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I rarely talk about money in my writing and in my emails. I started to make exceptions and published an elaborate article about how I make $1,500 of passive income every month - and how you can do it too.

In the woke-bubble it might seem like money isn't important - all you have to do is do the inner work, practice self-care, and meditate. Then, abundance will knock on your door.

Money is still a taboo topic in most Western societies. Therefore, it's often something people struggle with alone and feel embarrassed to complain about. If you read this email chances are you're privileged in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, complaining about money might seem trivial and petty to you.

Creative people in particular are often reluctant to compromise on their passions. We see it as a part of our identity and don't want to give up on it. To work a corporate job instead of the pursuit of our art, therefore, can feel like a soul-sucking necessity.

Nevertheless, money is important. #newsflash

In fact, up to a certain threshold ($75,000 annually in the US), there's a scientific correlation between money and happiness. While money doesn't buy happiness, it's an essential baseline. There's something elitist about pretending it isn't - those who tell you to just follow your passions probably never struggled to make ends meet.

If you read my emails for a while, however, you know I encourage you to be bold, creative, and not be afraid to live. This is what I try to practice daily. I'm happy I have the opportunity to put a lot of time into this newsletter without earning money for it (except for the occasional coffee you guys buy me - THANKS! It means the world!💛).

I can do this, however, because I put a lot of work into things that aren't my so-called biggest passions. I sell educational online courses, tutor, and freelance if necessary. Before I quit my job and decided to pursue digital entrepreneurship I worked 9-5 for multinational companies for 3+ years and saved up.

Although writing (one of my true passions) makes me some money by now, it's not nearly enough and that's okay. 

The key is to maintain this sweet spot between enough money and enough time. Therefore, my goal was to trade as little time for money as possible and focus on different income streams apart from selling my time.

In the end, these are the lessons I learned so far from the balance of self-employment, making ends meet, and creativity:

1. To watch your expenses, to not overspend, to save, to make money with things you're not passionate about - these are means of necessary self-care. There's no self-love in struggle and constant overspending.

2. To follow your passions and make good money, do something that makes good money and follow your passions for love, not the paycheck. Passions cease to be passions as soon as your burden them with the enormous responsibility to provide you an income.

3. You don't have to trade your time for money 1:1. There are several ways to make passive income and free up time to pursue the things you love.

Here's how I did it: The Exact Steps I Followed to Make $1,500+ of Passive Income Every Month


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Things I enjoyed in the past weeks:

Note: Apart from articles, I recently started to add my favorite books and podcast-episodes to my virtual Bookshlf (the place where I list all digital content I consume).

📚Tutorial: How to Digest Books Above Your "Level" and Increase Your Intelligence by Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday encourages us to look further than the easy read. Our brain is a muscle we can and should stretch. A highly insightful tutorial to help you read books and articles you find too hard and complicated.

💟 Article: What Every Heart-Emoji Really Means by Keith Broni & Jeremy Burge
A happy mood-booster article for these strange times. If you always wondered about the most and least-used heart-emojis; if you never knew who uses the brown heart🤎 or this 💟 strange purple heart-shaped frame, have a look!
I found this via Recomendo.

💡 Inspiration: 7 Life Lessons From a Guy Who Can't Move Anything But His Face
Jon Morrow created a million-dollar online business from his wheelchair. He was one of my guiding lights on my way to self-employment.

🎧 Playlist: Finally, I made my own playlist for deep work called Classical concentration. It's a mix of tunes I found on Pitchfork's best ambient albums, FlowState, and the highest-rated modern classical albums. Music is essential for me to focus and I hope this playlist can be helpful for you too.

💭 I lately wondered a lot about this quote from Alan Watts's The Wisdom of Insecurity:

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