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Here's an overview of March 27, 2021's Learning Email.
  1. Learning Article
  2. Other interesting news from the U.S.
  3. Quiz yourself and see how much you've learned!
  4. Pronunciation + Listening Exercise
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Do you know these new phrases and words?
  • “Bad Hair Day” – a 2015 film. The phrase can also be used to describe a day in which nothing goes as planned.
  • Ensue /ɪnˈsuː/ v. – to happen as a result. Learn with ULC, better English will ensue.
  • Houston, we have a problem – a phrase used to report any kind of issue. A form of that phrase was first used in 1970 during the Apollo 13 spaceflight after an explosion.
  • Incredulous /ɪnˈkrɛʤələs/ adj. – not able or willing to believe something. Have you ever been incredulous about something someone told you?
  • Split hairs – to pay more attention to small details instead of focusing on the important things.
  • Keep one’s hair on – to remain patient and calm, especially when something makes you very angry.
  • Want to learn the other idioms & cultural references? Go here to learn how.

The Ultimate Bad Hair Day

It’s an honest mistake. You’re getting ready in the morning. You reach for a product. You start to apply it. And pandemonium ensues.

I don’t get it.
Let’s talk about Tessica Brown. She was doing her hair one morning. But she ran out of hairspray. No sweat! She reached for some Gorilla Glue spray instead. They both keep things in place, right? Instead, her hair became an impenetrable helmet. 

Houston, we have a problem.
Tessica’s hair stayed that way for a month. She finally reached out online to see if anyone had any ideas. She was met with a mixed reaction. Some people were incredulous. They laughed at her misfortune. Some people just told her to shave her head and learn from the experience. But most people had sympathy. They wanted to help, but they didn’t know how.

Let’s not split hairs. What happened?
A doctor reached out to Tessica. He was able to repair her hair and scalp. But the ordeal definitely took a toll. And if this happens to someone else in the future? I’ll think twice before I tell them to keep their hair on.

What are your opinions about these questions?
  • How did you respond when you heard what happened to Tessica Brown?
  • What do you usually do when you’ve made a mistake?
  • Have you ever had someone forgive big mistake(s) that you made?

Other Interesting Recent News

(Click a link below to read more.)
  1. Hockey is a white guy sport, right? Not according to these women.
  2. New pipeline, new problems. Minnesota tribe seeks to stop construction. 
  3. Another sad day prompts old questions. Shooting in Colorado kills 10. 
It would be nice if we never had to report on something like this again.

Quiz Yourself 

Did you learn these new words & cultural references?
  1. (Multiple Choice) The lion caused _________ when it escaped from the zoo.
    1. Pendulum
    2. Pandemic
    3. Pandemonium
    4. Practice
  2. (Fill in the Blank) I need to _____ ______ before I decide where to attend university.
  3. (True or False) Tessica Brown used glue on her hair instead of hairspray.
  4. (True or False) There are no problems with using glue on a part of the body.
  5. (True or False) Some people were not sympathetic with Tessica’s situation.
  6. (Multiple Choice) My _____ with the motorcycle accident would make a good movie.
    1. Ordeal
    2. Orchid
    3. Organza
    4. Order
Scroll down to see answers…

Don't cheat! 
  1. 3. Pandemonium
  2. Think twice
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True
  6. 1. Ordeal

Congratulations! You just got smarter! 😊
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