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What is DECODE?
DECODE (Develop Competences in the Digital Era) is an Erasmus+ funded project which is exploring the skills need facing education professionals as technology becomes more common in the classroom.
The project's main objective is to contribute to the improvement of schools' digitalisation processes. As well as several research reports, the project will develop a number of training resources for education professionals.

The DECODE Consortium is composed of seven partners from five different European countries: Italy, Finland, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
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National Report "Innovative training models, methods and tools for teachers in the digital age”

Work on this report has involved the development of an innovative education model which can be adapted to the demands placed on the education community (at various different levels) by the digital revolution. Headmasters and school leaders were interviewed as part of a strategic analysis. They were asked to comment on how they have addressed the challenges of incorporating digital technologies into their education practices (both in terms of the school environment and specific methodologies and experiences).This includes the need for school leaders to develop planning skills; particularly when it comes to evaluating the key digital opportunities and procedural risks facing institutions.
The "Innovative training models, methods and tools for teachers in the digital age” national reports explore governance practices, in order to understand the following areas:
  • Innovative policies;
  • Significant experiences;
  • Skills profiles  found amongst digital and ICT staff in education institutions;
  • Best practices and methodological success stories for upskilling teachers to better integrate ICT into their work.
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DECODE 1st Multiplier Event
“Innovation and Training in the Digital Era”
Partners were in attendance in Bradford, UK in June for the first project Multiplier Event. The event was held in the historic City House and brought together trainers, decision makers and school leaders to discuss digital innovation in the classroom.
As well as a project update from Stefania Capogna from Link Campus University, the two keynote presentations were given by Jo Dye, Director of Learning at aspire-igen and Steve Dale, an Education Consultant at the Bradford Innovation Centre.

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Ongoing Activities
A Practical Guide for Schools. Quality Framework for Integrating ICT in the Teaching-Learning Process

The third DECODE Intellectual Output aims to develop guidelines for quality digital implementation in schools. It will be based on current European and national recommendations and will take into account grassroot development/local conditions.
The guidelines will be based around a research-driven ICT education model, which highlights relationships between the different aspects of the education system. Of particular concern is the adoption of quality ICT education and good practices in the field. The model operates as a framework for high-impact, cross-curriculum teaching and learning in new digital contexts.
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Next Steps
DECODE Online survey

Traditionally, whilst many teachers were trained in ICT, and so understood the use of technology well, there remained a barrier when it came to integrating this technology into the classroom. However, the growth of digital technologies has begun to change this, as small-scale developments have been slowly breaking down long-utilised didactic approaches.

With this in mind, the DECODE comparative survey aims:
  • to highlight the experiences, skills and training needs of teachers;
  • to gain a better understanding of digital innovation in education.
The online survey will involve 2,000 teachers from across educational levels and disciplines. The questionnaire will be available online between October 2017 and January 2018.
The results of the research will be available in April 2018.
For more information, follow DECODE on Facebook or visit the project website.
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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