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William S.
Chambers Chapter

September 2020 Newsletter

Serving: Ohio, West Virginia, N. Kentucky, and W. Pennsylvania

Dick Fullmer

Chambers Chapter President

"President's Pondering"
I just passed my 9 year anniversary of retirement from active YMCA leadership, now I've also passed 20 months of 24 as your president.  No one could have predicted what 2020 would be like, but surprisingly there has been lots to do. Next will be the election for 2021 and trying to have an election with no in person annual meeting.  The Nominating Committee of John Mack, John Carney and Dave Patterson are working to fill the slate and I suspect we will have great leadership for 2021 and beyond.

Also, Lowell Nees and I will be attending the Ohio YMCA CEO Conference at Maumee Bay State Park.  For the last 12 or so years YMCA Directors have gathered in different locations around the state for learning, sharing and fellowship.  For the last 4 or 5 years the Chambers Chapter has been represented there and have tried to share our experiences of what retirement is like and encourage those who are interested to join early; before they retire.  If you look at your roster you will see some actives who took advantage of our first year free opportunity.  You might encourage your local CEO to join the Chambers Chapter and begin preparation for their fun in the sun retirement. 

Finally, I look forward to being your Past President and I know that the leadership team led by Mike and Connie will take us to new and exciting places.

God Bless You All
The Mission of the YMCA Alumni is to enable members to promote a nurturing Worldwide Christian Fellowship that provides educational, social and charitable opportunities.
Connect     Travel     Serve

Dale Packer

YMCA Alumni National 

Connect - Travel - Serve

I have written articles about Connect and Travel, but not sure I have done "Service" justice.  

Each of us has our own way of giving service to our local communities and other avenues of service.  The one way we are not giving service is to our YMCA community as a YMCA Alumni organization.  Yes, some of our chapters have special projects that they are working on and we have some committees that are project - oriented within our organization.

What about a National YMCA Alumni Service Project all chapters can be a part of for the future?  Well, we are going to try to find that special project in which all of us can participate.  

Lou Falk is leading the charge to find the right project.  He has put together an excellent committee with representatives from all 17 chapters and needs everyone's help.

You can help by offering the committee your suggestions.  Tell the committee attributes we should consider when picking a service project.  Some suggestions on the table are:  challenging, doable and sustainable.  What else should be considered?  What service projects would interest you?  

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."
----Winston Churchill

Steve Gunn

EAF Chairman
The EAF funds today from the William S. Chambers Chapter is at $5,085.00.  With a total of 32 gifts.  The overall goal amount for the chapter is very good and for that I am very thankful with all of the needs out there for issues such as physical, family, unemployment due to the Covid-19 effects and Y's having to close and other issues.  I am very proud how our Chapter has stepped up thus far this year.  

At the beginning of the year we had a goal of over 45 gifts to the campaign.  Right now we are at 32.  I am confident that we can reach and exceed this number by year end.  Again, thank you for your gifts and concern for fellow Y retirees and active Y participants.

On another note.... I have been asked to represent our Chapter on the idea of a National Service Project for Retirees, Active employees and any other person or group who would love to be involved.  The task force is nearing its  overall charge and we are beginning to formulate the last bit of information so a project can be identified. 

The task force was charged to initially come up with "attributes" of what a successful project would entail. Here are the attributes identified: 1. Must be challenging project, 2. It must be do-able,  3. It must be sustainable over the long haul,  4.  It should be unifying, 5. It must be impactful, 6. It should be able to accomodate a large number of participants who desire to participate, 7. The project must be attractive to donors.  Thank you for your participation and help with this.  I am excited that our Chapter can participate in achieving one of our Y Alumni goals as members with the project itself.

Good news for our Chapter on many fronts on this day of many unnerving reports. Thanks again!!  We appreciate all of you.

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Tony Delisio

World Service Chairman
When you support YMCA World Service, you support partners like the Sioux YMCA.  Today, the Sioux YMCA exists as the only YMCA on a Native American Reservation.  Founded by Lakota leaders, the Sioux YMCA is located in the center of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation.

Like many other communities across the United States and the world, the Navajo Nation has been tragically impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, with a percent positive rate exceeding that of New York City.  The Sioux YMCA is currently working to support youth and families as tribal leaders work to stop the spread of illness.  In response to school closures and community shutdowns intended to halt the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Sioux YMCA has:
*  Repurposed the Volunteer Center for quarantine use, equipping the reservation hospital with 55 additional beds

*  Expanded feeding programs from serving 90 meals a day to over 700 meals a day

*  While unemployment grows in the area, Sioux YMCA has grown from 7 employees to 21 new staff, making them one of the largest employers in Dupree, South Dakota.  
Thanks to your generosity, partners like the Sioux YMCA can meet the challenges of today (and tomorrow) head on.  We would like to thank every individual, family and organization who contributed to YMCA World Service in 2020.  In response to our special Covid-19 Request, 23 donors from the William S. Chambers Chapter have contributed  $4,155.00 to World Service to date.  

If you have not given to World Service this year, but would like to do so, you still have time.  Gifts will be accepted through the end of 2020.  You can visit to contribute on line or you can mail your check to:  YMCA World Service, c/o Mary Tikalsky, Director, YMCA of the USA, 101 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606.

If you have any questions about World Service, please call me at 614.581.8417 OR email me at  

Thank you for Changing the World for Good!!
Chambers Chapter Prayer


Tony Delisio

Prayer Chain Chair
We Shall Overcome

Dear Y Alumni,

We want you to know that we continue to think about you and yor families during these unprecedented times of Covid-19.  We hope and pray that you are doing well and staying healthy.  

We recently received a prayer request from fellow retiree, Dick Bennett.  A member of the Chamber Chapter Executive Committee, Dick served as the long time president and CEO of the Youngstown YMCA in Youngstown, Ohio.

Dick would like for us to pray for his wife Gwen, who suffers greatly with terrible arthritis.  Due to Gwen's arthritis, the Bennetts recently moved into a condo at a nursing facility in the Youngstown area.  

Please join us in praying for Gwen and Dick Bennett.  We wish them both strength in Christ as they go forward.  Thank you!

Prayer does make a difference.

Do you have a need for prayer?  Whenever you, a family member or friend is in need of prayers, you can turn to your friends with the Chambers Chapter to help lift up your intentions to God in prayer.

You can email your prayer request to us utilizing the attached Prayer Chain Request Card.   Phone calls and text messages are also welcome.  Simply contact me, Tony Delisio, with your prayer request and we will send a message to all Chambers Chapter members (via email) asking for prayers and healing.  

Please send your Prayer Chain Requests to:  Tony Delisio, 614 581-8417 OR

Thank you and May God Bless You.

The word is out:  New Orleans will be the host city for YMCA Reunion '22.  Details will be released as they are decided, but in the meantime, know "connecting...and all that jazz" is happening in January 12 - 15, 2022 Located at Embassy Suites Hotel by Hilton, New, Orleans .  Plan now to attend.

YMCA Alumni

Travel Club
The COVID-19 pandemic has scrambled the YMCA Alumni Travel Club schedule.

The Travel Club Committee and our consultants at GoTravel have been working hard to juggle the schedule and move much of it into Fall 2021 when, presumably, we'll all be vaccinated and ready to travel.

Please understand there is a gigantic pent-up desire to travel and bockings are going VERY FAST.  Most people just postponed their travel plans and did not cancel them.  PLEASE register NOW.


CANYON COUNTRY ADVENTURE, cancelled and not rescheduled.

PORTUGAL'S RIVER OF GOLD, scheduled for Oct. 10-19 is still going, but unless restrictions on U.S. travel to Europe are still in force, we will have to cancel.  This Viking River Cruise has been sold out for a year; however, we expect it to be cancelled.  We will investigate options for rescheduling if that happens.


Sailing around Hawaiian Islands has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

TRADE ROUTES OF THE MIDDLE AGES:  Originally scheduled for April 25-May 9, 2021, this Viking Ocean Cruise has been rescheduled for Oct. 4-18, 2021 at the request of most of those already registered.

Republic of Georgia:  This motor coach trip led by Bill and Teri Hooson, originally scheduled for Sept. 8-16, 2020, will be rescheduled for a date to be determined in late Spring 2021.

AFFORDABLE ITALY BY RAIL:  This independent travel rail journey from Venice to Florence to Rome with Gate One Tours, originally planned for Oct. 2021, will be rescheduled for Spring 2022 pending Gate One schedules.

COLORS OF PROVENCE:  Our AMA Waterways cruise, originally scheduled for last spring along the Rhone River, was cancelled by the cruise line.  We will try to reschedule this cruise for Fall 2022.

ACTIVE AND DISCOVERY ON THE RHINE, scheduled for Sept. 28-Oct. 5, 2021 on Avalon Waterways, and MARITIME COLORS, scheduled for Sept. 30-Oct. 8 via Royal Caribbean, remain in place.  No changes.

PORTUGAL'S RIVER OF GOLD:  The Committee is very much aware we have an over-lapping schedule for Fall 2021, but the good news is you have lots of choices from oceans to river and we'll have a whole lot of YMCA Alumni members and friends having a great time.  Thank you for your understanding.
For more information go to

National YMCA Alumni

Service Project
For more information about the National YMCA Service Project please refer to Dale Packard's and Steve Gunn's articles.  If you have any questions you could contact Steve Gunn who is the Chambers Chapter representative to the committee.  

Editorial Notes

Mike and Jackie Frith
So far in 2020, this year has been challenging.  We have been in a state of anxiety, testing our faith, concern over our heath and that of others, a divided nation and just being bored.  Just one of these would be enough to cause stress in our lives , but we had it all.

All of these concerns could be handled with faith in God's word.  If we place our faith in him all things are possible if we believe and just ask him for help.  The next time your have one of these feelings just pick up the best selling book of all times, the Bible, and just read it and see what God has told us about any of these troubles.

This November remember to VOTE! 

As we have said before, this is your newsletter.  We need your input, articles and pictures to make it more interesting to all your fellow retirees.  The Deadline for the December Newsletter will be November 23rd.

We hope everyone has a safe and great fall and the best Thanksgiving that you can have.
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