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Montréal | Wednesday, May 20, 2020


AGAC launches Collectingthe App

The Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC) is proud to unveil its most recent project: an augmented reality application. Developed in collaboration with Dpt., a Montreal-based studio, the app is an ambitious and unique digital initiative—the first application of its kind in Canada to present a large catalogue of artworks accessible in augmented reality.

Currently, Collecting—the App features close to 1,000 works of contemporary art available for purchase and from more than 40 Canadian galleries. Designed for art lovers from all walks of life, the application uses innovative technology as a tool to inspire those who aspire to live with contemporary art on a daily basis.
As digital transformations impact our industry, we are at a pivotal moment, says Julie Lacroix, Director of AGAC. For the Association, it is imperative that we join forces in a spirit of collaboration to seize the opportunities that this inevitable shift brings. Today, we are delighted to launch a collective project that will help galleries and their artists shine, while offering the public an engaging tool for discovering the best in contemporary Canadian art.”

Discover. Visualize. Collect.

Thanks to augmented reality, the application allows users to discover and visualize works of art, at scale and in a realistic way, on their own walls. For many art lovers and collectors, it is a challenge to imagine how a work from the gallery will look in their home. Augmented reality becomes a digital bridge between these two types of spaces and simplifies the decision-making process leading to the acquisition. This easy-to-use application is a practical, interactive option that lets users explore and discover works by artist, gallery or medium.

"The application stems from our desire to use technology to democratize and remove barriers to access to art, as well as to facilitate collecting," explains Nicolas S. Roy, President and Creative Director at Dpt. In today's context, an augmented reality application becomes even more relevant as it allows the wider public to discover works of art in the comfort of their homes."

Enhancing the visitor experience during Papier 2020’s virtual edition

In addition to the new features that AGAC will bring to the Papier 2020 website, the application will enhance the visitor experience by giving them unprecedented access to some of the works presented as part of the fair. Papier 2020 will take place virtually from June 4 to 21, 2020 on the website:
Download the app for iOS
Download the app for Android

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AGAC and Dpt. wish to thank the Service de la culture de la Ville de Montréal and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications for their support through the Programme Initiatives collaboratives art-industrie-savoir en créativité numérique.
About AGAC
AGAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and recognition of Canadian private galleries. Through initiatives and events to disseminate and promote contemporary art, it mobilizes and raises awareness of collecting among a wide-ranging public.

About Dpt.
Dpt. is a creative and technological partner for the culture, entertainment and brand industries. The studio designs rich, interactive and immersive experiences using a hybrid approach at the intersection of film, gaming, design and research.
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