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Issue 25: April 2022
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Note from the Executive Director:

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Welcome to our April 2022 edition, Issue nr. 25
In this edition we focus on:
  • An update about our online and in-person courses
  • Feedback from participants
  • Job shadowing in action
  • Rural road tour to recruit unemployed youth
  • First Master Train the Trainer course completed for 2022
  • Feedback from our Youth Business Network mentoring participants
  • Department of Social Development evaluation
  • Our Radical Car Wash is launched
  • MARY growing from strength to strength!
Enjoy the reading and please send us your feedback!
Our various online and in-person courses continue!

All our courses continued as reported previously with our 1st semester 6 week intensive computer course which started on 19 January 2022. All our courses are hosted under strict Covid-19 regulations. Due to social distancing protocols we are compelled to take in fewer participants compared to before Covid-19. As reported previously, FRASA members in various communities continued to partner with us to host free online job search training in various communities. Aimed at unemployed youth, the training is focused to assist participants understand the basics of a computer, word processing, CV design and printing, opening email accounts and uploading CVs on various employment sites. Our practical office admin course and new practical organisational management also continued. Our practical office admin course had an unexpected high interest with a long waiting list.
Ayshaa Mohammed wrote:
Good day, I just want to thank the team at Young people @ work for an amazing training. I felt very welcome and loved, I love the fact that I could talk about my situation... I also want to thank Vicky for a good 3 day class I have learnt a lot I also learned that no matter what I must not give up I must achieve my dreams. The course also allowed me to type out my own CV which I never thought I would do... I have learnt about windows, hardware, software etc. I cannot wait to do more courses with you guys.”
Jamie-Lee Abrahams wrote:
I am messaging to thank you for the wonderful and educational opportunities that i had with YP@Work. The computer training was very helpful especially learning to understand the do's and dont's, advantages and disadvantages of the Computer. Further on while I was shadowing, firstly I gained confidence in myself to work with others and independently. I enjoyed learning more office administration skills especially data capturing, filing, scanning and printing. I felt very comfortable with the staff members of YP@Work. They motivated me to do and be more in life and i would like to thank the organization for my next step in life. Thank you YP@Work and my facilitator, Victoria Petersen.! “
Above: Free computer training facilitated at Kuilsriver library; our first semester 6 week intensive computer course in progress; Participants in Delft after their free online job search training.
Bernelee Baker wrote:
“This was a very interesting and fun course. I have learnt alot within the 6weeks, where I now feel like a professional at home, by teaching my husband, based on the exercises we did in the class. Thank you YP@W.”
Cedwyn Klein wrote:
“It was very educational, uplifting and inspiring. I truly enjoyed my time here in the 6 weeks computer training, as well as Miss Shirley's teaching. Thank you!”
Feedback about the practical office admin training:
Precious Bigone wrote:
“It was such an awesome experience to be hands on. It is an honour to be taught by a very humble and phenomenal trainer. She avails herself for every small task you ask her. I will definitely come back for more courses.”
Shannen-Lee Bruinders wrote:
“I understood everything very well, the facilitator was great and had a lot of patients and i am truly grateful for this course. I can say that I have definitely gained loads of knowledge.”
Above: Participants during their practical office admin training in progress.
We asked our followers if they find our online courses helpful!

“Totally Love it! Got stuck at the way you entertain clients, very interesting...would appreciate if anyone could direct me to how to transfer a call to another section...Looking forward to a practical session at your offices SOON! Thank you all!” (Beverly Visagie)
“It was Interesting I literally had no idea about those things soon I can teach my kids about it.” (Gayrunisha Arendse)
“The sessions are easy to understand and very informative. It really helps a lot with the visuals of the information as well as the voice notes. I will definitely be sharing the information. Thank you for the work you guys do.” (Tamlyn Muller)
“I'm doing all these courses as refreshers and also helping with time gaps on CV it's informative and easy to follow also sharing it with all matriculants to help them get a kick start on their CVS and learn new skills... excellent work YP@W.” (Melissa Hendricks)
“I have done few courses with you and I must say you guys do a great job and appreciate the effort you put in to make us feel comfortable by supporting us step by step I'm looking forward to doing some more courses with you in the near future. Thank you YPAW.” (Carmelita Arendse)
“Thank you very much to everyone involved I appreciate everything I'm still in the courses this week it's the professional job seeking skills you guys are doing a great job with all of ur staff being so genuine and helpful and so much passion in what they doing thank you all and mister Frank.” (Amy Carolissen)
Job shadowing in action!
Above: Jandre Alexander busy with job shadowing Frank Julie in organisational management; Jermaine August, Deidre Cootee and Jamie-Lee Pieters job shadowing Victoria Petersen; Jamie-Lee Abrahams and Celeste Abrahams also job shadowing Victoria Petersen in office administration and training.
Feedback about our latest TV documentary!
We recently produced a TV documentary about the work of YoungPeople@Work which was shared on various platforms. Lots of positive feedback was received.
“Good evening Frank, I trust that all is well with you and the family. Thank You for the inspiring video. It makes me want to apply your enthusiasm to our operation in Gugulethu. Is it possible that I can ask you to come and visit our centre and give our committee a brief inspiring /enthusiastic chat. It would be so much appreciated. Thank you once again for your motivation and enthusiasm. It is something we all need. God Bless and Kind regards (Aysha Mohamed, Aljihaad SA).
To view the TV documentary, please click here:
Rural outreach to Western- and Northern Cape towns to reach unemployed youth
Above: Frank Julie meets with unemployed youth in Nelspoort to discuss business ideas; A visit to the director of Citrusdal Matzikama Aids Network (CMAN) to discuss signing up youth for our free training via WhatsApp, Kyle Petrus-Julie (son of Frank Julie) busy recruiting members of the community for our free training via WhatsApp in Keimoes. Other towns visited included Touwsriver, Kimberley and Beaufort West.
Someone might need these contacts:
Suicide – 0800567567 - Rape – 0214479762
Assault – 0861322322 - Depression - 0800121314
ADHD Helpline – 0800554433 - Trauma Line - 0800205026
Mental Health Line – 0112344837 - Emergency - 112
First Master Train the Trainer Course for 2022 a big success!
Our first Master Train the Trainer course was hosted from 15-17 February 2022 at the Centre of Excellence in Bishop Lavis and facilitated by Frank Julie and Yolanda Van Steer. 14 participants attended the course which covered theories of adult learning, characteristics of effective facilitators, sites of learning, stages of learning, the training cycle, learner styles, temperament theory, visual aids, listening skills, evaluation techniques, trouble shooting, etc. Participants will be required to complete job shadowing of one of our trainers. 

“Hi Frank,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for affording me the opportunity to sit in with Shirley on Tuesday and just absorb the brilliance of her work. She is very gentle and genuine with her learners and definitely knows how to read the need or identify learner styles.  The students were very much engaged and acknowledgement of each of them can contribute. Her lesson was well prepared and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her voice. I really would have loved to see more of the 6 week training, in order to evaluate or elaborate more. I could definitely link the theory and practical almost immediately...much to my surprise.  I look forward to joining you guys again as I feel there's so much more I can and should learn, not only in this industry but for myself personally. Regards. (Bridgette Adonis, Facilitator, Children Have a Dream Foundation)
“At first I was very shy to talk to youth. Well, I would not say shy, just uncomfortable but as time went on it became easier and easier and it became easy to open up to them. Now I can stand in front of a room and speak with confidence!”  (Weedaad Petersen)
Above: The group who completed the Master Train the Trainer course in February; Weedad Petersen from Open Doors facilitated her first session after she was trained as a facilitator last year.
Youth Business Network mentoring sessions making a big difference!
We launched our Youth Business Network to support small businesses operated by young people last year in response to the decimation of jobs due to Covid-19. So far we hosted 4 workshops with various business specialists sharing skills and experiences. After each workshop we select 6-8 businesses to join an intensive mentoring programme over 3 months with sessions every alternate Friday over 3 hours. We have recently been joined by various other experienced entrepreneurs such as Vincent Fredericks (ETE Marketing), Colin Daries (Nu Era Insurance), Trevor November and Fabian Oliphant (Remax Impact/Grassy Park) and Dean Van der Byl (Virtual Business Mall). Feedback from members has been very positive since they joined the programme in terms of growth in their businesses and their prospects for the future.
Barry Muller wrote:
“Since I was accepted into the mentoring program Mr Frank Julie and Vanessa Cookson have not only inspired me but also educated me with the tools to understand what is needed to make my business a success. The content I found within the sessions especially those on marketing, financial management and developing a value proposition was extremely eye opening. It was a revelation to me not to mention the Master train the trainer course which really put me through my paces but also gave me the confidence to speak In front of a crowd and my potential clients in the future. All of the content spoke directly to my short comings but most importantly gave me the tools I needed to get my life and business back on track.
Above: Barry Muller and his team in action! WhatsApp Barry at 071 372 3095 for his services!
YoungPeople@Work through the leadership of Frank Julie and his team is an organization like no other. I found a group of people who sincerely care about me and want the very best for my business. Failure is simply not an option. In the fellow mentees I found a family who would be walking this journey with me and whom I will be supporting in return. Today I am eternally grateful to Frank Julie and Vanessa Cookson for the patience and all the efforts they put into us mentees as well as Mr Jayson Magooda for his very informative session on tendering and Mr. Colin Daries for sharing his inspiring story of success with us. The best part of everything is that my business is now compliant to tender once more and the holistic transformation I’ve experienced has given me the passion, knowledge and drive I need to walk into the future without fear of failure and for this I am so grateful. Thanking you.” (Barry Muller - B. Mullers Trading) (Barry was recently appointed as one of the directors of our Radical Car Wash)

Jacoba Hamman wrote:
“I am a proud business owner of a catering and food product company named WTT SWEET $EATS (PTY).I am also a proud member and mentee of the YoungPeople@Work business mentoring network. I have started my catering company through the support and mentorship of Mr Frank Julie, a friend, supporter and partner last year February. Throughout the mentorship and journey, I have learned so many things. The MAIN thing that have learned from him and these mentoring sessions coordinated by him and Vanessa Cookson, is having multiple income streams in your business. Which mean, when one income stream generates money slowly, there should be another to fill the gap and generate enough for you to be in business, to stay relevant and for your business to not DIE on you! Since the start I have implemented this strategy in my business. There are so many avenues now in which my business can prosper in and make money. For the last 1 year and a half, we have done catering for workshops, funeral, lately one or two weddings, baking cakes and biscuits and selling thereof. My husband recently joined the company and its daily operations when he was retrenched. About 6months ago we introduced our fresh produce department, to the public, where we do pre-cut/fresh cut vegetable and smoothie packs. We have been selling these products for the last 6 months to the public and the growth has been phenomenal.
Above: Jacoba Hamman with one of her happy clients! WhatsApp her at 079 485 3781 for your order!
We have just started supplying 3 old age homes with bigger than normal veggie packs and are also looking to supply preschools, restaurants, more nursery and old age homes etc. Our clients rave about these products and love the freshness of the product itself. It's also convenient for them and the veggies are pot ready, which means they don’t have to go through the motion of having to peel and cut their veggies. Though we still have many challenges with getting our own  space ,own transport and other things, we are confident that we will soon reach that level...We have over a 1000 followers on our page:  and over 200 group members  in our veggie group  which we opened last  month. God has been good and faithful. Sending people on our path that saw the potential and hard work we put in. We are proud of what we have built so far and hope for much more successes into the future. Mrs Hamman, proud momtrepeneur, proud small business owner.
Above: Youth Business Network mentees with Vincent Fredericks; Peter November and Fabian Oliphant; Dean Van der Byl addressing mentees during a mentoring session.
Amy-Lee Julies joins our team!
With the increasing number of people joining our online training via WhatsApp and with our plans to build on this success, we decided to expand our staff capacity. Amy-Lee Julies was recruited and started training in January 2022. She is assisting our office administrator, Chante Rass, to respond to enquiries for online training. Amy-Lee have been a participant in most of our courses and recently completed the 6 weeks computer course. She also completed the Master train the Trainer course and did job shadowing at a community library a few years ago. She confessed that she always wanted to work for YoungPeople@Work! Another dream come true! She is also a passionate photographer and owner of Passion21 Photography. Need a photo shoot? Contact Amy-Lee at 074 177 1603.
Above: Our staff members, Chante Rass and Victoria Petersen busy with the induction of Amy-Lee Julies; Amy-Lee in her office and happy to be part of the team to serve our unemployed youth!

Our Facebook followers are increasing!

62 005 followers on 5 Nov 2021 – 65 704 followers on 30 March 2022
Department of Social Development Evaluation Session
Monique Marco from the Department of Social Development, one of our donors, came to evaluate our work on 2-3 March 2022 at our Parow office. Needless to say, she was very impressed with the quality of our work. She joined a computer session and spoke to the participants. She met the director where they exchanged ideas for possible improvement. According to Monique, we over perform based on the targets we have to achieve annually!
Above:  Monique Marco from Department of Social Development sitting in a computer session facilitated by Shirley De Jongh; Frank Julie handing over his latest book on professional fundraising over to Monique.
Our annual report for 2021 is out! Download the report here to view our progress during 2021 and read all our success stories!  

Annual reports - YoungPeople@Work We Live to Work, we don't Work to Live! (
Radical Car Wash launched to create employment!
With many jobs decimated due to Covid-19 crisis, we decided to launch a car wash project to create jobs. The project was launched on 11 March 2022 at the Centre of Excellence in Bishop Lavis. Various speakers spoke including the local ward councillor, Charles Esau, who stood in for the deputy mayor of Cape Town and Freda Camphor, assistant director at the Department of Employment and Labour (Bellville Labour Centre).
Listen to what Jandre Alexander has to say about why he joined the car wash:
Above: Members of MARY performing live at the launch of the Radical Car Wash; Freda Camphor, assistant director at the Department of Employment and Labour (Bellville Labour Centre) was the guest speaker.
Above: Jandre Alexander demonstrating the waterless car wash; Members of the audience at the launch; Caren Alexander and Ronell Botha from Keep Healing provided free pampering at the launch. Caren is a member of our Youth Business Network.
Music Academy for Rural Youth (MARY) in action and growing!
MARY, a product of YoungPeople@Work, based in Grabouw and empowering marginalised farm youth with music skills, are continuing to grow with leaps and bounds. Various requests for training have been received from all over the Western Cape. We recently launched another branch in Grabouw at the Docks Mission Church managed by Brenton Cornelius. A branch also opened up in Delft managed by director, Earl Cornelius. Branches in Villiersdorp, Gansbaai and Mitchells Plain had to close due to lack of finance and transport challenges. Our group in Strand is still continuing.
Above: Members of MARY at the Docks Mission Church in Grabouw; Liano Cloete busy with training the youngest member of MARY; Tatum Tarentaal, at 4 years old; Members of MARY in Delft busy with music training.

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