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So, what does BXY stands for? Baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. I know, maybe it is just some dumb labels, however more than race or social class most of us are defined by when we were born.    Ver mais >>

Pedro Soares
Is the genetic register of the ancient populations of the Iberian Peninsula present in the rest of the European population? Pedro Soares studies how genetic flows circulated in Europe, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula and explains everything in 90 seconds in the Antena 1 radio show 90 sec of Science (listen).
Isabel Fernandes
How do temperatures affect ecosystems and aquatic organisms? Isabel Fernandes, researcher at CBMA, has been working to understand how human intervention and the environment affect the functioning of freshwater ecosystems. Isabel talks about her work in this video and in this article from NÓS, the digital newsletter of University of Minho. We can also hear her about this topic here on Antena 1 radio show, 90 Seg. ciência (90 sec. of Science).
Tony Collins

Tony Collins has been under the media spotlight due to his work with extremophiles. Tony has developed an enzyme from a cold-adapted organism that is now used in most bakeries around the world. Tony explained his work on Antena 1 radio show  Ponto de partida (listen) and also in this video from University of Minho (see).

Photo prize "Science in the Transformation of the World"
Ana Margarida Pereira, doctoral student at CBMA, won the 2nd Prize in the Photography Contest "Science in the Transformation of the World" promoted by School of Sciences of the University of Minho.

Title: Vertical Gardens (Jardins verticais)

André Costa participated on PubhD # 13 organized by STOL, at Círculo de Arte e Recreio, Guimarães, presenting his work entitled “No more antibiotics! The plastic of the future has arrived”.
Rosana Alves participated on PubhD # 14 organized by STOL, at Sé La Vie, Braga, presenting her work entitled “Farewell to mycoses caused by "Candida".
CBMA News and Views
Science from the inside

CBMA News and Views, will  show science from the inside, explaining who we are, what we
think and what we do inside and outside CBMA. Hence, we hope to contribute bringing people
closer to science.

CBMA News and Views was conceived by a group of both science communicators and
researchers from CBMA (Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology).

The current editorial team is:
André Costa, Andreia Pacheco, Arunava Pradhan, Eduardo Sousa, Isabel Fernandes, João Silva, Pedro Castro, Ricardo Franco-Duarte

Cover photo
Alexandra Fernandes

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