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In case you missed it, here are a few books that are new at! These books have been flying off the shelves and we don’t want you to miss out on the chance to get your paws on your own copies. Whether you’re enthusiastic about developing new agility skills, teaching the next generation about dog body language, want to find more joy in heeling, or are interested in learning more about canine behavior, we’ve got a book for you!

In Case You Missed It …

Increasingly, running contacts is the preferred method of training not only for those at the top of sport, but also for agility enthusiasts who simply want to train their dogs to the best of their ability. Now, with the help of the Running Contacts Workbook you can do this safely and effectively, enhancing your training skills and building an even stronger relationship with your dog.

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This rollicking rhyming picture book by Kersten Hamilton, What's Up, Pup?, features lively illustrations from Lili Chin, and explores all the ways that dogs express themselves, perfect for pup lovers of all ages.

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The field of dog training has become fragmented, with owners choosing between training methods and teachers, each of whom often has a particular ‘brand’ and training systems that they sell and promote. This division of the market has meant that books focused on training have an ever-decreasing audience as owners turn to one big name or system. By steering clear of promoting any single trainer and covering all aspects of living with dogs, not just training, this book hopes to be of interest to owners across chosen training approaches. 

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Easy to read, and well-organized with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and photographs, it is chock-full of information that will improve all your dog sport training, not just heelwork! This is a must-have for anyone interested in dog sports. If you want a dog that loves to heel, It’s time for you and your dog to experience the Joy of Heeling!

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No matter what personality your dog has, there is a brain game out there for them! Whether they are a sniffer, a shredder, a food-lover or a smarty-pants, these games are designed to get you and your pup bonding and having a great time together. Not only are these games great for your dog, but many of them are free and Easy Breezy to set up!

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