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July 2018 ♥ Vol I

Bliss News!

Happy July everyone! I hope you have been able to be outside enjoying this beautiful sunshine we are having! I have been enjoying as many walks as possible, getting my feet on the grass, smelling the flowers, admiring the trees and just about everything I can get my eyes on! Mom used to say all the time, do it now! I hope you are finding what inspires you and that you do it now!

There is no doubt we are in epic times with a lot of moving parts and some seem to be spinning out of control. I see this as a great opportunity to slow our wheel down and take responsibility for ourselves. Picture the intricate pieces of a clock, they all work's only a matter of time that one will have an effect on the other. Why not be a part of all the good that is happening? And why wait? Whatever can bring us to that place of releasing trauma, fear and emotional discord to find love, forgiveness and compassion, we need to do it. We are all here to unveil. We are all connected and we are here for each other. We need each other to do this! Now is the time to be exponentially aware of our inner state of being. Find a way to be inspired to transform and heal from the inside out.


Bliss In BodyWorks
Journey Wisdom

In my October 2017 letter, I shared that I have been volunteering providing comfort and loving care through light touch massage for those in hospice. It has been a year since I began this journey and I still hold it in the same awe and regard as I did then.  

Over this time I have experienced lifetimes in moments with these beautiful souls who walked their journey, from 60 to over 100 years on this planet. They have shared stories and nuggets from their life's journey. I have been through a gamut of emotions and though I have been showered with gratitude, I am the one grateful for this inspiring and healing journey. 
Early on I began asking if there was something they felt compelled to impart. Some piece of wisdom they had at this time in their life, knowing they were transitioning, that could have a positive effect or help others, what would it be? Regardless of whether it was something they embodied or something they wished they had done, these are their words.

"Keep love in your heart"
"Wake up every morning thinking -how can I make someone happy today"
"Find the good in people"
"Give of yourself to others"
"Find ways to help others"
"Always walk with gratitude"
"Having a bunch of stuff doesn't mean anything"
"Touch, hug and feel as much as you can"
"Always play and laugh, you can cry, but laughing is better"
"Love yourself"
"Take care of your health while you can"
"Find a way to heal yourself because otherwise you can't help others, that's what it's all about"
"Don't be afraid to try anything, in fact, just don't be afraid at all"
"Love as much as you can"
"Do what you love, nothing else matters"
"Say all the things you need to say"
"Heal your soul"
"Find a way to find your passion and soon so you have time to walk in it"
"Keep kindness in your heart, whatever you do"
"Take better care of yourself"
"Let go of regret and forgive"
"Forgive yourself"
"Treat others well"
"A quote that has always been with me...I stopped complaining about having no shoes until I saw a man with no feet"
"Be impeccable with your words"
reaching out for a wallet showing me this clipping that has been in it since 1995. "It's now yours." I will treasure it always.

And these are some words of wisdom and inspiration from my Mom, not during transition, but her whole life for as long as I can remember.

"Do it now"
"You are the producer, so make your own movie" (About life)
"Just zapp it" (To what ever you want)
"Don't get socked in" (Trapped in the drama, matrix or system)
"Lets play dress-up!"
"Look Michellita, these flowers hatched for you" (Because flowers hatch, haha, and everything we see is happening specifically for us, through us, by us)
"Lets go play, k?" (To what ever it was we were doing)
"Life is but a dream" (To song, when things were hard)

The words we speak to others and to ourselves have a powerful long lasting and life altering effect. We can choose to be impeccable with our words. To come from a place of love, compassion and grace and be kind to ourselves and one another. I aspire to hold all these words actionable and dear to me and I think we should all spread love now and embody all of these aspects. I also wholeheartedly agree with the words that were shared regarding helping others and would be happy to share more of my experiences if you are interested in volunteering with hospice.

I have been deeply touched by being of service, have found many answers to my own issues, have been empowered by being connected with others and with each experience shared. This is not just with my volunteering but with all of you. Each of you have specific gifts, lessons and learnings you have imparted that have enriched me in one way or another. I am so grateful.   

For disclosure, the photo above this section is of my Mom. I know she would be ok with my sharing it. Frail body and all, she would love how her locks of hair were still so beautiful even in her last days.
Updates, Cool Things & one not so Cool!

Last month I shared my conversation with fabulous, rock star of a woman, change agent and super inspirational author Lily C. Hansen. Her new book Word of Mouth: More Conversations is now available!! If you are located in Downtown Nashville, you can pick up a copy at Keep Shop Boutique, located in the Noelle Hotel! Or at Batch, located in the Nashville Farmers Market! Or at White's Mercantile, located in the 12 South area! She will also be doing a book signing and a live interview at Parnassus Books on July 19th! 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Laura Lea Goldberg. A super dynamic woman full of inspiration on many levels, but especially in the kitchen! A woman after my own heart. I will also say I was honored to be the tester of one of her dessert recipes and it was heavenly! Which ever way you like to eat, check out her website. I am loving the inspiration on her vegan recipes. 

A friend of mine recently recommended a documentary called Heal: The Most Powerful Healer is Within. Change your mind, change your body, change your life. As a big proponent of empowering ourselves and that our beliefs, thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on our health and well being, I highly recommend this film. Very inspiring and worth the Amazon rental fee price of a cup of coffee!
Feed your spirit, body and mind. 

I came across a video a few months ago. It was this lady doing a product review of 3 Second Brow Eye Brow Stamp. For 32 minutes, I was mesmerized and in tears laughing. She just has a way. What I love about this woman is her gig to hilariously deliver a message to women to understand that they are beautiful as they are! She does all these product reviews so you don't have to. We are bombarded by media and marketing to feel less than perfect. Just about every beauty product touts to invalidate some part of your body and being. Magazines, commercials, bill boards, TV shows, all loaded with 'feel less than perfect' messages and 'all will be fine if you get this product!' She has a Facebook page with a lot of other videos, equally funny. Be sure to check out Face Slimmer, Bonnet Dryer Attachment, Neck Tite Underjowel Cincher, Saggy Nose Slimmer and more!  

I will be traveling and not able to take sessions from July 20th to July 29th. I will miss you but I am so excited to travel with my friends and visit my Punta Allen family!!
So call me to get scheduled before I go! Also call me if you want to get scheduled for the week right after I return as I will have limited internet access. And while you are here for your sessions, don't forget I have a variety of goodies you can purchase to enhance your self-care and back-to-roots products for you to implement into your everyday use. Salves, essential oils, blended oils, lip balms, all-purpose cleaners, hand soaps, bathroom spritzers, bath balls, gels and more!! Fabulous for gifts too! :-)

Around Town
If you haven't yet experienced the awesomeness that is Sea Salt, please go!! You will also love The Bobby Hotel, where the food is also delicious and you can play with Sasha, the adopted hotel dog!! She came from Country Road Animal Rescue. Buy a towel and help the shelter adopt fur babies!

Some of you may remember a blast from the past in Cooper and the Jam. They were Bourbon Street Blues regulars for a while. After many experiences in between, Cooper and the Jam are back at Bourbon Street Blues playing some Fridays. Super high energy and fantastic show. Check out their schedule so you can catch them and if you want to see Madam Hazel Jones, Burlesque host extraordinaire, also of Cooper and the Jam, you can visit Black Rabbit for a fun experience! 

Back in May my friend and I attended the Galactic Expo. I was in heaven and couldn't think of a better way to have spent my birthday!! All things healing and inspirational. Be sure to go next year! Though Cosmic Connections did not have a booth at this year's expo, my friend had told me about it. I finally made it and oh my!! I could spend days there. All things high vibration!! So lucky to have this place here in Nashville. Check it out and be ready for your energy to expand!

This update is not so nice and quite perplexing. After almost a year of caring for my wormies and getting my first castings I have to report that they are gone. Simply gone! They did not crawl out, of course...that would be really bad. There are no wormie remnants in the bin. They simply vanished within a period of less than two weeks. I am so sad. I've been doing research to see what I may have done or what happened to them but I'm not getting anything that is helpful! So I'm back to the beginning and more than that, still working on getting our building to start composting as a whole.
Bliss Game!

Email me correctly identifying what this is and receive 10% off any session and a  Body By Vgerboo salve or product of your choice! 

Previous Bliss game: Hard Rock Cafe Gift Shop

This 1893 was exquisitely designed by architect Julian Zwicker. The building now houses the Hard Rock Cafe gift shop, however, before that it was the infamous Silver Dollar Saloon. The following is from Phil Ponder's website, which I found fascinating! 

"The Silver Dollar Saloon building, situated as the "guardian" of the historic Market Street district, is located at the corners of Broadway and Second Avenue in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. An excellent example of flowery Victorian architecture, it was designed by Julian Zwicker and built in 1893 primarily as a saloon catering to sailors on shore leave from boats that traveled the nearby Cumberland River.

Some of the many unusual features of the edifice include the octagonal turret, wreaths and garlands made of fired clay, unique portholes, cast iron facing for the angled front door and large arched windows on the second level. Of special interest are the silver dollars embedded in the elaborate tile floor...this the name!

Since 1910, at the beginning of prohibition in Tennessee, the structure has housed a variety of enterprises. But in 1976, when it was in bad repair and lacked purpose, the owners agreed that Historic Nashville, Inc. could restore the building and return it to a useful status. In this 1980 print, the building was headquarters for that non-profit organization with the upper floors utilized as the offices of the Nashville Metropolitan Historical Commission."

Photos below:

The game photo taken several years ago and two building photos taken in June.

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