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What if your mission in life was misaligned? 🔀

You spend 20+ years working on that mission, only to discover that you were working towards the wrong goals.


Allow me to make an analogy to marketing.

What if your annual marketing goals are misaligned? 🔀

You spend the entire year working to hit goals that don’t help the business.


The lesson here: if your goals are wrong, then everything that comes afterwards is a waste.

One example of a misaligned marketing goal is the “MQL target” (marketing qualified leads). For example, the team aims to generate 1,250 MQLs per quarter, for a total of 5,000 at year-end.

What happens next?

Marketers perform unnatural acts and engage in dangerous activities. They adopt FOMAL, a Fear Of Missing A Lead -- a term coined by friend Ian Truscott in his excellent post “If you want fast food go to McDonald’s.”

Ian uses the example of a high-quality burger 🍔  joint that tries to compete with McDonald’s.

Ian writes:

“FOMAL would make their offering more generic, easier to make, consume, remove the resistance, and become like the others.”

The wrong goals can quickly lead a marketer to FOMAL.

The fix, of course, is better and more meaningful goals (sauteed mushrooms and extra cheese don't hurt).

One option for B2B organizations is going all-in with an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.

If you’re not ready for that, how about this:

Instead of 1,250 MQLs per quarter, how about 125 MQLs from target accounts? 

The 125 may be harder to achieve than the 1,250. You’ll scratch and claw to get them. But your sales team -- and, your business -- will be better off.

May targets be your goals,

P.S. Check out this talk from David Brutman, "Content As The Fuel Of Your ABM Strategy."

Around the Corner
Poker and Marketing

During the pandemic, I occasionally play online poker with a group of friends.

We join a Google Meet so we can see each other and chat.

It's so fun!

During one hand, I got a flush on the final card and was thrilled. I bet big.

What didn't I consider?

That my opponent was holding a pair underneath. Yes, he had a full house.

I lost.

Here's how poker is like marketing:

Next Meetup
How to Write Marketing Newsletters People Actually Read

Presenter: Ashley Guttuso, Director of Marketing, Simple Focus Software

Email newsletters can provide great touchpoints between brands and their customers and prospects.

But they’re all too often an annoyance because they don’t do what they should: deepen the relationship.

Learn how to create newsletters that your audience looks forward to opening.


February 4, 2021, 12:00 to 12:30pm PT



Note: Thanks to our sponsors, Hushly, TalendToTheWeb and Arm Treasure Data.
Twitter Corner
In each newsletter, I recommend a Twitter user to follow.
This week, I recommend Shane Shaps (@520eastbrands).

Photo of Shane via her website.

Shane is President, Founder and Community Manager at 520 East Brands.

She's based in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to the bio on her website:

"Known to some as the 'Professional Big Mouth,' Shane starts her day early, manages the schedules of two children, a husband and two labradors, and takes the action of 'networking' to a whole new level."

In this tweet, Shane gives the origin story behind the 520 East Brands name.

Hint: there's a connection to New York City.
Job Corner
Simpplr is hiring a Digital Content Writer.

Here's the job listing.

Disregard the "Gurugram, India," as the position is 100% remote.

You'd get to work with my friend Clint. Here's what he sad to say:

"Working at Simpplr is great - we have an industry leading product, an awesome team, and even better culture. We’re growing rapidly and looking to hire more great people for the team. Join us to help make communicating simpple!"
Virtual Events Corner
Angela Smith is Head of Events and Field Marketing at Atlassian.

Angela and I were colleagues in 2009. We worked on virtual events!

Angela provides an insider's view on corporate events.

I love this:

"When you are able to provide participants with a 'choose-your-own-path' adventure for content consumption, good things happen."

Read more at MeetingsNet.
Lead Generation Corner
In a past job, we generated hundreds of leads using Facebook Ads at a cost per lead (CPL) of under $10.

It was great!

Until it wasn't.

Image: the logo for Rockstar CMO.

The lesson?

Always judge a performance metric in the larger picture of overall business goals.

The realization?

Before celebrating a low CPL, we should have assessed, early on, whether the leads were converting to MQLs and SQLs at rates that matched our historical benchmarks.

Read more in my guest post at Rockstar CMO.
Corner Plants
I came across this sign at Central Park in San Mateo, CA:

Notice anything odd about it?

This tweet captures my thoughts 🤓
Bernie and Tod's Corner
At the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup, Bernie Fussenegger and Tod Cordill gave a fantastic presentation about Twitter Chats 👏

How I'd describe their presentation:

Entertaining, prescriptive and practical.

Watch it on the Meetup's YouTube channel.
Corner Thoughts
I love Robert Rose's take on thought leadership:

"The most frequently asked questions are also the most frequently answered questions. The answers to those questions aren't really 'leading' anything. True thought leadership is delivering insights into questions people haven't thought to ask yet." 

Pictured: Robert Rose. Photo from Twitter.

As examples, Robert cites "The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton Christensen and "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh.

Those books were on topics we're familiar with, but they answered questions we didn't know we had. 

Robert shared these thoughts on Ian Truscott's Rockstar CMO FM podcast. Listen to the episode on the Rockstar CMO website.
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