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Long time, no write. I hope you're doing well!

My past 4 weeks were pure insanity. I worked through a pile of renovations in my turn-of-the-century flat in Budapest, Hungary. In this case, the turn of the century stands for old. I had the complete electricity changed. I spackled, painted, repaired, and cleaned.

While I'm happy with the result, I had several breakdowns along the process. I did almost everything alone and was at the mercy of craftsmen while it all cost a crap ton of money; a lot more than I anticipated.

It's a first-world problem but it nevertheless drove me into a vortex of anxiety and insomnia. Therefore, I wrote an article about it. It's a free pass to complain about first-world problems. 

If something takes a toll on you and you're mad at yourself for complaining and feeling bad about it, read it. Remember: First-world problems can destroy your life. Problems are as real as you experience them to be. What destroys your mental health isn’t a laughable triviality but something you have a right and obligation to deal with.

Things I enjoyed in the past weeks

Note: You can find all articles and books I read, podcast episodes I listen to, and movies I watch on my virtual Bookshlf (the place where I list all digital content I consume).

🎶 Music: Flow State
Flow State is my go-to resource to find music for productivity. Every day, they recommend another artist and their specific albums to listen to while you work. Almost all of them are without vocals and run perfectly in the background while I write.

🧠 Test: The Divergent Association Task
This 4-minute test measures your verbal creativity in 4 minutes in relation to thousands of others who took this test. Your task is to find 10 words as different from each other as possible. 3 postdoctoral psychology researchers from Harvard and the University of Melbourne designed the test. They found people who score higher tend to be more creative and novel in their thinking. I had a lot of fun as finding these words isn't as easy as it seems.

💡 Creator Tips: Tips from 102 creators who earned more than $100,000
The digital sales platform Gumroad shares 102 tips from 102 creators who made $100,000+ on the platform. 

"Finding something that works is purely a numbers game. Try as many things as possible. First breadth, then depth. Explore, then exploit. The only way to fail is by doing nothing."

📘 Book: The Eighth Life by Nino Haratschvili
This is a 1,300-page brick of a book I read in less than a month. It's an epic family saga spanning a century. It begins with the Russian Empire and Revolution and ends today, depicting a century of war, loss, love, joy, massacres, and tragedy through the eyes of a Georgian family. I couldn't put it down and fell in love with its magical realism.

✍️ A Quote to Ponder: "Take pride in knowing that your struggle will play the biggest role in your purpose." - Melanie Maynard


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