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Spoiler: This one’s not gonna be one of your favorite newsletter editions. It neither is mine. But after crunching the numbers and talking with Team Walt I need to address something: although our sales still have an upward trend, our profit margin has melted in recent months. And to an extent that it makes it impossible to “wait and see”.

I don’t assume this catches you completely by surprise: we live in a world of massive inflation. They claim it’s 8-9% — year-on-year. Well, our experience tells something different. We just put in an order for packing material. Bubblewrap has increased 11% and our sturdy carton boxes 6% in price. Since last month. Compared to October ‘21 it’s 35%, resp. 20%. Not a full year ago. And we could go on and on, but I am pretty sure you can name a lot of other things in your everyday life where you have observed the same trajectory. Not fun!

At all. But it would all have been halfway bearable if this (UGLY!!) cherry wouldn’t have also landed on the 💩 -cake.

We import our stock from the US, so naturally we have to pay them in dollar. Last year, when we started our Big Books Pre-Order Program, we still paid 0.85€ for every dollar. Since yesterday we pay 1€. Actually more, when you factor in bank fees and such. That’s close to a 18% increase in costs. We continue to try to save and optimize wherever possible. But some costs are hard as nails.

In order to keep our business going, we have to adjust our prices and pass on some of our increased costs to you, our awesome customers.

New shipping flat fee for the EU

Starting Monday 18th, our new flat shipping fee for all EU countries (with UPS) will be at 11,90€.

You also have the option to pick DPD or DHL for a slightly higher fee, as explained in our penultimate newsletter.

New pre-order prices

Our new baseline for Big Books pre-orders will move from 0.75€ on the Dollar to 0.80-0.85€ on the Dollar (referencing the cover price). Epics and some Omnibus highlights from both Marvel and DC will go for 0.80€, same goes for books with a price tag of $150 or more, the rest will land at 0,85€; some books will be in-between.

This week’s FOC still has the old prices. All the other pre-orders on our site will gradually have their pre-order prices adjusted over the next few days (but not before tomorrow, just saying, dear newsletterees!!)

Once the books have arrived at our shop, the regular price will be somewhere between 0.95€-1.00€ on the Dollar. The baseline for the Previews Pre-Orders will stay at 0.90€ — as long as our British supplier keeps his prices stable. Btw, we have just published the July releases on Sunday, in case you have missed it.

We still hope that this is only a temporary fix. As soon as we can afford it, we will also roll back our prices. Until then, I just hope that you will stay committed to our shop. And of course, that you can still afford to pursue your hobby (obsession?) with us.

And one more thing…

Thank you.

I mean it.

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