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Dear Members & Residents
Well, today is day 7 of lockdown. It still feels surreal but I am happy to report that the essential elements of the Estate are functioning smoothly and DSW were on the Estate bright and early collecting the refuse yesterday!

Further along in this newsletter, we have some tips for working at home and more items to "Beat The Boredom".  Please send Robyn ( any brain teasers that you would like to share with the community.  And to make sure to please also send her the answers too! We have a great "know your music quiz" in this newsletter from Adrian and Tunya Schoeman - thanks to both of them from their input. 

I would just like to thank each and every Resident for making such a conscientious effort to take the "Stay At Home" directive from our President so seriously.  As well as it being absolutely necessary to "flatten the curve" it has made security's job so much easier without having to confront Residents who are not abiding by the law.  Please remember that only essential services such as a plumber for an emergency can be called out - security is watching this. The less movement of people the better!

With regards to security and the wearing of masks and gloves by staff, Excellerate has adopted the following policy which
 adheres to the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), throughout their Company, in South Africa, Africa, UK, and the Middle East. Many other Companies are doing the same.  Please click here to view their policy.
My team and I are here for you during this difficult time so please contact me if you have any queries.  Please stay safe but also stay positive - this too shall pass.

Desiree Stone (
I would also like to give a very heartfelt thank you to all those Residents whose jobs fall under essential services and every day risk their lives so that this lockdown can work. 
Overnight working from home suddenly became a reality for many of us as we were thrown into lockdown. Here are some survival tips to help you - please click here to view.

Establishing a workspace is one of the most important aspects of working from home. You need to delineate the lines between home-life and working-at-home-life. Your ‘work space' should be clean, quiet and far away from any distractions such as your laundry pile and family pets. Get yourself a good chair and large monitor to make sure you don’t hurt your posture, unplug your home phone and get to business.
I thought this was a good idea for exercise at home because this type of training involves minimal equipment and is intended to increase strength, fitness and flexibility through different exercises. Most of it is using your own bodyweight thereby lessening the risk of injury. Please click here  to view.

For the little kiddies click here to learn all about geography and fascinating animals with Nat Geo for kids.
We had an awesome response to our quiz below that we sent out in our last newsletter but interestingly enough not many people gave the correct answer - which is 43.  Thank you to Martin Perling for his detailed explanation below. 
Here is the working out:
First line : 2 shoes plus 2 shoes plus 2 shoes = 30 ie 6 shoes = 30. Therefore 1 shoe is equal to 30 divided by 6, ie one shoe is equal to 5 ✅
2nd line : 1 man plus 1 man plus 2 shoes = 20. As each shoe is equal to 5, 2 shoes are equal to 10. Therefore 2 men plus 10 equals 20. Therefore the 2 men must equal 10, and each man therefore equals 5 ✅
3rd line : 2 sticks plus 2 sticks plus a man equals 13. As the man is equal to 5, 4 sticks plus 5 equals 13. Therefore the 4 sticks must be equal to 8 (8+5=13). And so each stick must be equal to 2 ✅--
Last line : First thing - notice the man is holding 2 sticks, and wearing 2 shoes - sneaky 😂. Therefore the man plus his 2 sticks and his 2 shoes is equal to 5 (man) plus 4 (each stick is 2) plus 10 ( each shoe is 5). Total for the man and his items is therefore 19. Now the tricky part. In a maths equation, multiplication is done before addition. Therefore you must now multiply the man(and his items ie 19, by a stick. As the stick equals 2, this part of the equation is 19 x 2, which equals 38. Now you do the addition ie add in the shoe. As the shoe is equal to 5, you have 5 plus 38 which equals 43 ✅✅👏👏

Today's Quizz
Know your Music

1. 🔴🔴🍷 
2. 🟩 🚪 
3. 👫  🧍🏼‍♂
4. 💎💎 👠
5. 👁 🐅 
6. 🚫🙏
7. 👶 👖 👄 
8. 🚀 👨 
9. 👁 🌧 ❓
10. 🌉 🌊 
11. 🐊 🕺🏻 
12. 🎹 👨 
13. 💃🏻 👸 
14. 👶🇺🇸
15. 👫 ❌ 🔥
16. 🎶 🤫
17. 🚶➖
18. 👋🟡🧱 🛣 
19. 🕺 ⏰ 🕺
20. 🕯 💨 
21. 👂❤ 
22. 🌙 🏊‍♀ 
23. 💃🏻 🐒 
24. 🔴👩🏼🔴
25. 🍋 🌳 
26. 🧍🏻‍♂🎰 💵
27. 👗4⃣🥇 
28. 🟤 👁 👧 
29. 🧊 🧊 👶
30. 🇬🇷⚡
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