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In Little Rock, Arkansas, the homeless population has been hard at work -- in a program called "Bridge to Work," the city has been paying homeless people $9.25/hour to pick up trash around the state capital. That's $2 more than the federal minimum wage. Thanks to the program's enormous success, the city plans to explore how it can be expanded and extended. 
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Trump Sues Manhattan DA for Digging Into Finances ‍💰


Manhattan digging into Trump’s finances

On Thursday, CNBC reported that President Trump filed a lawsuit against Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and his accounting firm. The lawsuit follows the DA’s subpoenas for President Trump’s tax information earlier this week

What do we know now? 

A federal judge granted an order Thursday, temporarily protecting President Trump’s personal and business tax returns. There are questions being raised about the constitutionality of the subpoenas into President Trump’s tax information and whether or not he can protect himself as a private citizen


The left mentions previous attempts to obtain President Trump’s tax information to clarify whether the subpoenas are legal. President Trump’s private legal team is claiming that as a sitting president, Trump should be immune to all investigations until he has left office. 


The right cites constitutional issues to justify Trump’s lawsuit against the Manhattan DA. Fox News cites a law passed by Gov. Andre Cuomo (D-NY) called the TRUST Act that would allow lawmakers to obtain Trump’s state tax returns. The filing claims that this law is meant to expose President Trump’s private financial information to damage him politically. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sides seem to be unclear when it comes to the legality of the issue. The right is leaning towards the constitutional issues that could arise if the Manhattan DA is allowed to obtain President Trump’s tax information. The left is concerned with President Trump’s ability to protect his tax information as a private citizen, even though he is the President of the United States. 

You ever feel like this?

California vs. the EPA 🚗💨

Waiver revoked

The Trump administration announced this week that it would revoke California’s authority to set its own emissions standards. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler stated that the decision is meant to ensure “much-needed regulatory certainty for the automotive industry,” nationwide. 

CA: the de-facto emissions benchmark

California’s ability to set its own emissions standards dates back to the 1970s, when Los Angeles began tackling its notoriously bad smog problems. Since then, 13 other states (and Washington D.C.) have adopted California’s stricter greenhouse gas policies. This past July, California negotiated with Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW, and were set to implement a threshold of 50 MPG by 2026 (rather than the current standard of 37 MPG).


Outlets on the left frame the clash as exemplary of Trump’s distaste for environmentally responsible policies — and for “blue America.” They argue that the EPA’s move is about deregulating, rather than promoting states’ rights, and that it benefits Trump’s reelection campaign because he can use the state as a political foil, which helps him generate anger among his followers. These outlets frequently reference Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA)’s statement that, “This was a demonstrable move to assert power and dominance… against the state a few days before U.N. Climate Week, to punctuate the point.”


Outlets on the right approach this story through the lens of states’ rights and regulation, framing California’s move as one of overreach. These articles often include statements by EPA Administrator Wheeler, criticizing California’s for what he sees as the state attempting to “dictate standards for the entire country,” and details from Trump’s plan for national fuel standards. Emphasis is mostly placed on how regulations are key in cultivating a healthy auto industry.

Where's the common ground?

Very little common ground exists on this topic. Most agree that varied emissions standards can put carmakers in a tight spot, and that a legal battle is surely in the works — California has already begun taking steps to block the administration’s efforts. 

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Going to the source. Colt announces it will halt production of AR-15s for the consumer market (ABC)

Vulnerable communities. A new study finds that the bird population in North America decreased by 3 billion in the last 50 years (NPR)

20 year delivery. Jeff Bezos announces plans that will let Amazon meet its Paris climate agreement goals 10 years in advance (CNBC)

"Benchmarks." The Trump administration will cut $160 million in aid to Afghanistan due to concerns of corruption in Kabul (The Hill)

(THC is excluded.) The U.S. will fund $3 million worth of research exploring if marijuana relieves pain (Chicago Tribune)

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