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COVID-19 Forces Many Bible Study Fellowship Classes Online

Abhishek was one of those youths who cannot be even termed as a nominal Christian, never opened the Bible and only been to church a few times at Christmas and was a devoted follower of another faith. Living his worldly life, Abhishek was reluctant to regular church or any other prayer services. However, the pandemic has changed it all! {Long story in shot} - He prayed to receive Christ, is now a student of ‘Bible Study Fellowship - Online Class’ under Hope India Mission president Rev. E.A. Abraham. He is one of Rev. Abraham’s 12 students, has completed the Gospel of Mark, Luke & John and is now looking forward to being connected to our local church. Abhishek could influence many of his friends and the networking has brought a number of youths to this online Bible study platform. Following its success, the program is now being expanded to HIM’S other fields as well. This new ingenuity is expected to be a success specifically among the youths like Abhishek. Church please pray for the success of this program.

When one of the Study Group’s members gathered for the first time. Abhishek is seen third from left. Many such online study groups are opening these days in the fields.


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One might be curious to find a water buffalo in this Christmas celebration. “Yes, Welcome to Bihar”

Despite the Corona Lockdown and suspension of all in-person services, our believers took the courage to celebrate Christmas in all the mission fields. They had not been able to connect with local pastors and other believers in the last 6 to 8 months - which is why this Christmas was so special to all of them. HIM’S pastors and leaders were doing everything they could do to deal with the pandemic as fellowships were concentrated to house churches while people far away were invited to join digitally. However, the Christmas season gave everyone a chance to see each other and invite neighbors to Christmas services. But in the wake of the pandemic, no public celebrations were observed. Christmas outreach across the fields observed 11506 participants with 4000 invitees hearing the Gospel at 123 locations. About 6000 NTs and 8000 Christmas booklets were distributed this season.

Dancing and drumming are inevitable during Christmas - A church in Jharkhand

It is how this small congregation in eastern Bihar celebrated Christmas

This congregation in West Bengal had a Christmas music concert at their neighborhood.

This Christmas celebration was conducted among a lepers’ colony where its people are regarded as untouchables by society. At different locations, more than 200 people participated. For many of them, this was the first time someone shared about Jesus and eternal life!

This is how they celebrated in small house churches

This congregation chose the roof top of a building for Christmas celebrations

This church in Bihar had to compromise on the availability of spaces during Christmas

This tribal congregation in Chhattisgarh decided to celebrate Christmas in the woods

A ‘CHRISTMAS LOVE FEAST’ was served across all the HIM congregations

Don’t know why celebrate Christmas? Welcome then! True message of Christmas explained along with a piece of cake & coffee, New Testament and a tract.

About 6000 NTs and 8000 Christmas booklets were distributed this season

This Christmas gift made their day so special - Photo from Jharkhand


Construction workers are joined by believers as they expect to dedicate this church building very soon. They urgently require $ 2000 more to see this building completed. Please pray fervently for this cause. This is a poor and tribal belt area where HIM has a fair believer strength.

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Another church construction in Chhattisgarh has just begun. As seen in the picture, brickmaking is progressing for use as fire bricks at the location where the church is to be built. Church please pray for the success and needed funds for the project.

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Wishing you a very joyful New Year 2021 despite these difficult times. I really wish things were different and that I could visit you! Hope that the new year brings your family much happiness and prosperity, and that in time the world will be a safe place again. Take care of yourselves and see you soon!

“I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security”. (Jeremiah 33:6)

Your Brother in Christ

E.A. Abraham

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