Annie Bass today gifted the world with a hauntingly beautiful video for her single ‘Sweet Nothing’.

Directed by Meg Duncan with cinematography by Nathan Guy, the video reflects the conflicting emotion felt throughout ‘Sweet Nothing’, a song which exposes dating in a world consumed by social media.

"The 'Sweet Nothing' music video works to articulate contrast and conflict. On one hand, there’s sweetness, softness and femininity - but on the other hand, there’s nothing; a facade, fogginess, an illusion. In contrasting power and vulnerability, we wanted this video to bring strength to softness by drawing out all the complex tones of light and dark in Annie Bass’ beautiful song."
- Meg Duncan

On 'Sweet Nothing', Annie is fixated on presenting a well-curated and sometimes non-real version of ourselves and allowing insecurities to dictate the fate of a new relationship before giving it an honest chance. Questioning how long the obsession to continue the charade can last, Annie confronts heartache and turns pain into wisdom, a testament to determination and self-belief.

‘Sweet Nothing’ is taken from Annie Bass’ debut EP, Control. It’s made up of six uniquely beautiful tracks born from a dark place, but in Annie’s hands they soar transfigured. Sharing deeply intimate themes including assault, mental illness and self-destructive behaviour, each track is a glimpse into the matters Annie has been brave enough not to shy away from that cut so close to home.

‘Sweet Nothing’ in all its purity is a stand out track from Annie Bass with its history being forever cherished.

Control EP
Annie Bass
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