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Welcome to a new year full of learning and service ‘For Greater Bands!’

There are many items to check off at the start of a new year - here are some additional tips & tricks for starting the year off on the right foot:

  • Know Your Resources - The Chapter Operations Guidebook and National Website are just the beginning, don’t forget to look at your District website as well as our social media (links below) for announcements and more information!

  • Ask Questions - The National Leadership Team and National Headquarters staff are at-the-ready to answer questions, talk through concerns, and to assist your Chapter in accomplishing your operational goals.

  • Plan Ahead - It is never too early to start planning for events! This year we are looking forward to the 2023 National Convention being held in Orlando, FL. Start to plan and save now to attend!

Enjoy the start of the new year!

Sincerely in the Bond,

The National Council of Tau Beta Sigma

Chapter Operations + Events Reminders

Chapter Personnel Report & Annual Dues for Semester-based Schools - September 15 (Early Bird)/September 30 (On-Time)

Chapter Personnel Report & Annual Dues for Quarter-based Schools - September 30 (Early Bird)/October 15 (On-Time)

National Hazing Prevention Week - September 19-23

Submit Intent to Record the Affirmation - October 1

Chapter Personnel Report & Annual Dues - October 15 (On-Time Deadline, Quarter Schools)

Chapter Personnel Report + Annual Dues

Chapter Personnel Report: The Chapter Personnel Report creates a roster for the Chapter including membership statuses for all members for the current academic year. This form is completed through OMRS and requires submission of Annual Dues and Chapter Fee to be considered on-time and complete. More information and specific instruction for the CPR can be found in the Fall Mailer. If your chapter has concerns about making payments on-time for the Chapter Personnel Reports, please reach out to our National Executive Director, Steve Nelson at:, cc’ing

Discontinuation of Active Membership Cards: Beginning this year and for the first time since 1928, National Headquarters will discontinue the printing and mailing of annual Active Membership cards to Chapters. Although this is a major change in previous operations, this change will further prepare the organizations for the transition to our new online membership system called OPUS. If there are any questions pertaining to this change, please do not hesitate to reach out to NHQ by emailing

National Hazing Prevention Week

Every September we recognize National Hazing Prevention Week along with organizations across the country. While hazing prevention is a year-round activity, the annual National Hazing Prevention Week focuses attention on this important issue every year as students return to campuses.

Join Tau Beta Sigma members across the country from September 19-23 to recognize Hazing Prevention Week and to share why we are "stronger together" when we take a stand against hazing.

Overture Membership Education

The Vice President for Membership Guide is now live as well! To access this document and other Overture-related resources go to the national website and the Overture landing page.

Focus on Five Campaign 2022-2023

In September, we encourage Chapters to focus on the Red Stripe and ensure its on-time completion:

Red Stripe (Due October 15 by 11:59 pm): 1. Have the Chapter’s Focus on Five Liaison join the Facebook Group by answering the qualifying questions. 2. Submit your completed Chapter Budget and Constitution to your District Counselors for review and approval. District Counselors will communicate on-time completion to the NVPSP. 3. Watch the National Risk Management Policy Video as a Chapter and post a picture of the Chapter with the “Take a Stand” cards in the Focus on Five Campaign Facebook group indicating the date of viewing.

To learn more about this year’s Focus on Five Campaign and about requirements for the Stripes and Lyre Pieces go to the national website.

Follow Us + Get Involved

There are many ways to stay up-to-date and involved with Tau Beta Sigma. Make sure you are following our social media and bookmark the links to stay involved this year!

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