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October 25, 2018

This Week

  • Fri. & Sat. Oct. 26-27, Diocesan Convention, Sherwood Hall, Salinas
  • This Sun. Oct. 28
    • Noon, Architecture Meeting to review chair options. Anyone welcome to sit in. Location TBA; look for Jon Showalter
    • Noon, craft workshop for Christmas Fair, Youth Center, led by Marta Strock.   Beginners welcome!
    • 5-6 p.m. Dedication of Our New Organ with a Recital by Bill Visscher, our own long-time organist and builder of this organ.  It will be short.  It will be fabulous!
Coming Up
  • Thurs., Oct 25, 7:30 Outreach Committee in Youth Center; come see what we are reachout out to!   All Welcome.
  • Sunday, Nov. 18, 5 p.m, St John's, Gala Party to celebrate a successful stewardship campaign, prepared by Chef Chris Rowen and family. Details coming soon and you don't have to bring anything!!
Events of Organizations We Support
  • Fri. Oct. 26, 6:30 p.m.  Faith Community Shelter Fundraiser, Pasta Dinner & Art Sale, 1st United Methodist Church- Ages: family friendly- fund raiser for homeless shelter members who are working to assist in their effort to move toward housing. The members have created the art. All proceeds go to the members directly. Suggested donation: General $10, Students $5.
  • Fri., Nov. 2, Evening of Wine and Roses, 6-9 p.m. Crosetti Hall at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. Fund raiser for Community Health Trust (a past Helpful Shop grant recipient)
  • Sun., Nov. 4, 2-5 p.m., Tent of Abraham event at St John’s, “Asking the Difficult Questions." Mother Tracy will emcee the event! See below for details.
News about eNews!
Sherrie DeWitt
After this week, I am withdrawing from working on the eNews, as my daughter, Vicki, has moved nearby and I am part of the team that is caring for her as she gets treatment for Stage 4 cancer and beyond.

This puts the burden of writing and editing all on Chrys Sparks ( and Mother Tracy ( Please address all news items to them. I will forward as I am able but I don't expect to be highly attentive to my own email.  And as you formulate committee plans and events, please ask yourselves "who else needs to know about this?" and make sure newsworthy items get to them.

It has been a pleasure to work on effective communication within the parish and with all of you.

Faith Leader Assignment for Sunday, Oct. 28
9:15-10:15 a.m. in the sanctuary

Looking Closely at Spiritual Gifts:
Faith, Giving, Healing, Hospitality, Humor, Intercessory Prayer,
Interpretation of Tongues, Knowledge, Leadership

Using the Spiritual Gifts Definitions (p. 31-40 of Book 1), list biblical examples and then examples from our congregation of each of above gifts.  List the strengths and challenges. It is hoped everyone will  do this for all 9 of the gifts listed.  We had some pretty interesting ideas put forward last week.  

If you haven't yet emailed your 3-5 highest ranking spiritual gifts to Mtr. Tracy (, do it now so a parish wide inventory can be done.  

AND if you haven't already done your Spiritual Gifts Inventory (p. 27-29, Book 1), you can still do that.  Make sure to use the corrected pinkish-colored paper to score your inventory. If you've lost it, then go to   to get one.    

It's never too late to join the class. You will benefit from just being present and we will benefit from your presence. Childcare is available in the Nursery.

REVISED Faith Leader Schedule ("syllabus"):

THIS SUNDAY (Oct. 28) @ 5 p.m.
Concert to Dedicate the
Hook-Rosales Organ

William Visscher

Works by Telemann, Buxtehude, Bohm, Mendelssohn, Widor, Dupre & J.S. Bach. 
Oct. 28 Sunday School Project
Bring your children to church this Sunday so that they can prepare for the ALL SAINTS service on Nov. 4! All children will meet together for one Sunday School class this Sunday. 

2019 Stewardship Update
Suzanne Krakover-Nickel

Thank you to everyone who has completed & returned your pledge cards already.
For the rest of us, please REMEMBER to do so. If you’ve misplaced yours, extras will be available Sunday at the usher’s table. Just write your name and address below the space that reads “Name & Address Label Here."

Architecture Committee Meeting
Jon Showalter
Hey folks,
This is a reminder that the Architecture Committee will meet noonish this Sunday (Oct. 28) to review chair fabric options and Susan Wagner will be joining us with updated [stained glass] window choices.  Youth Center is booked, so we'll grab what room looks best... 
The Episcopal Church Year calendars
for 2019 have arrived!
Contact Eileen Fernald (688-6239 / to purchase one for $2.00.
Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Calling all Servers;
Ushers, Chalice Bearers, Readers & Intercessors!     
Sherrie DeWitt
New schedule beginning November 15 through March 3 is being prepared now, to be sent out by Thanksgiving, so please send your "away" dates or your "available" dates asap. Send to, RE: server schedule.   

VERY IMPORTANT - this includes Christmas, which is a difficult time to fill all the slots.
Please indicate if you CAN serve for any of the following dates:

Last Sunday of Advent, Dec. 23, 10:30 a.m.
Dec. 24 (Monday) Christmas Eve, Family Service, 4 p.m. (no incense)
Dec. 24 (Monday) Christmas Eve, Candlelight Service, 10 p.m. (no incense)
Dec. 25, (Tuesday) Christmas Day 11 a.m.  (Readers, Acolyte & Usher only- no Eucharist)
First Sunday of Christmas, Dec. 30, 10:30 a.m.

I am passing on this task [of scheduling servers] to a new member of our Parish, Nelson Crandall, who volunteered, for which we can all be grateful. I will be mentoring him through this set and after that he will be on his own. Remember, being new to the parish, he may not know you and he certainly does not know your idiosyncrasies like I do, so be especially communicative and helpful.  
Wise Words on Community
Mother Tracy
Alliee DeArmond has a monthly column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel called "In the Spirit." This month she wrote about the importance of building community not just with like-minded people, but across differences. Her words were powerful and eloquent and I wanted to draw them to your attention.

Here is a brief excerpt:
"A community is not us versus them. Finding your tribe, discovering some people with similar beliefs, attitudes and affiliations can be affirming and an important step forward. However, it is no place to stop. You don’t want to hang-out forever with the goths behind the lunchroom or the jocks beside the gym. Your ever-expanding identity is larger than this or that group.

True community is a mixture of ages, vocations, interests, skills, and perspectives — a bunch of people moving into ever-deepening care for one another. Intimacy, awareness, and honesty are the necessary, though dangerous, tools for the journey.   ... 

Shielded by plastic smiles, is easy to love, or hate, groups of people from a distance. However, unfeigned love is the gift we desire; a healing gift we can give one to another, personally, particularly, day by day."

-- Alliee DeArmond, "Conversations on Community,"
Santa Cruz Sentinel, Oct. 20, 2018

Read the full column at the Sentinel online:

At its best, this is what church should be: "a mixture of ages, vocations, interests, skills, and perspectives — a bunch of people moving into ever-deepening care for one another."  Thank you for these wise words, Alliee. May it be so at St. John's, with God's help.
Safeguarding Certification Update
The workshops on Oct. 6 led by the Rev. Kathey Crowe were very successful. Attendees went through 5 courses during the day with some great discussions. However, there are still courses to take online to complete certification. Contact Chrys in the office with questions or if you have forgotten your login and password.

Safeguarding God's Children
Those who attended will receive credit for taking the following 2 courses: Meet Sam & It Happened to Me. Courses still to complete online (now that you know how to do it) are:
  1. Preventing Bullying
  2. Social Media Safety
  3. Duty to Report
Safeguarding God's People
Those who attended will receive credit for taking the following 2 courses: Preventing Sexual Exploitation for Congregations & Duty to Report. Courses still to complete online are:
  1. Preventing Sexual Exploitation - for Ministries
  2. Recognizing Abuse and Exploitation in Elder Serving 
  3. Preventing Elder Abuse
More About All Saints Service
10:30 on Nov. 4

Come dressed as your favorite saint!

November 4 is All Saints' Sunday. At the 10:30 service we will baptize Brody Lucchesi (7-year-old Godly Play class member) and celebrate all the saints in our lives -- ancient ones, modern ones, and personal ones.

We're asking that everyone come dressed as their favorite saint on that day. We encourage elaborate costumes, but simple is ok, too -- just one prop or something small that is a nod to your saint. The saints can be traditional saints of the church or a saint you've known in your own life (i.e. Grandma or Aunt Maude). 

Even if you're not wearing a costume, you'll be invited to put on a name tag with the name of your saint - so be thinking ahead as to who that will be!

All children and the most elaborately dressed adult "saints" in costume will be invited to join the procession in to the church, which will circle around the church several times singing, "O When the Saints Go Marching In." 

Come ready to have some FUN on November 4! And parents of young children - you aren't going to want to miss this service!

Please bring DONATIONS to the office!
Mother Tracy

We are seeking “clean, gently used items,” in good condition. Remember that the Management Team is particularly asking for high-quality items so we will have lots of desirable and sophisticated merchandise for our Grand Re-Opening, when new customers from this area will be coming to check us out. (If you know the value of the item you are donating it, please attach something to it indicating its value, so we will know how to price it accurately.) Drop donations off with Chrys in the office (same spot as before).

Contact Diane Scofield, our Interim Helpful Shop Manager, ( or 831-332-7711) with all matters Helpful Shop-related, including your willingness and availability to volunteer in the new location. 

The Helpful Shop Management Team is:
  • Diane Scofield, Interim Manager
  • Bill Kell
  • Joanna Phillips
  • Andy Pudan
  • Vicky Wilson
  • Tracy Wells Miller, Rector
2018 Grant Applications Now Available
You can pick one up in the office or download from our website by clicking here.
  • Deadline for applying is Dec. 10, 2018
  • Grant recipients will be notified in mid-January
  • Helpful Shop Grants Luncheon will be Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019.
The grants committee for 2018 is:
  • Michael Hudson
  • Diane Scofield
  • Loris Gielczyk (Showalter)
(Sherrie DeWitt has resigned from the committee. The committee is actively recruiting 2 more members to replace Sherrie and Andy.)
Sherrie DeWitt

Thanks to Alliee DeArmond's commitment to spreading books around, we have a bunch of "new" - well, different, books on the book cart, which benefits Ease PD. ALSO, there will be available Sunday a hand picked selection of books by some of your favorite writers. Maybe you'll find something you haven't read yet; maybe you'll find a book you've read but don't own, yet. If you find something, maybe you will put a dollar or 2 in the book cart cash box.
Tent of Abraham Workshop at St. John's

Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, 2 - 5 p.m.

What would you want to ask someone of a different faith?

Rabbi Eli Cohen

Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal
The Rev. Beverly Brook
Peace United Church of Christ
Erica Chavez
Islamic Center of Santa Cruz
Mother Tracy will emcee!
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER if you plan to attend.

This event is Part One in the Tent of Abraham's 2018-19 Series: Growing Our Capacity to Understand and to Stand With One Another.

From St. John's, both Mother Tracy and Jane Dawson serve on the Tent of Abraham planning team. Let either of them know if you'd like to help with hosting this event.

Mission of the Tent of Abraham: Through education and dialogue, we aim to help create a world where people of different faiths, or no faith, can live in harmony and peace.
Go to for more information.
Do you wear a hearing aid?
Our facilities folks are looking at a building-wide hearing “loop” system to better accommodate members with hearing aids. This would send what is said into the microphone directly to your hearing aid. You would be picking up a radio signal on your hearing aid telecoil (T coil).

We are asking you to find out if your hearing aid is equipped to pick up such a loop. Don't know? Call where you bought your hearing aid and ask: "Does my hearing aid have a telecoil that can pick up a hearing loop?

Email the answer to or call at 226-4788 . Once we have some idea of how many would be helped, we can weigh it against the cost (which would be thousands of dollars to install). 
2018 Vestry Election
Mother Tracy

There are seven (7) positions open on the Vestry in January:
  • 4 regular three-year terms (serving through Dec. 2021)
  • 2 unexpired two-year terms (serving through Dec. 2020)
  • 1 unexpired one-year term (serving through Dec. 2019)
The 2018 Nominating Committee is:
  • Bill Kell, Suzanne Krakover-Nickel, Andrea Seitz, & Jon Showalter (vestry members rotating off in 2019)
  • Brian Raney & Bob White (non-vestry members at-large)
If you would like to nominate someone for vestry (including yourself), you may use one of the petition forms found on the Usher's Table.

Next Items on the Election Calendar:
  • Nov. 18 – Nominations for Vestry Candidates Close
  • Nov. 24 – Parish Notified of Nominees for Vestry, Parish Register Open for Inspection By Candidates
  • Dec. 9Annual Parish Meeting, Part 1: Election of Vestry Members
  • Feb. 3 (2019) – Annual Parish Meeting, Part 2: Election of Delegates to Diocesan Convention
I have reviewed the records and prepared a preliminary list of those eligible to vote and not elligible, which is found on the Usher's Table. Please check these lists and let me [Mother Tracy] know if something seems amiss!!! If I can't find any membership paperwork for you, you'll be listed as inelligible to vote. If that is incorrect, it is easily correctable. Please forgive your new rector's ignorance of your membership history and help me get the records corrected and updated.

For a complete description of what the eligibility requirements are, what the vestry is responsible for, and the election process, refer to the email Mtr Tracy sent out on Oct. 10, "Notice of 2018 Vestry Election" or go to the website and click on CONNECT>News & Events> Special Announcements.

eNews Submissions
Pastoral Notes- sharing sympathies or congratulations, send to:

Regular News- eNews & or Bulletin announcements, send to:
  • Oct.  28: One combined Sunday School class to prepare for All Saints Sunday
  • Nov. 4: no Sunday School. All children will be in church at 10:30 a.m. for a special All Saints Day service and a baptism!
  • Nov. 11, 18 & 25: Sunday school as usual at 10:30 a.m.
  • Dec. 2: no Sunday School. All children in church for special service.
  • Dec. 9 & 16: Sunday school as usual at 10:30 a.m.
Oct. 28
  • Vestry Person of the Day: Jon Showalter
  • Tellers: Andrew Pudan, Jon Showalter
Nov. 4
  • Vestry Person of the Day: Suzanne K-N
  • Tellers: Wilma, Suzanne
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Usual Office Hours: T, W & Th 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
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