Our Lady of Fatima Chapel
     Massachusetts Mission of the SSPX-MC

Important Announcement


“Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary accepts Ambrose Moran as a valid bishop and intends to move forward with him in sacramental association; even if we eventually discover that he is lying about his consecration by Cardinal Slipyi.”  - Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer
Laudetur Jesus Christus!

Dear Faithful, 

The above statement from Fr. Pfeiffer was given to our Chapel’s Coordinator and family during Father’s most recent visit to our Mission. In light of this statement, and after prayerful deliberation, Our Lady of Fatima Chapel announces it has withdrawn its support of and affiliation with the apostolate of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. In this regard, we have aligned ourselves with the current positions of former confreres; Fathers Ruiz, Cardozo and Raphael; which can be further clarified
in this statement.

Please be assured that while we pray for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to make retraction/reparation for their position, we remain intent on functioning as our Blessed Lady’s chapel and hope to soon find the service of holy priests in the line of Archbishop Lefebvre to provide access to the Sacraments. Updates will be forthcoming. Please join us in placing this special intention in your daily Rosary.

Thank you and God bless you

Beatae Mariae de Fatima, ora pro nobis