Happy Fall, Y’all!

Fall season at Gravity Dance Company is in full swing. We are so happy that you are here! By now, your dancers are fully registered and attending classes, working with our phenomenal staff, making new friends and getting an experience that only Gravity can provide. Cheers to Season 11!

To our new families, welcome to our dance family! To our returners, we are honored that you have chose us once again for your child’s betterment, development and artistic growth. Let’s get college paid for through the art of dance!

I have some announcements, reminders and other important information to share with you now that we are 7 weeks into classes and everyone is settled in. Please review this newsletter and contact us with any questions! Below is the studio contact information and social media channels, as well as our studio BAND app- a forum for dance families to get in touch with one and another, receive updates and stay in the know.

Please add our email addresses (outlined below) to your contacts so that you don’t miss any important information. Our primary method of communication at Gravity is via email.



As a reminder, your dancers need to be in appropriate attire for all classes. Please review the attire list in our Parent Handbook. You can also visit our website anytime for the official Dress Code List under “Dress Code”.

Our dress code is a very strict requirement for all dancers. Parents, it is your job to ensure that your dancers attend class in the correct attire. By having this information readily available to you in our handbook, every family needs to respect and adhere to our studio dress code. Dancers out of dress code will either be excused from class or asked to sit out. Please keep this in mind upon drop-off.

All dancers need spill-proof water bottles.


For quick reference, ballet class participants are to wear their Black Studio issued leotard, saran wrap around their torso under the leotard (wrap not required for Combo classes), true-to-skin tone footed tights (ankles that are exposed are not acceptable), true-to-skin tone ballet shoes and hair in a neat bun. No matter the style of hair, all hair needs to be in a bun, unless it is too short to do so- it still needs to be pulled back and secured. Dancers with bangs need to have them pulled back; dancers with braids or beads also need to have them secured in a bun. No exceptions. Please keep this in mind with your dancers hair and protective styles. Male dancers are to wear a white t-shirt, black tights and shoes; hair in a bun if applicable.

Studio leotards are scheduled to be delivered to us this upcoming week and will be distributed when they arrive.

Do not machine dry your leotards; air dry. Dancers can NOT wear pink shoes and tights to class; they must be nude. Under wear are not to be worn under ballet tights. Tights serve as underwear. If your dancer is seen with underwear in ballet class, we will call you and they will be sent home or we will ask them to sit out.


All black attire, no logos or prints unless it is Gravity Apparel. Appropriate shoes for class (review the attire list for shoe style and color); hair tied up (prior to arrival, it is not our job to secure your dancers hair) for female dancers. All dancers ned a dance bag or cubby box.

Additionally, all mature dancers, 7+, should have hygiene materials in their dance boxes/bags as well as hair ties since hair must be up. Deodorant, baby/sanitary wipes, sanitary supplies, etc. If dancers don’t have the chance to shower after school, and come straight to class, we ask that they freshen up prior to arrival. We get a good sweat in and the room gets a little stuffy otherwise!

We kindly ask that dancers show up to class with hair up and all required items. Be sure that your dancer has what they need (i.e. spill proof water bottle, shoes, snacks, class materials for acro, etc).

We also kindly ask that parents not enter the studio.


Meet our Parent Connection Team- a group of dance parents well versed in all things Gravity who are here to help. Acting as a liaison between staff and families, the Parent Connection will be accessible for any parent inquiries, assistance and quick communication. While the staff will still assist with questions regarding your accounts and any other private concerns and matters, this team is the first point of contact for communication. Dancer running late? Question about an event? Need advice on where to purchase new dance items, or tips for studio life in general? Reach out to our PC team. They can be reached at

Get to know the team, their backgrounds and what expertise they bring to GDC below on our website!


If you have needs that need to be addressed that are escalated beyond quick support, i.e. tuition/fees, private matters, etc, please contact Ms. Porsche and/or Ms. Q directly at

We have integrated the band app as a community forum; where we can discuss topics amongst our dance family, get help with hair/make-up for shows, post reminders, quick questions, updates, dancers at home training, class footage and the like.

The band app is not the place for posting that your dancer running late, being absent, etc.

The app is for class video content, by the minute updates from staff and quick questions that are time sensitive, for example: being at a show rehearsal and wanting to donate snacks, giving tips for traffic leading up to an event, directly needing assitance, etc.

Anything outside of that should be shared via email or phone, only.

Please turn on your notifications so that you don’t miss anything.

Class videos are uploaded daily to folders sorted by the day of the week; if there is content that we feel your dancer should use for at home training, it will be posted by the end of the day the class falls on. If no new video is uploaded for a particular class, there was no choreography taught for the day and just training, or we did not move on with choreography. You can find the videos by clicking the image icon at the bottom of your screen while in the band app newsfeed.

Important messages/questions and anything that needs to be discussed at length should be sent via email. Direct Messages to staff on Band or social media may not garner a response as email is best.

New to the Studio and not in the Band App?

Have you joined our Band App? If you haven’t already, download and join via the link below. You will need to send a request for approval.


As a reminder, classes are closed to parents to ensure that our dancers can train and remain focused on classes with limited distractions. Late arrivals are not permitted beyond 10 minutes.

We would like to maintain the integrity of our lessons and class structure, as well as respect what my staff and I are diligently trying to do daily via instruction. I would like to remind you all of the following, found in our parent handbook:

  • No parents are allowed inside of the studio. Staff and Parents Connect members only during established times.

  • Remain outside during class; do not enter the studio for any reason unless you are invited in. This includes helping your dancer bring their belongings in; we will assist them from the door. If you enter, you will politely be excused.

  • You must come to the door to get your dancer after class if they are 12 and under. We will not allow them to walk through the parking lot.

  • Please refrain from engaging with dancers or staff by tapping on the windows or signaling from the door. It is very distracting. Need us? Call us.

  • Dancers can enter the studio 5 minutes before their class start time, no sooner.

  • Dancers must be picked up within 10 minutes of class ending. Late pick-ups incur fees at $1/minute which will be charged to your account.

  • Refrain from parking in the space directly in front of the door, even if it is available. For staff that stay late, it is safer to lock up the studio and get in a vehicle when it is in close proximity after hours. That spot is reserved for teachers.

  • Do not park in the red; not even for drops offs. We can get cited. You will be asked to move.

  • The restroom is for use by dancers in class only at all times, not family, siblings, guests or dancers not in class.


The Belmont Shore Christmas Parade is back after 2 years. It is tradition to dance down 2nd street as a studio at this festive event. Dancers will learn parade choreography for 4 consecutive rehearsals: Monday, November 28th - Thursday, 12/1 6:00-7:00pm nightly. There is a $70 parade costume and participation fee. Form below. Our younger dancers (ages 6 and under) who can not keep up with parade choreography can still walk (and dance!) in the parade. We can’t wait to dance down 2nd!


Join us as we attend the Sunday, December 4th show of the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker! Gravity dancers Sarai, Sanaa and Kamya will be taking the stage! Ticket link below. We hope to see you as we support our girls!


That is all for now, thank you for all that you do to ensure that your dancers are getting the most out of their experience at Gravity while respecting our staff and studio policies. Please reach out with any questions.

Ms. Q, Studio Owner, Director, Ms. Porsche, Assistant Director