Welcome to Issue 3

by Marylou Faure

Intersectional feminism & diversity in Tech & Design

Projects, apps, reads, podcasts and more cool stuff by and about womxn and underrepresented people in tech and design doing stunning work. I hope you enjoy!

🔥 Projects & News 🔥

The Accessible Icon Project

Transforming the Int'l Symbol of Access into an active image of being a person with a disability.

Sara Hendren, Co-founder

Backstage Capital

A fund investing in companies led by underrepresented founders in the U.S.

Arlan Hamilton, Founder

Biodegradable Plastic from Cactus

Mexican researcher discovered an alternative to plastic made of cactus juice that takes a week to biodegrade.

Sandra Pascoe

🐦 Follow 🐦

Leanne Pittsford, Founder of Lesbians Who Tech

Laura Fernández, CEO & Co-Founder at AllWomen

John Porter, Designer at Microsoft, game accessibility specialist

Angelica Ross, Founder of TransTech Social

📱 Apps & Resources 📱

Awesome Design Tools

Lisa Dziuba & Valia Havruliyk

Open source collection of 400 design tools – from prototyping to animation, accessibility and design systems.

Camera+ 2

Lisa Bettany

An app that improves the iPhone camera with powerful features and editing controls.


Diana Novichikhina

A fresh and intuitive site builder to create any kind of web publication.

💝 Objects & Accessories 💝

Varelis – Personal Cyber Security
Travel kits to protect your data, accounts and information.

Laura Bell

Kova Helmet
A cute but robust safety helmet that's customizable and packable.

Rachel Benyola

A magazine about leadership for women in design and tech.

Mia Blume

👁 Recommended 👁


Man-made disaster
A hilarious article about how the patriarchy is ruining the planet that will make you angry.


Is There Such a Thing As a Junior Designer?
Kate and Laura fight about what makes a designer "senior".


Siri and Alexa Reinforce Gender Bias
U.N. new report says that voice assistants are reinforcing problematic gender stereotypes. Surprised? NOT.

📢 A Bit of History 📢

Mileva Marić, Einstein's first wife

Mileva Marić was a physicist and mathematician that contributed very significantly to Einstein’s work. Letters and numerous testimonies confirm that they worked together to 1914. ”How happy I will be when the two of us together will have brought our work on relative motion to a victorious conclusion”, he wrote.

But the story doesn't end with the fact that he got the credit for their work. During the last years of marriage she was psychologically abused, accepting cruel marital demands that he imposed to save the relationship, while having an affair with his cousin. He also destroyed her letters and other relevant documents and never mentioned her contributions to his work.

Why does she remains in the unknown while there’s evidence to claim that without her he would have never succeeded? How many more brilliant women might have been behind the men that supposedly changed history? How much different our society could be if these role models would have been available for all of us?

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