Corona Impact Scanner 
by Panteia

The Corona crisis has had a major economic impact. This impact varies greatly per sector, though it is clear that many sectors will be hit hard. Entrepreneurs are seeing a sharp drop in their income and are trying to keep their heads above water. National and international governments are taking unprecedented measures to prevent layoffs and bankruptcies as a result of the crisis.

In order to help entrepreneurs through this crisis, there is a need for up-to-date and regularly collected information in order to understand the present situation as well as to monitor developments over time. In particular, there is a need for specific information per sector/industry.

Current questions include:

  • How hard are companies and industries, as a whole, being hit by the corona crisis (in terms of loss of turnover and possibly additional (expense))?
  • What costs can be saved, what measures are being taken, and to what extent do companies and industries use government-provided support?
  • What concerns do entrepreneurs have for the near future and who/what can help them?

It is our hope and expectation that eventually the effects of the Corona crisis will be averted. From then on, the economy will also have a chance to recover. Questions concerning this prospective time are:

  • Is there an increase in turnover again (in relation to the previous month as well as to a 'normal month' or the comparable month in the previous year)?
  • To what extent have (cost-saving) measures and the use of (government) support reversed/phased out?
  • What opportunities does this situation offer? Commercially and for internal operations?
What can Panteia do for you right now?

Panteia has a great deal of experience with market research among companies in a large number of industries, and has therefore also developed a survey study with which we can now quickly (every 2 weeks) provide detailed insight into the impact of the crisis and the sentiment among entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Panteia can differentiate this by sector/industry and company size (and possibly region).
How does the survey research work?

Survey research 

  • Panteia has developed a standard questionnaire that can be used in all industries. Industry-specific questions related to the current situation can be added to the questionnaire.
  • We work for and with industry-organizations. We want to get in touch with entrepreneurs through the industry-organizations and ask them to participate in the research. Where we are doing this now, we find that there are a large number of entrepreneurs willing to participate.
  • We repeat this survey every 2 weeks in order to show the trends in the best possible way. At a later stage, this frequency can be adjusted to once a month.
  • The costs for the survey based on the questionnaire are EUR 3,000 for the first measurement and EUR 1,500 for each subsequent measurement. Additional costs are charged for additional customization (additional survey questions and/or special reporting wishes or additional telephone interviews).
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