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Issue 0015, April 2018

Sovryn Tech Newsletter


Greetings, programs! And welcome to Issue 0015 of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter! And what is that picture above all about? Oh c'mon, if you've been with Sovryn Tech over the years, you know the's a new Audio of the Ancients album! Audio of the Ancients is my not-so-pet project where I take ancient texts (or texts at least claimed to be ancient) and put them to music that I compose and perform myself, and then have dramatic readings of the texts performed on top of it, sound effects and all!

It's a great time, and it's one of my efforts to get people interested in history and to help it "come alive," as it were. While I normally do the dramatic performances myself, this time I went with something different, and brought on the remarkable talents of Sovryn Tech's own Ellen Stallone! While the original translation of the Emerald Tablet--what this new EP is presenting--was done by Sir Isaac Newton, I'm certain he would appreciate his work being presented by a modern-day "Sophia" such as Ellen...and to have Dr. Stephanie Murphy open the production!

For those that don't know about the Emerald Tablet, the claim is that at the very least this short text comes from Ancient Egypt...though some even say from the mythical (or perhaps not mythical) lost continent of Atlantis! Phrases that have become almost pop culture such as "As above, so below" find their origination with this text, and the wilder claims of it containing all knowledge of the universe...well...why don't you listen to it yourself to find out? And feel free to check out and purchase other Audio of the Ancients albums, all at:




Wooo...Venus. That weird sister planet of our that twists in all the different ways than our Earth. For years I've thought it was a severely overlooked planet for signs of life and for humanity to potentially inhabit (actually, that's been for most of my life, admittedly inspired by all of the classic "Venus pirate" sci-fi novels I read growing up...okay, I might still read those). In fact, if you remember the now-classic 2099 episode of Sovryn Tech Prime, I opened up with a monologue about anarchists travelling to Venus and starting a colony there. Not long after that, the idea of "cloud cities" on Venus were finally discussed with a serious tone, and considered as potentially significantly easier than building colonies on not-exactly-as-nearby Mars.

Well, now the theories are coming in that perhaps there is already life on Venus.Venus, with its crushing atmospheric pressure and scorching surface temperatures, seems an unlikely place for life to take hold, but while the surface of this planet remains completely inhospitable, Venus’ atmosphere may be capable of harboring microbial life, according to new research. This is similar to how we as humans could survive in the aforementioned "cloud cities" floating in Venus upper atmosphere.

But what if there is life there? Granted, we're likely not talking about sapient life, but microbial life is just about as exciting. And it being on Venus is nothing new...Carl Sagan theorized it back in 1967. And then
there’s Venus’ strange dark splotches, which were first detected by astronomers nearly a century ago. When viewed in ultraviolet light, these dark patches exhibit traces of concentrated sulfuric acid and other unknown light absorbing particles. These patches persist for days, frequently changing shape and contrast.

As a new paper points out, it just so happens that some microbes on Earth are capable of thriving in acidic environments, feeding off carbon dioxide and producing sulfuric acid. Similar conditions exist along Venus’
cloudtops. We also know of bacteria with light-absorbing properties; it’s conceivable that massive conglomerations of these airborne microorganisms could explain the enigmatic dark patches on Venus.

Fancy that? If you want more of the details and a broader grasp of why microbial life could be possible on
Venus, and could comprise those dark splotches, hit up the link below.


Growing concerned about Amazon and it's attempt at becoming a monopsony? You should be. Or perhaps you're just pissed off about the price-hike in Amazon Prime (though, let's be honest, privacy issues aside, you do get a tremendous value with what Amazon Prime offers, even at $120). Well, here's an article for you.

It gives you steps on how to do just that, stop giving Amazon your money. Obviously it starts off with cancelling Amazon Prime, but then it goes deeper. Unfortunatley, most of its alternatives to Amazon's services that it recommends I think are kind of ridiculous. What do you replace your shopping experience with? Google Express, of coures! Because...oh...that's so much better, right? What a joke. Or what do you replace your Amazon Echo with? A Google Home, of coures. Equally ridiculous. The real answer is...fuck ambient computing and virtual assistants.

And while it does give fairly solid recommendations for how to replace Kindle books and Audible audiobooks with other best option is really torrenting, because Kindle and Audible have exclusives that honestly are just too good, and too abundant to ignore.I'll admit this is the hardest part for me. While I can generally find any audiobook I'm looking for on torrent sites, that is not so true for Kindle books, and the Kindle eBook market blows every other eBook service out of the water 1000 to 1 as far as sales, convenience, etc. Even my Dark Android book is only available on Kindle at the moment (baby steps...).

Bottom line being, I wouldn't say the below linked to guide is practical, but it is a wake-up call to just how pervasive Amazon has become in your life without you realizing it. Also, if you're a person that doesn't read or listen to can actually get away from Amazon pretty easily by just not shopping there anymore. But then what the Hell are you doing with your life if you don't read?


"Convenience is the most underestimated and least understood force in the world today. As a driver of human decisions, it may not offer the illicit thrill of Freud’s unconscious sexual desires or the mathematical elegance of the economist’s incentives. Convenience is boring. But boring is not the same thing as trivial."

This is how the story linked to below begins. I did mention convenience in the last story above, didn't I? Well, I don't think it's something we think enough about. On Sovryn Tech I often mention how there is--and always will be--a trade-off between security and convenience in some form or fashion. Well, in this New York Times opinion piece by remarkable author Tim Wu, you're going to find out why so many people seem to tend towards convenience more than their detriment or at significant financial cost.

"We are willing to pay a premium for convenience, of course — more than we often realize we are willing to pay. During the late 1990s, for example, technologies of music distribution like Napster made it possible to get music online at no cost, and lots of people availed themselves of the option. But though it remains easy to get music free, no one really does it anymore. Why? Because the introduction of the iTunes store in 2003 made buying music even more convenient than illegally downloading it. Convenient beat out free."

I suggest you read the whole thing. It's a longer read, but well worth it, and maybe it will even make you think twice about your own quest for convenience. Take this juicy nugget for example:

"The paradoxical truth I’m driving at is that today’s technologies of individualization are technologies of mass individualization. Customization can be surprisingly homogenizing. Everyone, or nearly everyone, is on Facebook: It is the most convenient way to keep track of your friends and family, who in theory should represent what is unique about you and your life. Yet Facebook seems to make us all the same. Its format and conventions strip us of all but the most superficial expressions of individuality, such as which particular photo of a beach or mountain range we select as our background image."

Read the whole piece by Tim Wu by clicking the button below.
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This is your no-nonsense guide to reclaiming your privacy and to begin using best practices for security. Written for beginners and experts alike!
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources. Videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or even trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!

This is nothing less than stunning. Weighing in at only 3 minutes, I want to see this short film about the Voyager probe(s) on the biggest screen I can find. You definitely get the feel of 2001, 2010, Interstellar, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Solaris to name a few here, and it just delivers. The epic scale of the journey of the Voyager program has never been so well presented, in my opinion, and I have personal attachment to these probes (my dad worked on the program and even handled some gold record action).

After you watch it, I think you'll understand why I have so few words...because a million words wouldn't be enough to describe and express contemplation of this mini-masterpiece.

Ohh, the Bright Knight...Adam West's Batman. A hero beyond compare in my mind, and one of the all-time greats in my mind, as well. I put this little video here as a bit of an oddity, and also to show just how damned smooth Adam West was. This long-lost 1967 Bat-commercial got unearthed as part of a program to help recover oddities and missing episodes from old British TV shows. It’s standard “look both ways” fare and West runs through the whole thing with aplomb. But a shot at the end gets held a little too long, creating an awkward moment. Well, you get over that soon enough, but it's amazing to see some classic Batman that anyone outside of Britain probably never saw. In my opinion, Batman telling you something is a good idea is infinitely more effective than any piece of legislation could be, so hey, there's that, too.

WOO! Is the Golden Stallion above releasing one of his own videos in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter? Not at all! This instant-classic, 1-hour conversation is a must hear...and it's all about the infamous "orgasm gap." I was joined by the two most brilliant women I know--Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Ellen Stallone--for a conversation for the ages! What is the orgasm gap? Is it real? How can one solve it? It's all right here.


It's the Sovryn Tech First University Book Club! Wait...doesn't everybody have a fucking book club? Yeah, it seems like it, and I find most of them annoying, but since so many Sovryn Tech Patrons asked for this, you're getting one from me, too (by demand of the listeners), as a new feature in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter!

But understand, I don't expect you to follow along and read (or listen to) all of this at the same speed I do, and myself and the other members of the Sovryn Tech Cabal (my lovely co-hosts) may never talk about these books on air, but if you want to see what we're taking in on our lesiure (or not-so-lesiure) time, below, every month, will be the books that myself, Stephanie, and Ellen had read for that month, or are in the middle of reading. Most likely, though, we'll have completely gone through it if we're going to even mention a book here.

March was admittedly a slower month as far as consuming books, but no less interesting!So enjoy,
t urn your screens off, and flex your mental muscles for a journey in the literary world!

And don't forget you can download wild and free out-of-print eBooks from!


Star Wars: Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older
The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro, Daniel Kraus
The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
Solaris: The Definitive Edition by Stanislaw Lem


Time Travel: A History by James Gleick
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli
Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli
Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus
Sleep by Nick Littlehales



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"Another Side of Paradise"
by Brian Sovryn

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2269.55

USS Atlantis, NX-2012, Sydney-class prototype, Section 31 Science Division, Captain Damien Ivanov commanding. We’ve just entered orbit of Sappho III, a planet bombarded with berthold rays in the Beta Quadrant where we have found evidence of the existence of Omicron pod plants, originally discovered by the USS Enterprise on planet Omicron Ceti III.

Our orders from Section 31 are for my science team and the small crew of this new secret science vessel to investigate the existence of the Omicron pod plants and their spores, and to collect the flora for undisclosed purposes of Federation security.

Because of the Code Black nature of the mission, and as team leader, I am required to lead the away mission down to the planet myself. To mitigate crew exposure to the lethality of the localized berthold rays as well as any other possible dangers on Sappho III, the away team will consist of Lt. T’Lana—already my top scientist—and Cmdr. Varese Jenn, whose Betazoid heritage grants her telepathic abilities that may be useful in regards to theorized mental capabilities of the Omicron spores.


The unique, low whine of the transporter materializing three Section 31 agents on the surface of Sappho III alerted nothing. The area that Captain Ivanov chose to beam down to was the most barren place that his fellow away team member—Lt. T’Lana—could find that was near the planets diverse flora. Capt. Ivanov didn’t want to appear in the middle of the garden with Lt. T’Lana and Cmdr. Varese Jenn only to be surprised by the blasting of Omicron spores from a host plant. The events reported by the USS Enterprise and its crew on stardate 3417.3—barely escaping the complete loss of said crew due to Omicron spore control of their minds—was enough reason to take as many precautions as possible.

The three black-clad agents—in uniforms not unlike those worn by the Starfleet officers they claimed to protect by any means—visually scanned the area for any wildlife or vegetation, only to see vegetation north of their landing position, and began walking in that direction.

“Lt. T’Lana,” Capt. Damien Ivoanov started with his low voice, bringing sound to an otherwise soundless world, “keep constant tricorder readings for anything that matches the data recorded by Cmdr. Spock on Omicron Ceti III. If any of these pod plants are nearby, I don’t want any surprises.”

Lt. T’Lana’s ears metaphorically perked up at the mention of the name of the famous, and like herself, Starfleet Vulcan. Though T’Lana had recently been brought into Section 31, her rank of lieutenant, just like the Captain’s and Commander’s, was earned through actual Starfleet service; a Starfleet service that she engaged in largely due to the example set by Spock, son of Sarek. He was considered a hero by both humans and Vulcans alike, including herself, and often thought about what it would be like to be partnered with the venerable Vulcan, in service and in life. Though T’Lana knew these thoughts weren’t always logical, she found Cmdr. Spock to be most attractive.

But before the lieutenant let her mind slip to those thoughts again, T’Lana opened her tricorder, “Yes, Captain,” and began scanning the area for any signs of the Omicron spores.

“Going to take me on a romantic walk through a garden, Damien?”

T’Lana looked away from her tricorder to see Cmdr. Varese Jenn sliding her hands into the crook of Capt. Ivanov’s right arm. T’Lana saw her as a polar opposite to herself. The commander’s long, dark, curly hair that fell well below regulation length stood in contrast to her own lighter, shoulder-length, Vulcan straight hair. Cmdr. Jenn’s body suggested a volumuptuous athleticism that contrasted her own lithe frame. And her emotions…even for a Betazoid—a race that thrived on empathy—the commander’s emotions and propensity for engagement and touch seemed to be extreme. Vulcans didn’t even touch in greeting, but Varese Jenn seemed to want to touch T’Lana any chance she could take. Why the commander was recruited by Section 31 was beyond her reasoning, though the commander’s service record was exemplary, particularly in psychological studies, and even in battle.

T’Lana was relieved to see the captain slide his arm away from the commander and continue moving towards the nearby plants.

“Commander…Varese,” Capt. Ivanov paused, calling the Betazoid by her first name to try and assure her that he both shared her affections, but also needed to be listened to seriously, “these spores are as dangerous as they are potentially healing and useful. I need you to be focused. One wrong step on this planet…”

He didn’t finish, but Cmdr. Jenn understood and straightened the gate of her walk and pressed down the miniskirt of her black uniform. “Damien, if these spores are as dangerous as HQ suggests, why aren’t we wearing environment or space suits to keep the spores from making physical contact with us?”

Lt. T’Lana answered instead, “The berthold rays saturating this planet, which the spores thrive on, causes the polymers of our sealed suits to degrade. Instead of being covered in spores, we would be covered in those melted materials on our skin. That’s why Starfleet has little data on berthold ray-affected habitats.”

“You are so brilliant, T’Lana,” Cmdr. Jenn said, winking at the Vulcan. The Vulcan woman returned the wink with a raised eyebrow of seeming annoyance.

“Ladies,” Capt. Ivanov interrupted as they finally reached the edge of the field where the planets vegetation could be experienced up-close. “Lieutenant, are you detecting any of the pod plants yet? If it’s true that the Omicron spores thrive on berthold rays, this planet should be covered with them.”

T’Lana responded after looking again at her tricorder, “Nothing, Captain.”

“Damn,” Damien said under his breath. “Well, we don’t have much time. The berthold rays at this planet’s intensity will become lethal within the next couple of hours. If we’re going to find what we came looking for, we better split up. I want check-ins every fifteen minutes. And in two hours, no matter where you are or what is happening, you beam back up to the Atlantis immediately, am I understood?”

“Yes, Captain,” both T’Lana and Varese responded with their deep voices in unison, causing them to look at each other briefly, one with a smile, the other with indifference.

“Alright. Tricorders. Fifteen minute check-ins. But if you find something, report it immediately,” and with that, the two other agents walked to his left and to his right, and Capt. Ivanov walked forward, deeper into the planet’s garden.


Tricorders rarely ever made sound, and Section 31-issued tricorders made even less normally, but with her superior Vulcan hearing, T’Lana had long ago in her career learned to modify tricorders to emit high frequency sounds that only she could hear, alerting her to information that was normally transmitted visually, allowing her to use her own eyes as a metaphorical second sensor suite.  The lieutenant thought this was a logical and efficient use of technology and biology, not that in that instant she knew what she was looking for with her eyes.

But the tricorder now emitted a high frequency sound. Pod plants.

Pod plants were the “vessels” that the Omicron spores “travelled” in. Whenever a potential living host for the spores approached close enough to a pod plant, and the person wasn’t already infected with the spores, the pod plant would blast a mist of spores, and only one spore was needed to affect the host body. And those affects were well documented years before by the USS Enterprise’s mission to Omicron Ceti III where the pod plants were first encountered.

And now Lt. T’Lana had encountered them. As suspected, they didn’t look like the ones from the records of the USS Enterprise, but the signature of the Omicron spores was the same according to the tricorder. The pod plants of Sappho III were instead flowering purple, with large vines pouring out from the base of the planet. The stem of it stood almost two meters, significantly taller than previous pod plants reported. T’Lana thought it almost looked like a sapient being that could just as easily walk around. Plant-based, mobile, intelligent life forms had been reported and discovered by Starfleet in the past, and young Vulcan woman wondered if this could be another example.

The tricorder was giving her little information about the pod plant other than it was definitely a vessel for the Omicron spores. Her curiosity almost got the better of her, compelling her to move closer to the pod plant to see if that would help the tricorder uncover anything else about it, but she quickly thought better of it and remembered that Capt. Ivanov wanted to be informed the instant they had found something.

T’Lana turned away from the plant before she went any further and flipped opened her communicator, “Lt. T’Lana to Captain Ivanov. Captain Ivanov, come in, please.”

The captain’s voice came through the handheld communicator with crystal clarity, betraying in his voice what T’Lana thought may have been concern, “What is it, Lieutenant?”

She responded, “I have found the pod plants, Captain. They are different in appearance than the specimens on Omicron Ceti III. Significantly larger. The tricorder is having difficulty…”

Before T’Lana could finish her sentence, she heard a loud bursting noise and was surrounded by a cloud of pollen…and spores. She turned to face the plant that she was just scanning and noticed that its long stem allowed the flower of the plant where the spores ejected from to be nearly over her head.

The all-black of her uniform contrasted with the white color of the spores, and she was now covered with them.
T’Lana fell to her knees, gasping, then groaning in pain, dropping her communicator to her side with it still open. She couldn’t hear the voice of her captain calling out through the communicator as she held her head in her hands, her heart beating at a strength and rate she had never felt before. For the briefest moment she remembered the report from Cmdr. Spock that said he felt incredible pain when the spores began inhabiting him. She felt that now.

But also more. T’Lana was on all fours now in excruciating pain. The pain was the only thing her mind could concentrate on at first, until suddenly her head began filling with images, and emotions. Wild emotions. Her last coherent thought was of Cmdr. Spock, and his visage now returned to her mentally. She was now imagining him beneath her as she was on all fours, his usual stoic Vulcan face now one of passion. He was naked, and mentally she could feel his Vulcan member thrusting upward inside of her. Her groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure.

She lifted her head as she moaned, and then lowered it back down to no longer see Spock below her, and no longer feeling him. Her logical mind had a last gasp of thought, telling her that these images and feelings were caused by the Omicron spores infesting her body, changing her.

T’Lana tried to stand, shaky at first, catching her leg underneath her. On her second attempt she was able to stand, but felt as if she’d fall over again, quickly looking around for something to lean besides the giant pod plant near her. She saw a large rock ahead that jutted from the ground at approximately her height, and lunged to it, pressing her hands against its surprisingly smooth surface, keeping herself standing.

The lieutenant, mind hazy, suddenly felt as if her the miniskirt of her uniform was being lifted. She turned to see Captain Ivanov behind her. Like the image of Spock before, he was also nude. A part of her knew this wasn’t actually her captain, but the feeling of his hardness brushing her leg as he ripped away her stockings and the undergarment of her Section 31 uniform still caused her body to react with arousal, the moistness between her thighs now dripping down the exposed skin.

T’Lana had never felt anything like this before, and she found herself thinking with total agency…that she liked it. A lot.

As she felt the image of her captain—an illusion she began enjoying as if a reality—slide into her, filling her, she also felt her cheekbones do something she couldn’t remember them ever doing.

They rose.

The Vulcan woman was smiling. Grinning lustfully.

The illusion of Capt. Ivanov began thrusting deeper into her, and T’Lana leaned her still-covered breasts onto the smooth rock, causing her nipples to rub against it. The feeling was extraordinary to T’Lana, and her moans were uncontrollable. Between moaning to the sky in pure ecstasy, she turned to the image of her captain, “Keep going, Captain…unnnhhh…mmmmmphhh…I’ve wanted…this…more…harder…right here…where everyone can see…fuck meee!”

T’Lana, hearing herself say those last two words, mentally snapped out of it for a moment. She had never said anything like that before, or even thought it. What had the spores done to her, she wondered. None of the reports from the Enterprise said anything like this had happened to the crew. Not exactly, anyway.
But she didn’t care. The façade of her captain was doing exactly what she wanted, and she felt all of the pleasure and moaned in kind. He was pounding away at her, in the open, against that smooth rock.

And then she suddenly no longer felt the thrusting, and he disappeared.

But the pleasurable sensations remained.

T’Lana turned and leaned her back against the rock. She reached down to her wetness, determining that it was real, and that her uniform had actually been torn. Without bothering to understand how, her hand went to her clit, and she began rubbing it furiously. She hadn’t orgasmed yet, and the tricks her mind had been playing on her with the mirage-like appearance of the only two men she had ever considered exposing herself in such a way to—Commander Spock and Captain Ivanov—had pushed her over the edge.

Her orgasm came quickly, but lasted long.

Vulcan orgasms lasted significantly longer than those of at least their human counterparts. Where she had understood human women generally orgasmed for a matter of seconds or maybe a couple of minutes, Vulcan women—on average—would experience a singular orgasm for ten to fifteen minutes. And as T’Lana’s orgasm continued, causing her whole body to pulsate and shake, and her thoughts went to the naked visage of Captain Ivanov, she brought her hand up to her ample breasts, squeezing them through her uniform. With her Vulcan strength, she then ripped the black material covering them, exposing them to the open air, her hands returning to her breasts, groping herself and pulling at her nipples, only causing the minutes-long orgasm to intensify, her moans echoing throughout the Edenic scene surrounding her.

Until she passed out from pure pleasure.


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"The Key of Joy is disobedience."

-Aleister Crowley, from "Hymn To Lucifer"
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