens to Sovryn Tech by now knows just how much I hate Google, and if you're a long-time listener of the show, you know that, ironically, the exact opposite used to be true. I was a crazy Google fanboy just a few years ago. But ever since about 2013, that hasn't been the case, and I've been doing my level best to get people off of their ads and user-data funded teat. Frankly, if Alphabet/Google didn't own YouTube, everyone would probably have a much more feasible and easier time of leaving that company in the dust.

But what about Google Search, you say? Well, that's actually been the easiest part. I've recommended DuckDuckGo for years, and it's a solid option from stem to stern. While it may not get as a great of granular search results as Google (because DuckDuckGo doesn't collect personal data on you, they can't exactly do the whole "relevant search" thing...but this is a feature, not a problem), it does get you to where you need to go, and even has some of the handy features that Google Search has, such as finding the definition of a word in the search bar, as well as the latest USD to Bitcoin conversion price (which...uh...maybe don't check on that right now). There are a lot more praises to sing about DuckDuckGo, but just start using it.

And they also do excellent blog posts about how to get more privacy in your life. Their most recent one is "How To Live Without Google," and while the bulk of it just chalks up to just buying an iPhone (which is arguably the most secure device and OS you can get on the consumer level), there are still a lot of great ideas to glean here. Even using the DuckDuckGo search engine to watch those all-encompassing YouTube videos. Read the the whole thing at the button below. I assure you it's worth the time.



Okay, if you're anything like me, either presently or in the past you've had a very serious problem: So many fucking tabs open on your browser. Holy shit, it's madness. Or at least for me, it used to be. I don't think I need to spend much time explaining it, since how many tabs do you have open right now? 20? 50? 80-something? Yeah...uh huh...I thought so. In recent years I've fortunately taught myself to fall in love with tech like Pocket and bookmarks folders, and I now have a hard limit of 8 tabs allowed only. That's it. 8. And half of those are sites that I just always leave open for work's sake.

Hey, I'm not being harsh. I get it. For me, it all started with an ancient goal of mine that I had integrated long before I even had the internet: "Learn all that is learnable." And when suddenly you can just have all of those stories and other things open at the ready but then you just never have the time to actually read them as much as you plan for a nice day out in the sun ready to eliminate all those tabs and read all those stories...yeah, no, it doesn't happen.

A concept that I both loathe and understand how it can help people is called "gamification." It means taking something mundane or otherwise necessary but you just don't want to do it, so you use an app or something to turn the task into a game. It's actually pretty sad we have to turn important things (including our health) into a game just to incentivize us enough to actually do it, but it is what it is and no one else seems to think that it's really pathetic (NOTE: I'm not saying role-playing things isn't a great time, I'm just saying being caught in an app like a hamster on the wheel, effectively, is really fucking sad).

But regardless, perhaps gamifying the process of not allowing all of those browser tabs to take over your life will help you, and I have just the thing: Tabagachi. Yep. It's a like a Tamagachi (now I do love those) for your tabs, and if you open too many or leave too many sitting for too long...the little Tabagachi animal dies. And we can't have that can we? It's a fun solution, I'll admit. Click the link below to get your own little Tabagachi...just don't let it die. :(



I love to write (in case the creation of the short fiction at the end of this newsletter--and the newsletter itself--didn't already give you the hint). I also love to read, and personally I don't think you can be a great writer without first being a great reader (that's a subject for another time), but interestingly, I think both readers and writers have a singular, shared desire: They both wish they could do it faster. They either wish they could read faster, or that they could write faster. And while I think all of the tricks for reading faster are bullshit and downright harmful, there are tricks for writing faster (and more in a day) that I do think can actually work.

Enter: Rachel Aaron. Rachel has come up with a few brilliant ideas of how she went from writing 2,000 words a day, to 10,000 words a day. She's split it into three steps (though obviously that's arbitrary), and Step 1 (the most unique) is her taking a pad and paper and planning out roughly (not like an outline, but with actual "skin in the game") what she wants to write before she writes it. And when she does that, she goes to the word processor and goes to town.

Her two other suggestions are two record the amount of time you spending writing and how much you wrote within that time, which gives you a metric of performance and how you can improve. And the third part of her process is being enthusiastic about your writing. You can read her "revelations" by clicking the button below, and I recommend it, but I think enthusiasm is key, and it has always worked for me. Any of my writing, I have to be enthusiastic about, which, not unironically, is why everything I write has sex in it. :P

In fact, my trick is that if I need to write something that doesn't have sex, I just write it with the sex in first, and then I go back and take out the sex to end up with what the normies would consider (hopefully) a polished gem suitable for all. But give those first three tips a try! Maybe you'll up your writing game with it all.

Wow, I'm just full of tips in this issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter, aren't I? Well, don't say I've never shared with you things that were useful.
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  • How to properly use encrypted communications like Signal and PGP-encrypted emails.
  • Encrypting your entire Android device.
  • How to use VPNs.
  • And more!
This is your no-nonsense guide to reclaiming your privacy and to begin using best practices for security. Written for beginners and experts alike!
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Star Trek Shattered Universe Full Movie All Cutscenes Cinematic
With Star Trek's proper return to TV eminent with Star Trek: Discovery, I thought a Star Trek video was fitting for this issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter. And an aspect of the Star Trek franchise that often gets overlooked is its remarkable history of video games. Few seem to remember--particularly for PC, but also for consoles--just how many Star Trek games there have been over the decades. There have been a lot, and unlike many other games, they've always had a cinematic/episode flair to them, including involving actors from various incarnations of the franchise as either voice actors, physical actors, or more.

Which makes it unsurprising that many of these Star Trek games from over the years have been properly converted into what are known as "video game movies" where intrepid gamers will set up their video capturing rigs and play, record, and edit the game footage as if it were a movie. Then they upload it to YouTube, and you can experience the game as if it were a movie. Again, these are wildly popular, and many are watchable and as good as just about anything that Hollywood puts out there.

So in this case, I want to share with you a game that is a bit of a rarity. I originally played it on the PS2 back when it was released in 2004, and it was instantly one of my Top 10 Star Trek games (again, there are that many that you could have a Top 10 and still shave some off). The game is called Star Trek: Shattered Universe, and it deals with my favorite universe of Star Trek: The Mirror Universe. Captain Sulu onboard his ship, the Excelsior, become trapped in the Mirror Universe and have to take on Captain Chekov of the ISS Enterprise. And oh yeah, George Takei and Walter Keonig both reprise their roles as voice actors in this game. It's fucking awesome, and the missions play out like a series of episodes. While only 30 minutes, it's some epic shit (it's only 30 minutes because it's just the cutscenes and none of the gameplay, but you still get the gist of what's going on).

The gameplay itself, that you generally don't see, is much like Colony Wars--a Playstation-only series of games that are some of the best flight simulators ever made, in my opinion. You are flying in shuttles and engaging in various missions. It's awesome stuff, but the story is so cool, and it's so enjoyable to go back to the Mirror Universe again that I think it makes it all worth it. And if you've never seen video game movies before...wooo...welcome to the world.
A Current Affair: Nintendo / Beam Software

Few things bring as much joy to crusty old retro gamers (which I suppose I'm in there number, even though I play the modern stuff, too) than watching interviews, trailers and associated footage from "the good old days" of video gaming, which makes this clip from an Australian current affairs show--titled "A Current Affair," rather fittingly--required viewing.

In the short segment, you not only get to see Shigeru Miyamoto riding around Kyoto, Japan on his bike--along with a packed lunch, naturally--but we also see him flex his muscles on Super Mario Kart, which turns out is his favorite game.

The second part of the feature is focused on Beam Software, which was, at that time, the only Australian company working on the SNES. Beam would create the seminal Shadowrun for the console, as well as some other notable titles.

This is a wild thing to behold for many reasons, but one of the best takeaways for me is how Miyamoto-san makes it clear that he held onto his "child-like wonder" into adulthood, something I think that is so important to do, or at least recapture. Again, a lot to take away from this, and it's incredible to see Nintendo in its prime. And when you get to Beam Software, damn, check out the mohawk on their programmer. Fucking pure 90's, and worth every minute.

Audio of the Ancients: "Lost Knowledge" [Unreleased Track]
I think a lot of people forget that I'm also a musician, and that I've released an album (with more to come) and other music over the years, some of which you've heard on Sovryn Tech, and some of which you can get through my personal music project: Audio of the Ancients. With the coming release of a new album, there were a few music tracks that I decided not to use in the end. One of them (for now), I've decided to release on YouTube, and here it is!

Titled "Lost Knowledge," it's an ambient track (that's pretty much all I compose these days) with a darker tone, but since I know many Sovryn Tech listeners have wanted music-only versions of my Audio of the Ancients music, I thought I would release this (technically) unreleased track!
On the Official Sovryn Tech Calendar, July 4th is not some ludicrous holiday celebrating the notion of nations. Ohhh no, July 4th is "MK Lords Day"! Celebrating the inimitable and sassy MK Lords, who unlike the USA actually does things to make life better! WOO!

MK created and hosts one of my favorite podcasts out there (seriously, it's in my Top 3)--
Iconosass--and she is one of the most fierce voices on the interwebz. Now you can financially support her work by becoming a Patron of hers on Patreon!

I love MK's work. Support this sassy gal on Patreon today! You won't be disappointed!


So normally I wouldn't do this, but I am so excited about this project that I couldn't not tell you about it, and ask you to be a part of it! The lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy and I--the Golden Stallion--are making an erotic short stories anthology! But this is no ordinary short story compilation, this one has a theme. While any genre can be represented, from horror, to mystery, to action-adventure, to science fiction, LGBTQ, you name it...but, it has to be centered around the Paleolithic Era of the Earth's history. This is beyond just "caveman sex", but it's also obviously very much about that, or things close to it. This is about celebrating ancient humanity and its brilliance, even when in what many would consider a "primitive" state of existence...and how even then sex was a central aspect of the human condition, just as it is today. There will even be a Sovryn Universe story in this anthology!

And the anthology is called: Paleo Erotica.

While Stephanie and I will be writing many of the stories for the erotic anthology, we want to give you--the Sovryn Tech community--a chance to be a part of it! If you would like your story featured, you can send it to and we will review it! While there is no pay involved for submitted stories or published stories, you will have the opportunity to pimp/advertise your work on your "About the Author" section of the book and likely get some nice exposure. Information and guidelines for Paleo Erotica are below.
  • All submissions must be emailed to by November 1st, 2017. Not all submissions will be guaranteed to be in the anthology. You are free to use your work in any other way. We do not claim control or copyright of your stories.
  • Short stories and short fiction must be anywhere between 1,000 to 17,000 words.
  • Paleo Erotica is set to be published in December 2017.
  • There is no monetary compensation for submissions or published stories.
  • Further details on what is needed from authors will be asked for and collected after a story has been chosen to be published.
  • Make this as sexy and explicit as you like!
  • Any genre of fiction can be written. We are looking for stories that are something different. Something new. Things unlike anything read before.
I think this is going to be a fun anthology, and there's really nothing else out there quite like it. Concentrating on ancient humans is ripe for all manner of incredible and sexy stories! I hope to hear from many of you! Thanks!


On September 16th, 2017, the wildly popular podcast from the news source for all things torrenting, TorrentFreak's Steal This Show, had Sovryn Tech's very own Pixel on: Paige Peterson! The episode, titled "'P2P Money: The End Of Big Government?’ with Paige Peterson of ZCash", was a phenomenal listen from start to finish.

While it begins with some talk about what Zcash is and how it compares to other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies--Zcash and its underlying Zero Knowledge Proofs technology being oft discussed for years on Sovryn Tech--it's later in to the episode when things get even more interesting.

The discussion turns towards more of the philosophical, and it turns into a back and forth between the host--who is clearly a socialist (which I say without disrespect)--and Paige Peterson who is a solid, left-leaning market anarchist (much like the Golden Stallion). What to do about healthcare when there is no government, could cryptocurrencies directly affect monetary policy, what does the world look like without government overall, and so much more is put on display here, and Paige does her usual phenomenal job of representing potential anarchist positions (there's even some plugging for the Free State Project, which I was mover #966 for...almost #666...damn).

But what really happens in this brilliant hour-long podcast is you hear a full on Leftist (the host) and a full on Anarchist (Paige) actually have a friendly conversation within the arena of ideas. And every time you hear some libertarian or anarcho-capitalist asshat tell you that there's not point in talking to the Left or that it can't be done, you point them at this podcast right away, and let the amazing Paige Peterson show them how it's done. This is required listening, in my opinion. And bravo, Pixel. You do the Wilde Foundation proud. ;)

Steal This Show with Paige Peterson:


It's true! You can now get Sovryn Tech t-shirts! With one of the retro Sovryn Tech logos on it, and the Sovryn Tech mantra "Be the Future" emblazoned along the back, people are going to stare in wonder at how you have become a part of the evolution!

Available in sizes S-5XL, as well as in unisex t-shirt and women's shirt styles, you only get one color choice: triple-black, baby! But then, what other colors are there, really?

Also available are Sovryn Tech mugs with the same design, a unisex hoodie, and even stickers! Don't miss out on getting some of the coolest swag in the universe!
The Sovryn Tech Merchandise Store Page:


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“Return to Unimatrix Zero, Part III”
by Brian Sovryn

[The previous two entries in the series are in Issue 0004 & 0005.] 

  The sensual hard rock music continued to blare even as far away from the concert stage as Valeria, Agent Sovryn, and Dr. Goldblossom were. Like a soundtrack to their present lewd acts, empowering and giving rhythm to the scene of public debauchery that they put on display against the chainlink fence border of the concert grounds if only anyone else were around to see them.
  Not that it would have mattered. Everything around them—the concert, the music, the people other than themselves, the beach—it was all an artificial construct in the virtual reality realm that was the Unimatrix Zero framework. And only the three of them could see it at this moment, the visual datastream being fed directly to their nervous systems through a physical injector from the oversized-yet-watch-like wrist controllers all of them wore. The wrist controller gave its wearer access to the virtual reality of Unimatrix Zero anywhere, anytime, even when in the real world the three of them and their comrades were hurtling through space aboard the starship Hypercronius.
  Valeria looked down at her wrist controller, then at the beautiful woman before her—Dr. Miriam Goldblossom—who was panting for breath, holding on to the chainlink fence in front of her, even as Agent Sovryn held her tightly in his harms and caressed Miriam’s upper body with a gentle passion. She met eyes with the doctor, and could easily recognize the pleading lust in them.
  Dr. Goldblossom wanted more.
  Valeria had just had a hand—a tongue, actually—in causing the scantily clad doctor to cum, and Valeria’s own hand down her own pants led to herself orgasming in concert with the doctor, but she knew neither of them was done. Since the incident in Antarctica, they were never done. But this only spurred on everyone’s creativity and voraciousness.
  Once again Valeria looked down at her wrist controller and began entering in a couple of commands. She stood, her short height causing her face to directly meet Dr. Goldblossom’s own, even though the doctor was still slightly bent over in Brian’s arms. She kissed the doctor slowly, deeply, and as she turned away from the bent over woman, she brushed her face against Agent Sovryn’s muscled arm, a feeling she knew he enjoyed, causing him to smile lovingly in the middle of the moment of raw lust.
  Walking a couple of feet away from them, she then turned to look at the two, sexily shimmying out of shorts and underwear completely now, prompting the others to stare directly at her pussy, which quickly began to glow. The swirl of pixels--a sign that something was changing or being created in Unimatrix Zero—protruded from her groin, but a slight parting of her labia could also be seen, hinting that something was intruding Valeria at the same time. In seconds, a long, large, metallic phallic object stood out proud from Valeria’s crotch. Parts of it were translucent, showing a luminescent, thick, pink liquid inside of the otherwise chrome shaft.
  Brian grinned but also couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, “Whoa-ho! What is that?”
  Valeria only returned the grin devilishly, “What? This is virtual reality, right? We can create anything here. Be anything. Do…anything.”
  Dr. Goldblossom matched Valeria’s devilish grin, barely able to lick her lips through her panting, but managed to say shakily, “Whatever it is…I want it.”
  The mischievous grin never left Valeria’s face. She moved to get behind Miriam, brushing away Brian with her hands, “Out of the way, ‘man,’” she said with a mock tone of disgust at the very existence of his gender, “You’re not needed here.” Brian only laughed as Valeria shoved him out of the way playfully with her small frame. Valeria lifted the doctor’s leather skirt back up, exposing an ass that Valeria had to stare at a moment to take in its stunning tone, and then put her virtual-created robo-strap-on slowly inside of Miriam’s pussy, holding the doctor by her hips, causing the large chrome protrusion to only go deeper. The strap-on was double-ended, however, causing it to also slightly go deeper inside of Valeria, her own grin turning into a gasp of pleasure, her mouth open wide, the feeling only causing Valeria to thrust more into Miriam, each thrust filling Valeria as much as it was filling the doctor.
  Dr. Goldblossom let out a mixture of stuttering breaths and moans as she was filled by the unnatural phallus. Though no one else could tell besides herself and the woman fucking her from behind at that moment, the robo-dildo was increasing its surface temperature, causing both of their pussies to only get warmer, and keep the otherwise metal device from being what would in the real world have been uncomfortably cold inside of them. Miriam was more surprised as it also felt as if the robo-dildo would flair out when inside of her, then slim itself as Valeria would thrust back outward. It’s as if the device knew when to fill her, causing it to brush on her g-spot when inside. She tried looking behind her to see Valeria fucking her, and could only get a glimpse of the small woman’s face, but assumed that Valeria’s end of the device was doing the same thing to her.
  Valeria caught Miriam’s gaze, attempting to speak and tease through her own higher-pitched sounds of pleasure, “Is it…unhhh…too much for you…Doctor? You did say you wanted to…ohhhh fuckunghhh…wanted to have some…ohhhh…fun, didn’t you? Do you want me…to stop…stuffing that hot body…ohhhh…of yours?”
  “Oh Valeria…please…ohhh…don’t stop…that thing…is incredible,” Dr. Goldblossom barely was able to exclaim between breaths. “I feel so full! I’ve never…ohhhhh…”
  The doctor felt her conscious thoughts start to fall away like dominoes, being consumed by the incredible pleasure her woman lover and this robo-strap-on was bestowing on her. But before all thought was lost to pure instinct, she pried one of her hands from its firm grip on the chainlink fence she was being sexually pummeled against and brought it down to her clit, rubbing herself to intensify all the sensations, though even just touching her clit would have been enough. As she looked back at Valeria again to give her a sultry gaze of gratitude, she noticed that where the device met Valeria’s inguen it seemed to pulse near the shorter lover’s own clit, the doctor imagining that it was doing a number to her clit at the same time.
  The moans of wild pleasure from both women suggested nothing less.
  Just moments later, Valeria’s breath began to shorten even more, “Oh my Satan…ohhhh…oh fuck I’m going to cummmmmm!” And with that a loud sound from the robo-strap-on could be heard, but barely under Valeria’s moans as she orgasmed.
  Miriam could feel a warm liquid inside of her, and looked to between her legs as she saw the glowing, thick, pink fluid that had been inside Valeria’s dildo creation now running down her leg because of the sheer volume of liquid being expelled. Whatever the pink liquid was, an even warmer, tingling sensation began to take over her vaginal area, the tingling seeming to tickle every part of her until she felt her own orgasm coming on.
  “Ohhhhhhh fuck…what is that…pink stuff…inside me… I feel so…I’m cummmmmmmingg!
  Dr. Goldblossom’s cry of pleasure drowned out any hint of the music from the concert nearby and seemed to last for minutes, but returning to her low panting breaths as Valeria continued fucking her from behind. For a moment after cumming, the doctor’s scientific, analytical mind returned, and wondered about the pink fluid that had such an effect on her, and still filled her, and now was being refilled into the strap-on. The pink luminescent liquid bore a less-than-passing resemblance to what Brian Sovryn’s own semen had become after he was altered—as all of them were—by the Transmogrifier. But instead of a glowing pink fluid, Brian’s cum was a slightly-less glowing dark blue. She remembered the first time she had seen the “blue juice” back when they were at the Antarctica base. Shortly after first encountering the Transmogrifier, she was on her knees in front of Brian giving him a blowjob, and just before he came she pulled her mouth away, wanting him to cover her breasts with his cum. The shock from the sight of the glowing blue liquid, and the volume of it, completely covering her large breasts only disturbed her for a moment. And as she had rubbed it into her soft flesh, an equally odd, but wholly different feeling came over as when she was just filled with the pink “semen” from Valeria’s device. Instead of causing her to cum, as the blue stuff made her body glow for a time, she felt an intense sense of connection, belonging, and love. Not just to Brian, but to Stephanie, Pixel, and Valeria, as well. She had already felt deeply connected to them before, but then and even after the blue cum had faded, it felt somehow stronger, an empathy that she couldn’t describe. As if all she wanted to do was cuddle and love all of them, and never be far apart. The other women described the same sensation also after each time Brian’s new blue cum was either inside them or on them. It was an incredible, indescribable feeling.
  A feeling she wanted again, right then and there.     
  Agent Sovryn was standing only a few feet away from the two women, no longer just looking on with approval and arousal. He had pulled off his jeans only moments after they started, his own shaft in hand, stroking it steadily while watching the women effectively “go to town” on each other. Brian didn’t dare interrupt as he always considered the sexual expression between two or more women—and women only—to be a unique and special thing that no man could replicate. A thought he took no offense to, only joy in the expression of it…even when it was with a robo-strap-on in virtual reality. In a “magical world” like Unimatrix Zero, even that software could not match the magic of that action. He would have been content to pleasure himself while the two goddesses before him enjoyed one another, but Dr. Goldblossom clearly had something else in mind as she looked up at him while her head bobbed from all of Valeria’s now frantic thrusting. The doctor bit her lip after she brushed her dark hair away from her face with the hand that was previously on her clit, then lifted her hand and crooked her index finger at Agent Sovryn, signaling for him to come closer. He walked over to her, his cock already rock hard but now somehow even harder, and stood next to Valeria and Dr. Goldblossom. He looked at Valeria for a hint of approval, which Valeria gave with a shift from a look of unbridled, mouth-agape pleasure, to her well-known “evil” grin. That was a “yes,” he knew.
  Brian slipped in between Dr. Goldblossom and the chainlink fence that she gripped with both hands after he was in position, her face now staring directly at the hardness between his legs. She looked up at him, her eyes speaking of insatiable desires, and took his member into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the shaft, her head going back and forth on it in motion with Valeria’s surprisingly powerful thrusts from behind. Brian ran one of his large hands through her hair lovingly, then gripped the hair more tightly, an action assuring Valeria that her oral efforts were being very well received, bolstered by Brian’s own low groans that sounded like they belonged to a lion more than just some human.
  And the pace the three of them kept, with Dr. Goldblossom helplessly but willfully taken by her two comrades, proved how far beyond human they had genuinely become. But it wasn’t long until Agent Sovryn’s legs began to shake, hinting that he was soon about to unload. Dr. Goldblossom took one hand away from her grip on the chainlink and put it on his shaft, stroking it in between taking his large member completely down her throat even while Valeria continued to thrust equally deeply into her from behind. Agent Sovryn came, his grunts filling the virtual night air.
  The same loud sound from the strap-on Valeria was wearing was heard, and it also unloaded into Dr. Goldblossom, the pink fluid draining from the device. Valeria had quickly figured out that the robo-dildo would release when she reached orgasm, and everyone else had now figured that out, too, as her own moans of ecstasy filler the air.
  With the combination of pink “semen” and blue semen, Dr. Goldblossom’s sense of aneosis reached an entirely new level, and her entire body shuddered as never before, only held steady by Valeria and Agent Sovryn on each end of her. The intense sensations had her writhing as she orgasmed, her sensorium feeling as though it was touching everything, not just reaching out to Brian and Valeria, but everything, and before she could say anything…there was only darkness.

  “Doctor…Dr. Goldblossom?”
  The doctor slowly opened her eyes, blinked, and looked around, her vision hazy, but she could recognize she was on the Hypercronius. And above her, the caring voice that had said her name, was Stephanie, hunched over her. Miriam realized she was lying on the floor. I must have passed out, she thought. She looked around her as she propped herself up by her hands and saw both Agent Sovryn and Valeria also out could on the floor of the starship.
  Dr. Goldblossom rubbed her forehead, “What…what happened?”
  Stephanie looked at her with an empathetic concern, “I don’t know. I know you were testing Unimatrix Zero and that Brian and Valeria were coming to join you, but then I found all three of you just laying her unconscious. Pixel thinks whatever the three of you were doing in the virtual world overloaded the entire system. Even the power went out temporarily on the Hypercronius. That’s why I came looking for you.”
  “I didn’t think that was possible,” Dr. Goldblossom said, still clearing the cobwebs of her mind. “I feel…I feel like…great Satan, my head hurts.”
  “Aww, it’s going to be okay, Miriam,” Stephanie said as she put her arms around the doctor, holding the doctor’s head to her soft chest. Dr. Goldblossom buried herself in Stephanie’s bosom, a hint of that indescribable feeling of closeness returning. As she heard the sounds of Agent Sovryn and Valeria also finally awakening, she took comfort, but knew even more so now that she would have to get to the bottom of what Unimatrix Zero, the Transmogrifier, and all of the changes they had experienced really meant.
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