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Two marketing thoughts as we look ahead to 2023 👇

1. AI Will Be Mainstreamed In Marketing

This year, you’ll see companies using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help consumers find products they want faster, and even personalize their shopping experiences.

These innovations aren’t just coming from some startup – these are well-established brands who have been using machine learning algorithms to improve search results and make recommendations.

For example, the company Spotify uses AI to recommend playlists based on what you listen to and where you live.

Similarly, Netflix recommends content based on what you watch; Amazon gives personalized recommendations based on your purchases; Google Assistant helps answer questions about products; eBay suggests similar items based on what you buy; and Walmart offers product suggestions based on what you look at online.

Even traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting AI to make shopping easier. Many now use facial recognition technology to identify customers as they walk through the door, saving them time and ensuring they get exactly what they need.

And those same technologies are being applied to the way people experience retail stores. Shoppers no longer need to wait in long checkout lines – they simply scan their faces in front of an iPad and receive instant rewards without ever having to leave their home.

This is the future of retail.

But as marketers, we still need to understand how AI works for our business. At its core, AI is often just a set of rules programmed into computers to perform a specific task or solve a problem.

But once those rules are created, human intuition comes into play and AI becomes much more than a simple rule engine.

In order to make sure your brand isn’t left behind when AI takes over your industry, you should ask yourself two questions:

  • Can I develop a strategy for my brand around AI?
  • How do I ensure that my brand continues to thrive even as AI takes over?

2. Millennials Are Your New Best Customers

Millennials have always had a reputation for buying things on social media, and that trend seems to continue today. A recent study showed millennials spend $2 billion per day on social media apps and sites.

That makes them a valuable market for any brand looking to sell something -- and not just digital goods. As a result, many brands are working hard to attract millennial shoppers.

To begin, start with a strong social media plan.

According to a report from social media management firm Hootsuite, 74 percent of millennials say they've heard of a brand via social networking, and 54 percent say they're likely to purchase a product after first hearing about it on social media.

But beyond social media, millennials are also actively searching for deals and discounts. According to a recent survey conducted by CouponCabin, 40 percent of millennials said they were interested in purchasing merchandise when a deal was posted on a retailer's website.

So if you focus on making your store or site stand out among competitors, you may find that millennials are attracted to your brand instead of your competition.

Was this introduction written by me or was it generated by an artificial intelligence (AI) tool?


Around the Corner
A heartwarming story

A home run ball hits a tray full of beer, spilling the beer onto four hot dogs.

The ball lays nestled in the tray.

It was hit by famous Yankee Aaron Judge.

The backdrop of this story is Major League Baseball, but it transcends baseball.

It transcends sports and reminds us that people can be considerate and kindhearted.

There's also a surprise ending.

I highly recommend this ESPN article by Ryan Hockensmith:

The Aaron Judge home run that changed a kid's life

Next Meetup
Counterintuitive Email Marketing Strategies That Work

You'd never send an email without a call-to-action (CTA), right?

Unless it works.

While such an email might not generate clicks, it could still generate awareness, engagement and brand affinity.

Often in email marketing, going against conventional wisdom gets results. So how do you stand out in a crowded inbox?

Embrace a counterintuitive approach that makes subscribers smile when they see they've got mail—from YOU!

Stop treating email like a chore and start realizing that it can be the most enjoyable part of marketing: an opportunity to experiment, be bold, and measure (i.e., to determine how to be even bolder).

Try a few counterintuitive email strategies that deliver unexpected results: more opens, clicks, and engaged subscribers.

(Presenters: Ashley Guttuso and yours truly 👋👋)

October 25, 2022, 12 to 1pm PT


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Twitter Corner
In each newsletter, I recommend a Twitter user to follow.
This week, I recommend Andrew Davis (@DrewDavisHere).

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Andrew is a bestselling author and keynote speaker.

At Content Marketing World in September, he gave a fantastic keynote presentation.

Andrew urged marketers not to answer the frequently asked questions, but rather to focus on the rarely asked questions. 

Andrew produces an excellent video series called The Loyalty Loop.
Answer Corner
The introduction of this newsletter was written by an AI content generator called Frase AI.

Image: the Frase logo.

You enter a prompt and the tool generates content in response.

My prompt was "3 marketing insights for 2023," which shows that AI hasn't fully grasped math.

Whether or not tools like this will put writers out of work, it's important that we try them and understand their capabilities and flaws.

Thanks for reading to the bottom. See you in two weeks!
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