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Issue 0009, December 2017

Sovryn Tech Newsletter

Greetings, programs! See that picture above? That's a picture of a sunrise on Mars. On fucking Mars, you understand? Taken by the remarkable Curiosity rover. I'm not even going to say anything. That's a fucking sunrise on another planet. Stop and contemplate.

NASA's Juno spacecraft snapped this photo on October 27th when it was just 11,747 miles (18,906 km) from the tops of Jupiter’s clouds. The scale of this image is 7.75 miles for each pixel, or about 12 km/pixel.

This particular region of Jupiter is in the northern hemisphere. Juno was nearly three-fifths of the way from Jupiter’s equator to its north pole
, and conducting its ninth close flyby, when the photo was taken.

Before you move on to the articles, videos, and short fiction take a few moments to enjoy this remarkable view of the Solar System’s largest planet. Good things like this seem scarce these days—and who knows what horror the next click of your mouse might bring.

Okay, once again, you can now read the rest of the latest Sovryn Tech Newsletter. Enjoy!


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A recurring subject and theme on Sovryn Tech is...drum roll please: Social media! And oh how I loathe it. Not sure if you loathe it yet, but the article linked below (by someone that I have a love-hate relationship with--Nick Bilton--and in this case "love"), hits on some things that I've verbalized to a degree, but felt to my core. I've mentioned in the past that part of the reason I do the Sovryn Tech Newsletter is so that I can stay in touch with all of you in case one service or another goes to shit, or if social media least for me.

But it appears it's not just me feeling all of this. Employees past and current of Twitter, Facebook, and the like have become terrified of the "monsters" (their own word) that they've helped create. Some have openly left the very social media platforms that were an integral part of their lives for a variety of reasons. Some even go so far as to call social media a "disease."

Nick Bilton describes the present social media infested time we live in as the "Social Era." I find it fitting as it may be the defining aspect of the past decade we've been living in, which otherwise has no identity, not like the 80's neon lights and great music, or the 90's beautiful tendencies for all things EXTREEEMMEEE! But like those decades (which I sorely miss), this Social Era is coming to a close as more people realize its detriment. It's funny, too, whenever I bring this up so many people instantly say, "Oh but the marketing potential is amazing!", or, "But I heard this story about this couple that found each other through it", and blah, blah, blah, etc., etc.

But who is telling you how great it is for marketing? Who is really telling you those stories? The social media companies themselves! The parasitic marketers that make a buck off of counseling you on how to market on there. As John Milton said, "Consider the source, son."

An analogy I often mention on Sovryn Tech is how the Ancient Romans thought themselves at a technological and cultural evolution and height from their invention and integration of modern plumbing. This plumbing was, of course, made of lead piping at the time. The Romans, while brilliant, didn't realize the harmful effects of lead on the human brain and body. This wonderful invention that they developed was literally driving them insane. Social media may just be insidiously doing the same to all of us.

I highly recommend reading the article. And I hope the "Social Era" comes to end soon, too.


l know what you're thinking: "I hate it when Brian talks about politics! He's crazy!" Well, I generally don't include articles on various aspects of anarchism here,  but this one was just too good to pass up, and I don't think enough people have read it.

Frankly, I don't think I could do it any kind of justice by summarizing it here, but suffice it to say, this gives an interesting perspective on the history of Antifa, and potentially its future. While personally I like to stay above belonging to any group, I also don't like to blindly listen to what one said has to say about the other, vise versa, etc.

So here is just a taste from the write-up, and I challenge you to read the rest...

"I wish people would understand that modern antifascist practice arose as self-defense. It was also fundamentally anarchist; we never thought of going to the cops, and we never supported state suppression of
neonazis. On the one hand, we didn’t trust the cops and on the other hand there was a sense of personal responsibility; we’d let this happen, and it was our job to clean it up. People needed to know that not every punk was a neonazi. This is why I don’t have much sympathy for the MAGA folks these days. You can sit around whining about how not every Trump supporter is a white nationalist, how the neonazis out there don’t represent you, and how the media is unfair or you can get off your ass and do something about them."

Read the rest by clicking the button below.


I love Star Wars. I know that's not going to surprise any listeners of Sovryn Tech, but you have to understand: I don't just love Star Wars...I'm obsessed with it. Always have been. Balls to bone, for as far back as I can remember (I literally remember having to trade my binki--which I wouldn't give--with my mother for a Jabba the Hutt figure at 3 years old...that far back).

So look, I don't just watch the movies or animated series, I listen to podcasts (like Resist the Empire) about it, I read (and own) technical manuals about that fictional universe), I listen to all of the audiobooks, I read the comics...I take it all in when it comes to Star Wars. But I get it, not everyone deep-dives into things like that, and certainly not fictional universes (though I'd love to talk to you and call you friend if you do).

So for those that either don't necessarily have the interest or that just don't have the time (and it does take a lot of time) to consume all of the tie-in material for the marvelous Star Wars universe, Gizmodo put together a very handy timeline that tells you all of the highnotes of what has happened between the classic (and my favorite Star Wars film) Return of the Jedi and right up to before The Last Jedi which comes out on December 15th.

This is very well done and I don't really see anything missing, so check it out. And don't forget that the full hour-long review of The Last Jedi will be coming on Sovryn Tech this week! WOO!

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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Star Trek Continues E10 "To Boldly Go: Part I"
An incredible years long journey comes to an incredible end. Star Trek Continues is a fan-made (though crazily professionaly done, and with perfect fidelity to its source material) attempt at a Season 4 of Star Trek: The Original Series. But I don't think it's just an attempt...I think it succeeds on every level.

Kickstarter-funded, it has now reached the end of its 11-episodes long journey, much of which I've chronicled on Sovryn Tech Prime episodes, and done so glowingly across the board. While the parts of Kirk, Spock, McCoy
and everyone involved are with different actors, the cast for Star Trek Continues delivers the goods.

But it's not just casting. The stories are amazing, and their final episode--a two-part epic called To Boldly Go--is no different. In fact, I dare call it one of the finest episodes of Star Trek ever made, studio-made or otherwise. It's that good. We end up being re-introduced to the concept of superhuman ESP individuals--like Gary Mitchell in the TOS pilot episode Where No Man Has Gone Before--and starship battles and heart-wrenching moments ensue. And it does a beautiful job as a Season 4 of TOS by bringing us closer, and with great understanding, to the
lives we find our beloved characters in come the time of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

This is a fucking masterpiece
, and a masterclass of production and storytelling. Don't miss this.
NOTE: I also gave a full review of this on my Patreon-only Star Trek Update podcast for November 2017.

And make sure you check out Part II here:
Where did English come from? - Claire Bowern

If you've ever deliberately studied the English language--or, perhaps worse, taught it--you know that bottomless aggravation awaits anyone foolish enough to try to explain its "rules." What makes English so apparently strange and different from other languages, and how could such a language go on to get so much traction all over the world? Whether you speak English natively (and thus haven't had much occasion to give the matter thought) or learned it as a second language, the five-minute TED-Ed lesson above, written by Yale linguistics professor Claire Bowern and animated by Patrick Smith, will give you a solid start on understanding the answer to those questions and others.

"When we talk about ‘English,’ we often think of it as a single language," says the lesson's narrator, "but what do the dialects spoken in dozens of countries around the world have in common with each other, or with the writings of Chaucer? And how are any of them related to the strange words in Beowulf?"

The answer involves English's distinctive evolutionary path through generations and generations of speakers, expanding and changing all the while. Along the way, it's picked up words from Latin-derived Romance languages like French and Spanish, a process that began with the Norman invasion of England in 1066. So also emerged Old English, a member of--you guessed it--the Germanic language family, one brought to the British
isles in the fifth and sixth centuries. Then, of course, you've got the Viking invaders bringing in their Old Norse from the eighth to the eleventh centuries.

English thus came to its characteristically rich (and often confusing) mixture of words drawn from all over the place quite some time ago, leaving modern linguists to perform the quasi-archaeological task of tracing each word back to its origins through its sound and usage. Go far enough and you get to the tongues we call "Proto-Germanic," spoken circa 500 BC, and "Proto-Indo-European," which had its heyday six millennia ago in modern-day Ukraine and Russia. English now often gets labeled, rightly or wrongly, a "global language," but a look into its complicated history--and thus the history of all European languages--reveals something more impressive: "Nearly three billion people around the world, many of whom cannot understand each other, are nevertheless speaking the same words, shaped by 6,000 years of history."

It's fascinating history, and language is such an important part of the human condition that the more you know about it, the richer you are in the human condition, in my opinion. Check out the video.

How trees talk to each other | Suzanne Simard

Trees aren’t just trees, according to Suzanne Simard aims to convince us in the TED video above. They are the visible manifestations of “this other world” underground, “a world of infinite biological pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate, and allow the forest to behave as if it’s a single organism. It might remind you of a sort of intelligence.” One shared not only by trees but by all of the beings that live in and among them. Forests are alive, though perhaps they are not plotting their revenge on us, even if we’ve earned it at times.

Simard tells the story of growing up in British Columbia among the inland rainforests. Old wet temperate forests crawling with ancient ferns like giant green hands; cities of mushrooms growing around centuries-old fallen trees; whole planes of bird and insect existence in the canopies, American megafauna, the elk, the bear….

On a recent hike through some forest in New Hampshire, I found myself thinking some similar thoughts. It’s not that unusual to imagine, in the throes of “forest bathing,” that “trees are nature’s internet,” as Simard says in the above video. Fascinating stuff. Give it a watch.


Wow. The 90's, you know? Will there ever be another time to match it and its sibling, the 80's? Probably not. Like the legendary brothers Romulus and Remus built Ancient Rome, suckling on the teat of a wolf...the 80's and 90's conquered and expressed the human condition to a totality never seen before or since.

And the 90's had its own wolf, in a way, to express and feed the extreme desires of the youth (and adults) of that decadent decade. While Nintendo will always hold
top spot in my heart, Sega is no slouch (and since love is like an ocean and not a bathtub, I can enjoy both) and was in many ways just a very different animal: a wolf to Nintendo's lion, perhaps. Lean and mean. Adaptable.

And nothing
said "Sega" (did you just hear a voice scream that in your head?) in the 90's like the Sega Genesis. A masterwork of a console that still holds sway in many a gamers heart to this day. And while other Sega Genesis games have unofficialy been made since the system's prime, a new game being funded and developed for release in 2018 looks like something special: Xeno Crisis.

Seriously, this is wild. And depending on what level you Kickstart-back the project, you can even get it on a Genesis cartridge and play it on your classic system (or one of your Hyperkin-made beautiful console clones)! This action shooter looks like a ton of fun, and I am totally backing it myself, though I'm just going for the reward where you get the ROM file (which can be played in any Genesis emulator) and the digital download of the soundtrack. That's good enough for me. And while I generally don't recommend crowd-funding Kickstarter projects because they generally turn out be bullshit and never get released (video games are particularly egregious for this), this has just the right
fixin's that it's going to happen.

Xeno Crisis. I love this. While I play many modern games, in my heart of hearts I am a retro gamer stem to stern, and will always rock out a match of Street Fighter II or a race on Super Mario Kart for SNES before anything else if I have my way.

Jump on Xeno Crisis. And remember, "Genesis does...what Nintendo can't!" WOO!



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"Symphony for the G-9155"
by Brian Sovryn

  Dr. Goldblossom looked at the man in the driver’s seat—Agent Brian Sovryn—and was sure she caught a gleam of joy in his eyes which were squarely on the road, then looked down at his hands adorned with fingerless leather gloves, holding the steering wheel tightly, moving the car with pure precision. Since the steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car for roads in New Zealand, where one drives typically on the left-hand side, she could tell Brian was concentrating a little more than usual on driving, but also having fun in this new vehicle, she had devised for him.

  The G-9155 Defender may have looked like any other sports car, but in reality, it was a marvel of engineering, especially for an automobile, in no small part due to what she had learned from the Sargonian technology that made up their starship: the Hypercronius. Not requiring fossil fuels are recharges of electricity like—what Dr. Goldblossom felt were—the inefficient and insidious electric cars that were all the rage in 2017. No, this had a power source different altogether, along with a multitude of other surprises to aid the Foundation members on their missions. She was proud of what she had built and was happy to see Agent Sovryn enjoying himself.

  She looked to the backseat to see it empty. The wider back of the G-9155 was able to seat three comfortably when in Super Defender Mode, the form the car was in now as it cruised down the southern-most part of New Zealand. She had missed the two other women that were with them initially in that back seat—fellow Ph.D. Dr. Stephane Murphy, and their own stripper-turned-agent Valeria—and was happy she had made room for a third person as they had just found out their cadre had added a new member. It was another doctor, Dr. Elektra Lesbos, a psychologist of some sort that Stephanie was adamant about rescuing. At least it brought most of them back down to Earth. Literally.

  Not that the Earth was what it once was, she remembered as she looked past Brian as he drove, staring out his window to see no other cars on the road. Even some smoldering from buildings nearby, and the emptiness of gas stations with no one in them, and cars just sitting in their lots, abandoned and empty. This was the aftermath of the day just over a year ago that the entire power grid on the planet went dark. No power, no internet, no smartphones. All of the amenities gone in an instant.

  They had been in the Antarctica base—where Stephanie, Elektra, and Valeria were now—when it happened. The base itself had been spared the fate of the bulk of the rest of the planet, and their encounter with the Transmogrifier put them on a new path that kept them from trying to repair what had happened around the globe, but it still bothered Dr. Goldblossom. She had always had a particular lust for life, and she had indeed had it expounded upon since the Transmogrifier had altered them, but there was a hint of sadness that under the present conditions the Earth was in, no one else would likely be able to experience that.

  Agent Sovryn broke her out of her thoughts as he put his hand on her shoulder, “Hey, you okay,” he asked, with even that gentle touch sending a wave of pleasurable sensations through her.

  Dr. Goldblossom shook her head for a moment as she processed it, “Oh…Brian, yes, of course. I was just thinking about the situation down here. On Earth. I guess wondering if there’s anything we could have done about it. Especially with everything new we’ve learned since finding the Antarctica base and the Hypercronius.”

  “Hey, it’s going to be okay. We know exactly what and who caused all of this. The what are centralized systems. The who is…ARGGHH!

  Before Agent Sovryn could finish his sentence, an explosion lifted the driver’s side of the G-9155 for a moment, but not damaging the car or breaching into the cabin of it.

  “Nazis!” Brian looked to his right and saw swastika-covered tanks and other assault vehicles coming over the field and heading towards the road. “Are you alright, Doctor? I’ll get us out of here, but we need some countermeasures!”

  Dr. Goldblossom looked to see the incoming Nazi assault force as Agent Sovryn increased speed. She quickly slid out a systems interface from the dash, “I’m fine,” she said as she fixed the glasses on her face, “But those Nazis won’t be in a minute. Keep driving, Agent Sovryn.” The doctor entered in a series of commands, and the sound of the G-9155’s EMP launcher was heard inside the car. The systems interface brought up a targeting reticule and visual representations of the approaching Nazi tanks and vehicles. The crackle of the EMP blasts coming from their car was heard as she launched volley after volley at the Nazis, designed to disrupt any vehicle’s electrical system and render it useless.

  But nothing happened.

  She fired again at the oncoming attack vehicles. Still, nothing happened. The Nazis were still coming. “How are they still able to function?”

  The tanks returned their volleys of an explosive arsenal, Agent Sovryn barely able to avoid them. “In another time, another dimension, Doctor, we had figured out how to modify old tanks that barely had electrical systems to take on the Ominous Blockchain. It’s partly how we won and survived the encounter or Ominous would have been able to shut us down. It looks like the Nazis figured out something similar. We’ve gotta outrun them. Hold on, Miriam!”

  As he said that, she saw two of the smaller, wheeled, Nazi assault vehicles finally pull onto the road behind them, and they were gaining fast. Switching the UI on the panel in front of her, she found some of the more basic options and commands she had built-in and programmed for the G-9155.

  “Sometimes you need old tricks to beat old tech, Agent Sovryn,” she said confidently as the pressed an
onscreen button labeled “OIL SLICK.” A spraying sound followed by the screeching of tires then the crashing of metal was heard. The light assault vehicles that had pulled up behind them were now wiped out on the road behind them, not going anywhere.

  “Nice work, Doctor. You’re brilliant in any century, I…” before Agent Sovryn could finish the crashed vehicles behind them burst into metal pieces as a phalanx of tanks rolled over and through them. “We’ve got more company, Doctor.”

  “And I have more oil slick,” Miriam said as she sent another spray of oil to cover the road behind them. But the treads of the tanks weren’t affected by the oil slick the same way the wheeled vehicles were, and they continued their approach. “Fuck,” she yelled out, slamming her fist on the interface before her.

  “Got any other ideas, Doctor?” Brian swerved hard to the left as another round of artillery exploded, just missing them in the G-9155, “I’ll remind you about putting in more old tricks in the next model.”

  “Wait, that’s it,” she exclaimed as she brought up another menu on the touchscreen before her. Normally all of these functions were available as hardware switches to the right of the driver, but when there was a passenger in the car, the passenger had the option of controlling its defensive systems so the driver could better concentrate on driving. A freedom that gave Dr. Goldblossom the idea of using an “old trick” labeled “SMOKE SCREEN.”

  Thick white smoke ejected from the rear of the car, with a full spread, everything behind Miriam and Brian effectively disappearing into the wall of smoke. The sound of crunching metal—likely tanks crashing into each other, Dr. Goldblossom imagined and hoped—was so loud that they could hear it in the car even as they continued speeding away. With no sight of tanks following, Dr. Goldblossom assumed her hunch was right.

  That was until two tanks emerged from the smoke, intact and fired again on their car.

  “I don’t know if that’s going to work again, Agent Sovryn,” she said trying to find another “trick” as she flipped through the systems interface.

  “It doesn’t need to, Doctor.”

  She looked at him, wondering what he possibly could have meant, looking around outside of the car to see if some kind of cavalry was riding in. Nothing. But that’s when she saw a sign for Port Bluff. Miriam grinned at Agent Sovryn, and put on her secondary harness, then helped Agent Sovryn put on his, her hands spending a little extra time on his inner thigh.

  Brian grinned back, “Ready, Doctor?”

  She kept her grin, “Ready, Agent Sovryn.”

  Ahead of them, a series of boats and docks came into view. In moments, Brian drove the car onto the docks. The Nazi tanks, however, stopped at the start of the docks, but positioned their cannons, and fired. And fired. And fired.

  The docks and nearby boats were blown to pieces, with nothing left of the once beautiful docks. Nazi officers stepped out from the top of the tanks, binoculars to their faces, looking at the devastation, making sure that their vehicular prey was destroyed along with docks.

  Silence settled the area as the ravaged property fell into the sea. Until the sound of an engine was heard in the distance, and they saw the G-9155.

  Agent Sovryn glided the G-9155 on the water, now in Aqua Mode, having transformed the car as he and Dr. Goldblossom launched off the docks to the sea. The doctor looked back at the tanks and saw the physical slamming of fists and other motions of disdain from the Nazis outside the tanks, obviously aware that they had not destroyed their target. She then looked forward and to her side to enjoy the wide-open view of the Foveaux Straight that led right into the ocean. It's where they
were headed all along. The shortest way back to their lady comrades…to Antarctica.

  The Antarctic Ocean was peaceful, and they hovered across it gracefully in the G-9155 while it was serving as a boat instead of its usual car mode. Surrounded by the serene water, Dr. Goldblossom had all but forgotten the surprise attack they experienced and survived earlier. She watched Agent Sovryn as he kept a close eye on the nautical readout on the windshield of the amphibious vehicle, and she wondered why he didn’t have the Defender on autopilot. It could navigate the waters to Antarctica with much more ease than the amount of attention it required from a human…or, almost-human.

  The thought of getting to meet a new person that had just been altered by the Transmogrifier as Dr. Elektra Lesbos had excited Miriam. Without thinking she brought a hand up to her chest, running her fingers between the valley of her breasts as she looked to the backseat of the boat-car. Elektra—and Stephanie and Valeria—would be sitting there soon after they picked them up from the Antarctica base. Another woman to connect to. To love. It excited her, so she hadn’t realized she was practically groping herself until the enhanced sensations caught up with her. She wanted it…right now.

  She stared at the back seat, then looked at Brian, then again at the back seat. The autopilot, she thought. Bringing up her systems interface again, and as the person who built the vehicle they were in, she quickly overrode the drive system to switch from Agent Sovryn’s control to the autopilot.

  An act which alarmed him once he realized what was going on, “Whoa, hey…I’ve lost control, what’s going…” As he looked over to Dr. Goldblossom, his jaw dropped as she slid out of her clothing, staring at her the sight of lithe, stunning body. A sight he never tired of.

  “I’m the one losing control, Agent Sovryn.” She already had one hand between her legs, the other cupping a breast, gasping, “Ungh…why don’t we…get in the back

  She didn’t have to finish the sentence. Brian expertly slid between the two front bucket seats, over the center console, and landed butt-first in the back seat, then instantly grabbed Dr. Goldblossom under her shoulders and pulled her to the back with him, kissing her deeply, his hands caressing her nude form.

  In the middle of the passion, he stopped, realizing that the windows of the G-9155 gave a near three-hundred sixty-degree view of the world around them, and the world an easy look into the car. In a moment he realized it was foolish to be concerned about anyone seeing them in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean, but out of politeness asked Dr. Goldblossom, “Do you want me to turn up the tint on the windows?”

  Miriam giggled, “No. The whole world could see us...I don’t care.”

  And those words and attitude turned him on all the more, as he slid his body down underneath her in the roomy back seat, going down on her. Dr. Goldblossom’s moans of pleasure came loud and quickly, and so did she.

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“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
-Frank Herbert, Dune
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