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A French couple is facing jail time after being caught stealing nearly 90 pounds of sand from Sardinia. The Italian island is known for its picturesque white-sand beaches, and increasingly, for sand-theft cases such as these. A recent "boom" in beach "souvenirs" from the island has forced authorities to institute harsh penalties for those caught taking from the island – environmentalists warn that tourists' urge to take part of Sardinia home with them poses a threat to the island's well-being. 
The struggle is real?
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Whispers Of Coming Recession Affect Stock Market 💸


Some outlets warn of a repeat of 2008 in the wake of the trade war 

As the China-US trade war continues, some economists are beginning to anticipate a recession akin to the one in 2008. The heavy tariffs Trump is placing on Chinese goods could result in massive global blowback and ultimately backfire. As a result of this thinking, some outlets warn of a recession and urge Trump to cease the trade war before the tension escalates further. 

How was the stock market affected?

On Wednesday, the stock market saw the lowest day of the year due to the recession scare. The stock market lowered by 800 points, and has been building back up since. By the weekend, Monday’s projected gain was by 300 points as the recession scare lessens. Additionally, Tim Cook recently met with Trump in person to discuss the danger tariffs pose to Apple’s race against Samsung. 


The left warns of a major recession coming anywhere from within the next year to sometime in 2021. Outlets taking this position lay the blame soundly at Trump’s feet. Articles depict Trump as unpredictable and acting on whims with regard to China, causing economic devastation unwittingly. Also mentioned is how a recession may affect Trump’s re-election campaign, especially if one hits in early 2020. 


The right reports that the threat of recession is significantly lower than outlets on the left suggest. The majority of articles act as rebuttals to the idea of recession, with a few focusing on the stock market’s recovery over the last week from Wednesday’s low. Ultimately, many articles rest on American consumer habits, arguing that two-thirds of the economy comes down to consumers. These articles report that the American economy saw a rise throughout July and that the threat of recession is therefore unrealistic. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sides agree that a recession would be unwelcome, but that’s largely where the agreement stops.  

#TBT to 1929
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Trump’s Title X Changes 📜


Planned Parenthood, the main target

Planned Parenthood (PP) has announced that its clinics will no longer be a part of the Title X family planning program as a result of the new Trump administration rules. The new rules prevent clinics that are part of the Title X program from providing or referring patients for abortions, with the exception of cases involving rape, incest or a medical emergency.

What is Title X?

The Title X family planning program was created in 1970 under President Richard Nixon. The program was designed to provide affordable reproductive care to women who could not afford it. Over 4 million people used Title X funding for health care services last year. Title X funds have been used for wellness exams, STD and HIV screens, birth control, and sex education – the funds have never been approved for abortions. 


The left focuses on the new Trump administration rule surrounding Title X funding. They contend that the new rules could result in longer wait times and increased costs for reproductive health services. The left points out that PP and other medical providers claim that the rule is unethical and obstructs the doctor-patient relationship. Furthermore, they emphasize that PP serves approximately 40% of the nation’s 4 million Title X recipients.


The right focuses on the settlement that a former PP employee received last Friday. They highlight the $3 million in damages awarded to Mayra Rodriguez for wrongful termination after she reported health and safety violations. The right also highlights that Rodriguez was an illegal immigrant during her employment at PP and that the organization tried to use her immigration status against her after the termination.

Where is the common ground?

There is no common ground in this case as both sides have chosen to report on two different stories surrounding the same topic.

Both sides rn
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By invite only. American CEOs at the Business Roundtable expand their stakeholders to include customers, suppliers & communities in their updated mission statement (CNN Business)

No definitive answers. A new study hints that the consumption of fluoride by pregnant women can decrease their children’s IQ (NPR)

Unrelated plots. Authorities prevented 3 planned mass shootings when they arrested 3 men in CT, FL, and OH over the weekend (USA Today)

Freedom of speech. Facebook & Twitter block Chinese accounts that are coordinating to undermine Hong Kong protests (BBC)

Save Mother earth! Scientists develop a cheap process to extract H2 from oil fields, providing a possible source of pollution-free energy (Phys)

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