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Passions. Who doesn't want to follow them and live a passion-driven life packed with meaning? 

As Mark Twain put it,

"Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life."

What if I told you almost everyone can do what they love and make good money at the same time? You don't need any special skills, starting capital, or even a great business idea. All you need is to follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Find a job or start a business that makes good money;
Step 2: Do what you love and pursue your creativity because you love it, not for the money.

As a former tortured artist desperate to make money with her passion (writing), here's my precious advice: Don't burden your "passion" with financial obligations.

Passions cease to be passions as soon as you burden them with the enormous responsibility to provide you a living.

A fulfilled life doesn't mean your passions have to fill all your emotional and financial needs. Quite the opposite: A fulfilled life means you can pursue and love your passions without any strings attached. You can do what you love because you love it, not for the money.

Here's what Elizabeth Gilbert says about this in her fantastic book Big Magic:

"It wasn't until my fourth book (and that book was freaking Eat Pray Love, for heaven's sake), that I finally allowed myself to quit all other works and become nothing other than a writer of books. I held on to those other sources of income for so long because I never wanted to burden my writing with the responsibility of paying for my life."

"But I hate my job!"

When I say find a job or start a business that makes good money, I don't mean sell your soul to the devil. Don't settle for something you dread and/or is against your values. Find a good job or start a good business. One you can enjoy and don't mind spending time with. Find one you're genuinely interested in and which fosters you.

You can enjoy something, or be at least okay with it, even if you're not on fire and it's not your biggest passion.

"But I want to take my art/creativity/passion seriously!"

You're right, you absolutely should. Treat your passion with at least the same professionalism and devotion you treat your job:

Show up, find fans, take courses, and seek to improve. Let people pay you for what you do. Don’t make it your primary (or worse: only) source of income, however. This way, you don’t have to act like you need the money — because you don’t.

Passion as a primary source of income means compromise. It means to pursue it less than you’d like to and more as demand dictates.

Bottom line: Don't work your ass off while you do something you hate. Don't live like a churchmouse so you can do what you love. Put real effort into a good balance instead.⚖️

Separate making money from doing what you love. Find a way to do both with dedication and diligence and you’ll be a lot closer to happiness than any tortured artist.


Things I enjoyed in the past weeks

Note: You can find all articles and books I read, podcast episodes I listen to, and movies I watch on my virtual Bookshlf (the place where I list all digital content I consume).

🐡Documentary: Seaspiracy 
The sad truth about why your reduction of plastic is useless. The wooden cutleries, the bamboo straw, and the reusable coffee cup are a drop in the bucket if we look at what pollutes and destroys the oceans: industrial fishing.

Article: Human Alarm Clocks of the 19th Century by Ben Kageyama
Did you ever wonder how people woke up before the advent of alarm clocks? Me neither, until I came across Ben Kageyama's piece about the "knocker upper" - the guy whose job was to knock on your window to wake you up.

🎬Movie: Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski
A stunningly beautiful movie about the search for identity in post-WWII-Poland - a country that lost 20% of its population to the war.

🛌Debate: Is It Time for a Sleep Divorce? by Ivy Manners
Research and thoughts behind separate beds as a couple. As someone with insomnia, this makes so much sense to me. If you ever fought the next day because of snoring and alarm snoozing, etc., you might like to play with this idea, too.

🗺️ Documentary Collection: A-Z of the World by Filip Pušnik
On this virtual bookshelf, curator Filip Pušnik shares a documentary per week on every country of the world starting with Afghanistan and ending with Zimbabwe. It's a great resource for everyone who misses travel, but also for those who want to learn about the joys and struggles of countries we too rarely talk about.


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