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Issue 0017, June 2018

Sovryn Tech Newsletter

Greetings, programs! Wow, this came out fast, didn’t it? An all new issue of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter! Well, this is what happens when you have the most amazing people on the planet working on the greatest show on the planet...Sovryn Tech! WOO! Who knows...maybe there will be another newsletter this month? Maybe...maybe…

Anyway. Kielbasa sausage...your buttcheeks is warm. Ever type out something random? I just did. But I don’t have something random for the rest of this, don’t worry. Would you believe that just the other day--for reasons that I dare not go into for the shame of it all (just kidding, I don’t feel shame)--I saw both of the Sex & the City movies. Both of them. Inside of 48 hours. Can you believe it? is not random.

This has a point. Look, I can appreciate opulence and materialism as much as the next Jewish boy from New York, but boy watch these films and suddenly you get the point that Captain Picard made in the season finale of Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation (titled “The Neutral Zone,” by the way):

“A lot has changed in the past three hundred years. People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. We've eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions. We've grown out of our infancy. ... This is the 24th century. Material needs no longer exist. The to improve yourself. To enrich yourself. Enjoy it.”

I see the kind of nonsense like those two movies put on display (hey, hey...Kim Cattrall is great...not taking anything away from her), and I think we could use a little 24th century wisdom in the 21st century. Actually, we need a lot of it. What the wonder people can’t separate themselves from the tech giants and their attention-destroying, brain-melting services and products. We’ve got people running around with lifestyle obsessions instead of being obsessed with life itself. I mean look, materialism isn’t inherently a bad thing, but do you really have to scream and jump up and down about a Louis Vuitton purse or getting a flat screen TV that comes out of the your 40s? What. The. Fuck.

Okay, this musing was kind of random. But damn it, I’m feeling it. Really, enjoy the newsletter, get excited for the short fiction that you know is coming (did I mention it was more Star Trek, you lucky devils?), and remember...the purpose of life is to be happy.





Here’s the deal: if you want to come to terms with the egregiousness of what the tech giants do when collecting data and metadata from and about you--which you might even think is just hunky dory because they provide such “great” services for you--I want you to try to do something.

Try to delete that data. Try to close your accounts with these services. Try to turn off “location services” on your phone...entirely.

Not so easy, huh? That should be a red flag to you. If you’re willfully, easily and just so bloody gleefully handing over that data, shouldn’t the opposite be equally as enjoyable an experience?’s not? Huh. How about that?

Really, it should bother the living McKaskle & Abernathy out of you. I mean, if everything is on the up and up and a-okay, why can’t you just leave it all behind freely? Yeah, you know the answer as to why. Well, I share this article with you in the link below because I want you to see the extreme lengths to which people who need to care about their privacy have to go to genuinely achieve it, though I’d argue we all need to. Aside from the gold standard of being in a witness protection program...which even that…. And then I want you to think about everything you do online, all the simple stuff that you think is meaningless. Picture it another way, like stated in the article:

“People see the digital realm as being this separate thing, something close to unreal. But it’s all the same thing. Would you put a picture of your child on a billboard next to a highway alongside your family name? Of course not. But people do it online all the time. And it’s not a problem. Until it is.”

It’s not a problem until it is. Bingo. Start thinking twice about all of this stuff you do online folks, if you aren’t thinking twice already. Those that steer clear of all the bullshit arguments and selfie nonsense put up on social media and anything outside of Signal and PGP-encrypted emails...give them a pat on a back and a medal for doing it right.

Read more about the research at the link below.  



Okay, before you start screaming, “The Golden Stallion is an environmentalist nutjob!” I’m not. While I think ecology is a fine science and one that I support, I am not a card-carrying member of that cult known as environmentalism. But I will say this: mowing the lawn has never made sense to me. And I say this now as someone who doesn’t even have to mow the lawn (no, I don’t have a kid do it, I don’t believe in creating a slave class like so many parents do). Yes, there was a time where I mowed the lawn. I did it with a push-mower, and with a relatively massive John Deere tractor on a postage-stamp size lawn.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. And it never made any fucking sense.

Oh, I get the argument that it keeps snakes and other potentially harmful or deadly creatures from making you easy prey because you can’t see them in the grass, but c’ the fuck did a mowed lawn even become a thing? Was it just farmers who had goats and cows eating this stuff and people somehow thought that was pretty or a sign of wealth to have so much cattle (which they would marry off their daughters for to get a piece of, perhaps?)...I mean what in the goddamned Hell inspired this creation of what is effectively “green concrete” in ecological parlance?

I don’t know, but this hilarious article linked below--which also has some solid data behind it, not that it’s telling you to entirely stop mowing--raises some interesting questions and concerns around the whole act. Try this line on:

“I’ve heard lawns compared to a biological desert. That’s really unfair, because deserts can be very diverse places.”

There you have it. Deserts have more life and biodiversity in them than our own lawns. What the fuck. And biodiversity is a big deal, folks. As I say on Sovryn Tech, you never want a monoculture of anything. That includes your front and back yards.

Really, read the whole story at the link below.



It’s an old point that I’ve made on Sovryn Tech many times: The real innovations in tech are happening in rustic garages and backyard sheds with solder smoke rising out of them, not in cities or Silicon Valley. Frankly, I think the same is happening in the realm of creativity and art (a realm near and dear to my heart). Now there is actually research to prove the point that the “creative class” or “creatives” are coming together in the rustic, countryside parts of America as much as they may come together in cities. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Check out some of the research:

“If anything, the arts may be even more important to rural innovation than they are to urban innovation. While my own research has drawn a connection between the arts and clusters of innovative high-tech startups in urban areas, Wojan and his colleague Bonnie Nichols’ data suggests an even stronger connection between arts and innovation in rural areas. And according to the NEA paper, probability that a rural firm will be a substantive innovator rises from 60 percent in rural counties with no performing arts organizations to nearly 70 percent for those that host two or three, to as high as 85 percent if a rural county hosts four or more.”

And there’s a lot more where that come from at the link below. You see, while I had the fortunate/unfortunate happenstance of growing up in New York City, I am at heart a “country boy.” No, no, I don’t mean that I listen to country music (not at all, please), I just mean that I like to wake up and look outside to see a good treeline, or at least as much green as there is blue outside. In my personal opinion (and you’re welcome to your own, of course)...fuck cities. So to find out that people of my ilk--and I do consider myself, and am called by peers, a “creative”--and other types of artists are flourishing and gathering in my favorite parts of the world is an exciting prospect. That’s not to say creatives don’t cloister in cities, but to suggest that art doesn’t happen by living deeper in nature is nonsense. And just as the tech being developed in the outskirts of civilization is going to save the world, I think the art being developed in the countryside might just do the same thing.   

Read all of the research at the link below.

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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources: videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Banned from the Bible Documentary

Mannnnn...remember when The History Channel used to actually show interesting, serious documentaries? Ahh...those were the days, kind of like when SyFy used to be The Sci-Fi Channel and actually gave a shit about the genre. Anyway, I digress. What I’m sharing with you here is an absolute classic from The History Channel: Banned from the Bible. Covering a multitude of books that didn’t make “the cut” in either Torah or the New Testament, along with a history of the Gnostics, and an impressive history of early Christianity that I think few realize the reality around. Secret Mark? The other apocalypse books besides Revelations? The Book of Enoch? The Books of Adam & Eve? Oh, baby, this is wild stuff that will give you an introduction to this wild world of heretical or not-so-kindly-looked-upon texts. In fact, when it originally aired a decade ago, it was so wildly popular that it spawned at least two other Banned from the Bible documentaries. It was that white hot. WOO! Get ready for a history lesson!

Bill Wurtz: and the day goes on

So yeah, Bill Wurtz is pretty nuts. If you’ve never seen his wild “History of” videos, you probably don’t know what I mean. But his off the wall animation style and choice of music always just leaves me with such a powerful sense of “What in the goddamned Hell?” that I can’t stop watching it. Well, his latest foray is no different...but it’s strangely beautiful in a corny 90’s kind of way. Wurtz’s latest, “And the Day Goes On,” is an inspirational jam by way of Too Many Cooks. Tapping into that same schmaltzy sitcom theme song vibe, it’s a song about survival and how everything’s going to be okay, even as we’re not sure what’s going on, where we are, or why space is involved. And yet even with that said, it manages to be remarkably sincere and actually kind of inspirational? I think? Anyway, not my usual fare, but I just thought it was bonkers and fun so I had to share it.

Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary PC Game Longplay Movie

What would a Sovryn Tech Newsletter be without some Star Trek? Okay, well you know you’re going to get some Star Trek: Forbidden Frontiers erotic short fiction later, but still, you can never get enough Star Trek (cue some Greatest Showman, baby: Never Enough). And if you can’t get enough Original Series action--with the original cast reprising their roles, no less--this video is for you!

I remember back in the early 90s, sitting in front of my 486 PC, and putting in the CD-ROM...Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary Enhanced Edition. As soon as the TOS theme music hit, and Captain Kirk started fucking talking (!) with William Shatner himself doing the voice acting (!)...holy Hell was I floored. It was like I was literally interacting with and playing an episode of Star Trek. I’m pretty sure I peed a little. It was remarkable. And the game--a game that only PCs could do at the time--was designed to literally act as continuing voyages of the daring crew of the Enterprise, right down to opening credits and (animated) television sequences to get you in the mood. And with all of the actors from the show doing the voice was, and is, perfect. The video above gives you a full 3-hour playthrough of this video game and narrative masterpiece if you’ve never had the chance to play it, or if you just want to experience the awesome “episodes” that the game designers made for you to play.

In fact, this game was so popular, it spawned an amazingly superior sequel: Star Trek: Judgement Rites, with all of the voice acting included as well. You can watch that badass game



It's the Sovryn Tech First University Book Club! Wait...doesn't everybody have a fucking book club? Yeah, it seems like it. I find most of them annoying, but since so many Sovryn Tech Patrons asked for this, you're getting one from me too (by demand of the listeners), as a new feature in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter!
But understand, I don't expect you to follow along and read (or listen to) all of this at the same speed I do. I and the other members of the Sovryn Tech Cabal (my lovely co-hosts) may never talk about these books on air, but if you want to see what we're taking in on our leisure (or not-so-leisure) time, below, every month, will be the books that myself, Stephanie, and Ellen had read for that month, or are in the middle of reading. Most likely though, we'll have completely gone through it if we're going to even mention a book here.
So enjoy, turn your screens off, and flex your mental muscles for a journey in the literary world!
And don't forget you can download wild and free out-of-print eBooks from!


Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos

Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov


Replay by Tristan Donovan

The Works and Days by Hesoid



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"Another Side of Paradise, Part III"
by Brian Sovryn

"USS Atlantis to Captain Ivanov. Captain Ivanov, come in please."

Captain Damien Ivanov responded to the purring female voice coming from his communicator, "Ivanov here, Atlantis. Report."

The woman's voice emanating from his communicator had originated from the small Section 31 vessel in orbit of the planet he now traversed--Sappho III-- and was starting to sound garbled. Ivanov assumed it was due to the high concentration of lethal berthold rays on the planet. The voice continued through the static, "You requested we check in within the first hour of your away team's beaming down. Our sensors indicated that yourself, Lt. T'Lana, and Cmdr. Jenn have split up. Is everything alright down there, Captain? Would you like us to send down more agents to the surface?"

Damien quietly appreciated the tact and punctuality of the crew Section 31 had given him to operate the new prototype vessel he was using as his science team's base of operations--the Sydney-class USS Atlantis. He responded to the query from the ship's cat-like Caitain, acting CO while he wasn't aboard, "Nothing to report from the surface, Lieutenant. I ordered the away team to split up to cover more ground before the planet's radiation becomes lethal to us. And negative on sending down more agents. Atlantis only has a crew of 10 besides the away team, we can't risk anyone else in case something does go wrong..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Capt. Ivanov's communicator beeped, signaling an incoming message from someone on the away team. "Hold, Atlantis," Damien said, switching to the other channel he was received. He couldn't make out what was being said, but it sounded like groans or moans...coming from Lt. T'Lana.

And the sounds wouldn't stop.

"Lieutenant T'Lana," he barked into his communicator. "Lieutenant?!"

No response.

Ivanov switched back to the communications channel to his ship, ordering, "Atlantis, give me a fix on Lt. T'Lana's position. Now!"

The instructions from the USS Atlantis had made it simple to track down Lt. T’Lana, with the report that Cmdr. Varese Jenn was also nearby his Vulcan lieutenant. While Capt. Ivanov could have simply scanned for their whereabouts with his tricorder, the ship in orbit would be able to find the fastest possible route to them, and inform him if there was any geological trouble along the way. Atlantis had found a river--one that Damien noticed was devoid of any fish or animal life--that led directly to the rest of the away team’s location. An easy path for him to follow. The two women’s present location was much deeper into the vegetation and forests of Sappho III than he would have liked or thought necessary for completing the mission of collecting samples of the Omicron pod pants and their spores. The recent alarming, nonsensical message from Lt. T’Lana didn’t make Capt. Ivanov feel any more comfortable about the situation.
The river was steadily growing wider the further he followed it. The water was increasing in speed and crashing against jutting rocks from the riverbed, the sound of the chaos approaching a roar. Just ahead, Damien could see the cause of the rushing and roar of the river: a sheer cliff that must have led to a massive waterfall. He grasped his tricorder and scanned the area for his fellow Section 31 agents.
Two life forms nearby. One Betazoid, one Vulcan. T’Lana and Varese.
The Betazoid, Varese, was to the east away from the river and the waterfall ahead. The Vulcan, T’Lana, was ahead, just over the edge of the falls. Capt. Ivanov tossed his tricorder away to his side and quickly opened his communicator, yelling into it over the roar, “Lt. T’Lana! T’Lana!!”
No response.
Damien ran to the edge of the cliff, looking out over the waterfall to see if he could make visual contact with the Vulcan.
What he saw stopped him in his tracks more so than the edge he almost went over. Down below, just over a large pool of water that was peaceful in comparison to the waterfall that fed it was Lt. T’Lana climbing and hanging from a tree...smiling. She was naked except for her Section 31-issued knee-high boots, her legs wrapped around the limb of the tree, and had one hand holding onto the limb as she reached down to try to touch the water. Ivanov couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
Something was wrong, he thought.
He yelled out to her over the roar of the waterfall, hoping that with her superior Vulcan hearing she would hear him, “T’Lana!!!”
T’Lana looked up from her climbing position and locked eyes with Capt. Ivanov, and her smile flashed even wider as she did. Ivanov realized the moment must have distracted her concentration, however, as her grip slipped from the tree limb and she slid off, crashing into the pool of water.
“T’Lana!!” the Captain yelled, this time out of concern instead of getting her attention. Ivanov instinctively pulled off his black uniform shirt, not wasting time to bother removing his pants or boots, and dived into the pool of water below from the top of the waterfall. His large frame expertly crashed into the water, and quickly he began swimming towards the Vulcan visible beneath the surface of the remarkably clear water. At this part of the lake, he gauged that the water’s depth had to be around seven meters, and T’Lana was still sinking down. He swam faster, and immediately scooped her into his arms underwater as he continued towards the shallower parts ahead.
When they got to where Damien could stand, he lifted the Vulcan woman out of the water. Holding her thin body in his arms, her arms wrapped around his neck as she coughed. He walked and carried her to the shore of the waterfall’s plunge pool, laying her nude body down on the grass.
The roar of the waterfall was now well in the distance so he could easily hear her. T’Lana coughed a few more times until she said in her low, Vulcan voice, “Damien...Captain...I...thank you!”
Ivanov was thrown off by her use of his first name, but was even more thrown off by her almost giddy expression of gratitude. “T’Lana, what is…” he started to wonder questioningly.
“Captain?” she asked, innocently, the odd grin--for a usually emotionless Vulcan--returning to her face.
The Captain couldn’t get over it, leaving him nearly speechless. The usually cool and collected Vulcan wasn’t just using different facial expressions, her whole attitude and mood had changed. She looked happy, he thought, and he had never seen a happy Vulcan until now. “Lieutenant, what is going on? You’re...smiling.”
T’Lana straightened her mouth slightly, responding, “It’s only logical that I smile, Dami...Captain. You saved my life! How could I not be happier to be alive?”
The Captain bit his lip, but couldn’t keep from saying, “‘Happier’?”
“Certainly, Captain,” T’Lana continued. “How could I possibly repay my commanding officer for saving my life? I was climbing a tree, and…”
Ivanov interrupted her, “Lt. T’Lana, do you realize you were climbing a tree?”
“I love climbing trees, Captain!” she replied with the widest grin yet.
He was now more perplexed than ever, “You…’love’?”
“Yes...I can love now…”
Damien interrupted her, “Where is Cmdr. Jenn, Lieutenant?”
He noticed a difference in T’Lana’s grin now, it had become almost lustful as she spoke, “Varese went to find more fruit. She will return soon. But please, Captain...Damien...allow me to show gratitude for saving my life. There is no greater expression of love. It’s only logical...” Her voice trailed off as she leaned and kissed him deeply. Her hand then reached down to his soaked pants, rubbing the crotch of them, causing the Captain to instinctively make a sound of pleasure and surprise.
But he quickly broke the kiss and stepped back, “Lieutenant, what is this?”
T’Lana ran a hand up her body, looking lustfully at the Captain, flicking back her wet, straight, dark, shoulder-length hair, saying, “Do you not find me attractive, Damien?”
For a moment, Ivanov was entranced by the Vulcan, “Of course I think you’re beautiful, Lieutenant,” but the mention of rank snapped him out of the moment. “You will address me as ‘Captain,’ Lt. T’Lana! I don’t know what’s going on here, but…”
T’Lana fell to her knees, her hands reaching out to his manhood through his pants again, “Yes, Captain. I’ll call you whatever you like.” Her hands were now stroking the growing hardness in his uniform. She looked up at him from her submissive position. She had noticed his musculature before, but she could never appreciate it until now. Without his uniform shirt, his abs, his broad chest, and his massive arms for any human were now on full display before her. She admired strength as it was an innate Vulcan trait not shared by many other species. And she admired the mind she knew her Captain possessed. The mind that was so quick and caring to save her.
T’Lana wanted him. “I am well versed in human biology and mating rituals. I can do that now. Please allow me to thank you, Captain. Everything has changed since the spores.”
Ivanov pulled away, “The spores?! Lieutenant, you were infected by the spores?”
She reached again for his now pronounced hardness in his pants, “Yes, Captain. Both Varese and I have been infected. It feels...wonderful...Captain. I feel...everything. And I want to feel you…”
Damien put her hands in his and then lifted her up from her knees. Based on what he knew of the spores, no amount of talk about duty or making orders was going to interrupt T’Lana’s sense of peace and well-being. “Lieutenant...T’Lana...I need you to stay here, I’m going to find the Commander...go find Varese. Okay?”
“Then can we both thank you for saving us, Captain?”
“T’Lana…” he sighed. “Just stay here. I’ll be back for you.”
“Yes, sir,” T’Lana said playfully.
As Captain Ivanov walked away from the waterfall, he looked back to see Lt. T’Lana playing in the water and swimming to a large rock in the plunge pool, shaking his head and continuing along the rest of the river flowing out from it.
The Caitan voice of the temporary commanding officer came over Capt. Ivanov’s communicator, garbled to the point of her statements being broken up, “We are...attack...Captain! It’s a...small...Ro....of-Prey.”
Ivanov ordered into his handheld device, “Say again, Lieutenant? Your transmission is breaking up.”
The static laced with a feminine feline voice came through again, “...jammed. It’s...Romulans.”
He clenched his fist, angry at himself for being on the surface of the planet while the USS Atlantis was in orbit being attacked by the Romulans. “I should be on the bridge,” he thought to himself vexingly. Speaking of the static, he began to order, “Lieutenant, beam me…” but then the static was gone. “Atlantis?” he queried, adjusting the bandwidth settings of his communicator. “Atlantis, come in.” After a few minutes of changing settings on the communicator and querying for a status report, he looked at the chronograph on its display and closed the device.
He looked around him, down at the river with the crystal clear water, then to the flora and vegetation, and the forest tree lines nearby.
After a few moments he reopened his communicator, activating its log recording function:
Captain’s Log: Supplemental
I am...marooned here. The USS Atlantis was potentially destroyed in orbit by a Romulan attack. Though the ship has advanced defenses, it was not designed for fleet action. Best possible outcome is that they used the enhanced engine design of the Sydney-class prototype to outmaneuver the Romulans and escape this region of space.
For myself and my away team, the result is the same: without the Atlantis we have no way of leaving Sappho III. And with the lethality of the berthold rays bombarding this time is running out. Lt. T’Lana and Cmdr. Varese Jenn have both been infected by the Omicron spores that Section 31 ordered us to collect. According to the reports from the USS Enterprise, once infected with the spores, the host is protected from the effects of the berthold radiation. Lt. T’Lana and Cmdr. Jenn are safe. And now I must choose to either begin to die on this planet in the next thirty minutes...or infect myself with the Omicron spores. Doing so would allow me to survive...but at what cost?
I know what I must do.
For future expeditions to this planet--either the returning Atlantis or another ship from Section 31--I leave this log entry in hopes that your mission is a success for the future of the Federation, and that you don’t suffer the same fate.
Varese Jenn looked out from under the waterfall that was drenching her naked body, staring at the Vulcan woman nearby that was tanning herself on a large rock that jutted out from the waterfall’s plunge pool. T’Lana was already well-tanned, but Varese imagined on Vulcan that tanning was either a popular pastime on the arid planet, or that tanning was one of these new habits that T’Lana was already picking up and enjoying, like making love to her, over and over again.
But for now, Varese merely enjoyed the sight of--to her--the veritable Vulcan goddess with her stunning toned and trim naked body lying on that rock in the sun. Varese had desired T’Lana since the first time she joined the Section 31 Science Division, but knew the Vulcan either wouldn’t or couldn’t return that desire.
Until now.
After being infected by the spores, the two women had completely fallen in love; hard and fast as it had only been a few hours previous. The two found it impossible to imagine not being together, or not being in love, or all over each other. And Varese knew the love was real. Not just because she was a Betazoid and could empathically detect T’Lana’s feelings, but also because somehow the spores had linked the two of them together mentally. Varese didn’t know if this was because Vulcans were also a psionically gifted race, but she revelled in the connection, regardless. Just hours ago as the two were all over each other for the third time that day, the two women could feel each other’s orgasms. It caused Varese to convulse for almost thirty minutes in pure ecstasy, not realizing that Vulcan orgasms lasted so long.
But the commander’s thoughts turned to a hint of sadness for a moment as she remembered what T’Lana told her just before they had their third lovemaking session for the day. She had seen Damien--Captain Ivanov--and he had heroically rescued her from a fall, then left T’Lana alone for reasons she didn’t know. Unless the Captain had beamed back aboard the USS Atlantis, she knew, the berthold rays bombarding the planet would have killed him by now. She hoped that he was able to get back to the ship, though she also longed for him then, wishing he was there for her to express her love for him, as well.
A fantasy entered Varese’s mind, and she imagined the three of them--herself, T’Lana, and Damien--all living together on the planet, with the plants and their spores, in that paradise. No more Section 31 or threats to the Federation to deal with. Just the three of them together. In perfect health, thanks to the spores. In love. Making love. At peace. For the rest of their days.
The she saw him.
In her revelry, Varese thought that her mind was playing tricks on her. She looked beyond T’Lana tanning on the rock island, and at the shore of the water saw Damien standing there shirtless, wearing only his Section 31 uniform pants and boots. His large, muscled form was easily seen even from the distance the waterfall was from the shore.
Varese shook her head to try and clear what she was sure was just a mental image, but as she looked again to the edge of the water, he was still there in all of his chiseled glory, and he was smiling. Damien never smiled, she remembered. Sometimes he would have a devious grin, but he never smiled. Her mind must be playing tricks on her, she counseled herself again.
Then T’Lana called out, “Captain?”
If T’Lana was seeing him, too…
Varese yelled as she came out from under the waterfall, “Damien! Damien you’re alive! You’re here!” She swam as fast as she could, and she saw T’Lana get off of her rock and jump into the water, both of them heading towards the massive man standing at the shore.
Damien then unfastened his uniforms pants and removed his boots, tossing them aside and jumped into the water naked to meet them. T’Lana paused for a second at the sight of his member, giving Varese the chance to catch up to her. As she passed the Vulcan she looked back and waved her forward, T’Lana now hopping through the water behind her.
In seconds the three of them were together, standing in the water, arms around each other in an embrace of total joy filled with laughter.
“Damien, we feared the worst had happened to you!” Varese exclaimed, kissing the tall man on the cheek.
T’Lana was only slightly more reserved, “It is good to see you well, Captain. have you survived this long on the planet’s surface?”
Damien spoke, proving he was no mirage, “Please, T’Lana, you can call me Damien. No ranks now. I survived by…”
Varese interrupted him with excitement, “You’’re one of us now! I can feel it...the spores in you. You’re…”
“Yes,” Damien now interrupted her. “The Atlantis...I don’t know what happened to her but I lost contact. The ship was attacked by Romulans. When I realized that we were stuck here, I decided that to survive I’d have to get infected by the spores. I thought about just letting the radiation end it all...but I had to get back to you, Varese. I love you.”
The Betazoid’s smile only became larger, followed by her kissing him on the cheek again. The relationship between herself and the Captain had gone beyond the professional long before, but he was never willing to describe the depths of his feelings before, as much as she wanted to tell him the same thing. But now he did, and now she could, too.
Before Varese could say anything more, T’Lana touched the Captain’s arm, caressing his bicep that made her hand look so small, “Captain...Damien...I...I love you.”
Damien smiled a heartfelt smile at T’Lana, his eyes with a look of understanding that bordered on pity, but his words showed its true meaning, “I love you, too, T’Lana. I’ve admired you for so long...I’m sorry I was harsh with you earlier, I…”
T’Lana touched his face with the back of her hand, “It was...understandable, Damien. Only now...please allow me to show my gratitude.”
Varese wrapped her arms as best she could around Ivanov, pressing her face against his arm, “Let us both show you our gratitude. We’re so happy you’re alive. So happy you’re here.”
T’Lana put the hand that was caressing his face to the back of his head and pulled him gently down to her lips, kissing him passionately as her naked body pressed closer to his own. After a minute, Varese’s hand then guided Damien’s lips towards her own, locking their lips in a deep embrace as both of Damien’s hands stroked the backs of both women, his arms bringing them in tighter. The three exchanged kisses between each other until Varese finally took Damien and T’Lana by their hands and began leading them to the shore to a spot underneath the very tree that T’Lana had been climbing hours before.
All three of them laid in the grass, with T’Lana now in the center of the trio, her back to Damien and her front to Varese. Varese kissed T’Lana as Damien ran his hands all along the Vulcan’s body, squeezing her thigh, then lightly tracing it with his fingertips, repeating that process as he went along. T’Lana moaned softly from all of the gentle, loving attention.
Damien then began kissing the back of T’Lana’s neck, sucking on it lightly as his fingers cleared away her hair and massaged her scalp now. Varese continued the passionate embrace of her lips with the Vulcan woman, squeezing their bodies even closer, their warmth of their breasts pressing against each other causing an “mmmph” from both women.
T’Lana could now feel Damien’s hardness against her thigh as he gently humped her with it. She shifted herself from laying on her side to her back, allowing Damien to continue humping her thigh while she turned her head away from Varese and met Damien’s lips. She was surprised at the tenderness with which he kissed her. In the past, when she had seen the Captain and Varese kiss, he always seemed more forceful in the act, but now his kisses matched the one’s she had been feeling throughout the day from Varese. T’Lana wanted to kiss both of them forever.
The Betazoid woman next to her lowered herself down. Her head was now at T’Lana’s right breast, and Varese’s tongue began to lick gently on the nipple of it, causing T’Lana to shudder. Varese’s hand tracing the Vulcan’s side only caused the shuddering to intensify as she continued to kiss Damien.
Damien then lowered his own head down to her other breast, and matched Varese’s attentions on the Vulcan’s ample bosom. T’Lana moaned, wrapping her arms around the heads of her two new lovers, stroking Varese’s hair and Damien’s bald head, urging them on. T’Lana then felt the Betazoid woman’s hand at her pussy, probing the increasing wetness there, until the hand started to gently rub her clit. The stimulation from a mouth on each of her breasts and the hand at her clit made T’Lana convulse and her legs instinctively started shuffling in an attempt to back away from the man and woman pleasuring her.
But Damien’s arms wrapped around her back and stomach, not letting her get away. He unlatched his mouth from her nipple and began kissing around it, nuzzling the soft skin of her breast as he pressed his cock even harder against her thigh. T’Lana moved her thigh to press against it in return, invitingly. But instead of moving to enter her with his hardness, Damien brought his hand down to her pussy, slowly inserting two fingers into her. T’Lana couldn’t stop moaning, the sound growing louder than the nearby waterfall.
Varese continued to rub T’Lana’s wetness as Damien’s fingers worked their magic, and she lifted her head from the Vulcan’s breast to meet Damien’s face, kissing him deeply as they both pleasured the woman between them.
T’Lana’s words came out in gasps, “Please...Varese...Damien...if you...continue...I’m going to...ohhhh...I’m going to...can’t control…” The Vulcan arched her back as her mouth opened wide, letting out a deep, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m...I’m cummmminnnggg!”
As T’Lana shook from her orgasm, Varese suddenly fell to her back, as well, shaking and shuddering, her own moans filing the air.
Damien saw nothing but pleasure in the women’s faces, but didn’t understand what was going on. “Varese...T’Lana...what’s happening?” he asked.
Varese was the only one able to form words, “Oh...god...I...ohhhhh...T’Lana and I...are tele...pathic. The spores...fuckkkkk...the spores cause us to feel...each other’s...pleasure...and orgasms...oh fuuuuuckkkk! T’Lana you’re cumming soooo hard!”
Both women were now groping and caressing their own bodies. As it continued, seeming to go on forever, Damien held both of them in his arms as they shuddered, hoping only to express his love for them in the act.
T’Lana’s breath started to slow in time with Varese’s. The Vulcan woman turned to kiss Varese who was now laying next to her, her long, curly, Betazoid hair covering T’Lana’s shoulder as she rested on it. Then T’Lana turned to kiss Damien once more. Words could still barely escape her lips, “” She asked that, her hand now stroking his still hard and exposed member.
Though Damien hadn’t yet felt the telepathic connection the two women did--and wasn’t sure that he ever would--he thought he felt what the Vulcan desired. He got onto his knees and moved to where his cock now was in front of her face, lowering himself to where he was almost resting on his calves.
T’Lana moved her head closer to the large, now very hard cock that had caused her to pause earlier. While still on her back, she took it into her mouth, sucking on it slowly, lovingly. She thought back to her training on sexual techniques for Section 31 undercover work months ago on Risa, the pleasure planet, and how they had shown all of the different ways to please species with this type of male organ. From the deep, breathy sounds that Damien was now making, she knew that she had not forgotten her training at all. Though from its length and girth she couldn’t take all of Damien into her mouth from this position, she rolled her tongue on the head and along the shaft as best she could, switching between her eyes closed, and looking up at the large man before her with a mixture of genuine love and desire. T’Lana found herself moaning once more as she felt the warm hand of Varese once again on her pussy, rubbing it gently while she continued to suck on Damien’s hardness.
Damien continued to grunt and groan in pleasure until he felt his cock leave T’Lana’s mouth, only to feel another mouth take more of him in. He opened his eyes from the incredible feelings to see Varese resting her body atop of T’Lana’s, and now taking him into her own mouth. He raised his legs slightly to accommodate her higher position, T’Lana using her tongue to caress the part of his shaft that wasn’t in Varese’s mouth. The two women eventually began switching between who sucked on Damien, and at one point he was sure he heard them giggle to each other. All he could do was enjoy the incredible feeling of the two women pleasing him.
Then Varese got up from on top of T’Lana, getting on her knees and crooking her finger at Damien, motioning for him to come closer to her, a devilish grin on her face, “Get over here, Damien. The spores have so much more to offer...”
Damien had forgotten about the spores, other than he could hear what he thought were faint voices or extra thoughts running through his head since he allowed himself to be infected with them. And he now found it odd that near the waterfall--near any water, in fact--the pod plants that the spores sprayed out from were nowhere to be seen. But as he looked into the completely black-irises of Varese’s eyes, and at the look on her face, he found he cared nothing for those details.
He crawled over to her, and she gently put her hands on his broad shoulders, motioning him down to the ground, onto his back. His member stood straight up, still hard from all of the loving attention the--to his mind--two most beautiful women he had ever seen were giving him, and Varese now eyed it lustfully.
Varese got to her feet, and then stood to where Damien was between her legs, and began slowly lowering herself to his groin, and onto his cock. The warmth of her pussy caused Damien to gasp in pleasure, and Varese joined in his gasp as she revelled in the feeling of fullness his large cock gave her. She lifted herself up and down on his shaft by the balls of her feet, riding him until her knees gave out, then she lowered herself to her knees and continued to ride him.
T’Lana pleasured herself as she watched Varese continue to straddle and take Damien within her, but as Varese lowered to her knees, she got up and straddled Damien behind the Betazoid woman and began kissing her neck beneath her curly locks, and her thin Vulcan hands went up to Varese’s breasts, caressing them as she continued to be filled by Damien. As T’Lana pinched and gently pulled at Varese’s nipples, the sensations brought the Betazoid over the edge, sending her convulsing in orgasm atop of their captain.
In seconds--due to the telepathic link between the two women caused by the spores--T’Lana began orgasming, as well. She put her arms around Varese, holding her as they both came. Though Betazoids didn’t orgasm as long as Vulcans did, it was no less intense to her.
Varese then turned to T’Lana behind her, caressing her surrounding arms, “You have to feel this, T’Lana. I...I want to see Damien cum inside you. Fill you with his love.”
T’Lana hugged Varese tighter and responded, in a sweet voice, especially for a Vulcan, “All I want is love. All I want is us.”
Varese got up from Damien’s member and took T’Lana’s hands, standing her up and then guiding her back down to her knees on Damien, saying softly, “Then have us, T’Lana. All of us.”
T’Lana moaned as Damien’s thick hardness entered her. It made her feel so good, and so full, she thought. It made her think back to the spore-vines that entered her and Varese earlier, but this was different, she thought. This was a man, taking her, enjoying her, loving her. And she loved the man beneath her in return. She put her hands on his broad, muscular chest slowly increasing the pace and depth at which she took him in. Her mind became filled with the thoughts of having Damien fill her every day. Feeling him inside her, feeling his love surround her.
And she felt Varese’s love surround her now as the woman returned the favor T’Lana had performed earlier, getting behind and playing with her as she continued to ride Damien. But instead of caressing the Vulcan’s breasts, Varese rubbed T’Lana’s clit, sending sensations through her that she didn’t think possible. The fullness of the cock inside her, the intense touch from Varese.
She couldn’t take it for long.
T’Lana orgasmed with such intensity that she could barely moan. Her mouth was open, but it sent feelings through her body that kept any sound from escaping. T’Lana was sure it was impossible to orgasm harder than she already had multiple times during that day, but she was proven wrong. And just as her moans could come out as sound and she thought she could catch her breath, she felt a new warmth inside of her.
It was Damien’s cum.
His grunts matched her moans that were now audible, and she yelled out to the universe, “Ohhhhhh! Fill me...with love...fill me...with everything...ohhhhhhh…all of it…”
And with that T’Lana collapsed on his chest.
The three of them were around the fire, still completely nude. They no longer felt the need for clothes. Varese and Damien were sitting up, Damien’s arm around Varese to keep her warm, with T’Lana lying down, lounging across both of their laps, enjoying the warmth of their bodies. Varese ran her fingers through the Vulcan’s hair and stroked T’Lana’s arm while Damien gently rubbed the lieutenant’s thigh. T’Lana just stared at the fire with a smile of contentment.
They had lost track of how many times they had made love that day. It was all they could think about through most of it. But later in the day, as the sun began to set on Sappho III, Capt. Damien Ivanov realized some shelter may have been needed for the night, and so he quickly built a structure he hadn’t built since he’d been a school boy: a lean-to. Using smooth logs that had been worn and washed down by the river and its waterfall, it was easy for him to construct the basic structure, but it had nothing to use as weatherproofing for its roof. Since the three of them had either had their uniforms torn or never bothered to put them back on other than their boots, Damien decided to use the remains of all three of their uniforms as the weatherproofing since the intricate materials of Starfleet/Section 31 uniforms were specifically designed for all-weather conditions. The roof of the lean-to was now black as the night from being covered by their clothing.
T’Lana was the first to stir, getting up from her lying position and propping herself up by one arm. She brought her free hand to Damien’s face and pulled herself closer, kissing him lovingly. She then touched Varese’s face gently, enjoying its softness, and then leaning in to kiss her as well with just as much love.
Damien spoke first, however, “I think we could all use some rest. It’s not every day you start a new life. A new love.”
“Just the three of us, Damien?” Varese asked.
“Just the three of us, my love.” Damien replied.
T’Lana looked at both of them, and then back at the fire, “I never want to go back. I want to stay here. Forever. Here...with you. Here...I can be happy.”
Damien and Varese hugged the Vulcan woman, with Damien assuring, “Then here is where we stay, T’Lana. We want you to always be happy.”
T’Lana smiled, and took Varese’s hand as the Betazoid led all three of them to the lean-to. They cuddled up inside, with T’Lana in the middle, her arm around Varese, and Damien’s arm around both of them.
And for the first time in her life, T’Lana fell asleep happy.


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