7th Edition - 22nd January 2020
'The Kent Katch-Up' 
December 2019
Our Vision
“A community that places a high value on essential services; communications and technology infrastructure,
improved social connectedness; community involvement and participation, a need to retain and grow the
population, and to strengthen economic prosperity through the diversification of the local economy.”

Our Mission
 Provide leadership, direction and opportunities for the community.

Welcome to 2020 as we look forward to continue to deliver some exciting projects on the go,  including housing, caravan park upgrades, main street designs and events including the opening of time capsules in 2020 for Nyabing and Pingrup... and hopefully a little H2O on the ground !
For people that went for holidays over the Xmas period, we hope you enjoyed your relax time and for ones that stayed and helped out with fires etc, we thank you for your time.
In recent weeks we have experienced pole top fires which are caused by dust and salt landing on the top of insulators. During light rain/fog/mist, the water droplets land on the insulator, and electricity tracks across the water droplets, and ignites the dust. This is a dangerous combination of fire and electricity and the community is reminded to keep well clear and call ‘000’ who will contact the right agency to deal with the emergency. For other non urgent power related issues Western Power can be contacted on 13 13 51.

Keys works happening at the moment include:
Projects underway:
  • Key Worker Accommodation Housing Project to build 1 x new house in Pingrup and 3 x Houses in Nyabing – 50% funded through Federal Building Better Regions grant. Tender to construct was awarded to Pindan Homes Pty Ltd in September 2019.
At all 4 sites the slabs are down, the first brick skin for garages are complete with wall and roof frames starting to be erected. Completion is expected around May this year.
  • Kukerin Road upgrade to Seal Standard – 4.5km section to sealed and funded through the Federal Roads to Recovery funding and shire funding. This will also be supported in future years through state regional group to complete a North- South link through to Kukerin. The gravel pavement has been completed and will be water bound and sealed in March/April 2020
  • Pingrup Caravan Park – CBH 8 x Single Person Units – In partnership with CBH they have installed units and upgraded the campers kitchen and provided a covered common area. This agreement has seen some positive improvements to the park which see’s CBH use the units during harvest butare then available to the public at other times of the year.
  • Nyabing Tennis Pavilion conversion to camper’s kitchen with the fit out of the kitchen and lounge is nearly completed with minor tody up required.  The laundry, Toilet and shower module is expected to be delivered in February and completion of remaining works by early April.
  • Pingrup Caravan Park – In a further stage in conjunction with CBH accommodation for another 8 persons with a mix of single and double room accommodation is expected to be constructed prior to October 2020.
Tourism - Investigations for Rail Trail and Walk Trails in the shire – Part of developing Great Southern Regional Trails Master Plan;
  • Main Street Beautification Plans for Pingrup and Nyabing – Staff and Councillors carried out site inspections in November with consultant Sally Malone to provide a framework for public consultation on how you would like to see your mainstreets beautified for the future. This will be further developed over the next few months. ;
  • Great Southern Treasures Committee – Assists in tourism space in collaboration with surrounding Councils – Currently reviewing structure and operations to maximise benefits for the future.
Town Planning Scheme and Strategy 3 – Scheme 2 is being updated and replaced. A Council approved draft has been submitted to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage seeking permission to advertise for public comment.
Nyabing General Store – The store is owned by the shire and the shire is in current negotiations with new lessee’s to provide essential supplies, postal services and maintenance support to the 24/7 fuel outlet for the community and a place to catch-up with friends.
We welcome Parminder and his team in running the Nyabing Store with the new hours and open 7 days a week. Let them know what you what and they will cater for your needs and remember , buy local ! The shire would also like to thank the Gray’s for their ongoing assistance during the transition while we continue to work through with everyone in regards to the Post Office.

In the office

Jobs currently being advertised:
  • Plant Operator/General Hand – Closes 4 pm 12 February 2020
We said goodbye on the 3 January 2020 to our Maintenance Grader Driver Mark Chapman (Chappo) who has worked at the shire for almost 4 years keeping our roads safe for the Community. We wish him well at Esperance Shire in his new role in a larger maintenance team.
We welcome on board our new Customer Service/Administration Officer Nathanael Takeama who commences full time with the shire on the 3 February 2020. Well done Nat, who has been recently working for the shire one day a week and before that was helping out the shire for over 12 months while employed by the CRC.



Rates Payment for the 2nd Instalment were due by 4:30pm on Friday 8th November 2019. The following dates can be found below in the Instalment Options section.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with paying your instalments, please contact Michelle Bamess at the Shire Office on (08) 9829 1051 to discuss alternative arrangements prior to the due date.
Rates Instalment Options

Payment in full by ONE instalment only, payment is to be received by 4:30pm Friday 6th September 2019.
Payment by TWO instalments only:
1st Instalment date      4:30pm Friday 6th Sept 2019 
2nd Instalment date     4:30pm Friday 10th Jan 2020
Payment by FOUR instalments only:
1st Instalment date      4:30pm Friday 6th Sept 2019
2nd Instalment date     4:30pm Friday 8th Nov 2019
3rd Instalment date      4:30pm Friday 10th Jan 2020
4th Instalment date      4:30pm Friday 13th Mar 2020

Late Payment Penalty
A charge of 11.0% per annum, calculated daily at 0.03014% by simple interest will apply to rates and service charges that remain unpaid after the due date and will continue to accrue until paid in full. Eligible pensioners are exempt. 

NOTE: Payment of the first instalment shall include all arrears outstanding from previous years.

Instalment Option Requirements
The right to pay by instalments is forfeited if your first payment is not received by the due date and does not match the total instalment option.

 PO BOX 15
 NYABING   WA   6341
 BSB: 066-515
 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 00 000 111
 REFERENCE: Assessment Number
 Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard)
 INTERNET:  www.kent.wa.gov.au
 PHONE:  1300 276 468
 BILLER CODE:  000223
 REFERENCE:  Assessment Number
Council Meeting Minutes CLICK HERE


All members of the public are invited to attend the Ordinary Council Meetings and an opportunity to ask questions of Council is provided during the Public Question Time at the start of the meeting.

All of the above meetings will be held at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers, 24-26 Richmond Street Nyabing. 
Wednesday, 12th February 2020
Wednesday, 18th March 2020
Wednesday, 15th April 2020
Wednesday, 20th May 2020
Wednesday, 17th June 2020
Wednesday, 15th July 2020
Wednesday, 19th August 2020


The Annual General Meeting of Electors of the Shire of Kent is to be held at the Administration Office in Nyabing on Wednesday 12th February 2020 commencing at 6:30pm.

1. Opening address by Shire President
2. Attendance and Apologies
3. Confirmation of Minutes of Annual Electors Meeting held 13th        February 2019 in Pingrup
4. Receiving of the Annual Report
5. General Business
6. Closure

A copy of the Annual Report is available from the Shire Administration Office, 9829 1051. Any matters requiring research need to be requested in writing no later than 4.00pm Monday 3rd February 2020.

Rick Miller
Chief Executive Officer

12th February 2020


Following the February Council Meeting.

Maintenance Grading of Gravel Roads
The shire has a gravel road network of 1,200kms that requires constant monitoring to maintain the network. To do this in a practical manner the shire is split in to 3 zones being West , Central and East. Each zone is allocated a maintenance grader that generally grades the roads following a set rotation and circuit. The main local roads will have a summer and winter grading each year and some of the lesser used minor road will be graded once or on as needs basic.

To reduce the risk to the road users, we inspect on a regular basis but can’t be everywhere all the time which, is why we appreciate the assistance from the public to report to the shire (phone, in person or website) any road hazard they may come across in their travels. For plant efficiencies we try to stay with the circuit for our graders, so we may not be able to fix the problem straight away however, for school bus routes we will attend as soon as possible.

Recent and Upcoming Works

Throughout December, our shire saw gravel resheeting on Ryan Road, and broad harvest maintenance and repairs on various roads.

Between January and February 2020, Gnowgerup Rd. Floodway, Ongerup Rd. and Kukerin Rd. will receive stabilising and reconstruction.
The following roads will see continued scheduled grading throughout January and February:
East Rd. Paterson Rd. North Fence Rd.
Range Rd. Watson Rd. Nyabing South Rd.
North Needilup Rd. Bishop Rd. Mindarabin Rd.
Challis Rd. Martens Rd. Whyatt Rd.
Featherstone Rd. Cowcher Rd. Kukerin Rd.

Gary Mathewson
Above photos taken by CEO Rick Miller during gravel resheeting on Ryan Road (11/12/2019)
CLICK HERE or on the above document to download the Application Package for this position. Applications must be submitted to Rick Miller via ceo@kent.wa.gov.au by 4:00pm 12 February 2020.

WA Soaks Up Government Drought Help 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says West Australians are not being forgotten in the drought as the Federal Government returns its focus to the big dry after a summer of bushfires. Mr Morrison will today travel to Orange in regional NSW to attend the first Drought and Flood Advisory board meeting alongside Drought Minister David Littleproud. He will also unveil the list of additional councils who will benefit from the Government's $57 million support package --- most of which are in WA. 
Of the 52 additional councils getting access to up to $1 million each under the extended Drought Communities Programme, 35 are in WA. 

They include Albany, Busselton, Esperance, Jerramungup, Denmark, Pingelly and Nannup. 

“We're focused on keeping support flowing to places like WA where the drought has been spreading and its effects have been deepening,” Mr Morrison told The West Australian. “We'll keep stepping up our support in WA as the drought continues and steps up there,” he said. “We won't forget about any family or community battling the drought, including in WA." 

A further $10 million will also be rolled out today to ensure families affected by drought are supported to continue accessing education. Mr Littleproud said the funding to date had supported more | than 300 projects in communities across Australia, aiding in the construction of amenities blocks, potable water supplies, | local tourism assets, community resilience events and employing | local drought support officers. “We will distribute $47 million to drought-affected areas based on population, providing councils of less than 1000 people with $500,000 and those with a larger population with $1 million to ensure we continue to provide appropriate, tailored support,” he said. 

Laureta Wallace, acting chief executive of the National Farmers Federation, said the drought had gone from “worse to worse". “We've been really closely engaged with government about the bushfire response, but urged them to keep focus on drought. Because it's not going away." Ms Wallace said.

Article from The West Australian 28/01/2020
Natural Resource Management Information
Shire Requests
(Roads, Works, Gardens, Buildings, Library etc.)
In Person: Administration Office, 24-26 Richmond Street, Nyabing WA 6341
Phone: 08 9829 1051     |     Email: admin@kent.wa gov.au

Water Corporation WA
Bushfire & Water Supply

During a bushfire your water supply and pressure can't be guaranteed. Find out how you can get prepared for bushfire season.
Use the following Department of Fire & Emergency Services resources to develop a bushfire survival plan that is suitable for your family and personal situation:

Fire Chat


Bushfire Preparation Toolkit


If you choose to stay and defend your home, you need to have an independent water supply and pumping capability ready. This is because, during a bushfire, infrastructure can be damaged and power is often unavailable. Water pressure can also be significantly affected.

To support bushfire plans, people with groundwater bores and surface water access can take and store emergency water without it counting against their entitlements. For more information on this and for the location of emergency bushfire water supplies in dryland agricultural areas visit the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's website.

The multi-hazard Emergency WA website will give you better access to emergency information and community safety warnings. 

How DFES recommend you secure your independent water supply
It is likely that you will lose water and power supplies during a bushfire. If you are planning to actively defend your home, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) recommend you have an independent water supply and pumping capability.

We are prepared for bushfire season. However, we cannot guarantee that water pressure or water supply will be maintained in the event of a bushfire. Loss of electricity may cause pumps that transfer water to our storage tanks to fail. We may not be able to access water supply or respond to system failures in areas that are deemed by DFES or Western Power to be unsafe for our staff to enter.

Our Planning
We prepare for bushfire season by readying our equipment and systems to cope with extreme conditions.

This includes:

  • clearing land and access tracks within and around our water pumping stations, storage areas and catchments
  • transportable generators available for deployment as required to water pumping stations
  • access to water carters to transport emergency water supplies should the need arise
  • a public education campaign in collaboration with DFES.
We're Working with DFES
We work closely with DFES in the event of a bushfire so that:
  • firefighters can quickly locate fire hydrants
  • firefighters have the best access to available water supplies
  • disruptions, or low pressure to customers connected to our system are minimised.

Despite these efforts, water supplies can be affected by both loss of power and a drastic drop in water pressure during a bushfire.  

Diesel generators permanently installed at pump stations would also be vulnerable in the event of a bushfire. Like the rest of Water Corporation’s infrastructure, they would not be immune to damage and can be affected by the extreme heat generated by a fire. Generators would also need the capacity to be remotely switched on if the pump station lost mains power during a bushfire and, if communications are lost, which is often the case, this would not be possible. Storing diesel at the pump stations would also add to the potential fuel for a bushfire. 

We have mobile generators on standby in the event of an emergency, and install them if the fire incident controller deems it safe to do so.  

Drinking Water
We recommend you keep a supply of drinking water available throughout summer in case your water supply is interrupted.

Assistance for Customers Affected by Bushfire
After a bushfire we are able to assist you with issues such as damaged water meters and payment difficulties. If you have been affected by bushfire please call us on 13 13 85.

Bushfire Contacts and more Information
For more information about preparing your family and home for bushfire season, visit the Fire Chat webpage.

Others contacts:

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) website

Life threatening emergency:  000
State Emergency Service (SES) assistance:  13 25 00
DFES information line: 1300 657 209
Main Roads road closure information:  13 81 38

Information from watercorporation.com
If you would like to be added to (or update information for) our SMS distribution list (Movement Ban, Weather & Community information) either sign up via this page: 

Email Nathanael via Admin@kent.wa.gov.au 

Or print, complete, and return This Form.
Click Here or on the above image to view the full registration document.
Glass Bottles and Jars
Aluminium Cans
Aluminium Foil
Office Paper
Envelopes Without a Window, Envelopes With a Window
Phone Books
Pizza Boxes (clean)
Egg Cartons
Steel Food Cans, Steel Paint Cans (empty), Steel Aerosol Cans (empty)
Milk cartons
Juice cartons
Plastic Food Wrap (clean)
Plastics marked with
PET Bottles marked with # 1 HDPE Bottles marked with # 2 PVC Containers marked with # 3 PP Bottles marked with # 5 Other information
The following items are NOT collected in your Kerbside Recycling Service(s):
Polystyrene Foam
Ceramics, Pyrex glass, Ovenware
Cups, plates, wine and drinking glasses
Light bulbs
Garden organic waste
Food scraps
Clothing and toys
Rubber and leather
Timber or building materials
Oil, acid or chemicals

How to license a vehicle new to Western Australia, including expired vehicle licences.

Before an application for the grant of a vehicle licence can be made, the vehicle must be inspected for roadworthiness.

Inspections may be performed via an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) located throughout the metropolitan and regional areas.

Once the vehicle has successfully passed inspection, you must complete and submit an Application to License a Vehicle (Form VL17) along with your valid Certificate of Inspection (Form VL1).

Vehicle licence duty

Vehicle licence duty is payable on the dutiable value of the vehicle, including the value of any trade-in, unless evidence can be provided to show you were the previous licence holder of the vehicle. Please see the reverse side of the Application to License a Vehicle (Form VL17) form for more information on dutiable value.

To find out how much duty is payable, please use our vehicle licence duty calculator. Where vehicle licence duty is applicable, it is payable at the time of licensing.

Some people, organisations and vehicle types may be eligible for an exemption from payment of vehicle licence duty. Please refer to Concessions for more information.

Acquire Form Here

Proof of identity

You will be required to provide one primary and one secondary identification document, one of which must show your WA residential address. Please see the below fact sheet 'Proof of identity for other Driver and Vehicle Services transactions (Not an initial driver's licence or Photo Card)' for acceptable primary and secondary identification documents.

If you have not had a vehicle licensed in your name in WA before and do not have a WA driver's licence you will also need to complete a Proof of Identity Nominated Owner/Vehicle Licence Holder (Form VL186).

If you are licensing the vehicle in the name of a company or incorporated body you will need to provide:

  • Your Australian Company Number (ACN); or
  • A 'Certificate of Registration of a Company' issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, or any other certificate of incorporation; or
  • Other evidence of legal entity status.

If your vehicle is jointly owned, only one owner can be nominated as the vehicle licence holder. This owner is to be nominated by completing the Proof of Identity Nominated Owner/Vehicle Licence Holder (Form VL186). Each joint owner must declare their details and sign this form. Please refer to Vehicle owner responsibilities for more information.

Proof of vehicle ownership

Licensing a vehicle in Western Australia (WA) that is currently registered in another state or territory requires the following proof of ownership:

  • Evidence the vehicle is currently licensed in your name.
  • If not currently licensed in your name then the vehicle will be treated as unlicensed.

If the vehicle you have purchased is not currently licensed, you will need to provide proof of vehicle ownership.

Please bring along the original copy of one of the following documents:

  • A receipt showing purchase price, date of sale, vehicle details (including VIN, plate number or engine number), seller's and purchaser's name and seller's signature. Receipts and tax invoices must show 'paid in full' in order to be accepted as proof of vehicle ownership.
  • A contract of sale/purchase with receipt attached to show the purchase has been finalised. The purchase price, date of sale, vehicle details (including VIN, plate number or engine number), seller's and purchaser's name and seller's signature must be shown on the contract and/or receipt. Receipts and tax invoices must show 'paid in full' in order to be accepted as proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Where the seller is deceased, a letter from the Executor or Administrator must be provided showing purchase price, date of sale, new owner's details, vehicle details, deceased's name, the executor's or administrator's signature and whether the vehicle has an immobiliser fitted.
  • Your copy of the Notification of change of ownership vehicle licence transfer (Form MR9 or Form MR9B), or the Application to Licence a Vehicle or Transfer a Vehicle Licence Motor Vehicle Dealers (Form VL12).

If you cannot provide any of the above documents, or the documents you have provided are incomplete, a completed Declaration of Vehicle Ownership (Form VL50) may be submitted for consideration by the Department of Transport. This will result in a delay of up to 21 days before the vehicle can be licensed.

Applications for a vehicle licence must be submitted in person at a Driver and Vehicle Services centre or regional agent.

You will need to provide:

  • A valid Certificate of Inspection (Form VL1);
  • Completed Application to License a Vehicle (Form VL17);
  • Completed Proof of Identity Nominated Owner/Vehicle Licence Holder (Form VL186) if applicable;
  • Primary and secondary identification (one of which must show your WA residential address);
  • ACN, 'certificate of registration of a company', or evidence of legal entity status if licensing vehicle in company name; and
  • Proof of vehicle ownership.

You may also be required to provide a weighbridge certificate if the tare/mass weight of the vehicle cannot be established from the manufacturer's specifications, previous licence documents or licensing records.

A set of number plates will be issued to you at the time of licensing.

Please remove your vehicle licence plates after you arrive at the centre or agent. Remember to bring your old number plates in with you.


The Department does not provide a licence plate removal service.

For more information and to acquire various relevant forms, visit: 

Shire of Kent Events and Notices
Click any of the above images to view in full size

Important Licensing Information

The Shire of Kent Driver and Vehicle Services Agency hours are between
8:30am - 4:00pm   (Monday to Friday)

As a directive from the Department of Transport please note the shire is a face to face agency only, whi
ch means you must visit the office in person if you wish to carry out any licensing transactions. Although our staff strive to assist they are not authorised to take phone enquiries.

Please call 13 11 56 for all Driver and Vehicle Services for enquiries
(Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm)
or visit http://www.transport.wa.gov.au.

The Shire of Kent Ranger Services is managed by 
WA Contract Ranger Services Pty Ltd.
They will be attending our Shire once a week. If you have any animal related issues please contact (Mornѐ) on 0456 775 309.


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Shire Of Kent
Phone: 08 9829 1051
Email: admin@kent.wa.gov.au 
Website: www.kent.wa.gov.au