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Vol 1 T4 - October 14, 2020
We acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians, past and present, of this land, the Darkinjung people - who long before us lived, loved and raised their children on this land.
Dear Parents and Carers,

During the holidays, on October 7, we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Many names are given to Mary, the mother of Jesus, with one being Our Lady of the Rosary. Our parish church and school are dedicated to, and named for Our Lady of the Rosary.
The Rosary is a traditional Catholic prayer that honours Mary and at its centre focuses on the life of Jesus.   The Mysteries of the Rosary - the Joyful, Luminous, Glorious, and Sorrowful - invite us to meditate on key occasions in Jesus’ life. The Joyful Mysteries recall Jesus’ Incarnation; the Glorious Mysteries recall his Resurrection, and the Sorrowful Mysteries recall his suffering and death. The Luminous Mysteries recall major events from Jesus’ public ministry, starting with his Baptism.  
The Rosary is closely connected to the Gospels as most of the events recalled in the Mysteries of the Rosary are found in the Gospels as are the primary prayers prayed in the Rosary - The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, the Glory Be, the Apostle’s Creed and the Hail, Holy Queen.  
Welcome Back
I hope that everyone enjoyed the last two weeks, away from the routines of school. The teachers have planned many exciting learning experiences for the children this term. Whilst there are still restrictions due to COVID-19, some are easing. I will keep you informed as more information comes to hand.

Staffing 2020
We welcome back Mrs Sue Baptiste to the school office. Sue had some time off in Term 3 but is happy to be back with us again.  Alyce Chin returns from Maternity leave and will be teaching Italian on a Friday.
We welcome Mrs Alison Feuerstein in a new role as Marketing Coordinator. Alison will assist me in marketing and promoting the school to the wider community.

2021 Staffing
With Term 4 comes a great deal of planning for 2021. One item of planning is staffing. Several of our teachers are only employed at OLR until the end of 2020. I have begun the process of advertising for teachers for 2021 – many of our teachers will apply for jobs at OLR, but they will apply at other schools also. I will keep you updated throughout the term.
2021 Student class placement
At this time of year, some parents ask about class placement for the following year.  The allocation of students to classes is the professional responsibility of the school leadership team in consultation with class teachers, specialist, and support staff.  A great deal of time and care is taken on the placement of each individual child with our ultimate goal being the placement of each child in a class where they will be given optimal chance for happiness and success.  We feel positive that the extensive time and care that we give to this process, together with the talented and committed team of staff into whose classes we are placing each child, mean that we are able to produce the best possible class combinations to benefit each and every child.  Your trust in our decision-making, your appreciation of the time and care that goes into this process, and your respect for the competence and dedication of our staff are greatly appreciated.
If there is something that you think we may need to know that we may not already, please write to me by Friday 23 October.

27 October – School Photos
Tuesday 27 October is the annual School Photo Day, which was transferred from earlier in the year.  Please ensure your child is wearing their summer uniform. If your child usually wears Sports Uniform on this day, for that week only, they will need to wear their Summer Uniform.

Exiting Students
As we begin planning for classes and staffing for 2021, if families know they will be leaving OLR at the end of the year, apart from Year 6 students, can you please notify the school office on 43246641 or

School-Home Partnership
Children are more successful at school if parents and school work together for the advancement of the children. If you have any concerns, please make an appointment to see your child’s teacher. Normally after school is the best time for a meeting as before school, teachers are making preparations for the day. Most concerns can be solved this way. If you have a concern that you believe can’t be solved this way, please make an appointment to see myself or Sherylyn Kenney. 

Kindergarten 2021 Transition
The Kindergarten Transition Program we have held in previous years is not allowed to proceed in the same format, at the moment. We are waiting to find out if we can hold something and what this might look like. More information will be sent out to parents once we know more.

COVID-19 Testing
Parents and Carers are reminded not to send children to school if they are unwell, even with the mildest flu-like symptoms. We will phone parents if children present as unwell or have flu-like symptoms at school and you are asked to come and collect your child as soon as possible.  NSW Health also has requested that parents send anyone who is unwell or has even mild flu-like symptoms to arrange to be tested. Students with flu-like symptoms will need to provide a copy of a negative COVID-19 test result before being permitted to return to school.

School Fees
The financial strain of COVID-19 continues to impact many of our families. Broken Bay Diocese is committed to supporting families during this difficult time. If you would like to visit our website, to request ‘fee relief during COVID’ click here or you might like to ring me to confidentially discuss your concerns.

Summer Uniform
Most children have returned in the correct uniform – thank you to the parents who have ensured this occurred.
With regards school shoes, black leather polishable shoes are required. With the sports uniform, white joggers are to be worn.
Drink Bottles
The office staff continue providing a number of paper cups and water to a number of children, as we can’t use the bubblers at the moment.
Please ensure you send your child with a drink bottle, labelled with their name, every day to school.
Bernard Cumming

In the first quarter of last Friday’s netball game, Katie and Sarah scored all the points for the Gold team.
Sarah shot 1/4 of all the points. Katie shot 12 points.
How many points did the Gold team score?

In the second quarter of the game, Katie scored a fifth of the team’s 20 points while again Sarah scored the rest.
How many points did Sarah score?

Last week’s question:
Two boys and two girls can play tennis.
Ali said: ‘I will only play if Holly plays.’
Holly said: ‘I won’t play if Ben is playing.’
Ben said: ‘I won’t play if Luke or Laura plays.’
Luke said: ‘I will only play if Zoe plays.’
Zoe said: ‘I don’t mind who I play with.’
Which two boys and which two girls play tennis?
Last Week’s answer:
Ali, Luke, Holly and Zoe play tennis.
Two boys can play. Ben won’t play if Luke plays.
So the two boys must be Ali and Ben, or Ali and Luke.
Ali will play only if Holly plays. Holly won’t play with Ben.
So the two boys are Ali and Luke. Luke will play only if Zoe plays.
So the two girls are Holly and Zoe.
Each Friday the Lost Property is sorted and returned to the students, although many articles are not labelled and so we are unable to return them. To assist in this process we are asking that all jackets, hats, drink bottles and containers are clearly labelled with your child’s name. For health reasons we are unable to keep drink bottles and containers that are not labelled and these will be disposed of each Friday. Children are able to check the lost property during break times, so please encourage your child to do this if they have lost something. Thank you for your assistance: Happy Labelling!


This Sunday is the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

To whom do you belong?
“Be aware of God’s presence in you and the people around you.”

Gospel Reading: Matthew 22: 15-21
This week’s Gospel we are shown how to live our spiritual life in a secular world. Ironically, today’s gospel come from Matthew, himself a tax collector who worked for the Romans. Judea was a Roman province ruled by a Governor who ensued that Roman law was adhered to and taxes collected. This was resented by the people as they supported the occupying force and reminded them every day they were not free.
This story takes place during the last week of Jesus’ life. The passages recorded between his triumphant entry into Jerusalem and his Crucifixion are rich in parables and teachings from Jesus about how we should live our life. Jesus was very aware of what was going to happen to him. The Pharisees and Herodians were challenged by the teachings of this man.


Lord, as we build your Kingdom here on earth,
open our eyes to your presence in all.
In our work with your people,
help us show them your love,
compassion and joy.
May we work for the common good of all,
Making your name known through our work.

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
Today we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary with a Whole School Mass. While we were not able to all gather in the Church, we were able to all join in via the livestream. Thank you to our Year 6 readers who read so beautifully, to Mr Cumming and Ms Kenney for distributing Communion to the classes who joined via the livestream, to Mr Spicer for his IT expertise and to all the students who were so reverent and prayerful throughout the Mass. It was a wonderful celebration of our community and our Patron Saint.
First Eucharist

Please continue to pray for our students who will receive Holy Communion for the first time over the coming weeks.

World Mission Month

World Mission Sunday is celebrated around the world on the second last Sunday in October. It expresses a commitment to build a better world for all of God's people, a world where everyone has all they need to live a dignified and fulfilling life. This year, World Mission Sunday is 18th October 2020.

This year in his World Mission Day Message 2020 Pope Francis urges us to continue Jesus’ mission:

 “…. the mission of Jesus in history …. sends us everywhere so that, through our witness of faith and the proclamation of the Gospel, God may continue to manifest God’s love and in this way touch and transform hearts, minds, bodies, societies and cultures in every place and time.”

In 2020 the focus country is Cambodia, where the Church seeks to provide shelter, food, education, and life-fulfilling opportunities for children in need, especially those with disabilities.

This week we have 2 very exciting events happening to raise awareness and aid Catholic Missions who help support this life fulling work in countries around the world.

Our first activity is a class activity where the children will make a sockball out of recyclable materials. Each class will then hold a soccer goal shootout to identify their class champion. Class champions will take part in the OLR Championship Shootout on Friday afternoon at 2:00pm, so we can find our overall school champion. This event will be live streamed, so keep an eye out for the compass message with the link. Friday will also be:

All students are invited to wear their craziest socks with their school uniform for a gold coin donation.  We can’t wait to see who has the craziest socks!


On Friday, another batch of Compass notifications will be sent out to those families who need to enter reasons for absence.  Please ensure you enter a reason for your child being absent.

As the sun is getting brighter and the days are getting longer we will be ensuring that our children will be wearing their hats at afternoon pick-up.  Please support your child to ensure their hat comes to school everyday.


Fri Oct 16
Crazy Sock Day

Wed Oct 21
Book Parade

Tues Oct 27
School Photographs
CLICK HERE to access the School Calendar

LIBRARY - Louise Foyel

Library Book Donations

It has been wonderful receiving book donations, however, at this time no books donations are being accepted. 

This week in Library...

The children have discovered a mysterious egg laid in the Library Reading House. What curious creature could have laid it and how will it spark the children's curious minds, in order to write a narrative text?
The children will be involved in a book character parade on Wednesday 21st October. Children come dressed in a favourite book character, however, must also wear sensible shoes to allow them to play at break times. There will be two parades live streamed in the morning for K-2 classes and 3-6 classes. It will be hosted by Mrs Foyel and the Library Monitor Team. Links to the parades will be sent via Compass next week.
CANTEEN - Stacey Tamblyn

This term the canteen will be open Monday, Wednesday & Friday
for Pre-ordered Recess & Lunch Orders and for over the counter items at both breaks. 
Recess Orders & Lunch Orders can be placed on Flexischools.   

Click Here for our Canteen Menu


A large number of generous uniform donations have been received recently.  The school is asking for a volunteer to organise and sort our second-hand clothing pool.  Please contact the Office if you can offer any assistance.  


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