Important Information About Passover
Dear Weinberg Families,

As you know, we are facing a most unusual set of circumstances with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This evening, Passover, also known as the Festival of Freedom, begins and is celebrated from April 8th to the 16th. Unfortunately, the annual Weinberg Seders as we know them, will not be celebrated. But, this will not deter us from ensuring that the spirit of Passover and traditional Pesach food is being fulfilled.

Our residents will raise their Passover glasses high, sip some wine, enjoy a beautiful symbolic meal prepared by Chef Aime and welcome Elijah the Prophet as he enters the doors of Weinberg.

Keep well and healthy as you look forward to the return of “normal” times.

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Vanessa Trester
Manager, Weinberg Residence


A Message from our Chaplain
Tonight begins the celebration of Pesach, Passover. Although we are not able to gather in groups at this time, we are still observing the holiday on the Snider Campus. There are programs for small groups and we have eliminated hametz (leavened bread products) from the menu. Perhaps most important is to remember what the holiday is about: freedom from oppression, freedom from slavery. The observance of the holiday has changed from its inception in Torah, but it has remained about the retelling of the story to new generations. As such, it is about families, education, and gratitude.

Every family has its own customs regarding the telling of the story and the festive meal. The style of horseradish, the type of matzah, the preparation of gefilte fish - these will change, but the feeling of unity and need for connection to a higher power pervades every home. This year we can achieve an even greater understanding of what it must have felt like to the Israelites, praying for the last plague to pass over their houses, as we pray for the virus to pass over ours.

May we have a holiday of peace and health and unity.

Chaplain Rob Menes


5650 Osler Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6M 2W9