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Fall Issue #14

Ahoy, Stitchmate!

Welcome aboard The Artful Sailor’s Fall, 2019 newsletter. The leaves are turning colors, the southerly gales are starting to blow and the cold, wet times have returned; definitely more than just hints that Fall is here. The September Wooden Boat Festival always feels like a turning point and there are fewer and fewer pleasant days for being on the water. What a great Summer The Artful Sailor has had, on the water, on the shore, online and in the store.

With the passing of the Autumnal Equinox, the days grow short. Now’s the “going inside time” when we reminisce about the happy events of the Summer, harvest our successes and lay in stores and projects for the Winter. Please allow us at The Artful Sailor to assist you in those endeavors with the stories, upcoming events and new products below.



Speaking of the Wooden Boat Festival, what an amazing time we and The Artful Sailor had as exhibitors and presenters in three days of non-stop festival exposition.

Not only was the “floating store” open throughout the festival; but, three times a day, we gave performances that included music, ditty bag, tool and sail demonstrations, hands-on grommet making and a spectacular give-away.

At our perfect location, in the NW Maritime Center Boat Shop,
we drew large crowds, eager participants and merry singers—even dancers!—as well as sailors eager to purchase our wares.

Of course, TASWENS, our dory of Seventy48 and Kitsap Peninsula circumnavigation renown, was there along with our skiff, the Salty Sue. Making its debut was our newest product, pine tar soap. To our joy and amazement, we sold every bar we had! It was an exhausting, but highly successful, fun-filled time and already we are looking forward to next year’s 44th, annual Wooden Boat Festival, September 11-13, 2020.

> It’s always heart-warming to meet young people who love the sea and sailing. These two sailors really gave every one a lift at our festival booth.

Called in at the 11th hour, we, as Salty Sue and Pine Tar Pete, gave the Third Friday Series crowd at the Lake Union Center for Wooden Boats a show the likes of which they’d never seen before. Nor are they likely to again! Unless, of course, our zany duo returns to the Center, which we were immediately invited to do.

The focus of the presentation, conveyed by show and tell, song, slide show, and story, was our experiences during the Seventy/48 2019 human-powered race from Tacoma to Port Townsend, WA and a circumnavigation of Kitsap Peninsula.

Like the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival and most of The Artful Sailor’s classes and presentations, music served to lighten the scene and invite participation. We are grateful for the support and hospitality of Judie Romeo and Brent at CWB.

We were too exhausted after The Center for Wooden Boats presentation the day before to be able to take TASWENS and the Salty Sue to the Puget Sound Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association’s (TSCA) Fall Messabout. Never-the-less, we were there for the usual congenial camaraderie and sensational potluck buffet.

We also had fun in the sun observing the variety of small craft in attendance. Particularly captivating was a push-me-pull-you, forward facing row boat that relied upon both arms and legs for moving the oars.

Emiliano, after flailing about for awhile, decided that he would stay with conventional oars and facing aft. “Not only can I not figure out how to backwater,” laughed Marino, “But, this contraption chafes me in all the wrong places. Wedged in as I am, how do I use the head?”

Team Artful Sailor to Row Again! Registration for the 2020 Seventy/48 human-powered race opened during the Wooden Boat Festival and Team Artful Sailor (TASWENS and Emiliano Marino) was the FIRST team to sign up for the race! A bold and optimistic move since the race is 8 months away. Who knows what obstacles may swim up in the meantime. However, there will be ample opportunity for training and preparing the boat for our THIRD, round trip row to Tacoma and back.

Care to hazard a guess how many hours it will take Speedo Marino to row the 2020 race? In 2018 it was 39 hours, 45 min.; then 28 hours, 56 min. in 2019. What will it be in 2020? For fame and a big prize, submit your guess online or at the shop. He’ll be rowing one race mile for every year of his life. Go Speedo!


Salty Sue's Favorite Pine Tar SoapPINE TAR SOAP
Upon entering The Artful Sailor store, one’s olfactory senses are greeted by what we call the “smell of tradition”: the delicious, smokey aroma of pine tar. Pine tar has so many maritime and land-based uses. Nothing, then, could be more logical and appealing to have in our retail inventory than hand-made, all natural, pine tar soap!

Simply made of glycerine, aloe vera, olive oil and pine tar, Salty Sue’s Favorite Pine Tar Soap is beloved by every one at The Artful Sailor, not only for its wonderful smell, but also for its moisturizing, cleansing and lathering qualities. Emiliano even uses it as a shampoo!

Just the sort of thing a sailor would like to find in their Christmas stocking. Salty Sue says... “I’ve been wanting to offer pine tar soap for a long time and, after a lot of research, this one is my favorite!”


Since The Artful Sailor’s Sail Exchange was launched in January, this new aspect of our business has seen tremendous growth and development. So much so, that we’re rapidly filling the loft space above the shop with our burgeoning inventory.

Recycle, reuse, promotion of sailmaking and repair skills and fundraising for maritime education, those are the purposes of the Sail Exchange. Your old sails (clean and dry) are welcome. No laminates, thank you.

Your sail and canvas needs can be met at a cost far below that of new sails. 

Give us a call, or stop by the shop with measurements. We’ll go aloft and see what’s in store for you!


Some products in the offing:

  • Used sailing and canvas work books
  • Machine sewing tools and thread
  • More DIY kits
  • Pine Tar Soap
  • Local, custom-made, rigging knives
  • And more!

Visit at our store in Port Townsend or shop our online Catalogue!

> Click the aerial photo to go to Google maps... 



The Artful Sailor’s Guide to Sewing Machine Maintenance, Adjustment and Sewing Skills. Many sail and canvas projects can be sewn with a basic, domestic sewing machine. Heavily built, yet portable, vintage machines are inexpensive and can be hotrod-ed for smallcraft sailmaking and sail repairs; as well as bags, sail covers and awnings.

By popular demand, The Artful Sailor Whole Earth Nautical Supply is excited to offer a basic course for machine-oriented Stitchmates who want to learn how to put that old machine that's been collecting dust in the closet to use both onboard and ashore. Details & Registration.

Deck the halls with a bounty of bottles! Always looking to combine arts with practical skills, The Artful Sailor Whole Earth Nautical Supply, located at 410 Washington Street, by the skate park, in Port Townsend, WA, will again merrily exhibit the fancy knotwork of Jacob Borkowski on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 from 5-8:00 pm.

Borkowski is a Seattle-based cabinet maker who has been interested in marlinespike seamanship and fancy knots since he was a 14 year old Sea Scout. His every finger a marlinespike, Jacob’s specialty is covering bottles with intricate knotting. B.Y.O.B. and have it turned into a sailor’s practical work of art! Ever popular, Jacob’s marlinespike artistry sells out in The Artful Sailor store.

There will also be music, treats and salty gifts in a warm, convivial atmosphere permeated by the delicious aromas of maritime tradition!

Sunday evening, January 26th, 2020, Emiliano will give another rivetting reading of a classic sea story.

BILLY BONES & THE GRATEFUL THREAD wish you a Happy Halloween and invite all stitch witches and warlocks to warm the cauldron by taking The Artful Sailor’s Sewing Machine Workshop on October, 26th!
The frost is on the boomkin, Shipmates, and it’s time to say fair thee well until the Winter edition. The snow’ll be on the dock lines and the ship’s stove’l be awarmin’ the mulled cider. At the shop, on the website, on Facebook and on Instagram, you are always welcome aboard. —The Artful Sailor.

No chimps were harmed in the making of this newsletter!
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