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Weill Cornell Medicine announced on Monday that all students who qualify for financial aid will get full rides, covering tuition, room and board, and books among other expenses. Currently, 52 percent of the institution's 373 students will qualify for the scholarship; the $160 million endowment will cover costs for eligible upperclassmen’s remaining time at the institution as well as for the newest cohort of physicians. While the scholarship still needs $50 million more to ensure that it continues for future students, the college is confident that it will reach this number.

Who needs med school?!

Former Trump Campaign Manager “Testifies” 📜


Impeachment hearing #1

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski testified Tuesday in the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing. Two of Trump’s other senior advisors, Rick Dearborn and Rob Porter, did not show when subpoenaed, claiming “constitutional immunity.”

Frustrated Democrats

Lewandowski was incredibly resistant in cooperating with the panel, but he acknowledged that the president once requested he try to curb the Russia investigation, believing nothing illegal transpired. This admittance comes contradictory to an interview with Lewandowski last February.


The left often uses the administration's claim that Lewandowski should be exempt from answering certain questions as proof of wrongdoing. Articles also point out Lewandowski’s disrespectful and combative behavior during the hearing as evidence of his character.


The right blames the “chaos” of yesterday’s hearing on the Democrats, often siding with Lewandowski’s continual defense of Pres. Trump. Some articles additionally fault Democrats for subpoenaing Lewandowski in the first place knowing full well of his rough temper.

Where's the common ground?

While right and left don’t agree on the validity of Lewandowski’s resistance to questioning, both sides seem to acknowledge that, whether warranted or not, Lewandowski did behave poorly.

Dems @ Lewandowski

US Charges Edward Snowden ... Again 🤷


DOJ sues

Infamous whistleblower Edward Snowden’s memoir Permanent Record hit bookshelves on Tuesday. Almost immediately, the United States Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Snowden violates non-disclosure agreements he signed with the federal government. The DOJ claims that the US is entitled to all profits received from the book, as well as public speeches Snowden has made. The filing of the lawsuit prohibits Snowden from receiving any proceeds from the work until the case is resolved. 

Nothing new

The recent case against Edward Snowden is one of many. In 2013, Snowden, a former employee of the CIA and NSA, leaked classified materials revealing US surveillance programs, which incited a national debate on privacy and national security. Since then, Snowden has resided in Russia, which granted him asylum from charges of espionage and theft of government property. 


The left describes the facts of the case while criticizing the government’s desire to obtain money from the book. Further, most liberal news sources quote Snowden's claim that he does not want to return to the United States because of his “inability to get a fair trial.”


The right focuses on the crimes committed by Snowden, emphasizing the national security risk he created. Further, many conservative outlets have given extensive recent coverage to his desire to return home to the United States, often overlooking his contentions regarding the opportunity for a fair trial. 

Where's the common ground?

In the recent lawsuit, much of the contention seems to be confined between the United States government and the ACLU, which represents Snowden. As Snowden’s initial leaks prompted reforms in the US surveillance programs, the latest dispute could hold potential for altering government outlooks on national security in the media. 

Let's be honest
Extra extra...✨📰✨

Winner winner, chicken dinner. KFC started testing a chicken donut sandwich at 40 locations in Richmond and Pittsburgh. (Business Insider)

Anotha’ one. Spain called for its fourth election in four years after parties failed to form a governing coalition ahead of Tuesday’s deadline. (Reuters)

A strike. Unions for over 80,000 Kaiser Permanente workers announced plans for a week-long strike in October to protest the health consortium’s labor policies. (LATimes)

Not allowed. The EPA prepared to revoke California’s power to set its own vehicle emission standards. (USAToday)

A conCENSUS. Utah became the latest state to pass legislation that sets aside funding for outreach efforts ensuring people living in the state participate in the 2020 census. (PBS)

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