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She lived her youth intensely, and her wavering pathway resembles that of today’s youth. Currently is a professor in the Biology department of University of Minho and an integrated member of the Centre for Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA) where performs research in yeast microbiology. Those who know her, highlight the constant smile, the "good vibes" and the open mind. Throughout her academic career, she successfully held several management positions despite encountering some mishaps in the first management experienceSee more >>

Lakes and reservoirs are the work field of Bruno Castro, researcher at CBMA - Center of Molecular and Environmental Biology at University of Minho. His research (scientific paper) has shown that the use of chemicals is negatively impacting water lines, reservoirs and their ecosystems. Here is the video and the report, published on NÓS, University of Minho digital newsletter. Correio do Minho, Braga TV and Sapo lifestyle also highlighted the subject. Listen to the interview on Antena 1.
How genetics is "igniting" the debate over Aryan migration to India. A story about a genetic study, a historical migration and a huge controversy. As the journalist says, proof that studying the past and tinkering with a country's history and culture is a subject that can be very complicated. Pedro Soares, explains the study and the controversy in this report from Público.

Mussels and other bivalves are threatened by the introduction of invasive species. Ronaldo Sousa, researcher at CBMA- Center of Molecular and Environmental Biology, has focused his work on the ecology and conservation of freshwater bivalves in Europe, North Africa and South East Asia. An explanation in 90 sec. of ScienceThe researcher also states in newspaper Expresso that "In times of drought, the mussel has a hard time”.

CBMA News and Views
Science from the inside

CBMA News and Views, will  show science from the inside, explaining who we are, what we
think and what we do inside and outside CBMA. Hence, we hope to contribute bringing people
closer to science.

CBMA News and Views was conceived by a group of both science communicators and
researchers from CBMA (Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology).

The current editorial team is:
André Costa, Andreia Pacheco, Arunava Pradhan, Eduardo Sousa, Isabel Fernandes, João Silva, Pedro Castro, Ricardo Franco-Duarte

Cover photo
Alexandra Fernandes

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