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May is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. To honor our Blessed Mother & Queen, it is a  most praiseworthy and traditional practice for Catholic families to dedicate a special May Altar and enthrone Mary Immaculate as Queen of their home. Throughout this month, an altar is adorned with flowers, candles and a blessed statue or image of Our Lady, giving her an honored throne where all will see her and often pray to her. It is especially recommended to consecrate the family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a solemn, family ceremony. If possible, ask a Traditional Catholic priest to perform the ceremony, otherwise the head of the family can do it. Here is an example of the Family Consecration Ceremony.


Heaven Speaks

 As the vine I have brought forth a pleasant odor: and my flowers are the fruit of honor and riches. I am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope. In me is all grace of the way and of the truth, in me is all hope of life and of virtue. Come over to me, all ye that desire me, and be filled with my fruits. For my spirit is sweet above honey, and my inheritance above honey and the honeycomb. My memory is unto everlasting generations. They that eat me, shall yet hunger: and they that drink me, shall yet thirst. He that hearkeneth to me, shall not be confounded: and they that work by me, shall not sin  - Eccl. 24:23-30 


“Let us not imagine that we obscure the glory of the Son by the great praise we lavish on the Mother; for the more she is honored, the greater is the glory of her Son. There can be no doubt that whatever we say in praise of the Mother gives equal praise to the Son.” - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
“Never be afraid of loving the Immaculata too much. You can never love her more than her Divine Son did." - Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe

“All true children of God have God for their Father and Mary for their Mother;anyone who does not have Mary for his Mother, does not have God for his Father. This is why the reprobate, such as heretics and schismatics, who hate, despise or even ignore the Blessed Virgin, do not have God for their Father though they arrogantly claim they have - because they do not have Mary for their Mother. Indeed if they had her for their mother they would love and honor her as good and true children naturally love and honor the mother who gave them life.” - Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

The Necessity of the Blessed Virgin and of Devotion to Her

By Saint Louis Marie de Montfort


22. The conduct which the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity have deigned to pursue in the Incarnation and the first coming of Jesus Christ, They still pursue daily, in an invisible manner, throughout the whole Church; and They still pursue it even to the consummation of ages in the last coming of Jesus Christ.

23. God the Father made an assemblage of all the waters and He named it the sea [mare]. He made an assemblage of all His graces and called it Mary [Maria]. This great God has a most rich treasury in which He has laid up all that he has of beauty and splendor, of rarity and preciousness, including even His Own Son: and this immense treasury is none other than Mary, whom the Saints have named The Treasure of the Lord, out of whose plenitude all men are made rich.

24. God the Son has communicated to His Mother all that he acquired by His life and His death; His infinite merits and His admirable virtues; and He has made her the treasurer of all that His Father gave Him for an inheritance. It is by her that He applies His merits to His members, and that He communicates His virtues, and distributes His graces. She is His mysterious canal; she is His aqueduct, through which He makes His mercies flow gently and abundantly.

25. To Mary, His faithful spouse, God the Holy Ghost has communicated His unspeakable gifts; and He has chosen her to be the dispenser of all He possesses, in such wise that she distributes to whom she wills, as much as she wills, as she wills and when she wills, all His gifts and graces. The Holy Ghost gives no heavenly gift to men which He does not have pas through her virginal hands. Such has been the will of God, Who has willed that we should have everything through Mary; so that she who, impoverished, humbled, and who hid herself even unto the abyss of nothingness by her profound humility her whole life long, should now be enriched and exalted and honored by the Most High. Such are the sentiments of the Church and the holy Fathers. [Cf., among others, St. Bernard and St. Bernardine of Siena.]

26. If I were speaking to the freethinkers of these times, I would prove what I have said so simply here, drawing it out more at length, and confirming it by the Holy Scriptures and the Fathers, quoting the original passages, and adducing various solid reasons . . . But as I speak particularly to the poor and simple, who being of good will, and having more faith than the common run of scholars, believe more simply and meritoriously, I content myself with stating the truth quite plainly, without stopping to quote the Latin passages . . . Nevertheless, without making much research, I shall not fail to bring forward some of them from time to time. But now let us go on with our subject.

27. Inasmuch as grace perfects nature, and glory perfects grace, it is certain that Our Lord is still, in Heaven, as much the Son of Mary as He was on earth; and that, consequently, He has retained the obedience and submission of the most perfect Child to the best of all mothers. But we must take great pains not to conceive this dependence on any abasement or imperfection in Jesus Christ. For Mary is infinitely below her Son, Who is God, and therefore she does not command Him as a mother here below would command her child who is below her. Mary, being altogether transformed into God by grace and by the glory which transforms ass the Saints into Him, asks nothing, wishes nothing, does nothing contrary to the eternal and immutable will of God. When we read then in the writings of Sts. Bernard, Bernardine, Bonaventure and others that in Heaven and on earth everything, even God Himself, is subject to the Blessed Virgin, they mean that the authority which God has been well pleased to give her is so great that it seems as if she had the same power as God; and that her prayers and petitions are so powerful with God that they always pass for commandments with His Majesty, Who never resists the prayer of His dear Mother, because she is always humble and conformed to His will.

If Moses, by the force of his prayer, stayed the anger of God against the Israelites in a manner so powerful that the most high and infinitely merciful Lord, being unable to resist him, told him to let Him alone that He might be angry with and punish that rebellious people, what must we not, with much greater reason, think of the prayer of the humble Mary, that worthy Mother of God, which is more powerful with His Majesty than the prayers and intercessions of all the Angels and Saints both in Heaven and on earth?

28. In the Heavens Mary commands the Angels and the blessed. As a recompense for her profound humility, God has empowered her and commissioned her to fill with Saints the empty thrones from which the apostate Angels fell by pride. The will of the Most High, Who exalts the humble [Luke 1:52], is that Heaven, earth and Hell bend, with good will or bad will, to the commandments of the humble Mary [St. Bonaventure, Psalt. majus B.V., Cant. instar, can. Trium puerorum.], whom He has made sovereign of Heaven and earth, general of His armies, treasurer of His treasures, dispenser of His graces, worker of His greatest marvels, restorer of the human race, Mediatrix of men, the exterminator of the enemies of God, and the faithful companion of His grandeurs and triumphs.

29. God the Father wishes to have children by Mary till the consummation of the world; as He speaks to her these words: "Dwell in Jacob" [Ecclus. 24:13]; that is to say: Make your dwelling and residence in My predestined children, prefigured by Jacob, and not in the reprobate children of the devil, prefigured by Esau.

30. Just as in the natural and corporal generation of children there are a father and a mother, so in the supernatural and spiritual generation there are a Father, Who is God, and a Mother, who is Mary. All the true children of God, the predestinate, have God for their Father and Mary for their Mother. He who has not Mary for his Mother has not God for his Father. This is the reason why the reprobate, such as heretics, schismatics and others, who hate our Blessed Lady or regard her with contempt and indifference, have not God for their Father, however much they boast of it, simply because they have not Mary for their Mother. For if they had her for their Mother, they would love and honor her as a true child naturally loves and honors the mother who has given him life.

The most infallible and indubitable sign by which we may distinguish a heretic, a man of bad doctrine, a reprobate, from one of the predestinate, is that the heretic and the reprobate have nothing but contempt and indifference for Our Lady, endeavoring by their words and examples to diminish the veneration and love of her, openly or hiddenly, and sometimes by misrepresentation. Alas! God the Father has not told Mary to dwell in them, for they are Esau.

31. God the Son wishes to form Himself, and so to speak, to incarnate Himself in His members every day, by His dear Mother, and He says to her: "Take Israel for your inheritance." [Ecclus. 24:13] It is as if He had said God the Father has given Me for an inheritance all the nations of the earth, all men, good and bad, predestinate and reprobate. The ones I will lead with a rod of gold and the others with a rod of iron. Of the ones , I will be the Father and the Advocate; of the others, the Just Punisher; and of all, the Judge. But as for you, My dear Mother, you shall have for your heritage and possession only the predestinate, prefigured by Israel; and as their Mother, you shall bring them forth and take care of them; and as their sovereign, you shall conduct them, govern them and defend them.

32. "This man and that man is born in her" [Ps. 86:5], says the Holy Ghost through the royal Psalmist. According to the explanation of some of the Fathers, [for instance, St. Bonaventure and Origen] the first man that is born in Mary is the Man-God, Jesus Christ; the second is mere man, the child of God and Mary by adoption. If jesus Christ, the Head of men, is born in her, then the predestinate, who are the members of that Head, ought also to be born in her, by a necessary consequence. One and the same mother does not bring forth into the world the head without the members, or the members without the head; for this would be a monster of nature. So in like manner, in the order of grace, the head and the members are born of one and the same Mother; and if a member of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ-----that is to say, one of the predestinate-----were born of any other mother than Mary, who has produced the Head, he would not be one of the predestinate, nor a member of Jesus Christ, but simply a monster in the order of grace.

33. Besides this, Jesus being at present as much as ever the fruit of Mary-----as Heaven and earth repeat thousands and thousands of times a day, "and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus"-----it is certain that Jesus Christ is, for each man in particular who possesses Him, as truly the fruit and the work of Mary as He is for the whole world in general; so that if any one of the faithful has Jesus Christ formed in his heart, he can say boldly, "All thanks be to Mary! What I possess is her effect and her fruit, and without her I should never have had it." We can apply to her more than St. Paul applied to himself the words: "I am in labor again with all the children of God, until Jesus Christ my Son be formed in them in the fullness of His age." [Cf. Gal. 4:19]

St. Augustine, surpassing himself, and going beyond all I have yet said, affirms that all the predestinate, in order to be conformed to the image of the Son of God, are in this world hidden in the womb of the most holy Virgin, where they are guarded, nourished, brought up and made to grow by that good Mother until she has brought them forth to glory after death, which is properly the day of their birth, as the Church calls the death of the just. O mystery of grace, unknown to the reprobate, and but little known even to the predestinate!

34. God the Holy Ghost wishes to form elect for Himself in her and by her, and He says to her: "Strike the roots," My Well-beloved and My Spouse, "of all your virtues in My elect" [Ecclus. 24:13], in order that they may grow from virtue to virtue and from grace to grace. I took so much complacence in you when you lived on earth in the practice of the most sublime virtues, that I desire still to find you on earth, without your ceasing to be in Heaven. For this end, reproduce yourself in My elect, that I may behold in them with complacence the roots of your invincible faith, of your profound humility, of your universal mortification, of your sublime prayer, of your ardent charity, of your firm hope and of all your virtues. You are always My spouse, as faithful, as pure and as fruitful as ever. Let your faith give Me My faithful, your purity, My virgins, and your fertility, My temples and My elect.

35. When Mary has struck her roots in a soul, she produces three marvels of grace, which she alone can produce, because she alone is the fruitful Virgin who never has had, and never will have, her equal in purity and in fruitfulness.

Mary has produced, together with the Holy ghost, the greatest thing which has ever been or will ever be-----a God-Man; and she will consequently produce the greatest Saints that there will be in the end of time. The formation and the education of the great Saints who shall come at the end of the world are reserved for her. For it is only that singular and miraculous Virgin who can produce, in union with the Holy Ghost, singular and extraordinary things.

36. When the Holy Ghost, her Spouse, has found Mary in a soul, He flies there. He enters there in His fullness; He communicates Himself to that soul abundantly, and to the full extent to which it makes room for His spouse. Nay, one of the greatest reasons why the Holy Ghost does not now do startling wonders in our souls is because He does not find there a sufficiently great union with His faithful and inseparable spouse. I say "inseparable" spouse, because since that Substantial Love of the Father and the Son has espoused Mary, in order to produce Jesus Christ, the Head of the elect, and Jesus Christ in the elect, He has never repudiated her, because she has always been fruitful and faithful.

- From: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Regina Maria
De Maria Nunquam Satis 
With Mary there is never enough.
In the 17th century, Our Lady of Good Success appeared to a Conceptionist sister in Quito, Ecuador and asked her to make reparation for the great religious crisis in the 20th century, which would affect every Sacrament. It is significant that as a symbol of this crisis, the tabernacle light in the Church went out. She promised her intercession.

“At the very moment when the evil will appear triumphant and when the authority abuses my power,” she said, “this will mark the arrival of my hour when I, in a marvelous way, will dethrone the proud and accursed Satan, trampling him under my feet and fettering him in the infernal abyss.”

In the 18th century, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, the prophet of the Reign of Mary, foresaw the age of men and women to come who will not be great because of their own merit, but because they are molded by Mary “for the purpose of extending His empire over that of the impious, the idolaters and the Muslims.” 

In his passionate and moving Fiery Plea for Marian Apostles, he cries out:

“Fire! Fire! Fire! Help! Help! Help! Fire in the house of God! Fire in souls! Fire even within the Sanctuary!” He speaks at length about “a congregation, an assembly, a choice, a selection of predestined souls, by whose works the face of the earth may be renewed and the Church reformed.”

In the 19th century, St. Catherine Labouré predicted an era of peace in which Christ would reign as King on earth and in which Mary would play a special role.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Our Lady appeared at Fatima, Portugal and told three shepherd children that the errors of communism would spread as a punishment for humanity and declared a universal chastisement if man did not convert. But, after this succession of events would take place, she foretold her triumph and a time of peace.

Now, the promises of Our Lady are irreversible and perfect. And since I don’t think anyone can say that we have seen this triumph, we have every reason to hope for it. We need to confide in this triumph, which would be most perfect and most complete. For, as St. Louis de Montfort says in his first line of True Devotion to Mary, it was through the most holy Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ came into the world and it is also through her that He has to reign in the world.

The Reign of Jesus Thru Mary

What will be the Reign of Mary? The Reign of Mary will be the ensemble of people, nations, institutions, customs, laws, which will be completely conformed to and act according to the law of God. Our Lady will be Queen only where Christ is King.

Thus the Reign of Mary will be the re-establishment of the Kingship of Christ on earth in the spiritual and temporal spheres. It will be the triumph of Christ in Mary, or the triumph of Mary in Christ, as St. Louis says. It will be the restoration of Christendom.

These ideas are beautiful, but only have meaning in the definition of a future era of light and glory, in which the great majority of men will live in the state of Grace, fulfilling the law of God. Thus, the Reign of Mary will have two essential elements. One is internal and personal, by which individual souls will love God, Our Lady, and the Church and follow the laws of God.

The other is a result of this: peoples and nations will be organized and live according to the law of God. That is, families, social groups, societies, and nations will be ordered and live according to the laws of God and the Church. It is this Reign of Mary for which we should strive and live.

A Problem of Disproportion

Here enters a very key problem. When we consider the present state of the world and of the Church, as well as the present state of our own souls and our meager capacities, we realize that there is a large chasm to be crossed from here to the Reign of Mary. We look at this ensemble, and it can be discouraging to face the extremity of evil around us. It can even appear at times that the Revolution has conquered everything.

And then we look at ourselves – unfaithful and weak, irresolute and uncertain, mere shadows of what we should be and need to be for so great a task as a Restoration of Christendom. It is obvious that our virtue is not proportionate to the problem we are facing. 
Thus, it seems that we must be near a time when Our Lady will give a very great grace to mankind to make us what we should be, what we desire to be, but which still we are not. This is the solution that can resolve such a disproportion.

We can only conjecture here how such a grace would be. Will it be like a second coming of the Holy Ghost, when a joyous courage pervaded the assembly in the Cenacle, so much so that the Apostles asked themselves afterward: “What were we? What are we now?”                            

Or will it be something subtler, a grand return of innocence, a kind of grace that gilds us like gold to make us capable of the grand restoration? What seems essential (however it will be) is that we should be asking now for a certain grace of contrition to prepare us.The erroneous attitude would be one of presumption: “Ah, now I go to the Latin Mass and have studied this treatise or that catechism.
What a superior Catholic I have become. See how worthy I am.”

Or this: “In our home there is no TV, we dress modestly, we say the whole Rosary and three novenas every day. Certainly we are much better than so-and-so, etc.”

If we take such attitudes, we imitate the presumption of St. Peter, who boasted to Our Lord, “Perhaps the others - but not I, O Lord, will deny you.”

It seems to me that the grace of contrition will transform us, will draw us into ourselves to see ourselves objectively as we truly are. For none of has been what we should be. None of us at heart wants to see the profundity of the evil, the reality of the transgressions against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We need the grace of contrition to transform us, just as the gaze of Christ transformed Peter in the courtyard of Caiphas. This grace of contrition is necessary for us to be part of the Reign of Mary.

For in a world that takes Our Lord Jesus Christ as the model of perfection, His Cross must be present; nothing will have value without this essential element. The norm of life for the modern man is that we should be happy without the Cross. Everything around us insinuates that we should avoid all suffering; no one should have to suffer, none of us deserves to suffer. This tendency to avoid all suffering is so deeply engrained in our mentality that it can seem a part of our very person — like another nose, or arm, or leg. However, it seems to me that we can hope that with the grace of contrition, the remnants of this attitude in our souls will dissipate. With the grace of contrition enters a willingness to carry the cross, and even a desire to make reparation for our sins. Such a grace would not only prepare us to accept a great chastisement, but to embrace it.

There are moments for all of us when the way to the Reign of Mary can seem hopelessly distant or impossible. Then we need to remember that the way of Providence is that God gives his great victories after the moment when everything seems lost. And he does it through small instruments — like David with his slingshot and Moses with his staff — to prove that it was He and only He that gave the victory.

There is, further, the great tool God reserved to fashion this future era.

It is the secret of Mary, who will form the great saints of the latter times. We have to consider that we are living at a period that is at the end of a historical era, in a situation in which the evil has reached such an extremity that it is aiming to destroy the Holy Church from within, and from the highest cupola.

Given the extremity of the evil we are witnessing, it seems proper that we confide that Our Lady will manifest the extremity of her goodness in a way as never before. Therefore, we have to confide in her mercy and trust completely in it. This is what living our consecration: To Jesus thru Mary really means.

In this way, we will make our resistance to the Revolution with courage, conviction and confidence. And it is certain that her goodness and mercy will open for us the doors of the Reign of Mary and the restoration of the Kingship of Christ in an unexpected and marvelous way.

- By Dr. Marian T. Horvat
Fr. Hewko
Fr. Hewko
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