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CCC Summer 2018 newsletter 

Welcome to the latest update from the Committee on Climate Change, including: 

Heatwaves and water shortages: more action needed

The current UK heatwave and water shortages highlight the need for Government to redouble its efforts to address the risk from climate change, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says. The Committee’s 2016 report on UK climate risk concluded that more action is needed to address the growing threat to health and wellbeing from high temperatures, and shortages in water supplies for people, agriculture, industry and the natural environment.

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2018 Progress Report: The CCC's four messages to Government

In our latest Progress Report to Parliament, published in June, the Committee set out four key messages to Government to put emissions reductions on track, based on the lessons of the last decade:

  1. Support the simple, low-cost options
  2. Commit to effective regulation and strict enforcement
  3. End the chopping and changing of policy
  4. Act now to keep long-term options open
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Letter to Michael Gove about green watchdog post-Brexit

The CCC has responded to the consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance after EU Exit. The response covers: working arrangements between the proposed new environmental watchdog and the CCC's Adaptation Sub-Committee; enforcement powers of the environmental watchdog; and environmental principles.

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A pivotal moment in Scottish climate action

The CCC held an open meeting in Edinburgh in July as Scotland prepares to set ambitious new climate change targets. The Committee heard from a wide range of stakeholders on the topics of reducing emissions from cities and agriculture, amongst others. CCC chairman Lord Deben wrote a blog ahead of the meeting explaining the choices available to the Scottish people. 

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Blog: Road to Zero – A missed opportunity?

The Department for Transport's (DfT) Road to Zero Strategy falls short of what is required if the UK is to meet its legally-binding emissions reduction targets. Our statement and blog highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy. A fuller review will be published later in the year.

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The new National Adaptation Programme: Hit or miss?

Every five years the UK government sets out its plans for how the UK will adapt to climate change. The CCC's Head of Adaptation, 
Kathryn Brown, takes a first look at the latest National Adaptation Programme and considers whether it’s fit for purpose. 

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In case you missed it...

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22 May 2018

Coming up: reports, research, and advice

ASC report – UK Coasts and Climate Change

Autumn 2018

CCC report  Scottish Progress Report to Parliament 

September 2018

CCC report  Bioenergy Review

Autumn/Winter 2018

CCC report  Hydrogen Review

Autumn/Winter 2018

CCC/ASC report  The future of land use in the UK

Autumn/Winter 2018