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October 11, 2018

TODAY (10/11)

  • Helpful Shop to be honored by Capitola City Council, 7 p.m., City Council Chambers at City Hall, 420 Capitola Ave.
  • Saturday (10/13) 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m., Diocesan ECW's Honored Women’s Day, St Stephen’s, Gilroy, Diane Scofield is our honoree and Mtr. Tracy is presiding over the Eucharist. If you'd like to carpool, meet at St John's parking lot at 8:15.
  • Saturday (10/13), 4-8 p.m., “Bring Your Best to God” Stewardship Kick Off Dinner, details below.
  • Sunday (10/14), @ 3 pm - Pianist Robyn Carmichael will play the first concert on our new Kawai piano for the intimate afternoon Keyboard Series hosted by Josef Sekon and St. John's.
  • Monday (10/15), ECW Potluck Noon in the Cafe, a program on Christian Icon Appreciation: A history and Artistic Mysteries from Patricia Poulos with guest Kay Gilles.
  • Mtr. Tracy reports for jury duty next week, so note that she may not be available if she is selected for a case. (Though the likelihood of a female clergyperson being selected for a jury is slim!)
Coming Up
  • Mon., Oct. 22, Last day to register for Diocesan Convention (which is Friday & Saturday, Oct. 26-27, Sherwood Hall, Salinas.) The diocese needs a total of 14 volunteers for the 2 days. Please contact Joe Chouinard from St. James Paso Robles to sign up. You can reach him via email at: For registration documents click here
  • Fri. & Sat. Oct. 26-27, Diocesan Convention, Sherwood Hall, Salinas
  • Sun. Oct. 28 @ 5 p.m. Dedication of Our New Organ with a Recital by Bill Visscher. NOTE TIME CHANGE TO 5 p.m. so you can go to the Symphony & still hear the organ!
Save the Date
  • Sat. & Sun., Dec. 1-2, 2018, Christmas Craft & Cookie Fair. Start planning by contacting Marta Strock, at or 247-9472. She has some great ideas!
Events of Organizations We Support
  • Fri., Nov. 2, Evening of Wine and Roses, 6-9 p.m. Crosetti Hall at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. Fund raiser for Community Health Trust (a past Helpful Shop grant recipient); more later.
  • Sun., Nov. 4, 2-5 p.m., Tent of Abraham event at St John’s “Asking the Difficult Questions." See below.
  • Sat., Dec 1, 6-9 p.m. - Homeless Services Center Annual Leadership Giving Celebration, at Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz.

Tonight: Helpful Shop to be Honored by Capitola City Council
The City of Capitola will recognize the Helpful Shop for its 65 years of service in the Village with a proclamation presented at tonight's City Council meeting. Mtr. Tracy will be there to receive the proclamation on behalf of the church. All are welcome to attend! 

WHEN: 7 p.m. (The proclamations happen right at the start of the meetings, shortly after 7 p.m.)
WHERE: City Council Chambers at City Hall, 420 Capitola Ave. The Chambers are on the first floor, near the Police Department.

PARKING: There’s some parking right in front, but most is in the two large “beach and village” lots behind City Hall.
Before Christmas: Helpful Shop to re-open
at 246-A Center Ave in Aptos, with paid manager
Mother Tracy
At Tuesday night's vestry meeting, the vestry voted to accept the Task Force's recommendation that we re-open the Helpful Shop in the location where the Word Shop (Alliee DeArmond's bookstore) has been located for the past 22 years. Alliee is closing her shop and will be leaving by the beginning of next week. The space will then be renovated by the property management company. We do not have an exact opening date yet, but we expect it will be sometime in late November or December. Our goal is to re-open before Christmas.

The vestry also accepted the Task Force's recommendation to hire a paid manager for the shop. The volunteer management structure I put in place after our last paid manager resigned has not been as effective as having someone who is dedicated to being available and responsive whenever our volunteers need them. (I can't provide that as the rector, given everything else that is on my plate.)

The shop will not re-open until I have hired a new manager, so that that person can lead and organize the move and set-up of the new location. I am now taking applications for the position, so please encourage people you know to apply. Details available on the Helpful Shop page of our website:

(Remember that I do not hire parishioners as staff, so no, Diane Scofield cannot be the manager, however much everyone might like her to be! :o)
Helpful Shop Grants Committee Appointed
Mother Tracy
Also at Tuesday night's vestry meeting, the vestry appointed a Grants Committee to accept applications and determine distribution of the Helpful Shop's 2018 profits. The 2019 Grants Committee is:
Sherrie DeWitt
Michael Hudson
Andy Pudan
Diane Scofield
Loris Gielczyk (Showalter)

The grants committee will begin its work immediately and a grant application will be available soon. Grant recipients will be notified in mid-January, and the date for the Helpful Shop Grants Luncheon has been set for Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019.
Sherrie DeWitt

Thanks to those who just showed up with food last Sunday. Since there is no one signed up for the next 2 Sundays, maybe you'd like to do that again. Actually, it is nice to let Loris know,  so she isn't surprised, that's 334-7978. It would be nice if someone volunteered to make coffee too, so Loris doesn't always have to be the one. Or we could just have conversation and coffee - that's what is really important.
"Bring Your Best to God" Dinner
Saturday, October 13, 4 p.m. St. John's Cafe
Sherrie DeWitt

Kickoff dinner for stewardship campaign. Be prepared for elegance! This is no ordinary potluck. For this you bring one of your most elegant and tasty dishes - main, appetizers, sides , desserts - to share and we will celebrate being together and enjoy Indian Summer.

And keep an eye on your mailbox because stewardship letters are in the mail!

Faith Leader Assignment for Sunday
9:15-10:15 a.m. in the sanctuary
Mtr. Tracy

This week, we begin looking at spiritual gifts, starting with our own as individuals. Below is the assignment for Sunday. Even if you are not participating in the class, I would like EVERYONE in the parish to take this spiritual gifts inventory and email me their top 3-5 results. (This will give us an idea of whether there are any patterns or particular strengths that many people in our parish share, giving us an idea about our congregational gifts.)
For October 14: Overview of Spiritual Gifts

  • Read "Introduction" in Session 4 (p. 17-26, Book 1) (Ignore mentions of retreat)
  • Complete the Faith Leader Spiritual Gifts Inventory (p. 27-29, Book 1)
  • Use the corrected pinkish-colored paper to score your inventory
  • Email Mtr. Tracy ( your 3-5 highest-ranking spiritual gifts from that inventory.

If you don't have a book, you can find the spiritual gifts inventory and scoring sheet on the Faith Leader page of the church website, where all our materials will be posted:

It's never too late to join the class. You will benefit from just being present and we will benefit from your presence. Childcare is available in the Nursery.

A Matter of Sound
Sanctuary audio devices have been acting up recently and we are working on it because your ability to hear and participate is very important to all of us.

Do you wear a hearing aid?
Our facilities folks are looking at a building-wide hearing “loop” system to better accommodate members with hearing aids. This would send what is said into the microphone directly to your hearing aid. You would be picking up a radio signal on your hearing aid telecoil (T coil).

We are asking you to find out if your hearing aid is equipped to pick up such a loop. Don't know? Call where you bought your hearing aid and ask: "Does my hearing aid have a telecoil that can pick up a hearing loop?

Email the answer to or call at 226-4788 . Once we have some idea of how many would be helped, we can weigh it against the cost (which would be thousands of dollars to install). 

ECW Potluck Lunch

ECW,  Monday, October 15,  Potluck , Noon,  St John's Cafe- All welcome!     

Pat Poulos and her friend Kay Gilles will share about Christian  Icons; Mysteries, Stories and Artistry. Pat has had a great interest in icons for a long time and is looking forward to sharing with you. And for this potluck deli goodies are just fine!  

Have your children told you not to click on links?
Are you worried about clicking on links in our eNews or special communications?
Chrys Sparks

Links referred to in the eNews itself, for instance "For registration documents click here." should be safe.

However, it is smart to not click on a link without checking it out first. You can often tell at a glance if one is on the up-and-up. Always hover over a link in an email message before you click on it. In the example below I hovered over "click here" and the actual link shows in the bottom left. (This one takes you to the, the Diocesan website.)


If you're even a little suspicious of a link, you shouldn't click on it. Better safe than sorry. And if it's information you really need, you can usually visit a company's site directly to find it, or look it up in a Google search.

New Policy for Verbal Announcements in Church

  1. Anyone who wants to make an announcement must tell Mtr. Tracy BEFORE the service, preferably by Saturday.
  2. Anyone making an announcement is asked to COME TO THE FRONT to pass the mic more efficiently and let everyone see. As a courtesy, please state your name if it has not been announced.
  3. Please write out your announcement and keep it to 3 SENTENCES maximum.
  4. If your announcement is printed in bulletin sheet, and has been in the E-news, you get 1 SENTENCE.
THANKSGIVING, Thursday, November 22.
Sherrie DeWitt

Alanon meets in the Cafe that morning and there is no plan for a service.

There is a long standing tradition of a St. John's Family Thanksgiving Dinner at church, hosted completely by volunteers. If you are interested in helping to plan and organize such a dinner, let Chrys know and she will put y'all in touch with each other. Unfortunately our Thanksgiving Angel from last year, Eileen Fernald, will not be available to help this year.

(Mtr. Tracy appreciates being able to spend Thanksgiving with family or friends since she cannot do so on church-related holidays, so she does not plan to be in town on Thanksgiving now or in the future. However, she does plan to host a Christmas Day dinner (in the Southern sense, meaning at midday, not in the evening) at the church this year for people who, like her, have no family in the area and are not traveling... and looks forward to sharing fellowship with you then.)
Come, gather under the Tent of Abraham, in which, through education and dialogue, we aim to help create a world where people of different faiths, or no faith, can live in harmony and peace.
2018-19 Series:
Growing Our Capacity to Understand
and to Stand With One Another

All events are on Sunday afternoons from 2 - 5 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018 - hosted here at St. John's!
What would you want to ask someone of a different faith?
Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 - hosted by Chadeish Yameinu
at the Veteran’s Memorial Building, 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz
What do our Sacred Texts say to us about conflict?

Sunday, Mar. 31, 2019 - hosted by Islamic Center of Santa Cruz at the Center For Spiritual Living, 1818 Felt Street, Santa Cruz
How To Resolve Conflict Bystander Training by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)
Volunteers Needed at the Diocesan Convention
Mary Beth Powell, Diocesan Administrator

As we approach our 38th Annual Diocesan Convention, we invite your aid in helping us find volunteers to help out with Hospitality and Registration.

For Registration, we need a total of 14 people for the 2 days. Please contact Registration Guru Joe Chouinard to sign up. You can reach him via email at:

Delegates and Alternates, please consider asking your spouses and partners who may be attending convention with you if they may wish to help out with this well-orchestrated job. If you know of a friend who would like to help, please give them Joe’s email to contact him to volunteer. We will need registration volunteers Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, exact times still to be decided.

For Hospitality, we will need help with:
  • Friday Night: Banquet set up and clean up.
  • Saturday: Late morning shift to help set up for lunch. We have bag lunches delivered and we need people to help set up the tables for the lunches as well as monitor the name badges for the correct dots indicating the vegetarian or regular sandwiches. Then we will need a crew after lunch to help keep the coffee flowing and the snack tables filled, then help will breakdown. Please contact me at to volunteer.
Thank you for your help encouraging people to volunteer!

Mary Beth Powell

for "Director of Music Ministries" 

Mtr. Tracy

The full job posting and job description can be found on the Music Ministries page of our website. (We have also posted the job on the Episcopal News Service's jobs page and the American Guild of Organists (AGO)'s job postings.)
Application deadline is 10/20/18, then the search team will begin conducting interviews. I'm hopeful we can have someone in place by November.

A policy note: I do not hire parishioners for paid staff positions. I choose not to do so because of the dual role status it creates for me - to be their priest and their boss - two very different roles. If you know talented musicians from outside the parish who might be interested, please encourage them to apply.

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  • Dec. 2: no Sunday School. All children in church for special service.
  • Dec. 9 & 16: Sunday school as usual at 10:30 a.m.
Oct. 14
  • Vestry Person of the Day: Barb Raney
  • Tellers: Barbara Raney, Nancy Young
Oct. 21
  • Vestry Person of the Day: Andrea Seitz
  • Tellers: Andrea Seitz, Jan Beebe
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