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A committed teacher can help change the world. At IH Porto we've got the best jobs in the world and that's why we want to share what we've learned with you. Want to learn more about us? We certainly want to know more about you.

What we've been doing...

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Coffee@IH is meant to be a place where teachers can get together and discuss topics related to the job. From students with special needs to teachers’ motivation, there was room for everything. This was a place teachers used to share experiences, frustrations and doubts with one another and with IH’s experienced teachers.

Every workman has their tools and teachers are more resourceful than many. With You@IH we worked with teachers so that a few that could be added to their toolkit. Teachers from several schools joined us and benefited from our expertise.
IH Porto@Your school

"If you can't come to us, we'll go to you." This was our promise and we delivered. We visited different schools in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto and Matosinhos. We worked with dozens of teachers to help them in their professional development.
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IH Porto TT blog:

To speak or not to speak, that is the question by Edite Abrantes

Having engaged students who take part in classroom discussions is the objective of any language teacher, however, improving student participation in our lessons requires much more than time and planning. The way we interact with our students reflects how significant participation is in our classes and inevitably, it affects their attitude and input.

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Time Management for Teachers by Sandra Luna

For teachers time is precious. We need to estimate how much time each activity we’re planning will take. We need to consider fast finishers, then the ones who need this little extra time. We need to remember we might not start our lesson on time because of latecomers and all the time it takes kids to sit down…
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