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Issue 0004, August 2017

Sovryn Tech Newsletter


WOO! Greetings, programs! Just coming off of a wild trip to my old stomping grounds in New York didn't know? Oh yes, the Golden Stallion (I love talking about myself in the third person), was born and raised in New York. Particularly, spending much of my life in Queens. Yes, when I crack the joke about being "a little Jewish boy from New York", I was also quite serious.

Regardless, whenever I make a trip back to NYC there is a certain swagger, a certain tone of voice, a certain way that one walks, that both never really goes away wherever I am, but also returns with vigor when I'm there. NYC is a special animal in the world, and there is a certain "aggressiveness"...maybe "boldness" is the better term...required to navigate it successfully. I can't help but think this bold drive that's a part of nearly every native person of NYC is what gives me that extra push and energy to deliver things like this newsletter, the Sovryn Tech podcast, and so much more to you when I say I'm going to deliver them. Consistency and quantity is everything in our connected age.

And while I'm just as happy to not live in NYC anymore as I am to return to it now and again, it's good to touch your past every once in a while to help you understand your present. This fun little trip with the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy (where we actually got to hang out in a studio that Michael Jackson performed in! PICTURED ABOVE), gave me that opportunity. And all of it--the merging of past and present--just clarified for me what my future is: Sovryn Tech. Now let's get into this issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter!

Did you know that there is a secret, official Sovryn Tech Facebook Group?! It's called Sovryn Tech UNCENSORED, and it is a wild, intellectual, and naughty place...just like Sovryn Tech! If you want to come hang with the cool kids, just "friend" Brian Sovryn on Facebook at the link below, and then Private Message him asking to join the group! It's that simple! See you there!
Brian Sovryn on Facebook


You want to hear about some crazy shit? I've got your crazy shit right here: DNA. Now while this potential "attack vector" would likely only affect gene-sequencing software and connected computers and servers, this quickly gets into the realm of science fiction as far as the implications. Someone getting their DNA checked because of a criminal accusation? DNA malware could trick the results. And whole servers loaded with gene data could potentially be destroyed by someone's DNA that just happened to have malware encoded in it.

To be sure, this isn't really practical, and a lot of "cheating" and "perfect conditions" were massaged into the concept to make it work, and as you read more you'll see this is barely out of the theoretical stage. Nor has the rest of the world even caught up to where DNA malware's application would have any kind of serious effect. But it's possible, and with so much work being done by the likes of Alphabet/Google and others in gene sequencing...those companies might want to start thinking about how to secure against this.


I agree with the above title. When you think of CRISPR and a multitude of other technologies, it would seem to be inevitable. Not that bioengineered humans haven't been promised for decades, at least, already, but the right stuff seems to be finally coming together. The story linked below is an interview with Michael Bess, author of Our Grandchildren Redesigned: Life in a Bioengineered Society. The book is a pretty sweeping look at the future of a bioengineered and planned humanity, and not all of it is good. Mind-reading devices, two species of humans (the bio-enhanced ones and the non-enhanced), and a lot more are to be considered.

Personally, I'm of two minds on this. In one sense, I think that bioengineered humans are a far more likely scientific and industrial breakthrough than Artificial General Intelligence will ever be, as well as a step beyond transhumanism, and I like the direction of improving our biological forms with bioengineering rather than slapping on a bunch of robotic parts. I think we'll lose important parts of ourselves, what makes us who we are, if we become literal, mechanical robots.

But on the other side of my thoughts: at present most technological advancements of this level of disruption and ability are not unilaterally available, and that means we really could end up with two species of humans, and the results may be most unpleasant since one of the two would likely be vastly superior. This is all to say nothing of the story about DNA malware mentioned in an above story, and what catastrophic effects that could have on bioengineered humans. But I'll let you read the interview to decide where you think this will all end up.


Look, I'm not one for having kids (I have a vasectomy, actually). I'm not even one for recommending people have kids. I'm also not one for telling people what to do, so don't worry, if you want kids, by all means go for it. And if you are the kind who is planning to have children, here are some things I want you to consider. Women’s health is big business. That's a fact. There are a staggering number of applications for Android and iOS which claim to help people keep track of their monthly cycle, know when they may be fertile, or track the status of their pregnancy. These apps entice the user to input the most intimate details of their lives, such as their mood, sexual activity, physical activity, physical symptoms, height, weight, and more. But how private are these apps, and how secure are they in fact? After all, if an app has such intimate details about your private life, it would make sense to ensure that it is not sharing those details with anyone, such as another company, or perhaps an abusive family member or partner.

The EFF and Gizmodo actually did a deep dive into a bunch of these apps for pregnancy and other women's health conditions, and while the apps may be fun, they found a lot of privacy concerns with them. You might want to read on and see if one of your favorite apps is listed (oh yes, I know a lot of women read this newsletter), and if you should do something about it to secure that aspect of your life.

Of course, you could also just not have kids. ;P
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Sugar Grove, West Virginia was, by the accounts of its residents, a fine place to live until the Pentagon shuttered the sprawling naval base that sustained the town for decades--leaving it with a state secret as its sole remaining attraction (personally, I'm not crying too hard over a navel base getting shutdown). This mini-documentary by director Elaine McMillion Sheldon visits Sugar Grove after the base was decommissioned and being auctioned off, and traces the abiding shadow of a nearby National Security Agency facility still looming over the town in: TIMBERLINE.

It's a crazy little film. One of the rare moments the film captures of anyone talking about the NSA’s presence in Sugar Grove and their TIMBERLINE project (known locally as the "Upper Base") comes from a General Services Administration auctioneer Kristine Carson in a vacant naval gymnasium. Asked about the Upper Base, Carson notes, with a small smile, “It’s underground, I understand. Of course I can’t speak to that". This NSA satellite array was built to capture Soviet satellite messages as they bounced off the moon, It still operates, but the surrounding town barely does. We only know anything about TIMBERLINE because of the 2013 Snowden leaks.

There's just something eerily fascinating about this mini-documentary. Check it.
2016's Return of the Caped Crusaders was a classic Batman masterpiece. A continuation of the 1966 Batman TV series that conquered the world for 3 seasons, this was a movie--even though it was animated--that the world had been waiting 50 years for. Having the late, great Adam West (a loss I still feel deeply) return to at least voice a legend he was key in birthing into the popular consciousness--the Batman--along with Burt Ward there for voicing Robin, and even Julie Newmar returning as was pretty much guaranteed to be a masterpiece, and on every metric it absolutely delivered.

Just before Adam West's untimely passing in 2017 (isn't any time for dying untimely?), we knew that because of the deserved success of Return of the Caped Crusaders that we would be getting a sequel animated film preserving the youthful vigor and sexiness of the characters. Called Batman vs. Two-Face, miraculously this movie upped the ante on the entire Batman '66 universe by introducing a popular villain that never appeared in the original TV series--that being Two-Face--but not only that...having the villain voiced by one of the icons of the 60's (and all-time): William fucking Shatner! I cannot wait for this movie to come out in the Fall of 2017, and it should be a brilliant send-off to Adam West's legendary career. I'm only sad we won't get anymore tremendous work from the man himself.
I don't think I need to say much on this...just watch it. As long as you still have a heart of some kind (even if it's triple-black), this will get you right in the feels, it's so adorable. You might even cry. I did.
I usually wouldn't share two trailers in one Sovryn Tech Newsletter, but this is so exciting to me I couldn't not share it, and it's a trailer for something coming out in just a few days: August 22nd, 2017! The newest entry in the Starship Troopers saga will be upon us: Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars. WOO!

It's CGI animated, but for me, just like with Batman vs. Two-Face, the opportunity to experience these characters in their prime with the original actors performing their respective roles in voice work (both Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer Denise Richards, sadly) is worth the price of it not being live action. Of course, the Starship Troopers franchise already has a groundbreaking (maybe "groundpounding"?...buh-dum-pssssh!) history with CGI productions, as the classic 1999 animated TV series Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles was way ahead of its time. Also, this isn't the only time these actors have returned to their roles, as the way-better-than-it-should-have-been sequel to the 1997 film--Starship Troopers 3: Marauders--which starred Casper Van Dien and the remarkable Jolene Blalock was a live-action return to form for the franchise, though few seem to have ever heard of it or cared to give it a viewing.

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars seems no different in that return to form. The classic soundtrack by Basil Poledouris seems to have made a return, and the action looks as intense as ever. You know, there's a long-standing debate on whether the original Paul Verhoeven Starship Trooprs film was a work of societal satire or if it was just a straight action film; I'm solidly in the camp that it was a straight, over-the-top action film, nothing more. And it's good at what it does. I hope this CGI film delivers the same.

**PS: Yes, I'm aware all of this is originally based on Robert A. Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers. The book and the franchise have almost nothing in common, it's near pointless to bring it up.
On the Official Sovryn Tech Calendar, July 4th is not some ludicrous holiday celebrating the notion of nations. Ohhh no, July 4th is "MK Lords Day"! Celebrating the inimitable and sassy MK Lords, who unlike the USA actually does things to make life better! WOO!

MK created and hosts one of my favorite podcasts out there (seriously, it's in my Top 3)--
Iconosass--and she is one of the most fierce voices on the interwebz. Now you can financially support her work by becoming a Patron of hers on Patreon!

I love MK's work. Support this sassy gal on Patreon today! You won't be disappointed!


So normally I wouldn't do this, but I am so excited about this project that I couldn't not tell you about it, and ask you to be a part of it! The lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy and I--the Golden Stallion--are making an erotic short stories anthology! But this is no ordinary short story compilation, this one has a theme. While any genre can be represented, from horror, to mystery, to action-adventure, to science fiction, LGBTQ, you name it...but, it has to be centered around the Paleolithic Era of the Earth's history. This is beyond just "caveman sex", but it's also obviously very much about that, or things close to it. This is about celebrating ancient humanity and its brilliance, even when in what many would consider a "primitive" state of existence...and how even then sex was a central aspect of the human condition, just as it is today. There will even be a Sovryn Universe story in this anthology!

And the anthology is called: Paleo Erotica.

While Stephanie and I will be writing many of the stories for the erotic anthology, we want to give you--the Sovryn Tech community--a chance to be a part of it! If you would like your story featured, you can send it to and we will review it! While there is no pay involved for submitted stories or published stories, you will have the opportunity to pimp/advertise your work on your "About the Author" section of the book and likely get some nice exposure. Information and guidelines for Paleo Erotica are below.
  • All submissions must be emailed to by November 1st, 2017. Not all submissions will be guaranteed to be in the anthology. You are free to use your work in any other way. We do not claim control or copyright of your stories.
  • Short stories and short fiction must be anywhere between 1,000 to 17,000 words.
  • Paleo Erotica is set to be published in December 2017.
  • There is no monetary compensation for submissions or published stories.
  • Further details on what is needed from authors will be asked for and collected after a story has been chosen to be published.
  • Make this as sexy and explicit as you like!
  • Any genre of fiction can be written. We are looking for stories that are something different. Something new. Things unlike anything read before.
I think this is going to be a fun anthology, and there's really nothing else out there quite like it. Concentrating on ancient humans is ripe for all manner of incredible and sexy stories! I hope to hear from many of you! Thanks!


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“Return to Unimatrix Zero”
by Brian Sovryn
  The modulating, phased voice of Pixel came over the starship’s intercom, “Upload is complete, Dr. Goldblossom. And it didn’t even use a tenth of the Hypercronius’s memory banks”.

  Dr. Miram Goldblossom looked at her wrist. The watch-like device she was wearing, which was quite large for her slender wrists, brought up a series of keys on its touchscreen after she made a spiral gesture upon it, replacing what was previously a watchface with various readouts on the speed and condition of the starship they were on, the Hypercronius. The series of keys she now looked at were basic, some leading to various settings, but the two main keys on the devices circular touchscreen simply said “ACTIVATE” and “DEACTIVATE”.
  “You’re certain this will work anywhere on the ship, Pixel? Unimatrix Zero isn’t exactly Skype”, Dr. Goldblossom said with a tinge of nervousness that she wasn’t accustomed too.
  “An unfortunate example, Dr. Goldblossom. Skype doesn’t work anywhere”, Pixel quickly replied with her usual mirth that always sounded a little strange coming from the uniqueness of her voice, followed by a giggle that was at once belonging to a young woman but also some byproduct of digital processing.
  Dr. Goldblossom laughed shakily at the joke, not feeling reassured at all, “Good point, Pixel. Well, if anyone’s going to test Unimatrix Zero on this ship, it might as well be me. For science, and all that”. Dr. Goldblossom stared at the “ACTIVATE” button with hesitation. Unimatrix Zero wasn’t just software, she knew. It was effectively an entire alternate reality; a virtual reality. Agents of the Wilde Foundation had been using it for years for training purposes, engineering simulations, and even for relaxation, vacations, and some pleasured-filled fun when desired. You could do anything, be anywhere, be anything when in the virtual reality of Unimatrix Zero. But it was not a toy. Nor was it entirely designed by Dr. Goldblossom. Pixel had helped her create it when they had first met. Miriam’s mind wandered for a moment at that, Ohhhhhh…when Pixel and I first met…that was a night I.... She shook herself out of the reverie, and concentrated again on the large device on her wrist, still hesitant. The fact that Dr. Goldblossom hadn’t built Unimatrix Zero herself also added to her hesitation to use it in a new environment like the Hypercronius. Normally it was stored across computers located at Foundation HQ and the Wolf’s Lair, each serving as a redundancy to the other. But there was no redundancy for it on this ship, and she had to trust that a starship tens of thousands of years old would be able to handle the virtual world’s complexities. If they were all going to use the Hypercronius as their new primary base of operations, however, having Unimatrix Zero accessible aboard would be essential. She just hoped that last night’s one-meal in the ship’s communal room wasn’t the last time she would ever see Stephanie, Valeria, Pixel, or Agent Sovryn.
  “Alright”, Dr. Goldblossom said to herself as much as to Pixel, “entering Unimatrix Zero”. Dr. Goldblossom pressed the “ACTIVATE” button and a slight poking sensation was felt as the device on her wrist inserted a nano-needle, connecting her entire nervous system to the wrist device, which itself connected to the ship’s primary computer, which was now storing and running the virtual reality of Unimatrix Zero. She felt her head and thoughts swimming for a moment, every sensory part of her briefly having the sensation of being turned inside out. Normally access to Unimatrix Zero would be done through a headset and bodysuit, with completely external stimuli. But the wrist device caused an internal change, allowing for wireless access to an entire alternate reality at any given moment, anywhere on the ship. It was risky…
  And it worked. Dr. Goldblossom’s first reaction as she saw the basic, pink swirls of data that comprised the reality of Unimatrix Zero when no programs were chosen within it, was an emphatic phew as she wiped her brow of phantom sweat. She looked down, assessing herself to make sure there was nothing strange about her residual self-image: what she looked like in VR of Unimatrix Zero. Her clothing hadn’t changed, with her white labcoat over her romper, glasses on her face, though when she did look down she thought she noticed her breasts may have been larger, not that they were by any means small before. She raised her hands and cupped her breasts gently, trying to tell if there really was anything different. Instead it just sent powerful tingling sensations through her, causing her to gasp, but then get back to the task at hand. The Transmogrifier, she thought with something akin to anger at her getting lost to feelings of pleasure that everyone onboard had been dealing with for months, sometimes to their detriment when important tasks needed to be done but the Bridge of the ship would turn into an orgy…all because of that ancient device they found in Antarctica.
  Getting back to the task at hand, she looked to the wrist device still on her wrist in VR. While Unimatrix Zero could be operated with voice commands, she thought it helpful for familiarity for everyone if the wrist device stayed with you in VR, and functioned just as it did in the real world, helping eliminate any learning curve. She even found herself out of habit pressing the physical communication button on the side of it, saying into the device, “Pixel, I’m in. Can you read me?”
  Pixel’s otherworldly voice spoke as if it were everywhere around Miriam, “I can read you, Dr. Goldblossom, within Unimatrix Zero and throughout the ship”.
  Dr. Goldblossom said with surprise, “You can be in both realities at once, Pixel?”
  “I can”, Pixel replied. “I can merge with Unimatrix Zero’s codebase as it’s based on…parts of me”.
  “I think it’s really sexy that you like to be so mysterious, Pixel, but one of these days we’re going to to have a long conversation about what you actually are”, Dr. Goldblossom said, looking around the pink nothingness, wondering if she’d actually see Pixel in her usual projected female form somewhere.
  “Where’s the fun in that”, Pixel asked coyly.
  A deep male voice boomed from behind Dr. Goldblossom, “Where’s the fun in what?”
  Another, much softer and womanly voice spoke out in the same surprise Dr. Goldblossom had just suddenly felt, “Wow! This is so cool! We actually have Unimatrix Zero onboard!”
  “Agent Sovryn! Valeria! I didn’t realize anyone else would be…wait…you are really Brian and Valeria, aren’t you”, Dr. Goldblossom asked, not sure if Unimatrix Zero was suddenly failing and was accessing her thoughts without her permission, causing what could be interpreted as a psychotic break in the virtual realm. The two people before her could easily be simple programs generated by Unimatrix Zero itself, and not the real people.
  “It is Agent Sovryn and Agent Valeria, Dr. Goldblossom”, Pixel said.
  “We can always trust Pixel”, Brian said. “But in case you need a little more evidence…” He walked up to Dr. Goldblossom and put his hands on her shoulders, pulling her closely and kissing her deeply, Dr. Goldblossom quickly returning the passion.
  “Oooh, I want to prove I’m me next”, the significantly shorter Valeria said with excitement as she put a hand behind Dr. Goldblossom’s head, pulling it away from Agent Sovryn and down to her own lips. Valeria and Miriam instinctively put both of their hands on each other’s faces as they voraciously kissed.
  As the two women came up for breath, Dr. Goldblossom mockingly cleared her throat, “I’d…I’d say both of you are the real…you. And…uh…while you’re here, perhaps you would like to help me continue testing Unimatrix Zero? Make sure there aren’t any bugs?”
  Agent Sovryn grinned, “What did you have in mind, Doctor?” He looked down at Valeria who now had a perceptibly devilish smirk on her face.
  “Well”, Dr. Goldblossom licked her lips teasingly, “I thought we might go to one of your favorite places and have some fun. Computer, access program Goldblossom 69”.
  With her command, the pink hues of Unimatrix Zero began to shift color and form trees, water, buildings, and so much more...

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"Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."

~Robert A. Heinlein
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