Last week the Swiss Federal Council has taken important decisions in view of institutionalizing the Agenda 2030 at the federal level. It has installed an “Executive Committee Agenda 2030”, bringing together representatives at the management level of the most affected Federal Offices to oversee and coordinate the implementation activities. Furthermore the Federal Council appointed two Delegates for the Agenda 2030, Mr. Daniel Dubas of DETEC, and Mr. Jacques Ducrest of FDFA. Together they will have the operational lead for the implementation activities.

More than three years after the adoption of the Agenda 2030 the institutional setup is finally in place. We at SDSN Switzerland hoped that a sustainability unit above the sectoral federal offices would be installed in order to ensure the implementation across sectors and silos. Moving forward it is high-time to raise political ambitions and initiate transformative actions to achieve the SDGs until 2030.

For instance, the extension of the Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030 is an important first step to ensure long-term policy planning. As a next bold step we recommend the Federal Council and the Executive Committee to upgrade the Strategy from its current status as an annex of the Legislature Plan and provide it with the necessary (financial) means. This would allow the Sustainable Development Strategy to unfold its potential and connect the various sectoral policies to a long-term, coherent SDG implementation strategy.

With only eleven years left until 2030, we cannot lose more valuable implementation time. We look forward to working with and supporting the new Committee and Delegates with SDSN Switzerland’s transdisciplinary expertise as well as practical problem solving for sustainable development.

Michael Bergöö       
Managing Director, SDSN Switzerland         
SDSN Switzerland Assembly 2019

Members and partners met in Bern on 30 January to discuss how we as a community of researchers and practitioners can collectively work together on meaningful solutions to achieve the SDGs in Switzerland by 2030. Read about the event in our report, where you can also find the jointly developed action plan.
Swiss Economic Forum
The current linear economic system of "take, make, waste" is driving the demand for - finite - resources worldwide. The future belongs to the circular economy, which is about sustainable management with new business models. SDSN Switzerland is proud to partner with the Swiss Economic Forum for the launch of the new platform "CE²", which will be held in Langenthal on 27 June 2019.
SDG Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
SDSN Global is inviting Higher Education Institutions to submit innovative case studies and initiatives where their theaching activities are motivated by SDGs. Submission deadline is 1st April. Additionally SDSN members can now join the SDSN Global thematic group "SDGs in Universites" to collaborate on ideas on how universites can become champions in promoting and implementing the SDGs.
New SDSN Global Publication
On 20 March SDSN Global has launched the 2019 World Happiness Report, which focuses on social happiness and the community. The report ranks 156 countries according to how happy the citizens perceive themselves to be. Read the report to see what makes us happy, why Switzerland ranked #6 and in which country people are the happiest.
Transforming Land Systems for People & Nature

The 4th Open Science Meeting 2019 of the Global Land Programme will be held in Bern from 24-26 April. It aims at advancing our understanding on how land systems can form the basis to sustainability transformation. You can now register for the whole conference or for single days of your choice.
Assess how much agroecolgy your project entails
Biovision’s Policy and Advocacy Team launched the Agroecology Info Pool, a platform combining current knowledge with exemplary methods and projects from the field of agroecology. It serves as a reference hub to set the foundation for a common understanding of what agroecology can and should be. You can also assess your project or policy with the Agroecology Criteria Tool and find out how much transformative Agroecology it entails.
European Sustainable Development Week 2019
The ESDW, taking place from 30 May until 5 June, is a European-wide plattform featuring activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development. The aim is to raise awareness for the Agenda 2030 in Europe and to mobilize organizations to actively engage with the SDGs. Organizers can promote their projects and attract higher participation at their events by registering their events.
Together we're better - Swiss Youth & Future prize 2019
Are you under 35? Are you actively involved in sustainable development in an international development cooperation country? If yes, the SDC and SECO are looking forward to receiving your application for the Swiss Youth and Future prize 2019. If you have an innovative project, initiative or idea to advance sustainable development and fight poverty in developing and transitional countries, send in your application until 30 April.
Publications from our Community - Sustainable Finance

Our member WWF Switzerland, together with PWC, put forward  recommendations on how the Swiss financial sector can keep pace with the new EU Action Plan “Financing Sustainable Growth”. Bold adjustments both from government and companies are needed. Furthermore, Swiss Sustainable Finance  takes stock of key lessons on the role of private- and public-sector actors in creating successful investment partnerships to attract necessary capital and achieve the SDGs.
ICSD 2019 - Call for Abstracts
This year's International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) I will be held in New York City from 24-25 September under the theme "Good Practice: Models, Partnerships, and Capacity Building for the SDGs". The call for abstracts is now open and according to Jeffrey Sachs "this years ICSD will  be the most important and historic yet!" So stay up to date, registration will be possible later in spring.
Wissenschaftsbasierte Politik in Zeiten von Fake News? "Evidence-based policy-making" in Genf, der Schweiz und der Welt
28 March 2019 at ZHAW, Winterthur. With Kathy Ricklin, member of the SDSN Switzerland Leadership Council
Anthropocene: Human impact during the Quaternary
30 March 2019 at University of Basel
Showcase 2030 - EPFL's Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
10 April 2019 at the Forum Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne
Lancement du Centre interdisciplinaire de durabilité à l'Université de Lausanne
30 April 2019 at University of Lausanne. Public event, more information will be available soon
SDG Global Festival of Action
2-4 May 2019 in Bonn, Germany
SDSN Switzerland Assembly Follow-up Workshop
08 May 2019 at University of Bern
Staatskantine #19 "Die Krux mit der Agenda 2030: Helfen Labore der Verwaltung bei der Umsetzung?" (working title)
09 May 2019 at Polit-Forum Käfigturm, Bern. Joint event by Staatslabor, SDSN Switzerland and Collaboratio Helvetica
Forum Nachhaltigke Entwicklung
14 May 2019 at Eventfabrik, Bern
Workshop Sustainable Finance 2019
14 May 2019 at University of Lichtenstein, Vaduz
SDSN Switzerland 2019 Conference - The Sustainability Transformation: A Joint Task for our Society
21 May 2019 at PROGR, Bern & Learning Journeys in and around Bern
#REMforum 2019 - Social Acceptance of Energy Solutions in a Polarized World
23-24 May 2019 at University of St.Gallen and Olma Messen, St.Gallen
Biovision Spring Event 2019 - Climate change is global
28 May 2019 at Kultur & Kongresshaus, Aarau
4th Basel Sustainability Forum: Health
03 June 2019 at University of Basel
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