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Sub National governments such as States/provinces/urban local bodies provide several essential as well as basic infrastructure services such as urban transport, water & sanitation, social infrastructure services that include services such as hospitals and schools. Developed countries such as Australia and Canada have developed robust PPPs with fiscal sufficiency, credit rating and execution capabilities at these sub-national levels. Whereas developing countries such as India and South Africa have developed the structure of PPPs but the growth of these PPPs have remained asymmetrical and slow when it comes to implementation at state/province level. 
There have been various challenges at sub national level such as legislative, regulatory framework, transparency, governance; long-term financing etc while implementing the PPP models in state. In India, while some of the states have robust institutional set up to address these issues, some still lags behind in conceptualizing and implementing the same. 
This webinar will examine the various challenges at sub national level for the efficient implementation of these PPP models and the way forward for the states.

Topic: Implementation of Sub national PPPs in India: Issues and Challenges
Date:   Tuesday, 4th February 2020
Time:  12:00 PM-13:00 PM IST


Dr. Arvind Mayaram
Former Finance Secretary to Govt of India,
Chairman, CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition, New Delhi
and a renowned global PPP Expert.

About CIRC:
CIRC, is a not for profit and independent research and capacity building organisation which has been active in the areas of competition, regulation and sustainable infrastructure including PPPs.

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