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"Oh, that I had in the wilderness a lodging place for travelers"
Jeremiah 9:2

2021 News and Updates - Newsletter #42
Lawrence Hoppis

New Years, 2021


Dear Friends,

Hope you will enjoy this long-overdue history on my life with Lambert, and that you will be in thoughtful prayer and consideration on the special announcement we are making, and write us back for more details. Hope that you are feeling as blessed in this new year season as Lambert and I are.
A Bit O' History

I first met Lambert in the mid 1990's hungry for a deeper relationship with the living Jesus. An unfaithful pastor had torn our small church apart and subsequently divorced with two young children, I was grasping spiritually. Lambert identified with me and welcomed me into the Wednesday Brothers of Thunder meeting at his house. There, with Lambert and 15 or so brothers I got grounded back into the Word of God, fellowship, prayer and accountability. I found Body Life and a true sense of belonging and adventure. Lambert’s unconventional life was fascinating to all of us, and his knowledge of scriptures and unwavering faith in Jesus was as robust as his hospitality and openness in sharing Jesus’ love.

New Life!

During those days in my mid-thirties I was miraculously transitioned from an engineering career at one of the top companies in the world into healing arts through the Lord’s leading and Lambert’s discipleship (Lawrence Interview). I could see Jesus wanted true wholeness for all of us, and wouldn’t let us compromise in a "mere churchianity” of rote legalism, as many of us were inclined. With new-found freedom I found faith to begin a second family; visiting Lambert less and less as my family responsibilities grew.

On a rare visit in early 2009 I found Lambert lain very low and convalescing from a nearly ruptured gallbladder. Glad for his life, Lambert’s eyes lit up when he saw me, and he emphatically declared to me “brother Lawrence, it is GOOD to be here with you in the flesh!” I felt the Lord’s swift prompting to take a more active role in helping Lambert's recovery filled with the knowledge of what to do, and I felt the Lord remind me that while ten people were healed, only one (a Samaritan) had actually come back to thank Him!

More Involved

On that visit I also noted what a disarray had descended into Lambert's outer life. Shabby and broken-down couches lined the walls, while stacks of dusty books and papers spread so widely that only narrow knee-deep pathways could be found over the somewhat crusty floors. Lambert’s lifestyle, diet and supplementation needed a major upgrade, and so I set out as as I could to make a difference in his life. This would be me committing to at least monthly travel from Los Angeles area to the Bay Area, sometimes for a week or more at a time. Little did I know the path this leading and commitment would come to take me down!

I thoroughly cleaned everything up and got Lambert on monthly healing regimens, helped locate and vet new roommates – Paul and Brad. I trained them in cleaning and shopping and preparing wholesome and vitalizing meals for Lambert. When Paul had to be removed, I moved him out, and Wayne Alder moved in to replace him. At that time, Lambert offered Wayne his estate in inheritance to stay and take care of him – but Wayne did not feel that calling from the Lord, and went his own way. Shortly after that Lambert wrote me into his last will and testament, naming me as his heir and formalized it by notifying his church oversight elders.

Oxy Daze

As I came to know Lambert better and better we spent much quiet time together during which he processed the many unanswered questions on his life story, troubles with parents and the inner meanings of things with me. In spite of everyone's best efforts Lambert wearied of life and often confided he was worried he would die at any time. He asked me many times to come and take his books, or just sell his property and move him in with our family; but I always held the course in faith of what I felt the Lord would do most through him, and that meant him being healthy and well and safe in his own setting. Lambert had grown to truly love our family and spent time getting to know each of us. Lambert became the “uncle” that we never had, and we became the children that he never had, he said.

Lambert does not like birthday celebrations, but for his 80th birthday I called
all his friends and invited them to a surprise party for him at the
Elephant Bar near Apple.

Many Improvements

Each visit I would arrive with healthy food and supplements to teach Lambert's roommates how to make delicious, vitalizing special meals for him which he loved. Managing his household and sharing life with Lambert monthly became an enduring pattern of my life. I replaced furniture, cleaned floors, imported numerous bookcases and organized bills, books and papers. I worked to revamp Lambert’s newsletter and mailing list, massive website, and more than that – took an active role ministering Jesus to Lambert’s many friends, housing and feeding one for over a year for free, visiting others in all parts of the state, and working much improvement through Christ in their health, relationships and lives.

For eight years I did all this completely at my own time and expense for a heavenly reward, but Lambert created a living trust, naming me as executor and fortunately with the foresight to grant me durable power of attorney to honor his life wishes and preserve his estate in case he ever became incapacitated. During this time I took my “job” very seriously, keeping on top of up to a few dozens of daily personal emails, text messages and management requests. Through all this, the Lord lead and prepared the way so that when Lambert had his Oxycontin final days (See: I was able to activate the power of attorney and be there for his needs in many perfect ways.

Spectacular Recovery

Someday I hope to write and recount the whole adventure of Lambert’s hospitalization, recovery and return home. Although his own doctor and his closest friends did not expect him to recover at all and strongly advised I work to move him into assisted living, I was able through many visits and much special care to provide everything he needed – and the Lord helped he and I both. God had a plan of renewed life for Lambert that is frankly amazing and bears much witness to this very day! Today, more than ten years after that early brush with death, Lambert is more productive, mentally sharp and energetic than when I first met him. He takes no pain medication and walks without a cane. One of my greatest thrills in life is to visit him and see all the changes in his life and house and vitality that resulted from that one seemingly chance day the Lord had me visit Lambert in 2009!

Lambert waves to me in the hospital.


During this time, I reached out to you with the news that Lambert needed your prayers, and you prayed and the Lord proved so faithful to him and gave him back his life. So many of you visited him in person! Tom MacGowan played a crucial role in saving Lambert’s life and getting him to the doctor and hospital at a time of critical need. The hospital staff was wonderful and many of them godly. Jesus walked with Lambert and one especially important night-watch was made by Bryce Self who miraculously walked through a crucial dark night with Lambert.

Jesus told Lambert in the hospital to “avoid the dark side” and to “walk with Him daily” in total sufficiency. Lambert has worked harder at living this out than can possibly be imagined. His vision for Body Life and ongoing vital relationship with people around the world keeps him answering emails personally, sifting and revising hundreds of pages of his huge website, hosting weekly Bible studies, writing weekly newsletters and attending Step Closer weekly, as well as personally discipling literally dozens of men and women each month.

Lambert and Blue Letter Bible Friends

Lambert hopes and works now more than ever to meaningfully connect believers with one another in shared fellowship and body life to advance biblical literacy sharing his unique life and messages of knowing Jesus personally as Lord and Savior but he cannot do it alone. One of his very steady partners through the years has been Blue Letter Bible who hosts his website and has been a long-time sustaining supporter of his ministry. We thank God for you and for all the life-giving support Lambert receives faithfully each month. And we look to the future and the time of great need that is upon us all.

About "Strider"

One especially blustery and stormy day I visited Lambert dripping from rain and he freeze-framed this photo of me.  Because of his great love for all things JRR Tolkien, as well perhaps as my reputation for roving all over and timely appearances and steady knowledge of the herbal lore to counteract evil influences thorough the healing virtues of plants, as well as having an outsized frame (I am 6'6.5") -- Lambert has fondly taken to naming me Strider.

A  Lodging Place in the Wilderness

Steadily for years Lambert and I spoke about a move to create an outpost with a pastoral setting in the country. In the early days he and I looked at real estate all over California, and as far north as Grant's Pass Oregon where Ray and Elaine had moved and the Rogue River Fellowship was. Lambert and Bryce had actually once gotten as far as packing his house some years earlier to move there. In these days of contagion and lock-downs.there seems even more wisdom in having an outpost where those desiring a retreat may come to rest and recover themselves.

God has shown us and proven that the only thing worth fighting for is His saving love. The Living Trust Lambert established is to continue the blessings he and I have shown to one another and to you through teaching, writing and active ministry and to preserve books and effects, grow his websites, write Lambert's life story and continue to serve the friends and legacy we have loved and devoted our lives to.

The Lord has recently moved our family eight hours north of Grant's Pass into beautiful Northern Washington. I continue to visit Lambert each month. Our focus today is to grow body life at Pomeroy Palace and anchor a lodging retreat and Body Life Center in this distant corner of paradise known as the Olympic Peninsula. What a privilege it is to live my life here now, full of obedience to the Lord, and in ways that bear witness to His goodness and promised blessings of obedience.

Your Support

This is an incredibly important time in the history of the church and our country. Body life is needed now more than ever, and big changes are on the horizon that have many if not most frankly paralyzed. Lambert and I are more active in ministry and growing Body Life today than ever thanks to the love of God which He has made manifest through us. We are looking for partnership and an oversight board for expanding ongoing and future ministry activities and feel the Lord is asking us at this time to reach out to you.

About Our Finances -- Please Read

Our family of eight has lived and ministered over this past decade to Lambert and literally hundreds of others on an average annual income of between $10,000 and $20,000. Although this seems absurd in today's world where ministry budgets routinely run into tens of millions of dollars, you can just imagine what a privilege and blessing it has been for us to see the Lord's daily, faithful provision in supplying us richly with faith and both abundance and much fruitfulness in the midst of often miraculous circumstance.

Through our daily dependence Jesus presence has been more tangible and real to us than can be almost imagined.Those who are faithful in a little will be faithful in much. and we are not to ever despise any humble beginning in the Lord. As we pray and contemplate where we should go next it seems clear Jesus wants us to actually be growing and expanding now and not shrinking back.  We believe that He is leading us to join with or create a non-profit. and to have a board of directors mentoring and stewarding this ministry.

Right now there is an incredible opportunity in Washington to create a Christian Retirement and Retreat Center, one that many people will be remarkably glad for the Lord's foresight of directing us to find and securing it now. I won't go into any further details here, but hope you will be prayerfully considering a partnership role in some capacity, and please do be in touch for further details. Looking forward to hearing back from you, and hope you are finding much fulfillment in the Lord's work in your life today.

"Lambert comments:

I have in never in my life met a more caring, loving, existential follower of Jesus than Strider (Brother Lawrence). He always brings Jesus with him when he's here, and he's unpredictable like Jesus and his namesake Aragorn in JRR Tolkien.
I know his family well, each one. They model what I think a family should be. Last time heading North from his old home in Simi Valley to the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, Lawrence could only spend one hour with me here at PP at 6 in the morning. It's a six-hour drive here to Santa Clara from Simi Valley, but fifteen hours from here North. Think: Rainy winter weather. During that hour together he and I reviewed what each family member was doing, we prayed, and then I "lectured" him briefly on the two Titles of Jesus.

Jesus is both the Logos of God (M) and the Sophia of God (F). He has distinctly different ways in dealing with Adam compared to Eve --but He Himself IS Love. ("Love covers a multitude of sins," remember?) I am doing fine right now with great friends from PBC, but I want to see God fulfill and make possible the Hoppis family vision he and I share. Hence this newsletter. Please help us! We are on a frontier and Jesus is blazing the trail! Lambert 
1. On Knowing God,
2. Logos and Sophia
3. Matters of Life and Death
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December 8, 2020
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