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Peter Dykstra: False profits | Sep. 29
There's a fairly ancient gallon container of Roundup in my garage. I bought it back in the days when Roundup, and its key component glyphosa...
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‘Worse than anyone expected’: Air travel emissions vastly outpace predictions | Sep. 29
The findings put pressure on airline regulators to take stronger action to fight climate change as they prepare for a summit next week.
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The Interior Secretary wants to enlarge a dam. An old lobbying client would benefit. | Sep. 29
David Bernhardt is backing a plan to raise the height of the Shasta Dam in California even though his department’s experts have warned agai...
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VIRAL:  Greta Thunberg's famous speech turned into Swedish death metal is pure magic | Sep. 29
Somehow she just got more badass.
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Nestle tightens controls on coffee beans after weedkiller scare | Sep. 28
Nestle will tighten quality controls on the coffee beans it buys, after tests flagged levels of the controversial weedkiller glyphosate that were...
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Documentary: Coca-Cola's plastic secrets | Sep. 28
By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea. Ten tons of plastic are produced every second. Sooner or later, a tenth of that will e...
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Two new Grand Canyon dams could be built by Phoenix company | Sep. 28
Two proposed dams on the Little Colorado River near the Grand Canyon could cause environmental and cultural damage, conservation groups say.
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Toxic 'forever chemical' PFAS found in drinking water for 7.5 million California residents: Report | Sep. 28
A potentially harmful chemical has been found in drinking water systems that serve about 7.5 million California residents, according to a report ...
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California farmers fear ‘catastrophe’ from water restrictions | Sep. 28
The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, SGMA, could lead to farmland retirement in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Gov. Gavin Newsom&r...
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GOP congressman introduces bipartisan carbon tax bill | TheHill | Sep. 28
A new bill introduced by Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) would place a price on carbon and invest revenue in infrastructure.
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How the climate kids are short-circuiting right-wing media | Sep. 28
Young people like Greta Thunberg are participating in the culture wars while also managing to float above the fray.
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Trump picked Big Oil over Big Corn—and now farmers are pissed | Sep. 28
"That was a game changer."
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A second look at that bird population decline study | Sep. 28
A recent paper in the journal Science documented declines in some bird populations, but did the packaging and coverage paint a skewed picture?
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Source of vast oil spill covering Brazil′s northeast coast unknown | Sep. 28
Nearly one hundred oil spills have been detected along Brazil's northeast coast since early September. Brazil's environment agency said...
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A possibly historic snow storm in the West plus a heat wave in the East — what's going on?

Many feet of snow AND a heat wave? These crazy weather extremes are brought to you be a downright loopy jet stream pattern.
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Arctic breakdown: what climate change in the far north means for the rest of us

Rising sea levels, unstable weather, and a much smaller carbon budget.
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Three climate scientists named MacArthur 'Genius Grant' fellows

Their research is helping answer existential questions of our time: How much will sea level rise, how fast, and what will be the impact on human ...
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How a salmon scientist got hooked into a battle over the world’s largest gold mine | Sep. 27
Daniel Schindler's work has thrust him into one of the biggest environmental battles of the early 21st century. A mining company wants to ex...
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Clean-air scientists fired by EPA to reconvene in snub to Trump | Sep. 27
A panel of researchers plans to continue reviewing studies, as at least 21 million Americans said to live with unacceptable air pollution
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