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IPI's Quarterly Email Newsletter  -  November 2018

Dust Off Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions!

There are 33 days left in 2018!  That’s plenty of time to take action on some of those 2018 financial New Year’s resolutions that have been collecting dust since January.  Read on for a few concrete steps you can take over the next 33 days to fulfill your 2018 resolutions and get on track for 2019. 
  • Build Your Emergency Fund:  Start by setting up regular, automatic payments from your paycheck or checking account into your emergency fund account.  And let it grow.
  • Increase Your Retirement Savings:  Talk to your HR department today about increasing your contributions to your retirement plan.  And if you haven’t begun contributing to your company plan, enroll today.  Be sure to contribute enough now to take advantage of any match offered by your employer.
  • Make Charitable Donations: In addition to contributing to a good cause, you may be able to deduct your charitable giving from your 2018 taxes.
  • Learn about Investing:  Investing is an essential element in growing your money for life long financial security.  So, if you don’t already know the process of investing, 2018 is a great time to start learning. Check out the IPI and When I’m 65 websites for booklets, videos, research, a blog and more at: and  
  • Beat the Rush and Start Now on Your 2019 Resolutions: If you’ve started any (or all) of the steps above, congratulations!  If you’re on a roll and want to keep going, check out the full IPI blog for more ideas.
33 days and counting.  Dust off those 2018 resolutions and get started!
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New When I'm 65 Toolkit Guides and Booklets

NEW!  IPI worked with Kiplinger’s Washington Editors and the Investor Protection Trust to develop three new action guides with complementary facilitator guides and two new compilation booklets as part of the When I'm 65 Community Engagement Program Toolkit for consumers and educators.  
Check out IPI's three new When I’m 65 retirement action guides: The three guides are designed to help people ages 25–70 and at various life stages prepare for a financially secure retirement.
Calling all educators!  IPI's When I'm 65 new facilitator guides are customizable PowerPoint presentations designed to be used as a teaching tool with each of the action guides.  
Check out IPI's new When I'm 65 compilation booklets that each cover a variety of investor education topics and include information from IPI's Seven Investor Education Booklets:

Featured When I'm 65 Video

Featured When I'm 65 Video:  Four Steps to a Long and Healthy Life
featuring Ken Dychtwald
Visit to view and download When I'm 65 and other videos on a variety of financial and investing topics.  And be sure to check out the full When I'm 65 national public television documentary while you're on
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